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Child of Destiny 34 Newly Released Equipment Set? And Newly Created Skills

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Shin took a deep breath before saying to himself. "Hou~, that was intense. I just got lucky earlier because of that explosion, and if not for my 'Eclipse Pulse' skill, I'm pretty sure that I'm already been sent to the nearest graveyard. I guess I should be more careful next time."

After that, Shin ordered his clones to take a rest while he walked towards the lifeless Serpent King body. He put his right hand on the corpse turning it into a white light and putting it inside his Quest Inventory space.

Then he looked at the items that the monster dropped and inspect it one by one.

The first item is a half-meter length pitch-black scimitar with silver edges. A serpent coiled around the scimitar's hilt while the head a serpent extend on the tip of its handle.


[ Rakkan Fangs ]

Item Type: Weapon (Scimitar)

Item Rank: Silver

Durability: 1000/1000


Physical Damage: 1140 - 1150

Magical Damage: 350 - 440

+110 STR

+170 AGI

Extra Effect:

Venomous Blade: Put a poison effect on your enemy every time you hit you them with 'Rakkan Fangs'.

Poison damage = 5% your total P.Damage and last for 5 seconds.

Note: Poison effect can be stack up to 5 times.

Details: A deadly weapon made from Fangs of the Serpent King of the Dark Swamp.


Level 50

Restricted to: Twilight, Hunter, Swordsman, Assassin and similar related Classes.


"Tsk, Silver Items o Silver items. I'm really tempted to swap my [Yamato] with this, its just that this item doesn't fit my fighting style. Anyway, this one can still be sold with a really good price." muttered Shin to himself when saw the scimitar's details.

Then he continue picking up the other items. Most of them are materials for crafting different kind of items and consumables and varies from common to rare, while others are Iron rank equipments. But what really took Shin attention is the pair of pitch-black boots and a orange colored book.


[ Serpent King Combat Boots ]

Item Type: Foot Armor (Light Armor)

Item Rank: Silver (Evolvable)

Level: 50~80

Durability: 500/500

Stats: (Adjust depending on the user's Level)

Current Level: 52

Physical Defense: 400 - 430

Magic Resist: 340 - 350

+100 STR

+200 AGI

Additional Skill:

Swift Movements: + 200% Movement Speed

Paralysis Bite: Kick your enemy with a swift speed immobilizing them for 5 seconds.


Level 50

200 STR

500 AGI

Details: A specialized boots made from the scales of Dark Swamp Serpent King 'Rakkan'.

This is a part of {Ruler's Equipment Set}

Set Effect: ?/?

Can only be unlocked once the entire set were collected together.


Skill Name: Rakkan's Recall

Skill Rank: Epic

Details: Summon the Serpent King's Spirit to fight for you.

Summon Level: 10 Levels Higher than the Summoner.

Summon Duration: 30 minutes or until it depleted its HP.

Cooldown: 2 Hours

MP Cost: 5000


700 INT

500 Wisdom

Summoner related Classes


"Whoa! An Epic Skill? D*mn! If that giant snake is being controlled by a player then.... Sh*t! I can't imagine how scary is it." said Shin when he saw the details of the Skill Book.

Then he turned his attention back to the pair of boots. "Hmm... And this one is part of a set?"

Shin opened the «Destiny's Fate» online forums to look for the information about the {Ruler's Equipment Set}. But too bad for him he didn't find any, or it is 'too good for him' was the right term?

"No information about the set? Hmm... There are only two reasons for that. The first one is that no one want to disclose the information about it, because they want to monopolize the equipment set. While the other is that no one have discovered about this set before." muttered Shin as he pondered about the set.

Then he carefully analyzed the details about it. "Hmm... I'm sure that it is impossible for the first one to be the case, because the game is already been launch for more than three months and most of the equipments and items below Tier 2 classes are already been explored. So it is useless to conceal the information about it."

"But if it is also the case, then someone should already discovered about this 'set'? Unless...." Shin pause for a moment when a sudden thought enters his mind. "Unless this set is a newly released one."

Shin immediately search for the informations about the monsters on his quest. He want to confirm his suspicion, and few moments later he got a positive answer. "Aside for the Dark Swamp Serpents and Crocodiles, the other three type of monsters on my quest are new species. It also mean that this equipment set is a newly created one. And a top-class at that because it is dropped from the bosses. I need to hurry since there are also first kill rewards on these Bosses."

