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"I am sorry to interrupt your meeting Town Mayor, but there is a guy waiting for you on the on the guest area. I can't refuse him since he has a quite special identity," said Ribbit with some nervousness on his tone.

Shin frowned his brows when heard that. But from the tone of Ribbit alone, he somehow could tell that whoever that guy was, he might be a person with a special identity that even an NPC like Ribbit could recognize.

Shin looked at the others before shrugging his shoulders and standing up from his seat. "Let me take a look who is first. You guys can discuss on how are we going to deal with our current problem."

After that, he followed after Ribbit to take a look who was the person that was looking for him. And it didn't take them long to arrive at the guest area.

There, he saw a person covered an ash-grey cloak, that was currently checking out the portraits on the wall of the room. And when the hooded guy saw the duo of Shin and Ribbit walking towards him, he also walked towards them.

Shin didn't beat around the bush. "I heard that you want to see me. Can I ask why?"

The hooded guy didn't immediately reply at Shin and just stood in front of the latter while also observing Shin at the same time.

Shin frowned his brows when he saw that, but before he was able to voice out his concern, the hooded guy finally opened his mouth to introduce himself. "Hello, I am an agent from the Supreme Temple, and I am currently investigating the matter regarding the appearance of some Corrupted Cult members on the vicinity of the Holy City. Can I have your cooperation about this matter?"

'Supreme Temple? From what I know, that is one of the strongest Churches of the Righteous Function,' thought Shin to himself after hearing that name. Then he raised his brows and asked. "What cooperation do you need from me?"

The hooded guy could hear that there was some displeasure on Shin's tone so that was why he immediately explained himself. "Please don't misunderstand! My boss just ordered me to come here since he is currently hunting down the leader of the opposing side. As for why he ordered me to come here, hmm… how should I explain it?"

"Oh! Right! My boss has a special item that can detect some corrupted curses that was casted to a certain place or people, and that item lead us here. So, I just want to ask your cooperation to help us find the person or the place that is cursed."

Then Shin suddenly become a little surprise at that and thought to himself. 'Huh? Now, this is an interesting matter. Did these guys detect the curse that Immortal casted on my body when I killed his clone?'

He looked at the hooded guy and asked. "And what can I get in return?"

And the hooded guy immediately gave his reply. "We can help you dispel the curse. And you also don't have to worry that much about since we will give you a suitable compensation if we failed to purify that curse."

'Oh~!' Then Shin asked with some doubt on his tone. "Can I ask why you want to do it for us? That offer sounds too good to be true."

The hooded guy seemed to chuckle after hearing Shin's question and said. "I know that it sounds a little bit suspicious. But believe it or not, we are really doing this out of good will."

He paused for a moment to think about something before continuing. "And as I said earlier, my boss is currently hunting down the leader of the opposing side's operation on this place. And we can also use our special item to locate the position of that leader."

'Is this guy an idi*t? Spilling the beans just like that? Or is he confident that they can handle any kind of difficult situation,' Shin before asking carefully. "Can I ask who you are? I can't just blindly trust what you just told me, right?"

'I want to make this quick and simple so that I can go back to farming, but from the looks of it, this guy is also not easy to deal with. Well, that is also understandable. He will not be a business partner of the Guild Leader of the Hand of Midas Trading Firm of he is too easy.' thought by the hooded guy to himself before taking off the hood of his cloak to show his face and basic information to Shin.


Player's Name: Seven

Level: 115

Race: Blessed Human (Higher Ranking)


-Main: Dual Blader (Tier 2)

-Sub: Alchemist (Intermediate)


-Guild: None

-Adventurer Team: None

Player Recognition: Ranker (Titled)

Ranker's Title: Sword Fiend


"Is this enough?" said hooded guy, or Seven rather.

Shin suddenly become interested when he saw the details of the hooded guy. 'Oh~! This guy looks strong too. Probably as strong as Brother Revier and Sister Ember.'

