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Inside one of the forest around the Calderock Village, three Swordmen were dealing with a giant bear.

This Bear have a 10-meter height and the furs on its body were in night-black color. The movements of the bear were quite fast despite having a massive size of its body. And because of that, the three swordsmen were having a hard time dealing with this bear.

As for the swordsmen identity? Naturally it is Shin and his Clones.

Shin spend almost a day finishing all the quest that he have accepted earlier. So it also mean that he already deal with the other monsters and bosses around the Village. He also manage to increase his level to 45 in the process.

But he also have a massive headache, which is the last boss of the Quest given by the Village Chief, the 'Black Iron Dusk Bear'.

This boss have the defense and strength of the 'Dark Swamp Crocodile King', coupled with the size and power of 'Shadow Golden Boar'. But what is the most troublesome of all, is this OP bear also possess the agility and flexibility of the 'Dark Swamp Serpent King' and 'Alpha Shadow Wolf'.


Shin and his Clones were thrown backwards because of the shockwave caused by Giant Bear's roar.

"Tsk, The damage of [Yamato] can't keep up with the defense of the monsters that have higher rankings. I guess I need to prioritize finding the requirements for its upgrade." muttered Shin as he is wait for the Bear to finish its roar.

And as he is waiting for that, he take another look at the informations of the bear.


Monster Name: Black Iron Dusk Bear 'Volibear' (Lord)

Rating: Rare

Level: 70

HP: 70 290/1 000 000

MP: None

Stamina: Default

Physical Defense: 5 400

Magic Resist: 5 400

Attack Power: 5 567 - 7 132


1. Swipe: Volibear swing its front paw powerfully damaging all the enemies that have been hit with 400% Attack Power.

2. Hard Skin (Passive): Increase the physical defence and magic resist by 50%.

3. Stampede: Volibear dashes forward with a great speed and power dealing 700% damage on all the enemies that it pass though.

4. Havoc Roar: Volibear releases a powerful roar sending all its enemies backward.

5. Savage Bite: Volibear bites an enemy on its front dealing 1000% damage.

6. Dusk Claw: Volibear swings one of its paws forward sending 5 vertical energy claws in front of it, dealing 500% damage each and extending for 10 meters.


"Hou~, Just a little more and I will be done with this stup*d Bear." Shin encouraged himself when he saw that the Bear's HP is a little over 7%.

Well that was understandable. After all, he have been dealing with this Bear for almost an hour already.

When Volibear is done with its roar, it directly charge towards Shin with a great force while leaving a bunch of dust behind and also sending fragments of stones in the air.

'Monster Skill: Stampede'

The moment Shin saw Volibear is coming at him, he immediately sheath his sword with a flawless movement before dashing forward while turning his body into illusionary with the power of the moon. And when he is about to pass through the bear, Shin swiftly draw his sword and slashing it forward.

'Self-Created Skill: Moonlight Splitter'

-3 360

-168(Burned Damage)

-3 360

-168(Burned Damage)

-3 360

-168(Burned Damage)




A bunch of damages appeared on top of the Bear's head, reducing its HP down to 5%.

"Heh, this newly created skill sure is perfectly fit against great size monsters. The larger their body the more damage I can deal." smirk Shin when he saw the bunch of damages above Volibear's head.

Naturally, the Bear is gotten furious because the large chunk of its HP have been rifted off. The furs of Volibear become erect, while the aura that it releasing become terrifying.

And without further ado, the Bear uses another 'Stampede'. But this time, with a greater speed and more powerful momentum.

Shin immediately jump to his back before using 'Sun-Ray Dash' backwards. But unfortunately, Volibear's speed is faster than him because of its berserk state.

Shin have left with no choice but to use is final lifesaving skill, since his 'Moonlight Steps' is still in cooldown. He combined the powers of the Sun and the Moon before forming a purple energy sphere around him.

'Slayer Skill: Eclipse Pulse'





The barrier around Shin take the whole impact of the 'Stampede', and resulting for it trembled uncontrollably. At the same time, he is also send sliding backwards because of the powerful force accompanying the change.

Volibear is about to chase after Shin, when the Sun Clone appeared on its back and swing the blazing sword on its hand downwards, together with a tyrannical force.

'Slayer Skill: Hell Execution'

-2 900

-120(Burned Damage)

Execution Failed!

Volibear ignored the Sun Clone and continue pursuing Shin, he has the main aggro after all. And since the duration of the 'Eclipse Pulse' is 10 seconds, Shin become fearless.

