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Child of Destiny 28 Going back to the Game

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Shin arrived at the parking lot of the Hotel and directly entered his 'Black Panther', few moments later Arthur also arrive after him and run towards at the passenger seat.



Shin immediately started the car, once Arthur taken his seat. Then he drive the car out the parking lot of the hotel.

Arthur clicked his tounge and said to Shin while putting up his seatbelt. "Tsk, you looks like an desperate bird that is trying so hard to get home. Why the are you so impatient to get home?"

"I just want to have my early rest tonight and a peaceful one at that. Did you know that I haven't gotten a goodnight sleep since I arrive here?" replied Shin almost immediately.

He pause for a moment before adding. "And «Destiny's Fate» server is going up tomorrow. So I also need to wake up earlier, because there are some trainings that are added to my training regime."

"Quite busy Huh? Anyway how is your game doing?" asked Arthur while looking out on the window.

"Hmm.... quite good I guess? I'm currently level 35 and I still have two days left for my EXP boost, so I guess I will reach Level 50 before it expires." replied Shin while curving his mouth upward.

"That's good then. So what is your plan? But you are a Swordsman related class, then I suggest you to not immediately tackle your class promotion quest once you hit level 50." advised Arthur to Shin as he is tapping the the window.

And without waiting for Shin to ask 'why', he immediately added as if he is sure that Shin really have a Swordsman related Class. "It is because, even if its class promotion quest level requirements was lowered, its difficulty is still in level 75. So you are just going to waste your time if you do."

Shin give Arthur a sideeye glance and asked for more of his advice since he trust this brother of his. "So what did you suggest then?"

Arthur think for a moment before replying. "It is better if you get your Sub-Class first or find a suitable pet once you hit level 50."

Shin thought for a moment before asking Arthur with a little doubt. "I understand why having a pet but a Sub-Class? Isn't it just a waste if I really get that, from what I have heard they don't have any kind of combat power."

Arthur smirks at Shin before saying at him skeptically. "Heh, and from whom did you heard that? Only a recently joined player like you will think that way. Subclasses give a bonus stats to the players including the production type subclasses."

"«Destiny's Fate» is different from the previous VRMMORPG game out there. In this game, even a Lifestyle player can kill a combat player, much less being helpful on a war."

Shin knitted his brows and become confused on what Arthur have said. And when Arthur saw that action, he explained it in a even more detailed manner. "It is like this, each Subclasses have their own charms on it. For example, a Blacksmith is perfect for warrior and knight related classes, since it gives a lot of bonus STR and VIT on the stats. And even if they set it as their main profession, they can still become OP because they can wield different kinds of weapon that they have created, just like 'Black Hammer' of 'Hand of Midas'."

"Another example is 'Tinker' the best Engineer. That guy can create different kind of abnormal devices that can assist him during combat, such as powerful explosives and mobile Ballistae. And that guy is also from 'Hand of Midas'."

Shin become dumbfounded because of the new discovery. "There are such things like that!?"

"Che! I thought were a studious type of student. At least do some research, OK? And don't just blindly believe others." smirked Arthur before forming a wide grin on his face and smugly added. "So, amazed already? But that's not all of that. You can also have a combat Sub-Class if you want."

Shin slow down the car and asked Arthur for more information. "What? How?"

"Well it is not that hard but not that easy either. All you have to do is clear a quest corresponding to it, the harder the difficulty of the quest the stronger your Sub-Class will be." said Arthur while putting both of his hands at the back of his head.

"Oh.... So I need to find a suitable quest and clear it, for me to have one." said Shin before accelerating the car.

"But that is the real hard part on it. Finding that kind of quest is easier to said than done." said Arthur while pursing his lips.

Then they become silent for a few minutes before Shin remembered something. He take a glance at Arthur and asked. "Hey, Golden Boy. What do you know about the 'Class Fighting Style'?"

Arthur is startled at Shin's question and almost shot up of his seat. He look at Shin astoundingly before saying. "You already created your 'Class Fighting Style'!? That was quite fast, you have only played «Destiny's Fate» for a week, yet you already created an OP skill like that!?"

"Hmmm?... Is creating that kind of skill amazing? I'm pretty sure that you've also got that kind of skill. After all, you are a Martial-Art Prodigy that can learn a lot of skills." said Shin nonchalantly while shrugging his shoulders.

The corner of Arthur's mouth twitch when he heard that. He clicked his tounge and said "Tsk, what did you know? Even though creating a skill quite simple for me, it doesn't mean I will blindly create one out of the whim. After all 'Personalized' Skill Slots are limited."

"Eh!? It is limited!? I thought we can learn a lot of skills as long as we want?" Shin knitted his brows and got confused.

Arthur rolled his eyes and said. "Hey! Are you listening to me? I said it is only Personalized skills! You can only have 10 Personalized Skills at most, it is because of those insecure Developers. They limit the players growth, every time they saw a player that have a lot advantage, they are going to Nerf them almost immediately."

