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Child of Destiny 42 Qualitative Upgrade Part 2

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The first thing that Shin do is to look at other party's chest to see their emblems, before using his Scouting skill to see their details. 'A Minotaur's Head Emblem? And their levels are in 75 and 76. Elite players, Huh?'

"Those skills are property of our 'Minotaur League', so it is better for you return it to us." said the leader of the group. He is a 'Human Magician'. While the other four of his group are 'Archer White Elf', 'Berserker WolfKin', 'Oracle Naga' and 'Human Knight'.

Shin raise his right hand to cover his face, while reequipping his [Nephilim's Mask]. Then, he pull the hood of his cloak to hide half it. "Heh, your Guild's property? How did you say so?"

The leader of the other party frowned his brows before saying. "You don't believe us? why don't you ask that little girl at the stall?"

"You are going to far Louie!!! Me and my friends work our *sses down just to get enough GCP(Guild Contribution Points) in exchange for all the items that we had. So what we've got, are ours." The owner of the stall can't take it anymore and shout at the other party's leader named 'Louie'.

Louie sneered at the stall owner, not caring on what he have heard. "Heh, Camille, you are nurtured by the Guild so all of your things are part of the Guild. Surrender them all before quitting the Guild."

"We already have paid a compensation fee before quitting the Guild. So what ours is ours." replied the owner while glaring at Louie.

'What kind of logic is that? This Louie guy is an absolute idi*t, I'm sure of it. Or don't tell that these guys have some beef with each other. Or is it some sort of Lover's Quarrel?' thought Shin as he saw the exchange between the two. Then he release a helpless sigh before saying. "*Sigh~*, settle your own things with each other and don't involved me with it." after that he turned around and started to walk away.

"Hey, return those skill books first!!!" shout Louie at Shin.

Shin turned his head while raising the skill books that he have got. "These? I've traded these with skill books of the same value, so these are mine." after that he immediately learned the skill books without waiting for the other party to reply.

"You!!! Do you know who we are?..." when Louie saw that, he become enraged and about to order his party members to surround Shin. But before he do, all he saw is a bluish-white light that pierced through their bodies, before his sight turned black.


'Self-Created Skill: Moonlight Splitter'

-80 622 (Critical)(Killed!)

-79 909 (Critical)(Killed!)

-78 899 (Critical)(Killed)

-81 890 (Critical)(Killed!)

-82 278 (Critical)(Killed!)


Shin suddenly appeared at the back of Louie's Party, while sheathing his sword coolly. And together with the clicking sound of it, are the falling bodies of the later group before turning into a particles of light. "I have a lot of things to do, so I don't have enough time to do more little chats with you."

Then, Shin picked up the items that Louie's party have dropped. He attacked first this time because he have discovered that he will not get any kind of 'sin points' or even brand with a 'red name tag', as long as he is wearing the [Nephilim's Mask]. And his name is not going to be registered on their kill log, the only thing that will see in there is 'A Nameless Swordsman have killed you', he heard it from Lawless before.

And while Shin is picking up the items, Camille the stall owner, walks towards Shin and said. "Why did you do that? Didn't you see that they are Elite Players from the 'Minotaur League'? A bona fide First-Rate Guild!"

"Elite Players? Didn't you see how I've dealt with them?" said Shin nonchalantly, while pointing at the disappearing particles of light. Then, thought to himself. 'And First-Rate Guild? Heh, I've even dare to provoke a Powerhouse Guild before this, so how is a First-Rate Guild still count to me?'

Then, Shin suddenly remembered something. "Ah! Can I ask you where did you get these Special Skill?"

Camille is gotten off guard at what Shin have said. She only recovered herself after few seconds. "Eh!? That will be not a problem. We've encounterd that NPC at the 'Sunset Valley' near the Forgotten City. If I'm not mistaken, the NPC is calling himself as 'Wind Blade' or something." She said while showing the coordinates of the place.

"Oh~, OK thanks." said Shin while recording the coordinates. Then, he turned around and startled to walk away while smiling ear to ear, and not caring at the stall owner who is still on a daze state.


Shin is in good mood because he have won a lot in the trade earlier. He take another look a the skills that were added to his arsenal.


Skill Name: Heart Seeker

Skill Rank: Rare

Details: Swiftly stab your sword forward towards your enemy's chest, dealing 200% more P.Damage.

Bonus Effect: If the stab successfully hit your enemy's heart they will receive additional 100% P.Damage and a stun effect of 2 seconds.

Consumes 200 Stamina

Cooldown: 15 seconds


Skill Name: Multiple Stab

Skill Rank: Rare(Quasi Epic)

Details: Stab your sword 6 times in front, dealing 50% of your P.Damage each strike.

Bonus Effect: If that stabs manage to successfully land on the critical parts of the body, each strike will ignore 50% of the enemies' defense.

