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Child of Destiny 30 Round 2, One against Five

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"Tsk, I will deal with you guys later. Let me buy some supplies first. I actually didn't plan to buy some, since I can regen my HP and MP when I am out of combat. But I'm pretty sure that this quest requires me to do so. *Sigh* What a waste of money." muttered Shin to himself before walking towards the nearest Trading Firm to buy some potions.

After resupplying, Shin immediately walked out the Shop. But the moment he set foot outside of it, he felt a lot gazes directed at him. He looked around and saw that there were players hiding everywhere observing him from a far.

'Now what?' Shin knitted his brows and he look at the busy street in front of him. Then a group a 5 players walk towards him.

'These guys again? I thought their higher-ups told them that their subordinate guilds will be the ones that's going to haunt me down? Or they are here because it is a personal grudge.' thought Shin when he saw that 'Gray Fangs' and his party are the ones that are walking towards him.

"What do you think about the stage that I prepared for you, little guy?" greeted by Gray Fangs the moment he arrived 7 meters in front of Shin, while grinning at him.

"So you want to be beaten up in front of these people?" smirked Shin, as he look at Gray Fangs' eyes.

The corner of Gray Fangs' grin twitch when he heard that. Then he glared at Shin fiercely and said. "Kid, you really think highly of yourself. Do you honestly believe that you are that strong, just because you manage to win against us by fluke?"

"He he, is that so? Then how about fighting me one-on-one, so that we can see if it is really just a fluke?" provoke Shin as he put his left hand on the hilt of the [Yamato].

Gray Fangs pause for a second, before laughing at Shin. "Hahaha.... Kid, this game is not for someone like you, who thinks that they can survived here by yourselves. This game is ruled by the powerhouses of this place."

'Tsk, acting high and mighty just because you've got your numbers? Why not say those words to the Godlike Players of this game?' said Shin in his heart before saying a Gray Fangs and his group. "Heh, so you're admitting that a veteran player like you is weaker than a newbie player like me? Or you are saying that you can't beat me alone?"

Shin didn't wait for reply and directly take his battle stance. He took step forward with his right leg and bend his knees, then he hold his sword sheath with his left hand while putting his right hand on the sword hilt.

After that, he look at Gray Fangs Group aggressively before saying. "So are you going together or one by one?"

Meanwhile Gray Fangs give an order on his party members, before entering stealth. He already experienced Shin's fierceness beforehand, so he didn't want to be careless this time.

Then a huge crowd formed around Shin and Gray Fangs group.

"Hey look! isn't it the guy on the forums? He is fighting against Gray Fangs and his group once again!"

"Tsk, those guys really are cowards. Ganging up on a Newbie player? Don't they know what shamelessness mean?"

"That kid is dead meat. Provoking those guys will be his biggest regret in this lifetime."

"Who gave him the guts to provoke a veteran party from a powerhouse guild?"

"That Kid is insane! Challenging a 5-man Veteran Party by himself?"


"Tsk, these guys sure know how to learn their lessons. Being cautious before starting a fight. What's more is that I also need to look out for those guys hiding the crowd." said Shin to himself when he saw Gray Fangs disappeared

At the same time, the Berserker LionKin walks towards Shin, leaving the Human Knight to protect their back lines.

*Sigh* "Looks like I don't have a choice but to survive until the City Guards come to my rescue." Shin release a helpless sigh while waiting for his enemy to make the first move. 'I guess I should also try Arthur's tip to treat this game as a reality, and maybe I can create my own Combat Techniques.'

After that Shin calm himself and regulates his breathing, trying to enter Deep Meditation. But unfortunately for him, it didn't happen on what he have expected. Instead a series of system notifications ring on his ears.


System: You have met all of the conditions to have a perception skill.

System: Your title 'I know It All' resonated on your perception skill resulting for it to be upgraded.

System: You have learned 'Sensing Circle'.


Skill Name: Sensing Circle (Active/Passive)

Skill Rank: Rare

Details: Focus all your senses to feel your surroundings more clearly.

Perception Range: 5 meter radius

Note: The higher your 'Awareness' stat is, the larger your Perception Range is.


Shin took a quick glance in the system notifications before focusing back at the battle. He took a deep breath while waiting for the Berserk LionKin to make his move.

