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Shin walked out the City Administration Building with a blank explosion on his face. He can't help but to remember his exchange with administration clerk inside the building.

"Ahm... I want to register a Basic Village under my name."

"Good day Sir. All you have to do is submit your deed of right and pay a registration fee of 30,000 gold coins. But since you are a 'Pursuer of Corruption' you will receive a 30% discount, and that will be a total of 21,000 gold coins sir. And 2,000 gold coins for the TAX fee every month."

"Huh!? Can you say how much the total value again?"

"A total of 21,000 gold coins Sir."

"Can I pay it through installments?"

"Of course Sir, but that will have additional 2,000 gold coins sir and require a down payment of 10,000 gold coins Sir."

"Ahm... Eh... Can I come back later? I need to prepare the required money for the time being."

"That will be no problem Sir."

Haa~ Huuu~

Shin took a deep breath while looking at the sky. "What the!? I need to pay 21,000 gold coins just to register a Basic Village? That was 2,100,000 FC in the Real World!!! It is more expensive than my VR-Gaming Helmet. Where that hell will I get that money from? What's worse is I need to earn it as soon as possible or else other players will discover about the Calderock Village, and snatch it from me."

Shin leaned on the wall before saying to himself. "I guess I have no choice but to sell all the items that I've got so far as fast as possible. But I need some buyer that will not scam me, since I'm still not familiar with the exchange here inside the game".

Shin manage to complete the {Ruler's Equipment Set}, which make him become even more stronger because of the unlocked Set Effect. He got the last 2 pieces of the set in the altar below the crumbled statue. And together with those, Shin also got some additional bonus rewards.

He open his inventory window to take a look at his final loots inside that cave altar.


[ Tiger King's Helm ]

Item Type: Head Armor (Leather Armor)

Rank: Silver

Durability: 600/600

Level: 50~80

Stats: (Adjust depending on the user's Level)

Current Level: 57

Physical Defense: 550 - 580

Magic Resist: 450 - 450

+3000 HP

+150 STR

+150 AGI

+150 VIT

Additional Skill:

1. Tiger's Stance(Passive): Every time you successfully blocked/dodged an enemy's attack, you gain additional 20% damage during the counterattack.
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2. Heavy Strike(Active): Throw a Powerful punch towards an opponent, knocking them back backwards and stunning them for 2 seconds.

Details: A leather armor helm that made fome from a powerful tiger from the underworld.

This is a part of {Ruler's Equipment Set}

Set Effect 7/7

2 - +30% Physical Defense and +20% Magic Resist.

3 - +200 to all Major Stats and +50% movement speed.

4 - +1,500 Additional Physical and Magical Damage.

5 - All Stats + 30%.

6 - Additional Skill:

The King's Decree(Passive): When HP falls below 40%, all Major attributes will increase by 50% and defensive skills will improved by 50%.

7 - Additional Skill:

Ruler's Authority(Active): Create a domain that will extend up to 20-meter radius from you. All of your enemies inside will receive a -20% Debuffs on all of their stats.


[ Scorpion King's Bracers ]

Item type: Arm Guard (Light Armor)

Item Rank: Silver

Durability: 400/400

Level: 50~80

Stats: (Adjust depending on the user's Level)

Current Level: 57

Physical Defense: 350 - 380

Magic Resist: 340 - 350

+2000 HP

+150 AGI

+150 STR


1. Scorpion Sting(Active): Throw a poison needle towards a target 10-meters away from you, dealing (100% P.Damage) and poisoning them with 500 Fixed Damage per second, and lasted for 5 seconds.

Cooldown: 30 seconds

2. Sandstorm(Active): Release a bunch of sand 5-meters around you, blocking the view of your enemies.

The Sandstorm will only last for 10 seconds

Cooldown: 2 minutes

Details: A pair of bracers that made from the scales of the Scorpion King from the underworld.

This is a part of {Ruler's Equipment Set}

Set Effect 7/7


[ Demonic Saint Tiger's Blood ]

Item type: Etc.