Consumes 300 Stamina

Cooldown: 20 seconds


Skill Name: Falling Lightblade

Skill Rank: Rare

Details: Slash your sword downwards while descending from above, dealing 200% more P.damage and knocking the target enemy on the ground for a second.

Consumes 200 Stamina

Cooldown: 15 Seconds


Skill Name: Swordsman Resolve

Skill Rank: Rare

Details: Channel your sword 'Qi' in your body to ignore all the incoming damages for 5 seconds, and become immune to all kind of CC skills for 10 seconds.

Consumes: 300 MP

Cooldown: 50 seconds


But still, those are not the real reason why Shin is happy, it is because of the Special Skill Books.

No... To be exact, those two are not 'Special Skills' but a real 'Legacy Skill'.


Skill Name: Mondi's Jump

Skill Rank: Legacy - I

Historical Note: Mondi is a famous swordsman during the time of Warring Era. Even though he is not the one that jumps the highest, he is still the one that jumps the longest.

Skill Details: Kick one of your foot on the air to do another jump midair.

Cooldown: None

Note 1: The number of jumps you can do in the air depends on your AGI.

• 1 Extra Jump = 1000 AGI

Note 2: The Extra Jump to AGI ratio will decrease every time you upgrade the Skill Rank.

Hit: Find Mondi's Tomb to inherit all of his skill.


Skill Name: Mondi's Style

Skill Rank: Legacy - I

Requirements: One need to have a Sheath Wielding Style to use this skill.

Historical Note: Mondi is a famous swordsman during the time of Warring Era. He become one of the top 10 swordsman of that time because of his specialized style.

Skill Details: Transform the sheath of your sword to different kinds of weapon depending on the form of this skill.

Available Form/s:

•Meteor Form: The swordsheath will replicate the sword that you have sacrifice for this form.

•Conviction Form: [Locked]

•Abyssal Form: [Locked]

•Judgment Form: [Locked]

•Ethereal Form: [Locked]

Cooldown for changing forms: 3 Seconds

Note 1: The items will never be recovered once they were sacrificed. The last sacrificed items for each form will only be the one that are going to be replicated.

Note 2: Upgrade this skill rank to unlocked more forms.

Hit: Find Mondi's Tomb to inherit all of his skill.



System: Congratulations! You have learned a skill corresponding to your Dual Wielding Style. The half-damage of your off-hand weapon will now be removed.


"That stall owner is right about her guess about this skill, she lose too much on that trade. Maybe I'll find some opportunity to repay her in the future. And with this 'Mondi's Style', I can now do whole damage even if I use a skill with my off-hand weapon." The moment Shin saw the skill details, he can't take away his eyes on them because he felt that they are specially created for him. "I guess, I need to find some time to look for that 'Wind Blade' guy in the 'Sunset Valley'. I also need to find some special high ranking quest to get some LP(Legacy Points) for upgrading this skill."

"OK! Now that I've upgraded my skills, it is time to upgrade my equips." said Shin while looking at the 'Enchantment Stones' inside his inventory bag.

"But first, I need to repair these guys." Shin then walks towards the nearest Blacksmith Shop. And while he is organizing his inventory bag, he discovered a sealed envelope at the corner of it.

He knitted his brows and look at what is it. And when he saw the details, he slapped his forehead while saying to himself. "How can I forget about this? Mr.Orn said that with this recommendation letter, I can request any kind of equipment to any Blacksmith Dwarf in any Major City. If that is the case, then I should find the best Blacksmith in the Holy City."

After that, he immediately open the online forums of «Destiny's Fate» to search for the Best NPC Blacksmith Dwarf of the Holy City. And once he found out who is it, he immediately run towards the Blacksmith Shop of that NPC.

The moment Shin arrived at the 'White Flame Blacksmith Shop', he is greeted by a huge crowd of players in front of the Shop.

Shin stop his tracks and ask a few players on the crowd, and it turned out that all of them are waiting for a chance to see the Blacksmith of the small Shop to take some sort quest from him.

'It looks like this NPC is a special one. Well that is understandable since he is a best blacksmith in the City.' Shin suddenly got a migraine because of what he have discovered. He then took a deep breath before walking towards the Shop, which is also attracted a bunch of attention.

"Look! That guy is walking towards the Shop! I'm pretty sure that he is going to get sent flying by 'Blacksmith Berlin'."

"Hahaha... Who wants to make a bet on how he is going to die?"

"Fifty gold coins that he will die in a single hammer strike."

"Seventy gold coins that he will roast to death."

"Poor guy, he will die without him knowing."

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Shin knock at the door of the shop under the gazes of the crowd. Then, a Dwarf opened the door together with a huge hammer resting on his shoulder.