"And Because of it a lot of Powerful Rankers protested. They have threaten the game administrators that they will boycott the game. At first the The World Gaming Org. ignored it, but some 'Godlike Players' joined the revolt. Together with their influence, a lot of players supported them."

"That's the reason why 'Class Fighting Style' and Combat Techniques are created."

Shin is shocked on he have heard. 'This game is really not as simple as it seemed, I guess.'
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Arthur pause for few seconds to take some breather before continuing. "Going back to your question. 'Class Fighting Styles' are the Skills that are perfectly suited for your Class and battle style, isn't it already obvious? The only difference of those Skills to 'Self-Created Skills', is that the former is a 'Stat related Skill' and didn't take a Skill Slot on your Self-Created Skill."

"Ah!? They are also can't be upgraded. And since you have already created yours, it is better for you to create more skills base on it. And together with those skills, you will instantly promoted to a High Ranker." added by Arthur while taking a look at Shin and trying to see if he can find some exited reaction.

"Hmm... How about 'Combat Techniques' then?" Shin ignored his brother's gaze and take advantage of situation to asked for more questions.

Arthur put more some thoughts before saying. "Hmm..... That one is a little tricky. Then let us put it this way, let's just treat it as a 'Real World' martial-art skills. For example the Movement Martial-Art Skills, you can recreate it inside the game just like the 'Shadow Waltz', my 'Dragon Dance', your 'Shifting Movement' and other similar Skills."

"As for Attacking and Defensive Combat Techniques, it is just the way of your battle. Just like your 'Yin-Yang Twist', where you can barrow the forces of your opponents attack to strengthen yours."

"And to put all of it in simpler terms, All you need to do is treat «Destiny's Fate» as reality to have those kinds of Techniques. But be careful not to have a *VRD(Virtual Reality Disorder)."

Shin nodded his head and digest the informations that he have got.


The next day, Shin woke up earlier that his usual basis. He do some physical training first before doing a mental meditation to train his spirit.

After having breakfast, Shin directly entered his room and put his VR helmet on his head. Then he lie on the bed while closing his eyes, before muttering. "Initiate Login."


Shin opened his eyes and found himself in front a Bar where he have chatted with Lawless. After taking a deep breath he opened his Status Window to recall his progress.

"Status Window"

Name: Sickarius

Level: 35

EXP: (3.12%)

Race : Nephilim

HP: 18500(+ 127regen/sec)

MP: 19750(+ 77regen/sec)

Stamina: ∞

Physical Attack :

=1260 - 1260+(790 - 790)+(350 - 380)

=2400 - 2430

Magic Attack :

=1580 - 1580+(630 - 630)+(480 - 510)

=2690 - 2720

Physical Defense:

290 - 290 +(174 - 174)+[880 - 930]

=1344 - 1394

Magic Resist

290 - 290 +(87 - 87)+[750 - 800]

=1040 - 1090

Major Stats :

STR - 180 + 50 + (110) + [80] = 420

INT - 180 + 50 + (105) + [60] = 395

AGI - 180 + 50 + (110) + [245] = 585

VIT - 180 + 50 + (25) + [95] = 350

Minor Stats :

DEXTERITY : 180 +50 = 230

WISDOM : 180 + 50 = 230

ENDURANCE : 180 + 50 = 230

Special Stats :

Awareness: 100

Title/s : I Know It All (can be evolve)

Fame : 295

Personal Trait:

Immediate Response (Evolvable)

Skills :


- Equalizer(Special Skill)


[Class Specific Skill]

- Moonlight Steps(Basic), Half-Moon Slash(Basic), Crescent Cleave(Rare),

-Solar Cut(Basic), Hell Execution(Rare)

[Self-Created] - Personalized

- Triple Slash(Rare)

[Class Fighting Style]

- Quick Draw(Class Fighting Style)

[Other Learned Skill]

- Destructive Slash(Basic), Charge(Basic), Flame Burst (Rare)


- Mining, Gathering

- Scouting(Active/Passive)

Undistributed Stats : 0

Available Skill point : 35


"Hmm... Maybe I should upgrade some of my Class related skills. But from what Arthur have said, I shouldn't upgrade the 'Rare' ones to 'Epic' since my character still can't handle that. After all I am still in Tier 1 Class." muttered Shin to himself before deciding to upgrade 'Half-Moon Slash' and 'Moonlight Steps'. And after some consideration he also add the 'Solar Cut' Skill.


Skill Name: Moonlight Steps

Rank: Rare

Details: Enfold yourself with the power of the Moon before dashing on any distance 10 meters away from you. You can also pass through units in the process.

Consume 300 Stamina

Cool Down: 5 sec.


Skill Name: Half-Moon Slash

Rank: Rare

Details: Release a 150° horizontal crescent shape Sword Qi, extending 5 meters in front of you and dealing 250% more Magical Damage.

Consume 200 MP

Cool Down: 25 sec.


Skill Name: Solar Cut

Rank: Rare

Details: Enfold your sword with Solar flame and strike it to your opponent dealing 200% more Physical damage and ignoring 30% of their defense.

Consume 200 Stamina

Cool Down: 20 sec.