Purity: Pure

Item Rank: Special


Have a 20% chance to convert any kind of Beastman directly into a Demonic Saint TigerKin.

Note 1: The chance of conversation will improved if it is consumed by a TigerKin.

Note 2: If the user successfully converted, then he/she will undergo a special trial for a Class conversion that is more suitable for them.


Those are only the items that Shin got from the cave. He hidden the visual of helm, turning it into invisible. Because for him, it looks weird to have a that tiger's head on this head.

And aside from those items, he also got a pair of tiger cubs that can be use as a pet.

One of the tiger cub is a white tiger that have three eyes. Each eye have different colors, one is blue, the other is red while the third eyes on its forehead is purple.

The other tiger cub is a black tiger with a Chinese character of "King" on its forehead, it also have a pair of golden eyes and an eye-catching scorpion tail.


Nickname: (Whitie)

Monster Name: Three Eyed White Tiger

Life Rating: Sacred Creature

Rarity: Legendary

Growth Rate: 110

Level: 0

HP: 3500

MP: 1000

Physical Defense: 150 - 170

Magic Resist: 140 - 160

Attack Power: 250 - 270


STR- 50

AGI- 35

INT- 10

VIT- 35


1. Wind Walking(Active): When activated 'Whitie' will get a 200% boost on its attack speed and movement speed for entire 3 minutes.

Cooldown: 5 minutes

2. Explosive Counter(Passive): Every time 'Whitie' successfully dodge an attack, his next attack will become doubled.

- Holy Blessings(Locked)

- Holy Nova Ray(Locked)

- Judgment Light(Locked)


Nickname: (Blackie)

Monster Name: Scorpion Tail Black Tiger

Life Rating: Demonic Creature

Rarity: Legendary

Growth Rate: 110

Level: 0

HP: 2500

MP: 1000

Physical Defense: 110 - 120

Magic Resist: 90 - 110

Attack Power: 280 - 300


STR- 35

AGI- 60

INT- 10

VIT- 25


1. Shadow Melding(Active): 'Blackie' enters a stealth mode to eye its prey.

Duration: 3 Minutes

Cooldown: 3 Minutes

Note: This skill will be canceled when 'Blackie' attacks or have been attacked.

2. Dark Ambush (Passive): Every time 'Blackie' attacks from sheath, its damage will become doubled.

- Corrupted Curses(Locked)

- Diabolical Beam(Locked)

- Abyssal Pierce(Locked)


The moment Shin saw the details of the OP pets, he didn't waste any time and directly initiated a soul contract to take them as his pets. He named the white one as "Whitie" and the black one as "Blackie".

"Hmm... I hope I can earn a lot of gold by selling the bear cub and this flask containing the [Demonic Saint Tiger's Blood]". muttered Shin as his is considering on how he will sell those.

What Shin didn't know is those things are very much more valuable than money, especially the [Demonic Saint Tiger's Blood]. Well that was understandable, since Shin is still new in the game and not aware of the market value of those two, same goes for the other items inside his inventory space.

After some deliberation on himself, Shin decided to a call Lawless who is more familiar than him of this game. If he know how to contact Arthur then he will call his brother instead.

After few rings, Lawless finally answered the call. And the moment he do, he immediately greeted Shin in some unusual way. " Yoh! Brother Sickarius, already on the back foot? Want this brother to fetch you up?"

The moment Shin heard that, the corner of his mouth twitch. "Are you that happy for me being hunted down by those guys?"

"Hahaha.... I'm just asking OK? don't get fired up. Anyway why did you call?" said Lawless.

'Is it the right thing to ask this guy's opinion?' thought Shin for a moment before finally stating his purpose. "I want to sell some stuffs, so I need your help about it since I'm in urgent of money."

"Oh? Easy.... Just send me the details of those and I will estimate the market value. And if you are that urgent, then you can send all of them in my inventory mail so that I can sell it. And we can also sign a virtual contract if you don't trust me." replied Lawless nonchalantly.

