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At the Entrance of the 'Dark Swamp Map', a group of 20 Players were killing off a bunch of 'Dark Swamp Monsters', while also looking for someone.

The Levels of these Players varies from Level 50 as the lowest while Level 55 on the highest. Their equipments were not that bad, most of them have a full set of Bronze Rank items, while others even have a full set silver equipments. These players also wearing assorted kinds of emblems on their chest.

For ordinary players, this team can already be treated as a strong group, but for the real Powerhouse Guilds they are just a bunch of players in the commodity, for they are from the subordinate guilds of the 'HeadHunter Guild', and are task to hunt Shin down.

An 'Archer Blood Elf' of the group walked towards a 'Spell Caster Naga' that looks like the Leader of the team, and whispered some words. "Captain, are you sure we can find that guy here? Why in the world, did that guy continue farming here if he knows that we are aware of him wearing a 'Dark Swamp Set'? If it were me, then I will doubt it."

The Spell Caster Naga give him a sideeye glance before saying. "Do you think I'm an idi*t? Of course I know about that! But what can I do? It is an order from the upper-echelons, so focus on your job and continue searching him!" They then resume on their task.


Meanwhile, the man in question is busy dealing with a Snakeman.

Shin is rapidly circling around the Snakeman, and while doing it, he is throwing some attacks in the process.

His movements looks a little more flawless this time than he was before. It is because he become more comfortable with his body, and also because his current body can now keep up with his mind a little.


Shin use a 'Hell Execution' killing off the Snakeman, and it is also the the final guardian. During his fight against the guardians, Shin manage to become more familiar with his new fighting style, which is also the reason why he improved drastically. The only downside on it, is that he didn't get any EXP in the process or even some item drops.

And when the final guardian transformed into particles of crimson lights, the hoarse voice that came from the statue at the center of the altar and pentagram started to resonated once again.


"You foolish descendant of 'Zheptus'! since you are really eager to die, then I will grant your wish. I will make sure the you will regret preventing my decent on this world!!!"

After that, all the crimson lights inside the altar were absorbed by the statue. Then the statue pass it towards the body of the Village Chief, causing for it to mutate.

The body of the Village Chief creepily stand like some possessed human from horror movies. Then its body started to change at a visible rate. Its arms and legs become thicker while its head transformed into a tiger's head.

And while it is happening, Shin wants to stop the process but some sort of energy prevent him from moving. So all he can do is watch it happen while using his 'Scouting' skill.


Monster Name: Spiritual Avatar of 'Khaki' (Lord, Weakened State)

Rating: Avatar Demon

Level: 75

HP: 2 500 000

Attack Power: 7 500 - 8 200

Physical Defense: 5 700

Magic Resist: 5 700




"Hmmm.... It have a high Attack Power but the Defense is still manageable. The only problem should be its other stats, since Level 75 is a major turning point in this game. Another one are the surprise factor of those unknown skills." Shin is getting ready himself as he take a look the details of his new opponent.

After few seconds of waiting, the mutation process were finally done. The previous Village Chief become a mini-version of the statue, aside from the wings, since this one don't have any.

The Avatar Demon look at Shin before sneering at him. "Heh, You should brace yourself now descendant of 'Zheptus'. For you will regret getting on my way."

"A talking monster? This one should have a High AI if that is the case, well is talking from the start after all. And I guess this one is going to become bloody fight." Shin is knitting his brows while sheathing his sword. He then take his battle stance, bracing himself for what's about to happen.

Shin is looking at the Avatar Demon when he felt a dangerous feeling coming from behind. Then his pupils contracted when he see that the figure he is looking at is starting to fade away. "An afterimage! Sh*t!"

He hurriedly lean his body forward while moving the sword sheath backwards and in an upward motion, trying to block something.


-10 800

Shin is manage to block the attack, but he is still received some damage because he failed to respond on it correctly, and it caused him to lose 1/6 of his HP. He is also sent flying by that attack.

"This thing manage to bypassed my Perception Range? Tsk, If not for my 'Immediate Response', I'll received a more terrifying damage from that attack." muttered Shin to himself while looking at the Avatar Demon cautiously.

The Avatar Demon didn't give Shin more breathing time, and its figure blurred once again. But this time, Shin is already on his guard.



