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Child of Destiny 37 Encounter at the Beach

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Real World, Soaring Continent.

Corner City of the Eastern Blue District of Eastern Sea Region.

David is leisurely laying on the a beach of one of the best beach resorts in the Eastern Blue district, the 'Golden Paradise Resort'. He is wearing a blue swimming trunks with floral designs, while having no shirt on top and leaving it bare, but it is also showcasing his perfectly shaped body.

Some of the girls that were passing by are sending him flirtatious gazes. David are just ignoring them outside, but he is smiling from ear to ear deep inside. "Heh, this is how someone should live. Let's forget about anything, relax ourselves and let the nature to take its coarse."

David get up from his laying position to buy some drinks. But he is frozen in place when he saw a girl walking on the footpath along the cottages not far from the shore.

The girl is just wearing some casual clothes that are good for the beach, but from the looks of it, she just arrive on the resort. And despite wearing simple clothes, this girl still look so stunning and captivating. She have a perfectly shaped body, and a face that looks like something that came from a painting. She also have a blonde hair that is tied into a bun, while having a bangs hanging on her forehead.

"Oh My Good Gracious! Master is right! The most beautiful women on this world are can only be found on this Continent. Aside from Master and The International Idol Alice, this is my first time seeing this kind of beautiful creature in person. She looks like a Celestial Fairy that can only be seen on a fairytale." David can help himself but stared at the beautiful girl dumbfoundingly.

And as if the girl felt his gaze, she turned her head slightly and take a brief look at David before rolling her eyes at him. But that look have a different impact and a opposite meaning for David. "Oh My! She look a me! She looked at me! And that rolling eyes..... it is a little bit similar to the girls that passing by earlier, but it is also have some spice in the mix."

"This is not good, I should fix myself first before introducing to her." David turn around before fixing his hairstyle and checking his muscles. After that he immediately run towards the girl.


Shiella just have gotten a report earlier that there are some VIP guests are going to arrived at one of their resorts at the Eastern Blue District, so she hurriedly asked her secretary Anna to get their private jet ready because she decided to personally great these guest, since her mother is currently busy with some of their business abroad.

And the moment she arrived at the 'Golden Paradise Resort', she immediately asked Anna to do some necessary arrangements, while she is going to do some roundings at the entire resort for personal checking.

But as she walked along the footpath not far from the shore, she felt some weird gaze being directed at her. Usually, she is ignoring these kind of gaze, since she is already use to it since she were young. But because of some unexplainable reason, she can't stand this specific gaze. She take a quick look at the source of the gaze, and see a weird guy staring at her intensely, like she is some sort of panda from a zoo. She rolled her eyes and immediately retracted her glance at the weird guy. "What a Weirdo.... If only I'm not in a hurry, I might dig out those eyes."

Sheila then resumed at her inspection, but she suddenly frowned her brows when she felt that the weird guy is chasing after her. Then she started walking faster and went to a very secluded place of the resort. "This guy is really tired of living, Huh? Now I'm going to make sure that you are going to regret that you were born on this world."


David is chasing after the beautiful girl that he have saw, but as he continue his chase, he suddenly felt that something was off. He knitted his brows and thought to himself. "Huh, I still can't catch up on her? So she is a Martial-Artist, and a talented Practioner at that. Then this is good, we are a perfect match. But why is she going to this kind of secluded place? Did she notice that I'm chasing after her? Then why troubling herself to come in this kind of place? Eh!? Could it be? No, no, that was quite fast, and......"

The series of thoughts of David have been cut off, because the girl suddenly and turned around and looked at him. David felt that his heart skip beat when he saw that. "So she really is aware that I am chasing after her. What should do? What should I do?"

"I...." David want to say something but the girl which is Shiella immediately opened her mouth and beat him in to it. "Why are you following me?"

"Actually, that is not important anymore. Since you are already here, all I need to do is beat you up, to teach you some moral lesson." Shiella didn't wait for David's reply before turning her face to become serious while also releasing her powerful aura, trying to suppress this weird guy.

"Eh!? Its just that I... It is not like what you are thinking about....." David is startled at the sudden turned of events and want to clarify the situation, but from the expression at Shiella's face he can tell that this misunderstanding is not something that can be solve in a more peaceful manner.

*Whistle ~♪* 'Looks like I'm in trouble this time.' David stared at Shiella calmly, as if he is already used on this kind of events. Then he cross his arms in front of his chest and letting Shiella's aura to suppress him, but it looks like its not affecting him even for a bit.

'Hmm?.... Looks like this guy is not so simple either. I guess I need to get a little serious this time.' Shiella is knitting her brows when she saw that David is not even affected by her suppressing aura at the very least. She then release her internal 'Qi' after some hesitation. After that, an alternating rainbow colored blazing Aura enfold Shiella's body.

'Eh!? An Imperial Flame? Then this girl is a user of an 'Emperor Yan Force'. This will gonna be Interesting!' thought David when he saw the blazing aura around Shiella.

"Ahm...." David want to say something but before he manage to open his mouth, Shiella who is standing not far from him suddenly disappeared from his sight and mysteriously appeared on his left side.

Then Shiella immediately swung her right fist towards David's face, not giving her opponent a time to react. The attack is so sudden and perfectly executed for anyone to process what's happening, so Shiella is pretty confident on this attack of hers.


A bunch of dust were thrown in the air because of the impact from Shiella's fist, but she is still frowning her brows because even though she felt that her fist manage to land on something, she still can feel that there is something off with it.

When dust started to settle down, David is revealed on Shiella's view. He still standing on the same location, calm and composed. He turned his head to Shiella before smilingly said. "That was quite intense for a greeting, so... can we talk now?"

