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Child of Destiny 44 Going Back in Action

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Name: Sickarius

Level: 57

EXP: (50.82%)

Race : Nephilim

HP: 214,400 (+218 regen/sec)

MP: 110,700 (+218 regen/sec)

Stamina: ∞

Physical Attack :

{14499 - 14499}+(4428 - 4428)+[2550 - 2570]

= (21577 - 21597)+ (3000 - 3000)

= 24,477 - 24,497
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Magic Attack :

{8856 - 8856}+(7250 - 7250)+[2650 - 2670]

= (18756 - 18756)+ (3000 - 3000)

=21,756 - 21,776

Physical Defense:

{1838 - 1838}+(2022 - 2022)+[6850 - 6920]

= 10,710 - 10,780

Magic Resist

= {1325 - 1325}+(1060 - 1060)+[6120 - 6150]

= 8,505 - 8,535

Major Stats :

•STR - 290 + (125) + {172} + [2635]

=3222+[1611]= 4833

•INT - 290 + (125) + {181} + [880]

=1476+[738]= 2214

•AGI - 290 + (125) + {192} + [2080]

=2687+[1344]= 4031

•VIT - 290 + (125) + {25} + [1725]

=2165+[1083]= 3248

Minor Stats :

•DEXTERITY: 290+(125) [20]=435+218= 653

•WISDOM: 290+(125)+[20]=435+218= 653

•ENDURANCE: 290+(125)+[20]=435+218= 653

Special Stats :

•Awareness: 100 + [125] = 215 + 108 = 323

Title/s :

I Know It All (can be evolve)

Pursuer of Corruption

Fame : 2 535

Reputation Points : 5 600

Personal Trait:

Immediate Response (Evolvable)

Skills :


- Equalizer(Special Skill)


[Class Specific Skill]

- Moonlight Steps(Rare), Half-Moon Slash(Rare), Crescent Cleave(Rare),

- Sun-Ray Dash(Rare), Solar Cut(Rare), Hell Execution(Rare)

- Eclipse Pulse(Rare), Eclipse Counter(Special), Eclipse Slash(Quasi Epic)

[Self-Created]: Personalized

- Triple Slash(Rare)

[Self-Created]: Combined

- Eclipse Cross(Quasi Epic)

[Class Fighting Style]

- Quick Draw(Special)

- Moonlight Splitter(Special)

[Legacy Skills]

- Mondi's Steps(I), Mondi's Style(I)

[Other Learned Skill]

- Destructive Slash(Rare), Sword Rush(Rare), Flame Burst(Rare), Heart Seeker(Rare), Multiple Stab(Rare),Falling Lightblade(Rare), Swordsman Resolve(Rare)


- Mining, Gathering

- Scouting [Active/Passive] (Rare)

- Sensing Circle [Active/Passive] (Rare)

Undistributed Stats : 0

Available Skill point : 47


Shin is smiling ear to ear as he take a look at his Status Window. He can't help but feel a little proud on himself about his progress.

With his current Stats, he can almost rival a bona fide Elite Player with few Platinum Equipments on their arsenal. And that is mostly because of the set effect of this {Ruler's Equipment Set}. And this 7-piece equipment set is one and only set for Shin because the last two pieces can only be drop by a special quest monster boss.

Earlier, Shin have already been taken a look at the official website of «Destiny's Fate» to see if the information about his equipment set is now available. And sure enough, his set is unique for him, because the {Ruler's Equipment Set} on the official website is only a 5-piece equipment set.

As for Shin current weapon? There is no need to mention how OP they were, since those two swords complement Shin's fighting style greatly. One can increase his speed, while the other can slowdown his enemies. The only downside on it is the bonus stats provided by the [Snowstorm Edge] didn't took effect, since it have been sacrificed for [Mondi's Style] skill. And that also pained Shin's heart greatly.