Shin crouches down barely dodging a kick from his back. And when he felt a gusting air pass through over his head, he did a hop-step backwards, avoiding an Axe-kick coming from above.

And when his feet touches the ground, he immediately jump forward while throwing a roundhouse kick towards the Avatar Demon that suddenly materialize on his front.

'Equipment Skill: Paralysis Bite'


Shin's kick successfully landed on the Avatar Demon, immobilizing it for five seconds. Shin is still on the spin because of the momentum of that kick, and once his body faces the Avatar Demon once again, he hurriedly pulled the [Yamato] out from its sheath midair before slashing it towards his opponent.


'Self-Created Skill: Quick Draw'

-63 208

-3 160(Burned Damage)

Bloods were thrown splashing in the air, together with the resonating metallic sound caused by the sword drawing.

And at this time, Shin's feet finally landed on the ground. But Shin's assault didn't stop, he enfold his sword with the power of the Sun before throwing a diagonal slash, sending a blazing sword 'Qi'.

'Extra Skill: Flame Burst'

- 13 764

-688(Burned Damage)

-319(Burning Damage)

After that is another kind of energy channel through the sword, but this time it is in bluish-white color. Then, Shin throw a horizontal slash, sending a crescent shape chilling sword 'Qi'.

'Slayer Skill: Half-Moon Slash'

-15 572(Slowed)

-319(Burning Damage)


-10 898

The Avatar Demon received another extra damage, because of the contradicting temperatures, which is also catch Shin a little off guard. But that didn't stop him from continuing his attacking spree.

His body glows with a purple light before he draws a purple cross in the air, as if there is some kind of invisible sheet of paper on it. After that, that very cross charge towards the Avatar Demon with a great speed.

'Self-Created Skill: Eclipse Cross'

-49 680

-4 968(Mix Damage)

-319(Burning Damage)

In less than 5 seconds, Shin already dealt more than 100 000 total damage, causing for the Avatar Demon to forcefully get out from that immobilized state.


It release a deafening roar, before charging at Shin while throwing a powerful straight punch in the process.

But too bad for it, Shin dodge that attack in an effortless manner. He do a diagonal sidestep forward while throwing a horizontal slash in the process. Then, he quickly turned around to throw another two consecutive slashes at the back of the Avatar Demon, this is another execution of his first Self-Created skill.

'Self-Created Skill: Triple Slash'

-1 508

-75(Burned Damage)

-4 809

-240(Burned Damage)
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-7 790

-390(Burned Damage)

-319(Burning Damage)

Another bunch of damages pop-up on top of the monster head, making it even more ferocious. It hurriedly turned around to teach its opponent a lesson, but what greeted it are 5 vertical crescent-shaped sword wave.

'Slayer Skill: Crescent Cleave'

-18 568(Slowed)

-20 452(Slowed)(Critical)

-18 289(Slowed)

Three of the sword waves manage to land of the Avatar Demon, because it is cast in an almost pointblank distance.

Shin then thrust his sword forward, piercing it to the Avatar Demon's chest and stunning it for a second.

'Extra Skill: Charge'

-2 937(Stunned)

-147(Burned Damage)

He then immediately pulled that sword out after, and slash it down with a powerful diagonal strike, stunning the Avatar Demon again with additional two seconds.

'Extra Skill: Destructive Slash'

-3 543(Stunned)

-177(Burned Damage)

Shin licked his lips after that, it is as if he is enjoying his continues assault against this Avatar Demon. He then enfold his sword with a fiery aura before throwing a horizontal cut followed by a powerful vertical slash.

'Slayer Skill: Solar Cut'

-15 384

-769(Burned Damage)

'Slayer Skill: Hell Execution'

-25 389(Critical)

-1 269(Burned Damage)

After that entire skill rotation, Shin swiftly followed it up with a powerful flash kick towards the Avatar Demon's chin.

'Equipment Skill: Paralysis Bite'



But the Avatar Demon didn't get immobilized, instead it release a loud roar before jumping towards Shin with an incredible speed.

But too bad for it, the man in question swiftly sheath his sword in a calm manner midair, before dashing forward while turning his body into a bluish-white light, and piercing through the Avatar Demon's body.

'Self-Created Skill: Moonlight Splitter'

-50 999 (Critical!!!)

And because of all of that cycle, Shin runs out of offensive skills. But some of them are about to be cooldowned.

