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Child of Destiny 23 A Discussion Between The Current Master and The Future Teacher

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Taal Lake, it is one of the most beautiful places of the Royal Capital City of the Main Region of the Soaring Continent, because of its breathtaking view.

But it is not open to the public because most of the structures and houses around the lake are under the jurisdiction of the Springfield Family and a land of theirs.

Some of them are the accommodations that the Springfield Family prepare for their maids, butlers, drivers, security personnels together with their families.

While some are for the Springfield Family subordinates in the military and other businesses.

Meanwhile the Springfield Mansion is standing not far from the lake shore.

Then five hundred meters away from the east side of the Mansion, a little deep inside the forest, an unremarkable nipa hut is standing peacefully in there.

And inside that nipa hut is an Old Man sitting in a lotus position while meditating. He is wearing a traditional Daoist robe. His head is full of white hair while his chin have a long beard that almost reach his belly.

He is Professor Plum, Shin's Martial-Art Master.

Then while he is meditating, the trees around the nipa hut rustle because of the sudden gust of wind. Old Plum open his eyes before looking at the door with a calm expression.

And after few seconds of waiting, the door opened slowly followed by the entrance of a fat Old Man in a Taoist robe.

Old Plum look at his unexpected guest while saying. "What did my humble house owe you for this visit? Old Fatty Benn?"

The corner of the guest mouth twitch when he heard Old Plum's greeting. Then he directly sit opposite to Old Plum while saying. "Old Monster Plum is that how you properly greet an old friend of yours? No wonder that disciple of yours also act that way."

Old Plum raise his brows when he heard the Old Fatty's words. "Oh!? you've have met that rascal? Actually that kid always give me some headache every time he visits me here."

Old Plum pauses for a second before waving his right hand causing for the teapot together with two tea cups to come towards them.

And cooperating with Old Plum's action, the Old Fatty flick his wrist creating a tea table made of Mental Energy in front of them.

The teapot and tea cups land gently on top the table, then Old Plum serve it while heating the tea with his 'Qi'. After that he look again at the Old Fatty and asking. "So what is your propose in this visit?"

Old Fatty took a sip on the tea before replying. "I've just come here to inform you that I took your disciple as my first Mentalism student."

Old Plum drink his tea ignoring the Old Fatty's reply as if he didn't care about that. Old Fatty's brows is locked in a frown when he see that. He throw a suspicious look at Old Plum while saying. "What kind of reaction was that? You are not even concerned about your disciple being a student of someone else, without asking your permission?"

Old Plum threw him a side-eye glance before replying. "Why would I care about that? I'm still that kid's Master no matter what you do. Besides you are the one that volunteered to teach that kid about Mentalism, so I don't have any complaint about it."

"To tell you the truth I have always been planning to train that kid's to become a Dual-Practioner because it is going to be a waste of I don't, after all his willpower is monstrously high."

Old Fatty look at him skeptically while saying. "So you are telling me that that kid is lucky that he bump into me?"

"You can also put it that way." said Old Plum while refilling his tea cup, then he take another sip before continuing. "Actually there is another reason for him to train his mind, and I'm sure that you've also discovered about that since you already saw him, right?"

"Are you talking about that illness that he is not aware of?" asked the Old Fatty while folding his overgrown mustache.

Old Plum nodded his head and said. "That's right. When I first saw that kid before I've discovered about his willpower, I can see a very gloomy and dark aura surrounding him."

"At first I thought it is because he is trained that way in that organization. But when I have approached him and take a look at his eyes, what I saw is a strong hatred that is deeply rooted in his heart. And if he didn't removed it he might become a Killing Machine in the future."

Old Fatty interrupted him and continue what Old Plum want to say. "So that is why you have taught him your Yin-Yang Martial-Arts? For him to control that dark aura of his?"

Old Plum took a deep sigh and said. "Yeah, since my Yin-Yang Martial-Arts is different from the common Yin-Yang Techniques, because it can train both the body and mind. Although its mind practice is not use to train Mental Energy, it can still strengthen ones mind to properly control their emotions."

"But there is also a downside on it, because if he fail to contain his violent emotions and can't suppress it with his calm emotions, it is going to have a backslash on his mind and might trigger that negative 'seed' in his heart."

Old Fatty look at his old friend while saying. "So that kid just become a potential 'Demon' just like that guy?"

"You should have remembered what have happened in that time when a Fearless Chosen One become 'Demon', right." said Old Plum while smiling bitterly.