Shin regulates his breathing before having a determined expression on his face. "OK! It is time to get back in action!" After that, he push open the door and walk out from the 'White Flame Blacksmith Shop'.

And when he set off from the Shop, that so called 'Action' immediately greeted him outside.

Kriiick... Kriiick....

Clack! Clack! Clack!

Click! Click! Click!

The moment Shin set foot outside the Blacksmith Shop, a bunch of clicking sounds of guns and stretching sounds of bows being pulled echoed in front of the Shop.

Shin's brows were locked into a frown when he heard that. He raise his head slightly to have a clear look at his front, what he see after is a huge crowd of players pointing their weapons at him. They are forming a semi-circle with a 40-meter radius away from him, fully blocking all his escape routes.

'These guys again? I guess the lesson I've thought them earlier is still not enough.' Shin looked at their chest out of habit, and see that they are from the same Guild as the people that he have encountered at the stall earlier.

"Base on how you look at us, I guess you really are the one that killed my subordinates earlier, right?" said by a leading 'Human Musketeer' of the group. No, to be exact he is a 'Human Sniper', a Tier 2 Class of musketeer.

This is one of the advantages of the Human Race in this game. Unlike the other races who only have a single choice of path on their Tier 2 class promotion quest, Human race were given 2 different paths.

'Swordmaster' and 'Dual Blader' for Swordsman, 'Sniper' and 'Gunslinger' for Musketeer, 'Magister' and 'Wizard' for Magician, 'Shield Warrior' and 'Guardian' for Knight, 'Bishop' and 'Exorcist' for Priest, and 'Spirit Dancer' and 'Soul Catcher' for Summoner.

....(Going back to Shin)....

Shin didn't reply and ignored that Sniper, because be is observing the crowd. 'Hmm... They looked a little more organize and sharp. Some of them are even more stronger than those guys that I've killed earlier. But I think that shouldn't be a problem.'

The leader of the group treat Shin's silence as him being afraid, so he smiled and sneered. "Heh, too afraid to talk now? Well, unfortunately, it is already too late for you to regret your actions. But if you surrender all of your weapons now, then I might consider about forgiving you."

The Sniper is looking at Shin with greedy eyes. From what he had heard earlier, this guy should be either a low-leveled player with high ranking equipments or a skilled player with high level. Well, either way, both of those case were the same, since they both possess powerful equipments on their arsenal.

After assessing his predicament, Shin finally open his mouth to reply at the Sniper. "You want my items? Then, how about you take it from me?"

"Hahaha... Kid, do you honestly believe that you are that powerful just because you've killed some newly promoted Elite Players?" The 'Human Sniper' laugh out loud, as he felt that Shin's words are ridiculous.

"Hmm.... Do you want to test my strength then?" said Shin nonchalantly.

The Sniper chokes his words when he heard that. Then, become enrage because his authority is being questioned by some ordinary independent player. After all, he is a bona fide Elite Player and a Captain of a squadron from First-Rate Guild at that. "Kid, no matter how strong you are, you are still alone. Do you really think that you can beat an entire squadron with just yourself? Heh, then go! And keep on dreaming Kid!"

Shin smirk at the sniper and said. "Heh, how about you give it a try, then?" Then, Shin hold his sheathed sword with his left hand, and started walking forward.

The expression on the Human Sniper's face become even more terrible when he saw Shin's action. He then throw a fierce look at the swordsman while giving an order to his subordinates. "You asked for it. Long range players, open fire!!!"

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

All the musketeers and archers on the group pulled the triggers of their guns and release the arrows from their bows. And all of those were aimed at Shin.

Shin calmly look at the flying arrows and raining bullets that are coming on his way. His eyes turned sharp as he read the trajectories of those, then he leaned his body forward before sprinting straight ahead. These things are only happened in just a split-second frame of time.

Du! du! du! du! du!

Du! du! du! du! du!

Shin dodge all the arrows and bullets by doing some strange zigzag movements, leaving a bunch of holes, flying dirt and stone fragments behind.