Shin directly send all the details of the items that he want to sell aside from the bear cub and the flask containing blood.

"Whoa! That was quite many, did you robbed a Treasury or something? OK, Just give me a moment." Lawless browse all the items for entire two minutes before giving his estimated value. "All of those are quite uncommon in the market since there are not many players farming in the dark swamp, but my estimated value on these are in between of 10,000 to 15,000 gold in total."

Shin face brighten when he heard that. He didn't expect that he already earned that many.

"Really!? Then can you help me sell those? I'll give you 2% commission . No, 3% deal?" Asked Shin excitedly.

"Hmm... OK but it will take some time to sell all of those. And I also recommend you to not sell those skill books since you can trade them with skills that are more suitable for you. After all, I've excluded them on my estimation." said Lawless before gulping an entire mug of beer.

"Is that so... Then fine, but how much time did you need to sell all of them?" asked Shin in an a little anxious manner.

Lawless thought for a moment before replying. "If you really urgently need the money, then I can pay you for all of those items first. Then I'll give you the extra when I'm done selling all of them."

"DEAL!!!" said Shin without slightest bit of hesitation. Then Shin send all of his items to Lawless while he received 13,000 gold coin in return.

Lawless is about to end the call when Shin added something after some hesitation. "Ahm... Brother Lawless, one more thing. How much did you think will this guy cost." Then Shin show the details of the 'Black Iron Dusk Bear' pet.

"Ah! An EPIC PET!!! Where in the hell did you get that guy? That is something that can't easily buy with money! Especially with that kind of high growth rate!!! Are you sure you want to sell that little guy? How about take it as you pet?" Lawless mouth opened rapidly like some sort of machine-gun.

'Maybe this guy will die because of heart attack, if he discovered that I have a pair of Legendary pets with a worshipping growth rate of 110.' thought Shin in his mind before replying. "Nah, this guy is not suitable for my fighting style. But it is perfect for Magical Class type."

"Hmm... You are also right about that. Well... If that is the case then wait for a moment, I'll contact a friend of mine if he is interested with this guy. I'm pretty sure that this guy is perfect for their Class and Fighting Style." after saying that, Lawless immediately ended the call, not giving Shin any time to react.

Shin find a corner to sit while waiting for Lawless to contact him. And while he is on it, he open an online forum to get more idea on how did his stuff cost. "Eh!? All of those Bronze Rank items cost 300-500 gold? While silver equips are varies from 1000-3000 gold? Then how much are Gold Rank items? What!? It cost 5000 golds on the lowest!? I can't imagine how much the higher rank items."

"Hmm.... Then how much are the 'basic enchantment stones' that I've used? What the hell? It cost 9000 gold coins each? I've burned that much money just to upgrade my weapon to Silver Rank? I can already buy three kinds of Gold Rank Equipments with that!" Shin can't take the blow caused by the informations that he got from the forums.

He then take a deep breath to calm himself down. "Huu~.... OK. What's done is done. Now let's see how much can I sell the bear cub."

But when he saw the estimated market value of pets, it almost shocked him to death. "Oh Mother Holy!!! Are you kidding me!!!??? A 'Common Pet' cost 25,000 gold coins? And that is only for pets that have 30 growth rate at most. I can't imagine how much this little guy cost!"

Shin is not fully aware of the advantages of having a pet. Having a pet in this game is the same as having an ally, that can almost rival a player. Especially with those high growth rate.

And while Shin is in that state, the call that he is waiting finally come. Shin anxiously and excitedly answer the call.

And when the call connected, Lawless appeared on the virtual screen with a wide grin on his face. "Hey Brat! I don't know how and where the hell did you get that little bear cub, but you really hit a jackpot this time!!! My friend said that he is going buy it no matter what. And as for the cost, it is better for you to hear about it yourself. Come here at the 'Heavenly Resto-Bar', VIP Room 7, we will be waiting for you here." Then Lawless immediately ended the call, not caring about Shin's reaction.

