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"Hey! Look! Didn't those guy are 'Sorrowful Leaf' and his crew?"

"Ah! You are right. Those guys are High-Rankers from «Cismet» right?"

"They are part of 'HeadHunter Guild' now?"

"Woah! Earlier, it is a squadron from First-Rate Guild. Now a group of Potential Rankers?"

"Haha... Right? That swordsman sure likes make enemy with strong people."

"Tsk, this time, he is dead for sure."

The onlookers are discussing with each other when they saw 'Sorrowful Leaf' and his crew arrived at the scene.

Meanwhile, the topic of discussion started to make their moves.

Sorrowful Leaf immediately started chanting a spell after saying few words to Shin.

Shin lean his body forward, planning to intervene with Sorrowful Leaf's chanting, but before he make his move, he felt someone moving inside his perception range. 'Huh? A sixth member? Quite cunning, Huh? And This guy manage to reach 5-meters from me inside my {Sensing Circle}? He should have some Stealth Improving Skills.'

The 'Hunter WolfKin' named 'Kelo' is stalking behind Shin silently. And when he reach 5-meters away from Shin, he is already in his ideal attacking range, so he immediately pounce forward while stabbing his dagger towards the back of Shin's head.

'Hunter Skill: Sap'

'Fast and Precise', those are the right words how to describe Kelo's attack, but even though that is the case, Shin responded on it calmly. He spin his body around with a right timing, perfectly dodging the stab.

While Shin and Kelo are brushing pass each other, the former use the momentum of the spin and throw a swift kick towards the Hunter WolfKin.

'Equipment Skill: Paralysis Bite'



After that, Shin immediately ducked forward while taking a sword-drawing stance. Then, without further ado, Shin swiftly pulled out the [Yamato] from its sheath and slash it towards Kelo.

'Self-Created Skill: Quick Draw'


When Kelo see the status of 5-seconds immobilizing effect, he immediately used the {Hunter Skil: Killer Instincts} to removed the effect. Then, he swiftly followed it with {Hunter Skill: Gale Steps} to vanished in front of Shin and get out from his predicament.


Shin hit nothing but air. And even though he can still feel Kelo's presence, he don't have the time to chase after him. It is because he felt a fast spinning arrow is coming his way.

Shin hopped backwards, dodging the arrow. Then, he do a side-flip to his right dodging the {Charge} Skill of the Human Knight of the group, named 'Rodrin'.

Shin don't have a time to catch his breath because the Berserker TigerKin with the name 'Sunny South' is already descending towards him.

'Berserker Skill: Berserker Jump'

Shin can't dodge to any direction because those are already been covered by the Rodrin and Kelo. All he can do is to jump up in the air, so he have no choice by to do so.


Shin avoided the {Berserker Jump} by jumping upwards, but he also become exposed to the Archer Blood Elf of the group. Her name is 'Playful Wind'.

Playful Wind release an arrow reinforce by a wind elemental Mana, that arrow leave a trail of green light behind when release from the bow.

'Archer Skill: Power Shot'


The arrow is fast, but still not enough for Shin to panic. He calmly kick on the air, to do another jump midair and also do a corkscrew flip in the process.


'Legacy Skill: Mondi's Jump'


The arrow failed to hit its mark, while the others on the scene become shocked at Shin's second jump in the air.

Shin don't care about their reaction, he use another {Mondi's Jump} by kicking the air behind him. But this time instead of doing another jump upwards, Shin shot downwards straight towards the 'Human Priest' of the group.

The Human Priest is a female and named 'Joanna'. Shin don't want to hit girls since it is against his principles, but since he is forced to do so, he have no choice but to do it. Kill or be Killed, just like earlier with the squadron from 'Minotaur League'. And this is just a game after all, so he guess it is still fine.


And during his decent, Shin form a poison needle and throw it at Sorrowful Leaf who is busy chanting out his spell.

'Equipment Skill: Scorpion Sting'



The poison needle is hit by an arrow midair, which gotten Shin a little off guard. 'Huh? That Archer girl is pretty good.'