When Shin reached the 30-meter mark, the magical related classes from group startled to throwing their spells.

This time, Shin go all out and use his maximum speed.


Shin left multiple afterimages behind him as he dodge all of those incoming spells too.

And this time, the other group become shocked on what's happening. Because what Shin is doing now is not an easy feat. But that didn't completely affected their moods yet, so when Shin arrived at the 20-meter mark, the melee players started to make their moves.

Berserker Charge!

Knight's Charge!

Sword Rush!




The frontline melee players use different kinds of movement skill towards Shin, trying to pin him down in place. But unfortunately for them, before they reach the 5-meters range from Shin, the swordsman turned into a bluish-white light and pierce through their bodies.

'Self-Created Skill: Moonlight Splitter'


No need to quote all the damages that Shin have dealt, what's worth mentioning is that Shin left a bunch of corpses behind.

And before those bodies manage to completely fell on the ground, Shin is already doing his next move. He channels the power of eclipse to his sword before slashing is forward, sending a purple light that is going straight to all of his enemies in front.

'Slayer Skill: Eclipse Slash'


The entire process happened two fast, not giving everyone time to react. So when the purple light come rushing towards the 'Minotaur League' people, they don't have any time to spare to use their life saving skills.

And when that purple line of light subdues, all of the players that it devoured didn't even leaved an intact corpse behind, but they dropped a bunch of items on the ground. After all, they are only cloth armor players, who have a very low defense and have a very low HP.

Shin didn't make another move after. He is just calmly standing there, looking at his surroundings coldly.

Then, the firing stops, the other sort of attacks also ceased after. What followed after that is a sudden change of the atmosphere. It is as if time is frozen still and suddenly stops moving, while everyone at the scene are just staring at Shin dazedly.

That strange scene last for a moment, before all the people around finally process what just have happened. Then, the onlookers that are watching on the distance burst out in an uproar.

Two Skills! Shin have only used two f*cking skills! And he have already killed dozens of players from the 'Minotaur League'!

And the most terrifying in that, is the entire process happened too fast. From Shin's initial sprint, to his 'Moonlight Splitter', to 'Eclipse Slash', Only 4-seconds have passed! 4-seconds! In that small amount of time frame, Shin managed to ripped off dozens of lives already.

"You!..." the Human Sniper, that is the leader of the group finally reacted at this time. He glared at Shin fiercely while gritting his teeth. 'F*ck! those was dozens of lives! And most of them are veteran players while some are even elite nurtured by the Guild! They've lost a level when they died, and a single level is important because it is very hard to level up from Level 50 and above!'

"Kid, you will pay for this!" The 'Human Sniper' raise his rifle and point it at Shin, before swiftly pulling its trigger multiple times.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The bullets were sent flying at Shin with a great speed, but the moment it entered the 16-meter perception range of Shin's 'Sensing Circle', their movements suddenly slowdown in Shin's perspective.

Cling! Cling!

Cling! Cling!

Shin calmly raise his sword and swing it rapidly, deflecting all the incoming bullets.

'Combat Technique: Parrying Stance'

Then, the Sniper focus a lot of Mana in front of his rifle's burrel before pulling the trigger, sending a powerful bullet that leaves a blue colored light behind.


'Sniper Skill: Piercing Bullet'


Shin reacted calmly at the incoming attack, he took a half-step backward with his right foot, while raising the [Yamato] in a counterclockwise motion and in an unhurried manner. Then, he use the surface of the sword to block the bullet briefly, before swiftly flicking his wrist backwards, redirecting the course of the bullet towards his back.



The bullet hit someone, then a person materialized 2-meters behind Shin, it turns out that there is a 'Tier 2 Twilight White Elf' lingering at Shin's back.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Another round of attacks started raining down at Shin. Shin's body stopped moving as if he was frozen in place, but the bullets and arrows only pass through 'Shin's Body' and lands at the Twilight's body behind, and also killing him in the process.