Of course, the Berserker LionKin didn't let him down. He sprint towards Shin, activating 'Berserker Charge' skill.

'I need to travel at least 17 meters to reach their Priest or that Magician. And I also need to get pass that Knight. Tsk, quite troublesome, Huh? But this is also a perfect opportunity, I need some test subjects to check out my new skills.' thought Shin to himself as he gauged the distance between him and his enemy's back lines. He smirks for a second before doing a forward diagonal hop to his right.

The Berserk LionKin also smirks when he saw Shin's action. Then he adjust the trajectory of his Charge and directed it at Shin.

The Axe of the Berserker LionKin is almost upon Shin the moment his feet landed on the ground. And followed after that is an 'Arcane Bolt' casted by the the Human Magician.

The crowd faces become tense when they saw that scene. From their perspective, it is sure for Shin to be hitted by those attacks. Some of them even have a mixed look of contempt and pity on their faces. What happened next proved them right, but it also shocked all them.

Shin enfold his body with alternating orange and yellow light, before dashing forward in a powerfully manner leaving a trails of light behind.

'Slayer Skill: Sun-Ray Dash'





Shin pass through the Berserker LionKin and the 'Arcane Bolt'. But that is not the one that shocked Gray Fangs and his crew, it is the damage they have dealt to Shin.


Shin collided with the Human Knight by ramming his right shoulder at the Knight's shield. And it resulted for him to halt his advance, but it also cause for the Knight to take two steps backwards.

The Priest and Magician at the back of the Knight rapidly move backwards. At the same time, Gray Fangs take advantage of Shin's pause to make his move. He jump behind Shin while stabbing at his target's head and using a Hunter Skill 'Sap'

Meanwhile the Human Knight coordinated with Gray Fangs and swing his sword powerfully at Shin, triggering his Knight Skill 'Magnum Break'.

Their synchronized attacks are too perfect. If someone else of the same level are put on that situation, then they are going to get hit no matter what they do.

If they dodge Gray Fangs attack, then they are going to get hit by the Knight's 'Magnum Bash'. But if they choose to dodge or block the Knight's attack, then they are going to get hit by the other.

But unfortunately for them, they are up against our MC(Main Character).... Eh!? What I mean is they are up against Shin.

Before Gray Fangs and the Knight's attacks land at Shin, his body shines with a bluish-white glow before turning himself into an illusionary figure. Then he sprints forward passing though the Knight's body.

'Slayer Skill: Moonlight Steps'



Two large misses words appeared on Shin's head, and also resulting for Gray Fangs and the Human Knight to be gotten off guard on the sudden shift of the situation. Then it cause them to have no time to readjust themselves, and letting their attacks to land on the each other.




«Destiny's Fate» is design base on real life, so if you are not carful inside the game, then you may hit your teammates accidentally or get hit by them.

Gray Fangs is knocked down on the ground because of the powerful strike of the Knight, it also stunned him for 3 seconds. Meanwhile the Human Knight stopped moving because he paralyzed for 5 seconds by Gray Fangs 'Sap'.

At the same time Shin draws the [Yamato] from its sheath and swing it horizontally, as he get pass the Human Priest.

'Self-Created Skill: Quick Draw'

-19 274 (Critical)

-963 (Burned Damage)

Shin stops at the Priest's back before turning his body in a clockwise direction while swinging his Katana in tow, and finishing the Priest off.

- 2 100

-151 (Burned Damage)

-120 (Poison Damage)


"D*mn it, it's m....." The Priest want to say something, but he didn't manage to finished it before he turned into a particles of light.

The entire process happened too fast for anyone to respond, so Shin take advantage of the situation and thrust the [Yamato] at the Magician not far from him.
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The Magician panicked when he saw Shin's action. He can't help himself to recall their last encounter with Shin, so he immediately teleport himself away by using 'Blink'.

Shin didn't immediately chase after the Magician. It is because the Berserker LionKin is rapidly approaching him.

So he put the [Yamato] in front of his chest horizontally, before thrusting it forward while dashing towards the Berserker LionKin.