And on Joanna's side, when she saw that Shin is coming after her, she immediately wave her staff and use a priest {Blink} to get away from her current location.

Shin didn't chase after her when he see that, instead he do two consecutive taps on the air to change his direction. This time he is coming after the Archer.




The first tap is for Shin to jump higher, while the second tap is for him to shot himself towards Playful Wind.

Shin's current AGI is a little over 4000 points, so he can use {Mondi's Jump} 4-times currently.

This time, during his descend, Shin slash his sword downwards in a diagonally fashion. And with that, his descent become even more faster.

'Extra Skill: Falling Lightblade'

The entire process looks too long, but it only happened in a matter of seconds. And due to that, Playful Wind can't react in time.



-73 431

-3 672(Burned Damage)

Third of Playful Wind's HP were been cut off by that attack, She is also knocked off on the ground because of the extra effect of the {Falling Lightblade}. Shin is about to do a follow up attack after that, but before he manage to do so, he saw Rodrin is throwing his shield towards his way.

'Knight Skill: Shield Throw'

During that time, the sword-sheath of the [Yamato] transformed into a transparent pure white double-edge longsword mysteriously.

'Legacy Skill: Mondi's Style: Meteor Form'

Then, Shin swing the [Snowstorm Edge] deflecting the incoming shield, and redirecting it towards Sunny South who is rushing at him with {Berserker Charge} skill.

'Combat Technique: Parrying Stance'



Sunny South is gotten off guard at Shin's maneuver, so he failed to react on it and collide with the shield, stunning him for 3-seconds. In fact, he is not the only one become shocked at it, it is the same with his comrades and the onlookers in the distance.

But during that time, Sorrowful Leaf is finally done with chanting out his spell. Dozens of blue colored chains come out of nowhere and shot towards Shin.

'Wizard Spell: Imprisonment Lock'

'What!? He can use a Tier 2 skill, despite being in Tier 1 Class.' Shin is startled at the skill that Sorrowful Leaf have used. But he still manage to respond on it accordingly. He ditched the idea of killing off the Archer, he immediately jump backwards and starting hopping left and right, dodging all of those chains, he is also using his {Parrying Stance} to deflect those in the process.

Sorrowful Leaf controlled the chains as if they are part of his body, with his manipulation, those chains are like some dancing snakes that are chasing after Shin.

Shin is forced into a passive state this time, but Sorrowful Leaf and his crew were become so shocked about what's happening, same goes for the onlookers.

Because despite being against 6 Potential Rankers, Shin still manage to hold his ground firmly.

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Tsss... Tsss...

Shin is sent flying backwards because he have been hit by on of the chains.


Shin took a deep breath and looked at his surroundings, he become cornered. Sorrowful Leaf and his crew are now covered all of his escape routes.

"Good try Bro, surviving against us until now. I'll be honest, we are no match against you in a one-on-one battle. But... Unfortunately this is not a one-man playing game." said Sorrowful Leaf as he look at Shin pitifully.

"Heh, Maybe you are right about that, but you will never know the result if you haven't done your best yet. Besides I'm still not going all out yet." replied Shin courageously.

"Tsk, quite stubborn aren't you? Then let's end this now." said Sorrowful Leaf while giving a signal to his comrades.

Sunny South rush forward using a {Berserker Charge} skill, covering Shin's left side. Meanwhile, Rodrin is sprinting at Shin's right side with {Knight Charge}. At the same time, Kelo jumped behind Shin while stabbing his dagger.

In front of Shin, Sorrowful Leaf, Joanna, and Playful Wind are also throwing their own skills.

'Magician Spell: Arcane Bolt'

'Archer Skill: Spinning Arrow'

'Priest Spell: Holy Smite'

The onlookers shook their heads when they saw that happened. This time, they think that Shin is dead for sure. But what happened next defied their imagination.

