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The battle between the two Chosen Ones is coming to an end. Both of them is almost at their limit but they still don't want to give up because neither of them want to lose. No, to be exact neither of them never suffered a loss.

Shin's nose is already bleeding while Arthur's eyes turning bloodshot. They already started to feel the tiredness of their bodies but both of them is still holding on.

When Captain Bernard saw this he started to move his body and intending to stop the match but Old Plum is already blocking his path and preventing him from intervening. Even his father is looking at him in a fierce way.
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One look on their faces is enough for him stop his tracks. He know that if take a one more step forward, he will end up with a few broken bones.

Then suddenly both Shin and Arthur is separated from each other because of the powerful impact from their last attack and then they just both stand on either side of the garden while facing each other.

Few moments later Arthur closes his eyes and started to digest what he have experience. Whereas Shin is catching his breath while feeling the changes on his body. Both of them enters a state of enlightenment.

After Captain Bernard saw this he sighed a relief before taking a tobacco on his pocket and lighting it up.

Old Plum take a look at the two outstanding kids and said in a quiet tone. "Looks like asking to bring Shin in here is the best choice you made Old friend".

The Old General nodded his head while smilingly said. " Of course, it is a right gamble that I make. And what's more it's because of it that you manage to find a fearsome disciple like this. So you should be thanking me about it Old Plum".

" Entering the 'Body Strengthening Stage' at the age below ten years old. These two kids sure have have a bright future ahead of them".


The Structure of Martial-Arts in this world is divided in three major realms with different minor stage corresponding in each realms.

The first realm is the 'Foundation Building Realm'. In this realm the martial artist focuses in forming their own martial-art foundation.

It is divided three minor stages. The 'Body Strengthening Stage', 'Qi Refinement Stage' and 'Core Formation Stage'.

The 'Body Strengthening Stage' is a stage where enhancing ones body, as if they are transforming it into a huge furnace to contain a powerful energy.

In 'Qi Refinement Stage' one is absorbing the force of nature and circulate it inside the body before transforming it into their own energy called 'Qi'. This 'Qi' can strengthen the body to make even more tougher, it can also reinforce martial-art skills so that it can become even more powerful.

Then the 'Core Formation Stage' is forming a golden core inside their lower dantian using their accumulated 'Qi'. This core is going to become the center of the circulating 'Qi' inside the body, it makes the 'Qi' even more purer and denser so that it can become even more stronger.

Second realm is 'Ascension Realm'. This realm is starting to affects ones surrounding or becoming one with the surrounding. This realm is also divided into three different stages.

The first stage is 'Ethereal Opening'. This stage is the starting point of 'being one with the nature'. Anyone in this stage can feel the 'Force of nature' more clearly. They can even combine it with their own 'Qi' to create their own 'Natural Force'.

Each person have different kind of 'Natural Force' because it is dependent on the person that created it. It is created through the combination of ones personal 'Qi', what element of nature that is closest to them and their own imagination.

A person can decide what kind of characteristics of 'Natural Force' that is more suitable to them. A violent wind, a destructive lightning, a heavy earth, a chaotic flame, or a baneful water, etc. , anything is fine as long as it compliments their fighting style.

Next is 'Void Manifestation'. This is a little simple. It is just creating something out of nothing. Easy to say but hard to accomplish.

This stage needs one to have a very high control on their own 'Natural Force', so that they can form a battle armor base on it, or even an elemental weapon that can aide them on their battle.

A person of this stage can also walk in air as if it is walking in a concrete road. This ability called 'Void Walking'.

The last stage of this realm is called 'Domain Creation '. This stage is also the peak of 'being one with the nature'. At this stage one can create their own territory that they can control.

And this territory is called 'Domain'. Anything that is inside your own 'Domain' is under your control. You can even manifest your own 'Natural Force' faster and stronger if you activated it.

You can also execute a large scale destruction skill at this stage, and it is called a 'Domain Skill'.

The final Realm is called the 'Transcendent Realm'. This realm is not focusing in breaking the restrictions in mortal body anymore, but being a 'Transcendent Being' through Martial-Arts. And it is also called the Peak of Martial-Artist.

A person of this realm can destroy a mountain with a flip of their palm and can split the ocean with the wave of their hand.

The stages of this Realm is unknown since there are very few people that have reached this Realm. In fact there are only less than ten people that reach this stage.

And they even remove themselves from the worldly affairs and entered a seclusion just to explore more about this Realm.


It has been a whole day since Shin and Arthur pass out from the fatigue after their last sparring match.

Shin opens his eyes and look at his surroundings, what he see is the familiar room that he is staying since he come to this place. He want to get up from the bed but the moment he raise his body, his head get dizzy and he fall down once again.

At the same time the door of the room opens then a thirteen year old girl with blonde hair enters the room. She has a round face and clear blue eyes coupled with her long eyelashes, her thin eyebrows is beautifully arc and perfectly match her natural sharp nose and pale red lips.

Her hair is cutely tied in pigtail and revealing her small white ears. Even though she is still in growing up stage the important parts of her body is already starting to mature.

' Beautiful! '

That is the only word that sinks in Shin's mind when he see the girl.

She is cutely pouting her lips and humming an elementary song while holding a basin with tap water on it. The moment she notice Shin is already awake and looking at her, she got startled at first and almost drop the basin in her hands, but she quickly recovered herself and formed a beautiful smile on her face.

