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Child of Destiny 38 Repelling Era and New World Era

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«Destiny's Fate»:

Atlas World, Saint Heaven Kingdom

Inside the Forest near the Calderock Village, Shin is trailing behind the mysterious person that he saw earlier. And after some time of trailing, he arrived at the entrance of a hidden cave. He hesitated on entering for a few moments, because he have some unpleasant experiences inside of this kind of place.

"Nah, Let's forget about that! Didn't I also get my Special Class in that cave?" said Shin before entering the cave with a determined face.

After some time of walking, Shin arrived at the end of the cave, where he found a strange altar. At the center of the Altar stands a ten-meter statue of a strange Beastman. That Beastman have a head of a tiger with three eyes, while its body is similar to a muscular human. It also have a scorpion tail, while on its back extend a pair of huge batwings and coupled with two pairs of angel wings underneath.

"Another Strange Statue....? Tsk, I have a bad feeling about this." said Shin while having a flashbacks of his experiences with the strange statue that he have encountered at cave in the Beginner's Village.

Shin walked along the wall of the cave and do some inspection on the altar, while also hiding in the shadows of the wall. He then discovered a huge pentagram drawn at the floor. Shin then saw 'Rakkan's body' and the heads of the other boss monsters that he have killed were placed on the main points of that pentagram.

'Eh!? Could it be?' a sudden thought enters Shin's mind. And sure enough, his suspicion is proven few moments later, when he confirmed that the mysterious person earlier is the Village Chief.

Then all of his memories regarding his first encounter with the Village Chief suddenly come back to him. "Ah.... So that is why he is aware of me being the Young Envoy of the Church of the Sun and the Moon and knows about the [Nephilim's Mask], it turns out that this old man is a part of a Corrupted Cult. No wonder that I have a bad feeling about him the first time I've met him."

Then a sudden realization comes on Shin's mind. "What the? Then that means not all quest that can be cleared on this world is a good one? I guess I need to be careful about the quest that I'm going to accept in the near future."

'Corrupted and Demonic Cults' are the counter parts of the Churches and religions on the Atlas World. They first appeared during the later years of the second Era of the Atlas World, which is the Warring Era.

During that later times, when all Races and Functions were in War with each other, a bunch of Evil and Demonic Creatures from 'Hell' and the 'Underworld' invaded the Atlas World. And it resulted for the entire world to fell in chaos.

A lot of different races died during that time. Some were become corrupted and transformed to a killing tools for that Foreign Races. Then different kinds Cult Churches, Demonic Religions, Evil Organizations were have been built during that time.

And during that brink of extinction, a lot of different Heroes from different races also appeared. Some where the Envoys of the Churches and Gods, some were leaders of different tribes of different races and some were hidden Hermits of that time.

These people become the leading figures on fighting against the Foreign Races. Until one day, one of them decided to offer an Alliance with others. And then that time become the spark to start a brand-new Era, and they called this Era as the 'Repelling Era'.

The Repelling Era last for at least a Millennium before the Allied Forces managed to defeat the Foreign Races and forced them to go back to the place where they truly belong. But even though the Allied Forces managed to won that War, there were still some remnants of the Corrupted Cults and Evil Organizations that managed to escaped, and gone in hiding in some parts of the Atlas World. After all, those Foreign Races also managed to take root on the surface since they already been on this World for a very long time.

And since the Allied Forces also suffered some casualties during the War of that time, they don't have enough man power hunt those remnants of the Corrupted Cults and Evil Organizations. It then resulted for them to grow strong and regain some of their strength. They even created some Corrupted Beings and made some Mutated Monsters in the process.

Afraid of the those Corrupted Cults and Evil Organizations to summon those Powerful Foreign Races back, the Gods and Goddess of this world decided to call for help.

They summoned different kind of individuals from the other world to fight against the Mutated Monsters, Corrupted Beings and Demonic Creatures. Those individuals are also responsible for hunting down the Corrupted Cults and Evil Organizations.

That then become the mark of another Era and the start of the current Era, The 'New World Era'.


Shin is muttering to himself while crouching in the corner of the cave, and waiting for what's going to happen next. "Making a move when the right opportunity presented itself is the way of perfect assassination. *Sigh~*, I didn't think that I will apply this knowledge that I've learned from that training camp in a place like this."

The Village Chief is kneeling in front of the statue while chanting some strange incarnations. Few moments later, the remains of the Monster Bosses started to glow with a crimson light, followed by the illumination of pentagram. Then the statue at the center of the altar also started to release a crimson light of its own while absorbing some from the others.