Then a sudden thought entered his mind that made him to grin under his mask. He nodded his head before saying. "Alright, forget about lifting the curse, we can handle it ourselves. What about you guys help me and my friend clear a quest of ours?"

Seven suddenly frowned his brows when he heard that. 'Do this guy take me as an idi*t?'

Then he shook his head and said. "Isn't it a little too much? We are just asking you to tell us where is the cursed is casted. There is nothing you will lose on that. What's more, we can also help you lift the curse without asking something in return."

Shin just shrugged his shoulders and said. "Well, as I said earlier, we can handle the curse ourselves. So, if you don't need anything else from me, then let me go back to my meeting for now. Ribbit you can escort him outside together with Captain Jack."

"Yes, Town Mayor," said by Ribbit while bowing at Shin.

Then he turned at to Seven and said. "Sir, this way please," with some hand gestures.

At the same time, Shin his body around and started to walked away. From the looked of it, it seemed that he really was planning to reject Seven's offer.

Seven, on the other hand, was taken aback by that sight. He didn't even know how to respond at that. What's more, this was his first time experiencing being rejected like this. If it was the others, they would immediately accept it whenever they heard his name.

He was the famous sidekick of one of the best players of the game after all. But this guy in front of him was completely different, it seemed that this guy didn't care who was he.

'Or maybe he didn't know who am I. Yeah! That may be the case!' then this sudden thought entered Seven's mind.

Given that, he immediately stopped Shin and said. "Wait, brother! Do you know who I am?"

Then Shin turned his head at him and said without having a single hint of doubt. "I don't."

'I knew it!' thought Seven when he heard it. But he suddenly started coughing when he heard Shin's next words.

"But I don't care. So, I will take me leave."

Seven didn't know how to react with that. He was frozen in place without knowing what to do. And when Shin was about the leave his sight, he suddenly shouted. "Wait! Don't leave yet, Brother! Let me discuss it with my Boss."

Shin suddenly halted his steps before turning around once again and said at Seven. "I will give you five minutes then."

"That is more than enough!" said Seven almost instantly. Then he quick went to a secluded corner to contact his boss.

Meanwhile, Ribbit was currently looking a Shin with a pair of eyes that were full of admiration. 'I knew from the start that the Town Mayor is really good at dealing business. My decision to follow him at that time is really good move of mine. Hehe…"

At the same time, Shin go a notification informing him that his Affinity with Ribbit suddenly gone up to another level. But he just ignored it since Ribbit's loyalty was already at the level where he would not get betrayed.

And few moments later, Seven was done discussing the matter with his boss. But the expression on his face showed that he was quite confused in that matter.

He looked at Shin with knitted brows and said. "Alright, my boss agreed. But he also has a condition of his own. He wanted to you to share the quest with us. And if the difficulty and importance of that quest was too high, he is willing to compensate you for additional favors so that he will not take advantage of the current situation."

'Looks like these guys are quite desperate to find the source of the curse. And from the looks of it, it seemed that they were quite aware who was the leader of Corrupted Cult operation against the Holy City. I wonder how strong is his boss given that he was confident at hunting Immortal,' thought Shin to himself before asking. "And the commands for the entire quest?"

"We will on get in your way don't worry. It is your quest after all," said Seven while waving his hand.

Shin nodded his head and said. "Let's form a contract then," while summoning a system contract.

And after they formed the contract, Shin lead Seven at the conference room to let him join the meeting that was currently taking place.

The moment that the door of the room was opened, the others inside the room simultaneously turned their heads at them. And when that others saw Seven, they couldn't help but taken aback at his appearance.

– "Why is this guy here? Is that guy also on this City?" – This was the thought that was running at the heads of the others when he saw him.

At the same time, Seven was also taken aback at the sight of the players sitting around the roundtable. 'What the heck? This is one hell of a lineup for a team!'

Then he turned his head at Shin while adding to his thoughts. 'Who the heck is this guy to gather these guys here?'


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