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"I guess I should really ask for help."

Shin is walks out the Calderock Village while muttering to himself. Then he suddenly froze because he remembered something. "Wait? Help? That is right I also have some help." Shin slapped his forehead before taking a look at details of his Mask.


Item Name: [ Nephilim's Gemini Mask ]

Item Type: Head Gear

Rank: Special (Race and Class Specific)


+20 to all Stats

Details: This item is especially created for Nephilim, if a Nephilim equip this they can completely hide their identity and information to other beings.


Can only wear by a 'Slayer Nephilim'

Additional Ability:

Split Release: You can release 2 copies of yourself where each is wielding the power of the Sun and the Moon and have 100% of your Stats.

Clones will last until they depleted their HP or when the user unsummoned them.

Cooldown: 6 hours


"Heh, with this I can do a work with a half of an effort. No, maybe less than half." Shin smirks before planning what is he going to do next. "D*mn! If only I've used this before then I've gain more EXP! Well that was it, so what I'm going to do next. Hmm... Let's go with what I'm familiar with first."

Shin returned at the Dark Swamp once again, and when he do, he immediately use 'Spirit Release'.



Two clones appeared on both sides of Shin. They both have the same equipments as him aside from their swords, they are also wearing different kind of Mask and releasing different type of auras.

The clone that standing at Shin's right side is releasing a fiery aura and wearing a black smiling Mask. On the other hand, the clone on his left side is emitting a chilling aura and have a white crying Mask on his face.

"Sweet ~♪, Now that's cool! OK, let's see what kind of skills do you have." said Shin before checking out the clone's skills.

"The Sun Clone have the solar skills, while the Moon Clone have the lunar skills. Well that was quite obvious. Hmm... They each also have my other skills, but they can't use any of my equipment skills. Well that is already good for the meantime. So~♪, now let see what you can do." Shin controlled the clones and lured a solitary Level 45 'Dark Swamp Serpent'. He is intending to test the abilities of his clones and also planning to see how good is his control.

When Shin's clones reached the aggro range of the Serpent, it immediately turned its head and rushed towards the clones.

And while on the dash, the Serpent opens its mouth widely before spitting some poison formed needles.

The one that Shin controlled to make the first move from his clones is the Moon Clone. It turned its body into illusionary before rushing forward.

'Slayer Skill: Moonlight Steps'

The Moon Clone pass though the poison needles and arrived at the Serpent left side. Then it draw its sword and slashing it forward.

'Self-Created Skill: Quick Draw'

- 14 100(Slowed)

The Serpent cry in agony when it taken the hit. Then it turns its head at Moon Clone trying to bite it, but its movements were slowed down so the Moon Clone is already jumped backwards dodging the bite.

The Serpent wants to pursue, but at that very moment the Sun Clone already arrived at its right side and thrusting its sword during a running dash.

'Extra Skill: Charge'

-2 702(Stunned)

-135(Burned Damage)

After stunning the Serpent, the Sun Clone immediately pulled the sword backwards before slashing it downwards together with a great force.

'Extra Skill: Destructive Slash'

-2 801(Stunned)

-140(Burned Damage)

The Serpent is immobilized for additional two seconds. At the same time, the Moon Clone jumped forwards while throwing a three consecutive slashes at the pitiful snake.

'Self-Created Skill: Triple Slash'

-2 400(Slowed)

-3 600(Slowed)

-4 800(Slowed)

Before the Serpent manage to regain its movement, its life is taken by the Sun Clone by severing its head using a powerful vertical slash.

'Slayer Skill: Hell Execution'

-9 801

-409(Burned Damage)

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The Serpent fell limply on the ground and dropping few Silver Coins. Shin immediately walk over the lifeless Serpent and gather its corps after picking up the coins. The entire fight last only for a few seconds, or should I call it bullying?

And while Shin is dissecting the Serpent corps, he reflect and analyzed the battle. "Hmm... These Clones are quite OP. One have a passive slow effect every time it attacks, while the other always have an additional damage. What's more is that they can share their senses with me, maybe that is why I can control them more easily. But the most scary on it is that both Clones also have my 'Sensing Circle'."

After gathering the parts that he needed, Shin look for his next victim... Eh!? I mean his next target.

And when Shin found the poor little 'Dark Swamp Serpent', it died more miserably than the first target. It is because this time Shin personally joined the prey.

After that, Shin immediately go to the next, and to the next, then to the next, and then to the next, and .....

At first Shin made a few mistakes, but as he get more experience he become more familiar with controlling his clones.

And as he gain more control on his clones, Shin increase the difficulty step by step. First he take on two 'Dark Swamp Serpents', then he increase it into three, and then he add another one after that, all the way until he can take on ten 'Dark Swamp Serpents' with the help of his clones.

If someone can see that scene, then they will think that there are three different Swordsmen dealing with a bunch of snakes.

But if they discovered that it is just a single player together with his clones, then they might die because of shock. It is because even though having a cloning skill in this game is the same as becoming OP, that doesn't mean that controlling one is an easy feat. In fact, it is actually troublesome.