When Shin saw that smile he think his heart stops beating. It is as if he saw an angle falling down on surface of the earth. But he's fantasy is completely shattered the moment he heard what the girl said.

"Is this the first time you saw a beautiful girl like me? What a poor young man."

The girl put the basin on a desk beside the table and introduces herself. " I'm Shiella Springfield, the eldest daughter of this family. Nice to meet you".

Shin is gotten speechless at first before introducing himself. "Shin Kinghad a nobody".

"A nobody huh? A nobody that manage to scored a draw with the greatest genius of Central District of the Main Region." said Shiella as if she is mocking Shin's introduction.

Shin is not concerned about the girl mocking him, because the moment he hear the word 'Draw' he remembered that he make a bet with Captain Bernard. " That's right the match! Where is Captain Bernard I need to talk to him about my... Uhg!". He didn't even manage to finish what he is saying before he is assaulted by a sudden aching in his head.

Shiella is taken aback by Shin's reaction and try calming him down. " OK, OK, Relax I'm going to call Dad and get some food for you to eat. You need to get some protein so that you can recover your strength since you just breakthrough to 'Body Strengthening Stage' ". Shiella then run out the room.

Few moments later she come back with Captain Bernard and a maid tray with food, in their tow.

When Captain Bernard is near the bed he smilingly said. " How is the feeling of officially entering ranks of Martial-Artist?"

Shin didn't answer him and asked his own question. "Can you give me my freedom now?"

The Captain smirks and said. " Kid, even though you manage not to lose, you also didn't manage to win. And from what I can remember, our deal is that 'If you win I'll do yours but if not you'll do mine' it's quite clear right? " He pause for a few moment and pat the head of his daughter. " What's more you can live in my house together with my beautiful daughter. You can also have a sparring match with my son as long as you want".

Shin rolled his eyes at him while cursing in his heart. " What a cunning and shameless old man. Tricking a nine year old like me?"


April 19, Year XX07

Central District, Capital City of Main Region

In the backyard garden of Springfield Villa there are two teenage boys engage in a sparring match. Their silhouettes are keep flashing and clashing repeatedly.

One of them have Ash color hair and have eyes that are round and gray in color coupled with his natural long eyelashes, even a girl is going to get jealous on his eyes.

He has a sharp chin that perfectly match his nose and pale lips. He is a typical example of a knight in shining armor.

His upper body is bare, showcasing his well shaped muscles. Even though it is not bulky and looks a little slim you can still see that they are powerful.

The other guy have a triangular face and blonde hair. Sharp golden eyes together with sharp brows and pointed nose. He always wear a harmless smile on his lips.

His body built is similar to the other guy. He is a best example of a prince with a white horse.

They are Shin and Arthur. It has been six years since Shin is staying in 'Springfield Household'. He is always having a sparring match with Arthur from time to time.

After some time Arthur failed to block one of Shin's kick and landed on his abdomen resulting him to fly backwards and collide on a tree.

Before he manage to stand up again a foot is already pointing at the top of head declaring the end of the match.

" I won once again, look like you will not able to defeat me in this lifetime 'Golden Boy'. " Said Shin before helping Arthur to stand up.

" In your dreams! you only manage to defeat me twice and it even include this one. You Understand that 'Gray Eyes'? JUST TWICE! ". said Arthur emphasizing the last words.

" Yeah you're right about that, but have you ever won against me?" reply Shin while taking a small notebook from his pocket and going to write something.

When Arthur saw that notebook he hurriedly look at it while Shin us writing another line after his name.

Shin - II

Arthur - O

Draw - ∞

The moment Arthur saw what is written on it, he frowned and angrily said. " Why the hell did you write a zero after my name!? It is as if you are saying that I will never beat you!? And What's with that infinity symbol after draw!?"

Shin closes the notebook and return it to his pocket. He walks away before replying. " Well it is true that you haven't defeat me so I will never change it unless you beat me. And as for the infinitely sign...." Pauses for a few moment and wear his shirt before facing Arthur and smilingly said. " I got tired of repeatedly writing a line after line so I just chance it into an infinitely sign since it will not affect the result of our duels".

The corner of Arthur's mouth twitch when he heard it especially his last few words. He is about to start another duel when a sweet and charming voice echoed in the corridor.

" I'm Home!!!! "

The voice too pleasant to ears and relaxing to hear. If someone heard that voice they are going to hurriedly welcome whoever is the owner of that voice.

But Shin and Arthur is different, the moment they heard that voice both of their body shivered and the look on their faces turned pale. It is as if they heard that the most frightening being on earth is going after them. And then the both of them hurriedly find a place hide.

" What the hell is 'Big Sis' doing here? isn't it Wednesday? I thought she only going to visit us during weekends? " Asked Shin while panicky running to the other end of the corridor.

" I have no idea either! From what I know she should be accompanying Mom on a business trip, so there is no reason for to be here." reply Arthur while running along with Shin.

Before they able to manage to exit the corridor they heard the voice behind their backs.

"And where are my cute little brothers going?"

The moment they turned their head they saw a beautiful young lady with blonde hair standing behind them and smilingly looking at them.

That smile is so beautiful that it can melt a killer's heart, but when Shin and Arthur saw that smile their faces turned even more paler. Because they know that this day is going to become a their judgment day.

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