At the same time, a system notification ring on Shin's ears and appeared on his quest window.


System: Emergency quest initiated. You have discovered that the Village Chief of the Calderock Village is a part of a hidden Corrupted Cult, and is planning to summon a monster of destruction to cause Chaos on the Atlas World.

System: Special circumstances detected. You can't decline this Quest due to you being an Envoy Candidate of a Church. You need to Prevent the Village Chief from summoning the monster of destruction, or else you will going to be dismissed from being an Envoy Candidate and causing for your powers as a Nephilim to be ripped off.

System: All conditions met! Kill the Village Chief and become the official Village Chief of the Calderock Village.


Quest Name: Corrupted Cult

Quest Type: Special Hidden Quest

Difficulty: S


You have discovered that the Village Chief of the Calderock Village is a part of a hidden Corrupted Cult, and is planning to summon a monster of destruction to cause Chaos on the Atlas World.

As an Envoy Candidate of the Church of the Sun and the Moon, you have the responsibility of maintaining the peace on this World.

Quest Conditions:

1. Prevent The Village Chief from summoning the Monster of Destruction 'Khaki'.

2. Kill the Monster of Destruction to prevent it from causing chaos and havoc on the Atlas World.

3. Kill the Village Chief.

Quest Progress (0%)

- Kill The Village Chief

- Kill The Monster of Destruction

Quest Rewards:

+5 Levels

+1000 Fame

+5000 Reputation Points

Village Chief Position on Calderock Village

A Special Title

Quest Penalties:

- 10 Levels

- 1000 Fame

Large decrease on Reputation Points

Removal Envoy Candidate Position

Removal of Special Class

Going back on being as Lower Ranking Race


"What's with that harsh Quest Penalties? This thing is really forcing me to take on this quest? Are the Game Developers have some issues with me?" said Shin after taking a quick look at the system notification and his new quest.

What's worse is the current situation didn't gave Shin more time to inspect the details of his new quest more carefully. It is because the statue standing at the center of the altar is started to move and having a signs of life.

And since Shin don't have a time to think, he is forced to use the more direct method. He run towards the Village Chief and use the 'Moonlight Steps' in the process to shorten the distance, Shin then followed it with 'Moonlight Splitter'.

Shin transformed into a bluish-white light before piercing through the body of Village Chief, and accompanying him is a metallic sound of a sword being drawn from its sheath.


-45 696

-2 285(Burned Damage)


The Village Chief instantly died since he didn't expect that someone will attacked him during the critical moment of the summoning, he didn't even put up some defensive barrier during the ceremony. He then look at the back of his assaulter, wanting to know who is it.

And the assaulter didn't disappoint him, Shin slowly turned around while swinging his sword to release the blood on its surface, before returning it back in its sheath.

"You! How?....." The Village Chief wants to say something but he already died before he manage to do so, he then fell on the ground limply and lifelessly.

Shin is about to release a sigh of relief when he felt that something is wrong. He didn't hear the system notification of his quest being cleared!

He hurriedly turned around to look at his back. Then he discovered that statue in the middle of the pentagram is absorbing the crimson lights that were being released by the monster bosses' remains in an even more faster rate. It looks like the death of the Village Chief hasten the summoning process instead of stopping it.

"F*ck me..." The corner of Shin's mouth twitch when he saw what's happening and realized the mistake that he have done. He turned his attention back at the Village Chief corpse and discovered the blood coming from that corpse is flowing to the ground and fusing with the pentagram.

Shin knitted his brows and muttered to himself. "So that is why, I should put more attention on the Quest details if I have known that this is going to happen."

He then calm himself down before observing the pentagram more carefully. "The main points of the pentagram are those remains of monster bosses, I can stop the summoning if I destroy this pentagram. So let's start with those main points for first."

Shin dash towards the nearest monster head, the Shadow Golden Boar's Head. When he arrived at it, Shin ducked forward while pulling the [Yamato] out from its sheath.

'Self-Created Skill: Quick Draw'


A metallic sound resonated as Shin draw the sword. And when the [Yamato] is about to collide with the Boar's Head, the crimson light around it created a transparent barrier warding off the incoming attack.
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Crack... Crack...

The 'Quick Draw' was blocked by the barrier but in exchange, visible cracks were created on its surface.