Shin channel different kinds of powers on each of his swords, one is glowing with a chilling bluish-white light while the other is releasing an fiery yellow-orange glow. Then, he immediately swing both of his sword sideways sending two different types of Sword 'Qi's to his side.

'Slayer Skill: Half-Moon Slash'

-56, 216(Slowed)

'Extra Skill: Flame Burst'

-52, 328

-2616(Burned Damage)

-1239(Burning Damage)

Both of those attacks devoured Rodrin and Sunny South. But Shin is not done yet, he transformed his body into a bluish-white light and dash backwards passing through Kelo's body. Then, he channeled the power of eclipse towards both of his swords before throwing two diagonal slash forward, sending a cross shaped purple sword Qi.

'Self-Created Skill: Eclipse Cross'

-186 200

Kelo become the most unfortunate person of the group, because aside from taking the full-blown attack of Shin, he also take the combined attacks of Sorrowful Leaf, Joanna and Playful Wind, so it is not that shocking when he instantly died on the process.

After that, Shin release two copies of himself, one is radiating with a fiery fire energy while the other is releasing a chilling frost aura.

'Equipment Skill: Spirit Release'



The Sun and Moon Clones rush towards Sorrowful Leaf and others, making their face become terrible. A single Shin is already troublesome, what's more adding two more?

When Sunny South and Rodrin saw that, they want to intercept those clone to prevent them from targeting those three. But before they manage to make their moves, they discovered a thick dust forming on their surroundings. Few moments later, their vision is completely blocked by the dust while their movements is started to slow down.

'Equipment Skill: Sandstorm'

'Equipment Skill: Sinkhole'

What came after that is an unforgettable disaster for the Knight and Berserker duo. As for Sorrowful Leaf trio? They are being harass by the Sun and Moon clones.

After that? Nothing special..... Eh!? I mean, they died miserably at Shin and his clones' hands.

As for the onlookers at the distance? The are just staring at the scene dumbfoundingly, failing to process the sudden change of events. They only manage to recover themselves when Shin is already out of their sight, and that is also the time they burst out in an uproar.

"Waaa!!! What did I just witness!? A single Player defeating a party of 6 Potential Rankers? Is that for real?"

"Am I seeing things? That was an unbelievable battle."

"Hey, did you see that unimaginable maneuvers? That was awesome!"

"Yeah, Especially with that consecutive jump in the air.

"How about that counter combo when he is cornered?"

"That is nothing when he release those Clones! Those Clones moved like a real player."

"Hey bro. Did you record it? Let's upload it in the net."

"Yeah, I also included the fight with the 'Minotaur League' People."

After that, Shin is once again gained another Fame on the forums unintentionally. Some players even give him a nickname because of his consecutive win. After all, some players on the 'Minotaur League' leaked the information about him being able to hide his name, despite killing the other party.

And starting at that time, the name 'Nameless Swordsman' become well known on the forums of «Destiny's Fate» online platforms.

And because of it, he also caught the attention of some the powerful guilds.

"I want you to investigate about this guy's background."

"Defeating a party of a Potential Rankers alone? This guy have a very high potential."

"Interesting! This guy is Interesting. Do all you can to locate his whereabouts."

"Send some people to see if we can rope this guy."


Meanwhile, the man in question is currently running outside of the City after registering all of the items he got in the previous fight on the Auction House.

And he is going all out with his speed at that. After all, his time to get in the Seventh Outpost is already running out. And because of his great speed, the air around him is transforming into a gusting wind.

The players grinding outside can't help themselves to look at Shin's silhouette as he brushed pass them. Especially with the whooshing sound that following alongside him.

"Whoa! what was that?"

"Eh!? That person looks like some kind of sports car because of that speed."

"Did you also felt that gusting wind?"

"Hmm... Maybe that guy is a high rank Elite or maybe even a Ranker."

"Yeah right! they are the only ones that can move like that!"

This time, Shin is really going towards the Seventh Outpost. And with his current speed, coupled with successive use of his movement skills, he may arrived there at 3-4 hours at most.


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