He hold the [Yamato] in front of him vertically, while channeling the power of the Moon on it. Then he swings his sword 5 times in the air, sending 5 vertical crescent sword waves towards the incoming bear.

'Slayer Skill: Crescent Cleave'

But as if Volibear expected that move, the bear swings its right front paw sending 5 vertical energy waves of its own.

'Monster Skill: Dusk Claw'




Since the 'Dusk Claw' of Volibear are stronger that Shin's 'Crescent Cleave', the bear's energy waves shattered Shin's sword waves and continue moving towards its target.



The barrier around Shin were destroyed because it failed to handle the powerful impact of the monster's skill. Fortunately the energy waves of the 'Dusk Claw' skill immediately dissipated the moment it shatterd the 'Eclipse Pulse'.

Shin is gotten a little off guard when he saw that both of his attack and defense we are easily destroyed by that energy wave. He didn't expect for the bear to have this kind of rise in power the moment it entered a berserk state.

Volibear don't want to give it's target more time to breath, so it immediately opens its mouth and try to bite Shin the moment it manage to catch up to him.

'Monster Skill: Savage Bite'

But unfortunately for the bear, Shin already swings his blazing sword on his front, sending a fiery fire sword 'Qi' straight to Volibear's mouth.

'Extra Skill: Flame Burst'



-9(Burned Damage)

-138(Burning Damage)

-138(Burning Damage)

-138(Burning Damage)

"F*ck that defense!!!" cursed Shin when he saw the amount of damages he have dealt on the Giant Bear. He is already fighting this bear for quite a while, but he can't help himself to feel helpless every time he deal damage on it with some of his skills.

Volibear pause for moment when it is hit by the 'Flame Burst', but the bear still continue its bite after.

Shin take advantage of that split second pause to swiftly sheath his sword, before ducking forward and barely dodging that bite.


Then Shin position himself below Volibear's neck before unsheathing his sword with great speed and slashing it to that expose neck of the bear.

'Self-Created Skill: Quick Draw'

-9 335

-467(Burned Damage)


Volibear release a loud frustrated roar because it taken another damage from Shin, while it can't even land a clean hit on this punny human.

Then the Bear powerfully swipe its left paw towards Shin planning to slap him like some kind of housefly.

'Monster Skill: Swipe'

But too bad for the bear, Shin already predicted that move. He bend his knees before jumping upwards while doing a corkscrew flip in the air.

Volibear's left paw almost scratch Shin's body. But unfortunately for it, no matter how near that 'Swipe' is, Shin still manage to avoid it narrowly.


Volibear is gotten more enraged because its 'Swipe' still failed to hit its mark, so it immediately opened its mouth once again and use another 'Savage Bite' at Shin, who is still spinning in the air.

But how can Shin let himself to get hit by that bite without retaliating? He adjust his center of gravity to slow his descend. Then he enfold his sword with the power of the sun before slashing it towards the jaws of the bear who is coming after his life.

'Slayer Skill: Hell Execution'

At the same time, the Sun and Moon Clones jumped above the giant bear's back while also releasing an opposing auras with each other. Then they simultaneously swung their swords in the air, sending different kinds of sword 'Qi's towards the giant bear.

The opposing sword 'Qi's intervene with each other, before fusing into a rotating purple cross while continuing its descend.

'Clone Combined Skill: Eclipse Cross'

Volibear is about to get successful on landing a clean hit on Shin. But unfortunately for it, reality is too cruel.

When its jaws were about to bite at Shin, the 'Eclipse Cross' sent by the twin clones landed on the back of the bear's head first, causing for the bite to be interrupted. And what makes the situation worst is that Shin's 'Hell Execution' landed at the same time, slashing on the bear's chin.


-15 060(Slowed)

-752(Burned Damage)

-25 482(Execution Successful)

Level Up

Level Up

Volibear fell lifelessly on the ground while also dropping some items on the process. And together with it is a system notification ring on Shin's ears.


System: Congratulations! You are the first player that killed 'Volibear' the Black Iron Dusk Bear, rewarding you 50 Fame points.

Shin immediately gather the bear's corpse before excitedly inspecting the items that it dropped. The bear only dropped 5 items which were too little compared to the other bosses, but their qualities were a little better.

And those items are a pitch-black leather belt which is part of the {Ruler's Equipment Set}, a yellow skill book and two rainbow colored gemstones. But the best drop is last item, No... to be more specific, it is not an item but a pet.