Shin is about to resume his hunt when he suddenly remembered something. "Wait! That's right, I also have system notifications earlier." Then he open the System Notification Window to see what was it.

System: Congratulations! You have created your new Class Fighting Style Skill rewarding you 200 'Fame' Stats.

System: Please Name your Skill so that the system can record it.

System: Congratulations! Your Clones have created a Combination Attacking Skill. Please Name the Skill to record it.

System: Since the Skills that your clones used were originated from your Skill Slot, it will be registered as a 'Self-Created Combined Skill' and will be added on your Skill list.

System: Your new Self-Created Skill was not personally learn by you, so you will not get any Fame Stats from that.


Shin stared blankly at the system notifications for a moment before laughing at himself.

The first two Notifications are for the skill that he used when he was using 'Quick Draw' while he was in 'Moonlight Steps' State, so he named the Skill 'Moonlight Splitter'.


Self Created Skill (Combined)

Skill Name: Moonlight Splitter

Rank: Special (Class Fighting Style)
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Details: Enfold your body with the power of the Moon before dashing in any direction 10 meters away from you. While also drawing and slashing your sword in the process, and dealing [(2%P.Damage) • 1/3 AGI] to all the the enemies that you've pass through.

Consumes 200 Stamina

Cooldown: 15 seconds

Note: This skill can only be use when the sword is sheath.


"Whoa!!! This skill is also OP, and I feel like I'm some kind of MC(Main Character) from a certain Animé if I use this Skill as a finishing move. Heh, Now I know why Arthur said that I can easily become a ranker if I create a bunch of 'Class Fighting Style Skills'." said Shin when he saw the details of his newly created Skill.

Then he pondered for a moment trying to recall what have happened when he used this skill on Rakkan. "So that is why I've dealt a lot of damage earlier. It is because I'm passing though that 'giant snake' entire body when I'm using this skill. Tsk, being sliced inside its body? And what's worst is it starts from head and end to its tail? Of course it is going to hurt a lot."

"I guess I need to create more of these skills so that I can immediately catch up on those powerful players ahead of me. After all, if I can create these kind of skills, then so they are."

After that, Shin focused on the next notifications before thinking for a moment on how to name the skill. And after some consideration, he called the Skill 'Eclipse Cross'.


Self Created Skill (Combined)

Skill Name: Eclipse Cross

Rank: Rare (Quasi Epic)


Draw the power the Sun and the Moon inside your body before fusing them together and channeling the combined force into your sword.

After that, swiftly threw two consecutive slashes in front of you sending a powerful cross shaped Sword 'Qi' forward, and dealing 400% Mixed Damage(Physical+Magical) on all the enemies that it pass though and extending up to 10 meters.

Consumes 500 stamina

MP cost: 1000

Cooldown: 2 mins.


"D*mn! Now I really felt like I'm some kind of 'MC'. If the first skill is badass finishing move, then this one is a powerful trump card that can slaughter all of my enemies." said Shin to himself as he excitedly stand up and walk towards the 'Dark Swamp Crocodiles' nest. "OK, It is time to party and test these newly created Skills. The Hunt is on!!!"


Real World, Lake Heart Hotel

Shiella just got out of her VR- Game Cabin and stretching her body.

Few moments later Anna knock on the door of her room. Shiella frowned her brows before letting Anna to come in.

And the moment Anna entered the room, Shiella immediately said with dissatisfied tone. "Auntie, I've just finished some matters inside the game. Don't tell there are already some problems here in 'Real World'."

Anna bowed at Shiella to apologize and speak her purpose on coming in here. "That's not it Young Miss. Its just that we already have discovered the root of the incident in the parking before."

Shiella's face become serious when she heard that. Then she looked at Anna before asking Anna to pour her with the details.

Anna raise her 'Advance Watch' in font of her chest before opening a Virtual Screen. And that screen have a lot of informations that she wants to show to Shiella.

After organizing the data on the screen for a brief moment, Anna asked. "Young Miss, have you ever heard about the 'Project Genius' before?"