Shiella is startled at first because her fist is being stopped by something unseen in front of her. Then she squinted her eyes before smirking at David. "Intense you said? But we are just starting. The real intensity is just about to come."

She didn't wait for David to reply, and immediately retract her right arm before leveling her fist with her waist in an upside-down position. At the same time, she took a half step backwards with her right foot while lifting and facing her left palm at David. Then suddenly, all the rainbow colored 'Qi' around Shiella were sucked towards her right fist, and causing for it to shine with a blinding light.

And after all of that, Shiella throw her right fist towards David.
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'True Nine Dragon Arts: Aurora Blast'


The entire process looks so long to take, but it only happened in a little amount of time. If it is anyone in the same generation, then they are going to get hit by that attack no matter what they do.

But David is not your average John Doe either, so he do a slight turn sideways and face his body towards Shiella. Then he formed a claw with both of his hands before crossing them in front of his chest, while also gathering a bunch of silvery-gray colored Mental Energy. He then pulled his arms a little backwards before swiftly pushing them diagonally upwards, redirecting Shiella's attack.

'Myriad Manifestation Method: Controlling Crane'



Shiella's attack created a loud explosion above David's head, but he don't have any time to relax after that, because Shiella started another assault. She immediately retract her right arm while also throwing a palm strike with her left hand. And accompanying it is a spiral multicolored inner 'Qi'.

'True Nine Dragon Arts: Thrusting Dragon'

Even though it is too late for David counter that attack, he still manage to calmly respond on it. He covered his arms with rotating Mental Energies before swinging them downwards at the incoming palm strike while maintaining its crossed hands position and also doing a split jump in the process.

'Myriad Manifestation Method: Floating Butterfly'



Once again, David redirected Shiella's attack creating for another explosion, and resulting for the ground that he previously standing to be destroyed.

Shiella release a smirking sound when she saw that David is floating in the air. She then put a lot of force on her right leg while focusing her internal 'Qi' on it. After that, she send her leg upwards, sending a powerful kick at David while also jumping in the air.

'True Nine Dragon Arts: Draconic Ascension'

'SH*T!!! She got me!' David's face contracted a little when he saw the incoming kick. It is too late for him use any kind Mentalism Skill, since Shiella's attack is perfectly timed. So all he can do is immediately curled his body up, while forming a Mental Energy Barrier around him as fast as he could.


The Mental Energy Barrier around David were shattered immediately, the moment it come in contact with Shiella's kick. Meanwhile, David is sent flying backwards when he is gotten hit by that kick, and also resulting for him to 'collided with' and destroyed a couple of trees in the process.

Shiella gently landed on the ground without removing her sight at the direction where she have sent David over. And when the dust started to settled down, she saw David sitting on the ground in a comfortable manner, despite having a bunch of broken tree trunks around him. There is also no visible injuries on his body even though he take on the full-blown force from Shiella's kick.

"You quite have a very nice body despite being a weirdo." said Shiella with a cold tone while looking at David with a fierce gaze. (What She mean here is he have a very tough body.)

David misunderstood what Shiella have said and become startled at it, then he started laughing out loud before saying in a cheerful manner while slightly scratching the back of his head. "Hahaha.... Thanks for the compliment. Actually there are already a lot of people saying that they really like my body."

Shiella's cheeks become a little rosy when she realized what did David mean. Then the look at her eyes become fiercer before releasing an even more terrifying aura, making the multicolored internal 'Qi' around her to run like a wildfire. "Pervert!"

The look at David's face become contracted once again and said to himself. "What's with the sudden change of attitude?" Then he release an abundant amount of Mental Energy, before gathering it around him and letting it to revolve around his body like a spinning tornado.

And what comes after that is an intense battle between them. But that didn't last long because David immediately escape after a few moments of exchange, but that is not because he is defeated, but because he felt a powerful presence rapidly approaching them.

Few moments later, Anna arrived at the scene. She take a quick glance at the battle traces before planning to chase after David. But before she do, Shiella prevented her from going.

Shiella took a deep breath before opening a virtual screen from her Advance Watch and showing a picture of David to Anna. "This is how that guy looks like. I want you investigate everything about him, whether it a public or unpublic information."

Shiella is about turn around when she notice Anna staring at David's photo intensely. Shiella stopped her actions and look at her secretary confusedly before asking. "What's wrong Auntie? Did you know this guy?"

Anna is speechless for a second before replying at Shiella. "I don't personally know him Young Miss, but I've heard quite a lot about him. And not only me, you might also heard about him Young Miss. After all, he is quite famous overseas."

"Huh? I've already heard about him? But I can't remember hearing about some Pervert like him." said Shiella confusedly while knitting her brows.

Anna hesitated for a moment before finally saying what she know. "He is 'David Solomon', 'The Wanderer'.

"Eh!? He is that famous Wanderer? The one that challenges all the young talents of the same generation around the world, is that Perverted Weirdo?" Shiella was shocked at what she heard and having a hard time accepting it. She can't believe that the best Young Metalist of her generation is the same perverted weirdo that she have encountered earlier.


At the same time, David is already packing up his things while muttering to himself. "That was close. If I linger there for a little longer, then I might get caught by that incoming person. And from the aura that she is releasing, I can tell that she is a Martial-Art Practioner at peak stage of 'Ascension Realm', a Late phase 'Void Manifestation' Expert."

He pause for a moment to close his baggage before continuing on what he is saying. "Tsk, too bad, I didn't manage to know who is that beautiful woman. She is a perfect manifestation of the girl of my dreams."

"But I will not give up that easily. Given that she have a very strong Martial-Arts and the same age a mine, I'm pretty sure that she quite famous in this Region, or maybe even in the entire Continent." After that, David walked out his room to checkout from the Resort.


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