A single word enters everyone's mind when they saw that, followed by a sudden question. 'But where is the real body?'

The 'Minotaur League' people started to search their surroundings, trying to locate Shin.

"BOSS!!!...." one of the them shout out loud to the leader Sniper, because he saw Shin mysteriously appeared behind their Captain!

'Equipment Skill: Wolf King's Hunt'

Unfortunately for them, when the Human Sniper felt that there is something wrong, Shin is already swinging his sword downwards in a powerful manner.

'Extra Skill: Destructive Slash'

- 97 908(Stunned)

- 4 895(Burned Damage)

Half of the Sniper's HP was ripped off by Shin's attack, because his class don't have a very high defense. So he is so feeble in front of Shin in close-quarter-combat.

The Sniper want to get out on his predicament as soon as possible, but too bad for him, he is stunned for 2-seconds. All he can do at that time is helplessly watch his health to plummet down to zero, by Shin's flaming horizontal sword cut.

'Slayer Skill: Solar Cut'

-100 467

-5 023(Burned Damage)


"The... The.... The Boss Died!?" The morale of the 'Minotaur League' people dropped sharply when they saw that their Captain died.

"Kill That B*st*rd!!!" one of the elite players on the group regain himself after few moments and shout at his comrades. But unfortunately for them, what happened next is a one-sided slaughter.

Seven minutes. In the span of 7-minutes Shin manage to wiped out the entire group of the 'Minotaur League' people.

There are a bunch of items scattered on the ground, but none of the onlookers have the guts to touch even single one of those. Especially after they have witness what have happened.

Shin sweeped the floor and gather all of the scattered items on the ground, not giving the onlookers even a single look.

And the moment Shin finally picked up the last item, he heard a clapping sound coming from the crowd.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Shin raise his head up, and look at the direction of the clapping sound. He then frowned his brows when he discovered who is it and saw the crimson skull emblem on their chest. 'They are from HeadHunter Guild.'

This new group of players is only consists of 5 members, but they are calmly looking at Shin, and not a bit scared at him. And it is even though they also witnessed the battle earlier.

Shin use 'Scouting' at them, to see their levels. And when he saw it, he become even more wary at them. It is because even though their levels are only ranging between 55 and 59, the threat level that they are giving is very high. Higher than the entire group of players earlier.

Aside from Lawless and his friends, this is the first time that Shin see a dangerous group like this. Especially since their levels are similar to him.

Potential Rankers!

Those are the words that entered Shin's mind as he watched the other group walk towards him.

The one that was clapping earlier is a 'Human Wizard' named 'Sorrowful Leaf'. He looked at Shin with smiling face and said. "That was an impressive feat. Wiping out an entire squadron of a First-Rate Guild yourself? You truly deserve being labeled as a Potential Ranker like us."

Shin didn't reply at him and just looked at them cautiously.

Sorrowful Leaf chuckle softly when he saw Shin cautious manner. "He he, easy bro. We still have few minutes to settle our business here, before the people of our Guild get in this place. Hah! The whole Guild is running their *sses down just to find your hiding place. But we didn't expect that you are only here inside the City."

Shin slightly tilted his head to the side, being confused on what the Human Wizard have said. 'What's with this guy now?'

Sorrowful Leaf ignored Shin's actions and said. "Actually, I'm against to the Elders' decision of hunting you down. Because for me, it is just some act of being cowardly. But once I saw your fight earlier, I suddenly become a little interested."

He pause for a moment and wait for his comrades to take their positions before continuing. "Five minutes, you only have 5-minutes at most to beat us up and get out from here before the others arrived at this place. You can also try to escape from us if you can." After that, he immediately started chanting out a spell.

'Looks like this is going to become very troublesome.' thought Shin in his mind as he reach out on the sword-sheath of the [Yamato] with his left hand.


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