Then, Shin planned to fight the Avatar Demon with his basic attacks for the time being, while also waiting for some of his skills to become available. But before that truly happened, Shin wake up from his future plans and have been brought back to the reality by the Avatar Demon.

The Avatar Demon dashes towards Shin with an even more terrifying speed, and together with a powerful punch in tow.



Shin is force to use his 'Moonlight Steps' to dodge that sudden attack. He pass through the Avatar Demon's body before dashing forward to gain some breathing space. But moment he turn his head around to take a look at Avatar Demon, he is greeted by an incoming fist straight to his face.


-20 489


Shin manage block that fist by raising his hand in front of his face while holding the sword-sheath in a reverse handgrip manner. But even though it is the case, he is still send flying backwards and receive a damage that ripped off a third of his total HP.

And while Shin is in midair, the Avatar Demon also jumped in the air before descending towards Shin's direction while throwing a hammer fist in the process.

Shin force his body to flipped in the air before forcing himself to land on the ground.



Shin slide backwards the moment his feet touches the ground. And during that slide, he formed a purple sphere around him using the combined powers of The Sun and The Moon.

'Slayer Skill: Eclipse Pulse'


The barrier around Shin trembled violently because of the impact, but nothing else happened after that. Meanwhile, Shin seize that opportunity to drink some 'Health Potion' to recover some of his HP.


Shin took a quick deep breath while muttering to himself regarding the lesson that he just learned. "So I still lacking a lot of offensive skills. I guess I need to learn a lot more of it when I return back to the City. Or maybe I should find some time to create some of them."

Then the fierce battle resumes. And that entire fight last for at least 15 minute. It looks a little short, but not that long either. And that span of time become a bloody one for Shin. Because he almost died many times during the process, but he still manage to find some unimaginable ways to survived until the end.

Huff... Huff...

Shin is catching his breath while looking at the Avatar Demon that is laying down beside his feet. He is also pointing his sword towards it.

The Avatar Demon still has some breath left, so it look at Shin before mockingly say. "I didn't expect that the current descendants of the Heroes of that time manage to become this strong. But if you think that all of you can prevent us from coming back on this world, then all of you are truly mistaken. Hahaha...."

"Tsk, you are talking too much for someone who is about to be send to where you belong." Shin finally can't take the blabbering and swing his sword down, ripping off the last straw of life of that Avatar Demon.

Then a golden light enfolded Shin, signifying that he Leveled Up, and that is not only one but 5 consecutive level ups. Then a system notification ring on his ears, informing him that he have successfully cleared his quest.


System: Congratulations! You have successfully Completed the Corrupted Cult Quest. Please go to the Church of the Sun and the Moon to report what have happened.

System: Congratulations! You have successfully become the Village Chief of the Calderock Village. Please go to the Holy City Administration Building to complete the necessary requirements.

System: Congratulations! You receive a Special title 'Persuer of Corruption' as a reward from your quest.

System: Congratulations! Your Fame reaches 2000 threshold and achieve Worship status on any Intermediate Village.


Title: Pursuer of Corruption

Rating: Special

Detail: You have become a nemesis of all Corrupted Beings.


+500 Fame

+100 To all Major and Minor Stats.

+100% Pure Damage on all Corrupted Beings.


Rights from Corruption: You can take another monster with any kind of Dark Attributes as your extra pet.


"Whoa~, This title sounds a little badass, and it have some strong attributes. Especially that 'Rights from Corruption, with this I can have one more extra pet." muttered Shin while checking his quest rewards. "Now, I can have my own goldmine if I use this Village advantages more properly. Hmm.. And I also need to promote this Village to other players for it to become popular."

Shin is thinking on what he will do next, when a sudden thought enters his mind. "Wait! Popular? Promote? Didn't those people from the subordinate guilds of the 'HeadHunter Guild' are looking for me in the vicinity of the 'Dark Swamp Map'. Heh... " He then formed a mysterious grin with his lips, as if his simple idea suddenly turned into a well thought plan.

And while he is thinking about all of that, the 10-meter statue at the center of the altar started to formed cracks on its surface before crumbling down completely.

Shin's attention is attracted to it because of the sound. Then his eyes become absorb at shining items at the bottom of the crumbling statue, which also make his eyes to become wide and almost fall down from its sockets.


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