"Huh? The set effect of {Ruler's Set} is still not been revealed? Then it means that this equipment set have more than 5 parts. Well that was good for me, the more parts it have the better its set effect." muttered Shin to himself. Then he turned his attention to the other drops.


Skill Name: Stampede

Rank: Rare

Details: Charge 10-meter forward with a great force dealing 200% damage to all the enemies you've pass through and stunning the last target you hit for 3 seconds.
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200 STR

Swordsman, Knight, Berserker, Warrior and similar related classes.


Item Name: Enchantment Stone (Basic)

Item Type: Gemstone

Item Rank: Special

Details: Can be use to upgrade any item into a Higher Rank.

Note: Can only upgrade an item up to Gold Rank.


"Eh!? That is right, there are items like these! And with these gemstones I can upgrade the [Yamato] without bothering about gathering the materials for its ceremony upgrade." said Shin excitedly when he saw the details of the gemstones.

Then Shin immediately use those gemstones without further ado. After all, upgrading his current weapon is one of his main priority.

And after upgrading, the [Yamato] undergo with some minor changes on its appearance. The color of the sword turned even more darker while some silver runes appeared on its surface. Naturally, the sword's properties change too.


Item Name: [ Yamato ]

Item Type: Weapon (One-handed Sword)

Item Rank: Silver (Evolvable)

Growth Type : Current Lvl 48

Stats:(Adjust depending on the user's Level)

Physical Attack: 1 480 - 1 500

Magical Attack: 1 580 - 1 600

+145 STR

+145 AGI

+150 INT

Details: An inherited Katana that is being pass down from generation to generation. It is the same Katana that have been used by the First Nephilim 'Zheptus'.


Can only be wield by an Envoy of The Church of The Sun and The Moon.

Additional Abilities:

1. Nephilim's Blade (Passive): Every time you hit your target with [Yamato], your attack speed increases by 6% and last for 5 seconds, stacking up to 5 times. At Max stacks, you will gain additional 50% movement speed.

2. Nephilim's Ascent (Active): Enter a berserk state, increasing all of your stats by 100% and movement speed by 200%.

Duration: 30 mins.

Cooldown: 5 hours.

[ Locked ]

[ Locked ]

[ Locked ]

This item is bound to player 'Sickarius'.

Remark: You are still to weak to wield this weapon.


"D*mn! This weapon suddenly become Godlike! I feel like I'm using some sort of trash earlier compared to this one." said Shin when he saw the new properties of his sword.

After that he finally take a look at the last and final drop which is the pet. And this pet is a bear cub, which is more like a mini-version of Volibear.


[ Black Iron Dusk Bear ]

Life Rating: Lord

Rarity: Epic

Growth Rate: 70

Level: 0

HP: 4000

MP: None

Physical Defense: 50 - 70

Magic Resist: 40 - 60

Attack Power: 100 - 150


STR- 30

AGI- 20

INT- 10

VIT- 40


1. Swipe: The bear swing its front paw powerfully damaging all the enemies that have been hit with 150% Attack Power.

Cooldown: 10 secs.

2. Hard Skin (Passive): Increase the physical defence and magic resist by 50%.

3. Stampede: Dash forward with a great speed and power, dealing 200% damage on all the enemies that it pass though.

Cooldown: 20 secs.

4. Havoc Roar: Release a powerful roar sending all its enemies backward.

Cooldown: 30 secs.

5. Savage Bite: Bites an enemy on its front dealing 500% damage.

Cooldown: 40 secs.

6. Dusk Claw: The bear swings one of its paws forward sending 5 vertical energy claws in front of it, having 250% damage each and extending for 10 meters.

Cooldown: 2 mins.


"Hmm... This guy is a perfect meat shield in battle. Hmm..? Should I take this one as my pet when I reach level 50?" muttered Shin as he considering the pros and cons of taking the bear cub as his pet.

After few moments of thinking, he come up with the decision of not taking it. "Nah~, this guy is not suited for my fighting style. I prefer a pet that gives me some buff or one that have fast attacks like me. And with it, I can do a lot more complicated combos during the battle."

"OK, its time for me to submit all these quest and continue my travel towards the Seventh Outpost. Good thing that I still have more than a day to spend for that. As for completing the {Ruler's Equipment Set}, I'll investigate about it when I'm done with my main quest."

And after making sure that he didn't forget about anything, Shin put the bear cub in his inventory space before unsummoning his clones, then he started walking back towards the Calderock Village.


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