Shin didn't stop attacking and followed it with another skill. He swing his sword three times triggering his 'Triple Slash' skill. What comes after that is a powerful blazing horizontal cut, it is on of Shin's Slayer Skill, the 'Solar Cut'.

Shatter... Shatter...

The barrier around the Boar's head were shattered after that 'Solar Cut', and leaving the that head unprotected. Shin didn't waste anymore time and use a vertical 'Hell Execution' splitting the Boar's head in two, and causing for the summoning process to pause for a little.


"Foolish dog of the Sun and the Moon!!! Do you honestly believe that you can prevent my descent on this world with that puny strength yours? Hahaha.... You are truly mistaken with that!!! Hahaha....."

A terrifying hoarse voice resonated in the entire altar cave when Shin destroyed Boar's Head. Then that very head illuminate a crimson glow, before summoning a 2-meter tall monster with boar's head but have a body of human. It is standing with its two legs but those also belong to a boar. Its hands are holding a two-handed spike-club.

Shin use his 'Scouting' skill at the strange monster to see its details.


Monster Name: Guardian of Destruction(Chieftain)

Rating: Blood Avatar

Level: 70

HP: 300 000

MP: None

Stamina: Default

Attack Damage: 5 563 - 5 624

Physical Defense: 5 400

Magic Resist: 4 500


1. Heavy Smash: Smash the Spike-Club to the enemy in front, dealing 400% Damage.

2. Savage Jump: Jump towards any desired location in a 15 meter radius, dealing a 300% Damage on all the enemies inside the 5 meter radius of the Shockwave upon impact.

3. Rampage: The guardian swing its spike-club around in a powerful and random manner, dealing 300% damage on each strike and last for 5 seconds.

Details: This is the Avatar of one of the loyal guardians of the Monster of Destruction 'Khaki'.


"So this is the real challenge. Tsk, too bad my 'Spirit Release' is still in cooldown." said Shin when he saw the details of the monster standing in front of him.

He then discovered that summoning ceremony is resumed once again. "So I need to kill this pig as fast as possible for me to slow down the summoning process. OK, let's test my newly improved battle power with you."

The Blood Avatar immediately swing its spike-club at Shin after it is summoned.

Shin ducked forward and do diagonal sidestep to his front-left, while also swinging his sword in the process.


-49(Burned Damage)

Shin position himself at the Blood Avatar's right side and using the momentum of his sidestep to turn around. And while he is turning his body, he swing his blazing sword diagonally, sending a fiery crescent sword 'Qi' towards the Blood Avatar.

'Extra Skill: Flame Burst'

-13 750

-688(Burned Damage)

-319(Burning Damage)

Shin didn't stop there, he immediately followed that attack by enfolding his sword with the power of the moon and throwing a horizontal slash to send another crescent-shaped sword 'Qi'. But this time, it is a bluish-white one in color.

'Slayer Skill: Half-Moon Slash'

-16 958(Slowed)

-319(Burning Damage)


At that time, the Blood Avatar finally reacted. It powerfully swing its spike-club at Shin, in a horizontal manner.

Shin have no time to dodge, but he still want to test something out. So he just hold the sheath of the [Yamato] in a reverse grip, before positioning it on his right side while supporting it with his right shoulder. From the looks of it, he is planning to blocked the incoming attack by using the sheath with the help of his shoulder.



Shin is send sliding backwards but he didn't receive any kind of damage. He then release a smirking sound before saying. " Heh, Looks like this technique is really useful."

What Shin is talking about is the bonus technique that he received when his STR and AGI surpass the threshold of 1000 points.


System: Your STR and AGI surpass the 1000 points threshold. You can now use dual-wielding style.

System: A Class Fighting Style detected. Your dual-wielding style will be synchronized on your Class Fighting Style.

System: Congratulations! You can now use the sheath wielding style.


Dual-Wielding Style: Sheath Wielding

Ranking: Special

Details: You can use the sheath of your weapon as a fighting tool.


1. You can deflect all incoming projectiles (it can be a magical or physical one) as long as you can perfectly timed your defense.

2. You can nullify all kind of melee attacks as long as you can perfectly defend them. But you are still going to be knocked back, if the strength of your attacker is higher than yours.


You can use the sheath of your weapon to attack or even use a skill, but the damage that you can deal will only be halved.

You can also use it to fasten the execution of some of your specific skills.


"OK, now let's start round two." Shin charge towards the Blood Avatar to continue the fight.


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