"That is why you want him to become a Mentalist, so that he can have a strong mind if that seed accidentally triggered by something. And it is also for that kid to not end up like that man." said the Old Fatty before emptying his tea cup. Then pause for a second before asking. "But are you not afraid for this kid to become even more terrifying than that man? After all that man is only a 'Genius Martial-Art Practioner' with an Unrivaled Talent and not a Fearless Chosen One that practice both Mentalism and Martial-Arts."

"Do we have a better choice? At least he can feel the 'seed' changes if he practice Mentalism, he might even completely removed it he is strong enough." said Old Plum while sighing helplessly.

"If that is the case then why not let him use that 'seed' as his weapon and not treat it as a poison? After all from what I can see that kid's Bloodline is also not simple." said the Old Fatty nonchalantly.

The hairs on Old Plum's back stood up when he heard what Old Fatty had said. "Do you know what is the consequence if he failed to control the 'Black Origin Threshold' ?"

Old Fatty look at him while smilingly rebutted. "That is why you are also going to teach him the 'White Dawn Boundary'."

"But...But..." Old Plum is stuttering as trying to say something but he can't finish the words that want to come out his mouth.

When Old Fatty see his old friend's reaction, he smiled bitterly and said. "Don't lose too much confidence on your disciple Old Plum. Even though you failed to combined those two 'states' before and resulting for you to damage your Martial-Art foundations, that doesn't mean that 'that kid' will failed it too. And even if he also failed to do so, he can still use it separately."

"Don't forget that his willpower comes from his Bloodline, as long as his blood is flowing through his veins then his willpower will not going to be exhaust."

Old Plum took a sip on his tea while looking at the falling leaves outside through the window, then he open his mouth after a few moment of silence. "But that is also one of my concerns."

Old Fatty Benn is startled at Old Plum's reply, then he look at his old friend seriously before saying. "What do you mean? You have an idea on where did that kid got that 'seed'?"

"There are only three cases for that. One is he developed that from the training camp of that Organization, Second is it is planted on him by someone, and Third is he inherited it from his parents. Those three are the highest possible reasons for that." reply by Old Plum while raising his three fingers. "That is what I have conclude in the span of six years when 'that kid' trained under me."

Then Old Plum put down his tea cup from his other hand before continuing. "If it is the first one then it is still manageable. But if it is the later two then it is going to become a very troublesome matter."


On the other hand 'Black Origin Threshold' and 'White Dawn Boundary' are both special states that Old Plum have created to compliment his Yin-Yang Martial-Arts.

'Black Origin Threshold' is a state where one can forcefully enter an enraged state by letting their inner 'Qi' to run wild while forcefully containing it inside one's body. It is like transforming someone's body into a strong furnace restraining a violent flame from getting loose.

And these berserk 'Qi' will flow through one's meridian like a boiling lava from the mouth of a volcano. And because of it, someone can execute their skill in a more powerful and explosive manner. It is like elevating the skill into a step higher.

But this enraged state also have a disadvantage. It drains one's inner 'Qi' in a faster rate and also put a heavy burden on the body if it is use in an extended period of time.

And someone will also have a nearly chaotic mind in this state. And what make it worst is that if they failed to control their emotions during the activation of this state, they will become a berserk fighter that will not going to stop until they have exhaust the inner 'Qi' inside their body.

Meanwhile the 'White Dawn Boundary' is the complete opposite of the 'Black Origin Threshold'.

If the 'Black Origin Threshold' is the Unruly Chaos then the 'White Dawn Boundary' is the Commanding Order.

'White Dawn Boundary' is the state where one can attain extreme tranquility by controlling their emotions and transforming it into an absolute calmness.

This peaceful state will improve ones Concentration, Perception, and Reaction, by circulating their inner 'Qi' in a faster rate just like a running water on the huge river.

This state is like a combination of different kinds of calming skill such as Deep Meditation, Solemn Silence and other similar skills. And because of it one can use their other skills into their maximum potential, since they are not distracted by any useless thoughts and also feel their surroundings more clearly and can react on any situations just like they have already prepared for it.

Unlike te 'Black Origin Threshold', the 'White Dawn Boundary' don't have any backslash. All it need is someone to have a very strong willpower to enter this state.


At the same time a simple but elegant car have arrive at the entrance of the Lake Heart Hotel. Then a suspicious.... NO... A girl in disguise get off the car.