Controlling a clone requires a high level concentration, and needs to have a lot of willpower. For most of the players, controlling a single clone is already demanding to their minds, what's more doing it together with your body.

Then how about two clones and your body? So it is understandable for them to react that way if they know what Shin is capable of doing.

But the real reason for Shin to able to achieved this feat is all thanks to his monstrously high willpower. And because of that willpower, Shin is able to hold his concentration more firmly, which is also the reason why he can do multiple things at the same time. So controlling a pair of clones to this extent, together with his body is just like doing different kind of things using both of his hands and feet.


The last Dark Swamp Serpent release a powerless cry before falling on the ground. Shin killed a little over the requirements, because he is too engrossed at increasing the difficulty of his fight against the Dark Swamp Serpents.

"Huoo~" Shin took a deep breath and relaxed his mind. Then he went to the edge of the swamp to take some rest, and at the same time, he is also waiting for his clones to recover thier Healths and Mana.

And while Shin is doing that, he opened the «Destiny's Fate» online forums to look for some related topics about cloning skills. "I think my clones are a little OP-er than the most of the other Cloning and Doppelganger Skills."

Shin ponder for a moment before opposing the idea. "Hmm... No, there are also some Clones and Doppelgangers that have similar strength with mine or even more stronger. Maybe it is just because I'm using manual control instead of the common automated control."

"I prefer controlling my Clones manually than the AI automated one. It is because I can do more flexible and more complicated stunts that way. I can also synchronize with my clones to a very high extent and can also maximized thier potential."

Shin rest for a few minutes before standing up again and planning to hunt the other monsters. But before he able to do so, a ten meter high pillar of water shot up from the swamp.

Shin stopped his tracks because his attention was attracted to it. And when the water curtain subdued, a huge Serpent is revealed at Shin's view.

The Serpent body is as thick as a matured tree trunk, and extending for at least 25 meters. Its skin is covered with a bunch of pitch-black scales. While on the middle of the Serpent's forehead extends a crimson colored horn.

The Serpent is raising its head upwards while glaring at Shin with its red eyes.

Shin stared at the giant snake briefly before using his 'Scouting' skill.


Monster Name: Dark Swamp Serpent King 'Rakkan' (Chieftain)

Rating: Rare

Level: 45

HP: 200 000

MP: None

Stamina: Default

Physical Defense: 3 400

Magic Resist: 3 300

Attack Power: 3 567 - 4 132


1. Swipe: Rakkan swing its tail on its front damaging all the enemies that have been hit with 500% damage.

2. Hard Skin (Passive): Increase the physical defence and magic resist by 50%.

3. Strangle: Dash at any random enemy with a great speed, before coiling at him/her until they die.

4. Poison Fog: Rakkan breath out a bunch of green gases from its mouth, extending up to 5 meter from it.


The corner of Shin's lips twitch when he saw the Serpent King attributes. "What the? So a 'Chieftain' monster is this strong? Looks like this is going to become troublesome. Tsk, especially with that kind of defense."

Rakkan is looking down at Shin as if it is mocking him. Then it moved to Shin's left side in a careful manner, like a hunter eyeing it's prey.

Shin smirks when he saw Rakkan's action. Then he controlled his Clones to move his right, and going to the opposite direction of the Serpent King.


Rakkan is releasing an irritating Hissing sound as if it saying to Shin that he is already a dead man.

Shin clones positioned themselves at Rakkan left side, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. And it immediately arrived! Rakkan dash towards Shin with a great speed while opening its mouth.

Shin remain standing at his place not bothering to dodge. But he controlled his clones.

During the start of the dash of Rakkan, the Moon Clone immediately hold its sword with both of its hands while positioning it on its front vertically. And when the sword glows with blue light, the Moon Clone swiftly swing it five times in the air releasing five vertical crescent shaped sword wave towards the Serpent King.

'Slayer Skill: Crescent Cleave'

-5 690(Slowed)

-5 620(Slowed)

-5 500(Slowed)

-5 403(Slowed)

-5 680(Slowed)


Because of the great size of Rakkan, all of the 5 sword waves of 'Crescent Cleave' manage to land on different parts of its body and taking a large chunk of its HP. Then it result for the Serpent King to cry miserably.

Rakkan turned its head to the Moon Clone with a piercing glare before releasing a loud shrieking sound. Then it charge to its assaulter planning eat the clone whole and alive.

But before Rakkan start it's charge, the Sun Clone is already crouching on the left side of the Serpent King while swiftly drawing its sword from the sheath.

'Self-Created Skill: Quick Draw'


-8 916

-445(Burning Damage)

A loud metallic sound is created when the Sun Clone sword made contact on the Serpent King's skin.

Rakkan paused its movements before swinging its huge tail at the Sun Clone and Moon Clone powerfully.

'Monster Skill: Swipe'

The Sun Clone jump upward while doing a spinning frontal back-flip in the air and barely avoiding the tail Swipe of the Serpent King.