'Extra Skill: Charge'

The Berserker LionKin do a sidestep to dodge that 'Charge', and he successfully do. But unfortunately he is not the real target, Shin adjusted the direction of the 'Charge' and target Gray Fangs who just gotten up on his feet.

Gray Fangs can't use his 'Killer Instinct' skill earlier to removed the stun, because his is knocked down on the ground. So he just lie there and wait for the stun to wore off, so that he can go to back on his feet.

But the moment he stood up from the ground, he is greeted by a thrusting Katana towards his chest. Gray Fangs know that it is already too late for him to dodge, so just stand there and let Shin's attack to land at him. After all, he know that Shin's 'Charge' only have a one second stun.

- 2 450(Stunned)

-85 (Burned Damage)

Shin immediately pulled the [Yamato] from Gray Fangs chest and powerfully swung it diagonally in an upper-right to lower-left direction.

'Extra Skill: Destructive Slash'

- 3 120(Critical) (Stunned)

- 156(Burned Damage)

The 'Destructive Slash' give additional 2 seconds stun at Gray Fangs, so he immediately used 'Killer Instincts' to removed the stun effect. After that, he swiftly jumped backwards while using another skill letting him to disappear at everyone sight.

'Hunter Skill: Vanish'

Shin can still clearly feel Gray Fangs' presence, because the WolfKin is still within the perception range of his 'Sensing Circle'. But he didn't chase after Gray Fangs immediately because he felt that the Knight already regained his movements and swinging down the shield at his direction.

'Knight Skill: Shield Bash'

As if Shin have eyes at the back of his head, he calmly took a sidestep to his right and do a turn around after, it caused for the incoming 'Shield Bash' to miss.



At the same time, Shin enfold the [Yamato] with a fiery light and swing it horizontally, targeting the Knight's waist.

'Slayer Skill: Solar Cut'

-6 900

-395 (Burned Damage)

Meanwhile the Magician is chanting a spell dedicatedly, the moment he saw that Shin didn't go after him. From the looks of it, he is preparing a powerful spell.

On the other hand, the Berserker LionKin jumped in the air while holding his Battle Axe with both of his hands on top of his head. Then he swung it downwards targeting Shin's position.

'Berserker Skill: Berserker Jump'

At the same time, the Human Knight raise his Shield in front of him while bracing himself at the incoming impact of his teammate's skill.

Shin is able see the entire process, so he squinted his eyes while sensing Gray Fangs, who is circling behind him and also waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike.

Shin took a deep breath before jumping backwards dodging the 'Berserker Jump', he is also trying to bait Gray Fangs to make his move. But unfortunately for him, Gray Fangs already learned his lesson and just wait where he is standing.


The Berserker LionKin lands on Shin's previous location resulting for a shockwave to be send in every direction.

Midair, Shin put the [Yamato] in front of his chest while riding the shockwave for him to be send backwards.

Gray Fangs smirked when he saw that, then he gripped his daggers on both of his hands while getting ready to use a skill. But before he able to activate that skill, Shin spins his body in a clockwise direction while swinging his Katana at his back.


Gray Fangs is forced to dodge because Shin's movements were too fast. He raise his chin upward while leaning his body backwards, barely avoiding the [Yamato].

The moment Shin's feet touches on the ground, he immediately circle around the Knight and Berserker Duo by dashing in a curving direction.

'Equipment Skill: Serpent Pass'

In just blink of an eye, Shin already appeared behind the Duo. And during the dash, a throwing dagger made in poison is formed at Shin's free hand. Then he send it towards the Magician, who is about to finish chanting his spell.

'Equipment Skill: Serpent Bite'



-96(Poison Damage)

-96(Poison Damage)

The entire process occurred too fast, not giving anyone to react in time. Even the players in the crowd don't have a time to discuss what have just happened. All of them just stared blankly at the ongoing battle, not knowing what to say.

But what happened next, make their jaws almost drop on the ground.

Because of the continues Poison damages, the Magician can't immediately cast another powerful spell. So all he can do is use an instant-cast spell.

After getting hit by the poison dagger, the Magician immediately send an arrow made of Mana on Shin's direction.

'Magician Spell: Mana Arrow'



But that arrow missed its mark. It is because after throwing the poison dagger, Shin's body turned illusionary while glowing with a bluish-white light. Then he retreated backwards while passing through the trio behind him and directly appearing behind Gray Fangs' back.