Blacksmith Berlin is one of the Special NPCs of the City, so he didn't immediately attack Shin because he is aware of the young man's status on the Church. But the dwarf still glared at Shin and sarcastically said. "What did a Young Envoy of a Church need from a humble Blacksmith like me?"

'Eh!? A Special NPC? I hope that this one is the real deal. But even though that is the case, this talk is going to become a little easier.' thought Shin before retrieving the sealed letter from his inventory bag. Then, he hand it over to Blacksmith Berlin while saying. "Mr.Orn from Beginner's Village said that you can help me craft an item for me. Here is his recommendation letter."

Blacksmith Berlin take the recommendation letter from Shin's hands before reading it. And when the blacksmith finished reading the content of the letter, he raised his head and look at Shin with astounded gaze.

After few moments, Blacksmith Berlin smiled at Shin and invited him to get inside the Shop. And when the crowd saw that, they stared at door for a second before busting out in an uproar.

"What the Hell!!!??? He didn't get smash into smiters."

"Didn't Blacksmith Berlin have a very bad temper?"
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"Eh!? He entered the Shop just like that?"

"How did he do that?"

"Who is that guy? some kind of High Leveled player?"

"He should have a high Noble status at least , I guess."

"Should we mimic him?"


Inside the 'White Flame Blacksmith Shop', Blacksmith Berlin is looking at Shin with a more friendly manner. "I didn't expect that the Young Envoy of the Church of the Sun and the Moon is acquainted with the current King of our Race."

Shin knitted his brows when heard that, not fully understanding what the Blacksmith have said. But when he realized what that mean, his eyes turned wide and stutteringly said. "Y-You... M-Mean...?"

Blacksmith Berlin didn't wait for Shin to finish what he are saying, and interrupted him. "That is right. That Dwarf that you are calling Mr.Orn is our current King. His real name is 'Orn Ravenson', the 107th King of all Dwarves."

'You are telling me, that I've met a Dwarf King at the Beginner's Village? Now I started to believed what Brother Lawless have said, that I've stepped upon some kind of Dog Sh*t Luck somewhere to accumulate this kind of Karma.' thought Shin on his mind while looking at the Blacksmith dazedly.

Blacksmith Berlin ignored Shin and continue on what he were saying. "And since you've got his recommendation letter, I will do my utmost best to satisfy your needs about crafting an equipment. But let me remind you I will only grant your request ones and you should also need to prepare the necessary items for it."

At this time, Shin finally recovered himself. Then, he thought for a moment before consulting about his sword. "What do you think about this sword?"

"Oh~, this is such a fine Katana. And a very ancient one at that. But are you sure that this is the one that you want to upgrade? Because from what I can see, you can still unlock the powerfulness of this sword for a few more times." said the blacksmith while snatching the [Yamato] from Shin's hands and taking a look at it.

"Huh? If that is the case, then how about you enlighten me senior." When Shin heard the blacksmith reply, an idea enters his head and immediately do a 'Treat the NPC politely' card. He have learned this from Arthur, so he hope for it to really work.

And sure enough, his brother is always right. It is because Blacksmith Berlin immediately laugh out loud when he saw Shin's polite manner. "Hahaha.... What a well mannered young man. It has been a while since someone treat me like that. Now I starting to understand why 'Our King' favors you."

*Kuhum!* *Kuhum!* The blacksmith pause for a moment to clear his throat, before continuing. "Actually, you've asked the right person for that. Even though I'm not the best blacksmith of our race, I didn't lose to that guy either. And this Katana is still have a lot of potential that can be unlocked, since it is passed down from generation to generation. But that is also the reason why it lost a lot of its prowess."

"And since it is crafted from the ancient times, most of its real potentials were already been decremented. You can only upgrade this weapon up to 'Black Mithril' at most."

Shin nodded his head as he listen. Then, he asks another question, and of course he didn't forget to praise the dwarf in the process. "Oh... You are knowledgeable senior. Then, what do you think that I should do senior?"

"Hahaha... That was actually simple, but not that easy either. First, do your best to upgrade this item to its 'current' maximum potential, then go look for me. Since 'Our King' gave you his recommendation letter, I will help you break its limits but remember, it is only for once. And of course! you still need to provide the required materials." answered Blacksmith Berlin.

Shin take more advantage of the situation to ask for more free information. "But I don't know what are the items that I need to prepare."

Blacksmith Berlin didn't treat it as a problem and replied nonchalantly. "That Katana possess the power of the Sun and the Moon, so you need to prepare a 'Fruit of Nirvana' and a 'Lunar Essence'. It also need a very sturdy metal that can resist the opposing powers, so you need an 'Ancient Void Metal'......."

Shin is smiling ear to ear as he listen at the blacksmith blabbering. And together with it, is a System Notification popping out on Shin's Quest window.


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