Meanwhile, Shin is starting blankly at the air after that call. Then, he finally come back to his senses after few moments. After that, he run towards the 'Heavenly Resto-Bar' with an exited face.


Heavenly Resto-Bar, VIP Room 7.

They are four players sitting inside the room, 3 males and 1 female. The three men are a 'Berserker TigerKin', a 'Twilight Dark Elf', and a 'Aquamancer Naga' respectively. Meanwhile, the female one is a 'Elementalist White Elf', sitting beside the 'Aquamancer Naga' and across the other two.

The level of the TigerKin is Level 77 being the lowest, while the other three are similarly around ten levels higher than him. Their equipments are quite high in quality for Platinum Ranks are the lowest. All of them are also Tier 2 in classes. The identity of this group is Lawless and his friends.

"Hahaha.... Ravier, you are quite lucky to have as a friend. See? I have connections with reliable people." said Lawless before gulping down an entire mug of beer.

The 'Aquamancer Naga' named 'Ravier' rolled his eyes at Lawless before saying. "What are you talking about? It was just a coincidence for that guy to have an Epic Pet like that. And he should be the one that got Lucky to stumbled upon that bear cub."

Lawless clicked his tounge before putting down the mug of beer. "Tsk, what's wrong with that? He is still my friend, which also count as me being Lucky. And you are my friend, so that luck will also be pass down onto you."

Lawless and Ravier are keep bickering with each other after that. On the other hand, the Elementalist girl is named 'Ember'. She is giggling on the side while watching the two. Meanwhile, Faker is still playing with his daggers not caring about what's happening.

Knock. Knock.

Few moments later, a knock sound from the door of the room. Lawless stopped bothering himself with Ravier, before smirking and shouting at the person outside the room. "Speak of the Devil. Hey! Brother Sickarius, just enter the room. We are already waiting for you for quite some time already!"

The door opened up carefully after, then Shin entered in a slow manner. After that, he take a look at the people inside the room before greeting them one by one. Next, he find a place that he can sit on.

"OK, let's go straight to the point." Ravier immediately opened his mouth the moment Shin taken his seat.

'Straightforward Huh? But I also like that.' thought Shin before nodding his head.

"Great!" Ravier raise a finger with his left hand while saying. "One Hundred. That is the price that I can offer for that bear cub." He pause for a moment before clarifying himself. "One Hundred Thousand gold coins. What do you think?"

Shin stared blankly at Ravier fingers as if he suddenly become dumb because of what he have heard. 'One Hundred Thousand gold coins? That is equivalent to 10 Million FC in the Real World!!!'

Ravier is mistaken Shin's behavior as being not satisfied with the price, so clicked his tounge before raising his other hand with five fingers open. "Tsk, OK Fine! 150k That is the maximum that I can offer. Take it or Leave it? Deal or No Deal?"

'Eh!?' Shin don't know how to react at the sudden increase of price, so all he can do is nod his head dumbfoundingly, indicating that he is accepting the offer.

After the successful trade, Shin is still staring at his gold information, not believing what just have happened. 'I've just suddenly become a Millionaire in just one day.'

Lawless and others ignored Shin and continue drinking and chatting with each other. For others, that amount of gold is already pretty much to spend. But for them, it is just a common amount of money in exchange for a sudden increase of strength.

After some time, Shin finally recovered himself and come back to reality. Then, he suddenly remembered something. "Hey, Brother Lawless, I still have something that I want to sell."

"Hahaha... OK, OK, just show it to me and I'll take care of it." Lawless laugh out loud, not taking Shin's words in the heart. He expect that it is just some kind of common item. But the expression on his face suddenly froze when he saw what kind of item Shin want to sell.

*Cough!* *Cough!* Ravier who is currently drinking a mug beer choked up and he even almost spilled the beer on himself. Ember on the other hand, is look at Shin with wide and disbelieving eyes. Even Faker who is not a bit interested earlier, can't take his eyes away from the flask that Shin is holding.

What followed after that is absolute silence and a strange atmosphere inside the VIP room.


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