'Slayer Skill: Moonlight Steps'

At the same time, the Knight-Berserker Duo just turned their heads to look for Shin, but they didn't found him. Because their backs were facing Shin, when he used 'Moonlight Steps'.

Same goes for Gray Fangs, because his view is being blocked by the Duo. But he manage to get a glimpse on the bluish-white light that passed though them.

The pupils on Gray Fangs eyes contracted at that time. Then he immediately jumped diagonally to his front-right while turning his body around.

But to bad for him, Shin already swung his Katana in the air multiple times sending 5 vertical Sword Waves at them, and spanning in a cone shape direction.

'Slayer Skill: Crescent Cleave'

-7 927(Slowed)

-5 872(Slowed)

-6 467(Slowed)

The Trio in front of Shin were engulfed by the freezing Sword Waves, slowing their movements down.

But that is not the end, Shin is only staring his barrage. The [Yamato] glows with a fiery light, then Shin throws a horizontal cut in the air sending a blazing Sword 'Qi' at Gray Fangs and the other two behind him.

'Extra Skill: Flame Burst'

-4 900

-120(Burning Damage)

-2 892

-120(Burning Damage)

- 3 855

-120(Burning Damage)


A bunch of white mist is created around Gray Fangs trio, blocking everyone's view. It is because of the sudden change of temperature.

It is also a perfect opportunity for Gray Fangs to use a Stealth Skill, well if he is not affected by the continues burning damage caused by Shin's 'Flame Burst'.

Naturally, Shin will not let that opportunity to slipped from his hands. He jump towards the mist and appeared in front of Gray Fangs, while releasing a fierce aura.

"You!!!" Gray Fangs face become pale when he felt that aura, he can't help himself but recall the last scene of his death, the last time fought with Shin. He shout on top of his lungs, while attacking Shin with all he got. "Ahh....."

Shin is not idle either, he exchanged blows with Gray Fangs, since he knew that he have the upper hand in terms of health. After all, Gray Fangs already lost a lot of health earlier.

Of course Gray Fangs is not an idiot either, for not using a Health Potion earlier. It's just he don't have enough of time to do it, because Shin's continues attacking were too fast.

Shin swing his Katana diagonally in an upper-right to lower-left direction, then he immediately followed it with a horizontal cut from left to right. After that is another swift diagonal slash.

'Self-Created Kill: Triple Slash'

-2 430

-121(Burned Damage)

-120(Poison Damage)

-120(Burning Damage)

- 3 650

-180(Burned Damage)

-120(Poison Damage)

-4 840

-234(Burned Damage)

-120(Poison Damage)

A bunch of red numbers appeared on top of Gray Fangs' head, making him to panic. He want to get away from Shin as soon as possible, but unfortunately his body betrayed him because he is affected by the slow effect. What is more, Shin didn't give him what he wanted.

Shin swung the [Yamato] downwards, throwing a powerful vertical slash at Gray Fangs, not giving his opponent a chance of survival.

'Slayer Skill: Hell Execution'

-10 223(Critical)

-511 (Burned Damage)


"You! ..... " Gray Fangs didn't have a time to say something when his body burst into particles of light, living an item on the ground.

Shin didn't continue attacking his remaining opponents after that. He calmly took out a Health Potion from his inventory, before gulping it directly restoring his HP back to full. After all, he also lose a lot of HP when he is exchanging blows with Gray Fangs earlier.

After that, Shin sheath his Katana before crouching down and taking the item that Gray Fangs dropped on the ground. Then he put it directly inside his bag without looking on its details.

At the same time he is waiting for his skills to be cooldowned, while also letting the thick mist around him to settle down.


Meanwhile the Magician's view is blocked by the thick mist. So he didn't immediately attack because he is afraid of hitting his teammates accidentally. Same goes for the Dou inside the mist.

So the Human Knight and Berserker LionKin immediately jump backwards trying to get out of the mist as soon as possible.

After all, they are veteran players of the game, so they know how to deal with these kind of situations.

But that is also the very reason why they are just staring blankly at the notification, saying that their party leader Gray Fangs just have died.

"Boss have died!!!???"


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