At the same time, The Moon Clone immediately turned its body into an illusionary one while emitting a bluish-white glow. Then the clone sprints forward and letting Rakkan's tail to pass through its body.

'Slayer Skill: Moonlight Steps'


After swiping its tail, Rakkan immediately moved its body to encircled the clones with its body and intending to entrapped the two in the middle.

But the Serpent King forgot about something. Shin who is standing still before, grabbed that opportunity and made his move. He enfold the [Yamato] with power of the moon before swinging it in the air multiple times and sending 5 vertical crescent sword waves.

'Slayer Skill: Crescent Cleave'

-5 650(Slowed)

-5 600(Slowed)

-5 490(Slowed)

-5 420(Slowed)

-5 660(Slowed)


Rakkan shriek once again because it received another bunch of damages. Then it glared at its assailant before dashing at Shin with a great speed and having an intention of coiling around him.

'Monster Skill: Strangle'

Shin predicted the Serpent King's move, so he immediately sheath his Katana before dashing forward while using 'Moonlight Steps'.


And Shin is passing though the Serpent King's body, he is also drawing out the [Yamato] from it's sheath once again and triggering his 'Quick Draw' skill.

-4 260

-4 420

-4 390

-4 330







But instead of a one-time damage, a series of multiple damages appeared on top of the Rakkan's head and resulting for its HP to dropped below 50%. Then a dinging system notification sound ring on Shin's ears, which is also gotten him off guard.

But Shin have no time bothering about that because the Serpent King is shrieking madly while also releasing a poison gas from its mouth.

'Monster Skill: Poison Fog'

Shin rapidly hopped backwards while enfolding the [Yamato] with a fiery light before swinging it in front of him releasing a blazing Sword 'Qi' towards the incoming 'Poison Fog'.

'Extra Skill: Flame Burst'



The collision of the blazing Sword 'Qi' and incoming poison gas created a chemical reaction and resulting to a very loud explosion.


-55 421

A large chunk and of HP have been rifted off from the Rakkan's Health Bar because the flame caused by the explosion engulfed the Serpent King.

But it is different story for Shin. Because the moment he saw his 'Flame Burst' come in contact with Rakkan's 'Poison Fog', he immediately covered himself with the power of the Sun and the Moon forming purple sphere around him.

'Slayer Skill: Eclipse Pulse'


The purple sphere around Shin trembled a little when it collides with the explosion flames.

And when the explosion flames subdued, the berserk Rakkan come in view. Then it immediately use another 'Strangle'at Shin who is standing in front of it.

But the 'Eclipse Pulse' warded off the huge body of the Serpent King and preventing it from coiling around Shin.

At the same time, the Sun and Moon clone come rushing towards the giant snake with 'Charge' skill.





Two simultaneous metallic sound rang when the clones' sword collide with Rakkan's body. They also can't stun it because of its massive size.

But they didn't care about that, they immediately pulled their swords backward before using different kind of skills.

The Sun Clone enfold its sword with a fiery light before swinging it powerfully at the Serpent King.

'Slayer Skill: Hell Execution'

-4 672

-236(Burned Damage)

Meanwhile, the Moon Clone covers its sword with a blue colored light before throwing a powerful slash at the air and sending a chilling flame.

'Extra Skill: Flame Burst' (Moon Clone Version)

-3 982(Slowed)

-200(Chilling Damage)

-200(Chilling Damage)

Rakkan ignore the Clones and continue tightening its 'Strangle' at Shin.

The Clones jump backwards before holding their swords horizontally in front of their chest. Then those swords emitted different kinds of light, one have a fiery light while the other is releasing a chilling glow.

After that, both of them swing it forwards sending two kinds of Sword 'Qi's to the Serpent King.

'Extra Skill: Flame Burst'

'Slayer Skill: Half-Moon Slash'

And while the two Sword 'Qi's are coming towards Rakkan, it intervene with each other before fusing together and forming a rotating purple colored cross. Then another System Notification sound at Shin's ears.


-15 702

-1 500(Chilling Damage)

-1 500(Burning Damage)





Rakkan cry in agony when the purple cross hit its body and causing for it to release Shin from being entangle by the Serpent King's 'Strangle'.

Shin ignored the system notification and grab that opportunity to jump high up in the air. Then he adjust his center of gravity to pause his midair. After that, he kicked in the air sending himself downwards while swinging his [Yamato] at the Serpent King and activating another version of 'Hell Execution' skill.

At the same time, the Sun and Moon Clones swiftly sheath their swords before dashing towards Rakkan before using their 'Quick Draw' skills as they get pass the Serpent King.

'Quick Draw'

-8 964

-448(Burned Damage)

'Quick Draw'

-9 100(Slowed)

'Hell Execution'

-9 600(Critical)

-480(Burned Damage)


Level Up

Level Up


When Shin's feet touches the ground, 'Rakkan' the Dark Swamp Serpent King take its last cry and also fall on the ground lifelessly while dropping a bunch of items and gold coins.


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