The girl is wearing a brown long coat trying to conceal her perfectly shaped body. While her hair are hidden under the black baseball cap on her head. And on her face is a large sunglasses almost covering the half of it.

She walk straight to the reception desk and directly ask the staff. "Hi, I'm here to look for Ms. Shiella Springfield."

The receptionist look at the girl and smilingly said. "Good morning Ma'am, may I know if you have an appointment with Young Miss?"

The girl look at the receptionist while lowering her sunglasses a little before replying. "I'm sorry but I don't have, but can you help me to ask her if she is free? Just tell her that it is her little sister Al is the one that looking for her."

"Ah!" the receptionist release a startled sound when she have realize who is she talking to.

The girl put her right hand index finger in front of her lips hushing the receptionist to keep quiet.

The receptionist regain herself and reply while nodding her head repeatedly. "I'm sorry Miss Alice, just wait for a moment and I will immediately inform the Young Miss for you visit."

Alice smiled at the receptionist before thanking her.


Meanwhile Shiella is enjoying her snack time inside her office when Anna her secretary enters the room.

Shiella knitted her brows and looked at Anna while saying with a displeased tone. "Auntie, didn't I said that I don't want to be disturb during my snack time. This is my time to relax and not have some additional problem."
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Anna bowed at Shiella while saying. "I'm sorry Young Miss, but Princess Alice is downstairs and requesting a visit."

"Eh! Little Al is here? Hurry! Tell her to come here." said Shiella while smiling beautifully.

Anna walk out of the room to fetch Alice, then few moments later Alice entered the office.

Alice smiled at Shiella who is sitting on the sofa, then she walks towards the sofa opposite to Shiella before directly sitting on it.

"It has been a long time since I last saw you Big Sis Shiella." said Alice once she removed the baseball cap on her head, resulting for her silver hair to fall down from being hidden.

Shiella laughed softly when she saw Alice action before saying. "Of course! After all, you are already an idol now."

Alice cutely pout her lips before replying. "I have a free schedule you know? I am the one that decides when my concerts will be held. Same goes for the shootings of my albums."

She pause for a second before continuing. "I am not like you Big Sis Shiella, who have a very busy schedule despite you being only a first year college student."

They have chatted for a few minutes before Alice skillfully change the topic. "Ah! I suddenly remembered that your younger brother is also a Fearless Chosen One. Actually I am looking for someone to become my sparring partner for a while. Unfortunately I can't find a suitable candidate until now."

Shiella smiled at her while nonchalantly said. "Then how about me? I can spar with you anytime you want."

Alice shivered when she heard what Shiella have said before replying immediately. "Big Sis, that is not a funny joke! You are already on the the 'Eternal Opening Stage', how can I be your match? That is not sparring, it is more like bullying!"

Shiella clicked her tounge in a dissatisfied manner before saying. "Tsk, if you can't find a suitable sparring partner, then how about me? I can't even find anyone with similar age that have the guts to fight me."

'And whose fault is that? No one said for you to become so strong despite being on the younger generation.' said Alice in her heart while smiling at Shiella.

After complaining for a few moments, Shiella regained her composure and go back to the topic. "Anyway whose little brother are you talking about?"

As if waiting for that question, Alice release a surprise reaction and ask curiously. "Eh!? whose little brother? Didn't you only have a single brother?"

"Ah! Sorry, I forgot that very few people are aware of that, because that guy is always want to act in a low profile manner." said Shiella while smacking her forehead softly with her right hand.

Alice play along with it and knitted her brows while asking again. "Low profile? Why?"

Shiella shrugged her shoulders while saying. "I also don't know. Maybe he just didn't want to catch some unwanted attention. He also don't like going to any sort of gatherings, unless he have no choice but to attend on it."

"Oh... So how did your family adopt him." ask Alice as if it is just a normal question.

"Ahmm... Eh!?" Shiella is about to replying when she sudden notice that something amiss. She look at Alice suspiciously before asking in her heart. 'What is wrong with her today? Usually she is not interested on this kind of things, then why is she asking me now? Eh!? Don't tell me?'

Shiella squint her eyes while her lips were arching upwards.

When Alice saw that look, she felt that her heart skips beat. Then she forced herself to calm down while carefully asking. "Why are you look at me like that?"

Shiella smiled at her mysteriously while asking. "Little Al, tell me the truth. You are already aware about that little brother of mine, right? What is more is that you already meet him, right?"


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