Shiella thought for a moment before replying. "Yeah I've heard about it from Dad. It is about the experiments on creating 'artificial talents' 20 years ago. But didn't the World Government banned that project when they have discovered the illegal and immoral behavior of that project?"

Anna nodded her head and said. "That is right Young Miss, the project have been banned for almost 19 years already. And anyone who have been discovered continuing that research will be executed without exception."

Shiella got confused on what is the relationship between the 'Project Genius' and the attempted kidnapping incident before, so she ask Anna about her suspicion.

Anna do a few taps on her virtual screen showing a photos of two middle-age man. One is wearing a lab gown while the other is in a professional suit. "These men have a large contribution on that 'project'. This man is the head of the research team of that time, he is 'Doc. Herbert Smith'. While the other guy is the major sponsor of the project, 'Mr. Jonathan Hong'."

Then Anna tap the virtual screen once again and show the photos of the two girls that have been saved by 'Shin Trio'. "While these girls are the daughters of those two, 'Jane Smith' and 'Natalie Hong'."

When Shiella heard that, she came up with a realization. "So you are telling me that whoever is behind on all of these, they want to restore the 'Project Genius'."

Anna nodded her head for conformation before continuing. "You are right about that, Young Miss. But whoever they are, I'm pretty sure that they are not from the 'Dark Syndicated' or even its subordinate group like the 'Shadow Lane'. After all, those organizations don't have the guts to provoke the World Government. From what I think those two are just some prepared escape goats to take the blame."

Shiella nodded her head and asked. "Did you report it to the military?"

"Yes Young Miss, and Master Bernard said that they are going get involved in this personally. He also said that we should stopped our investigation about this incident and stay away on it as soon as possible." replied Anna almost immediately.

"OK, if that is what Dad have said then this one should really involved some 'Big Fishes'. But we can't let our guard down, I want you to strengthen up our security and be a lookout for all the suspicious individuals around us." said Shiella after some carefully consideration.

Then she added after that. "Also inform those two idi*ts at home. They may become the next targets because have interrupted that organization plan. And since those guys dared to provoke the World Government, then they don't mind provoking a Military Family and an Aristocratic Family either. But I really hope that they are that Lunatic to provoke the combined forces of the both sides of my families."

Anna bowed at Shiella indicating that she acknowledged what her young miss have said. Then she walk out the room after that.


At the same time, a huge ship arrived on one of the ports of the Eastern Sea Region of Soaring Continent.

A young man that looks like a 19 year old teen is laying on the ship deck while supporting his head with both of his hands.

This young have an above average looks, but releasing a very glamorous vibe. His body structure is quite slim but a muscular one at that. Meanwhile, the color of his skin is a little tan but that also giving him more sex appeal.

After few moments, the Captain of the ship walked towards the young man and said. "Hey David! We arrived at your destination."

The young man called 'David' opened his eyes partially before looking at the Captain. "Already!? That was quite fast. Well thanks for the ride Old Man."

Then he stretch his body while adding to what he have said. "And that was also favorable for me, I can finish the my job more early that way. And once it's done, I can have a lot of free time to spend for my vacation here."

The Captain clicked his tounge when he heard that. "Tsk, I don't know what your Master told you to come to this place all the way from that Forbidden Island of Dark Continent."

"Well~♪, that was not your concern anymore Old Man. After all, those were some sensitive matters. But I will warn you once again Old Man, don't you ever dare tell anyone about Master's whereabouts..... or else you will regret it for a lifetime. Of course that also include me, being her disciple." said David as he get up from lying down position. Then he stand up and while tapping the back of his pants.

"So that was it Old Man, I'm going off now. And make sure to have a safe trip back home, OK? After all, I still need you to have a free ride back there." Added David while patting the Ship Captain's shoulder as he get pass the old man.

David look at the port in front of him after he disembark from the ship. Then he fall in deep thought, thinking about what he is going to do next. "What am I going to do now? Tsk, I don't know where did that idi*t Husband of my Master go. Hmm.... But I shouldn't concern myself about that guy's safety. After all, there are very few people can stop that man with the strength he possess. No, maybe only those Old Monsters can do that."

"OK, I should focus myself on figuring out the whereabouts of my Junior Martial Brother for now."

After that, he walk towards the 'Corner City' of Eastern Blue District.


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