"Heh, quite strong skills Huh? especially the Moonlight Steps, its extra effect is quite OP. And with these, all of my Class related Skill are in Rare Rank." said Shin to himself before going to the Church of the Sun and the Moon. He is going there to see if he can get some quest.

After arriving in the Church, Shin directly entered through the entrance ignoring the Paladin Guards that bowed at him as he pass through the gate.

Some players that saw that scene got shocked on what they have witnessed.

"Whoa!!! Who is that guy? He entered the church without being blocked by the Guards."

"That is not the main point. Did you see that those two Guards just bowed at him?"

"Is he some kind of Ranker? They are the only one that have a Noble Status on the City because they have a very high Fame Stats."

"Why do I feel that I have saw that guy before."

"Yeah, I also feel that 'that guy' is quite familiar."


Inside the Church Shin wait for at least 30 minutes before Archbishop Ronald meet him.

"Hoh!? You've improve a lot Young Envoy. Looks like Master Envoy is right, you really have a high potential." said Archbishop Ronald the moment he saw Shin.

Shin put his right hand fist while giving the Archbishop a deep bow, then after the salute Shin said to the Archbishop. "Greetings Archbishop Ronald, I'm sorry to disturb you despite your busy schedule. I've just want to know if there is something I can help with."

"Hoho... Please drop the formalities Young Envoy, your status is higher than mine." said Archbishop Ronald as if he is becoming more fond of Shin.

Then after a brief pause the Archbishop continues. "As for your question, we currently have enough man power to deal with our problems at your level. As for the higher missions, you are still to weak for them. So I am sorry to tell you but you can't help us for now. But I assure you that the moment we require your assistance I will call you immediately."

'What kind of situation is this? Are my status and Fame not enough to get a quest on here. Maybe I'm a bit rush, after all I have only clear a few quest when I was in the Beginner's Village. No, it should be only 2 to be exact.' said Shin to himself while waiting for the Archbishop to say more.

Archbishop Ronald fondle his beard for a moment before saying to Shin. "But If you manage to become worthy of your status as our Envoy, then you can execute any mission that you want."

'Is he telling me to come back once I passed my class promotion quest? Now that o think about it, this place should be only available to the high leveled Players. I've only manage get in here because of my status in the Church. I'm such an *d*ot.' thought Shin before replying to the Archbishop. "I understand Archbishop. I will take my leave now. And I again apologize for disturbing you."

After that Shin immediately turned around while thinking on what is he going to do next.

Archbishop Ronald is watching Shin's back when he suddenly remembered something. "Ah!? That's right! Before I forgot, Young Envoy. You can go to the praying Altar to get some instructions from the previous Envoys."

'Eh!? Is he telling me to get some additional skills from the Altar?' Shin stop his steps when he heard what the Archbishop had said. Then he suddenly slapped his forehead when he have realized why is that. 'Oh right! I can learn extra skills from the instructor of my Class every time I reach a 25 level mark.'

Shin immediately turn around to face the Archbishop once again, then he give another bow while thanking the Old Man. After that he hurriedly run towards the praying Altar excitedly. The Archbishop laugh heartily when he saw Shin actions. "Hahaha... What an energetic young lad. It is really good to be young."

Once Shin entersed the praying hall, he briefly observed the surroundings before saying to himself. 'There is nothing that have changed in here, it is the same as the last time I've got here.'

Then walks towards the praying Altar and kneeled with one knee at the center of it. After that he close his eyes and mimicked what the Archbishop have said before, when he was being converted, while also altering some words on it. 'Oh Mighty Sun and Moon, that guarding the world from the heaven. Please grant this servant of yours some powers to protect his Kin.'



A ray of alternating blue and orange light shot from the sky and enfold Shin. He felt that there are some unknown powers entering his body. And that state lasted for at least a minute before that light disappeared without leaving a trace.

Shin opened his eyes before standing once again. After that he excitedly open his Skill Window to see what kind of Skills did he got.


Skill Name: Sun-Ray Dash

Rank: Rare

Details: Enfold your body with the power of the Sun, before dashing forwards or retreating backwards on a 15 meters range. You can also ignore all the CC(Crowd Control) effects and also reducing all the damages thrown at you by 80%.

Consume 300 Stamina

Cool Down: 10 sec.


Skill Name: Eclipse Pulse

Rank: Rare

Details: Cover yourself with the Power of the Sun and the Moon, blocking all kinds of attacks directed at you for 10 seconds.

Consume 200 Stamina and 300 MP

Cool Down: 60 sec.


"Whoa!? Another OP skills. One is a movement Skill while the other is a Defensive Skill. The 'Sun-Ray Dash' is more of a brute force skill than the 'Moonlight Steps' whose more focused on flexibility. Both of them have their own charms. Meanwhile the 'Eclipse Pulse' is quite a very powerful lifesaving skill, the only drawback is that it have a long Cooldown." said Shin as he inspect his newly acquired skills.

Shin walk out he Church after that. And when he is about to go hunting, he received a private message that came form Lawless.


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