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Immortal was gotten completely off-guard by this sudden attack. He kind of confused how did Shin managed to predict that he was going to appear here.

Earlier, he was quite confident that this guy would focus on the left and right side directions; and that would make Shin to respond at him a little late even if he had that kind of fast body reaction talent.

Well, the main problem here was Shin's set up. The plan that he prepared was quite a foolproof kind of strategy. The more skilled you were, the more that you were going to read ahead this, so that you could see more of future. With that, you were able to see its flaw and counter it at the same time.

But that was actually just a bait. Moving backwards would lead to an obvious death and if you dodge on the left and right like what the other players would do, then you were going to get caught with his plot. And if your read ahead of the plot and dodged like what Immortal did, then you were just dancing at Shin's palms and would fall on another trap.

This kind of mind games would put any strategist in awe. Setting up a plan that was targeting both ordinary and expert players? No matter how would they think, this strategy was perfectly tailored.

And when things reached this point, Immortal had no any other choice but to at least recognized Shin's skill, especially his battle prowess and strategic ability.

But that didn't mean that this God would fall down just like that. He will be not worthy of his name and title if he was going to die with just all of this. And fortunately for him, his experiences managed to save him once again. 

Since his bone specter was still in front of him due to his casting posture earlier, he could still position it on the trajectory of the incoming blade of the scythe. With that, Immortal let his instincts to take over his body for moment and took some movements according it.

He tightened his grip on the bone specter on his right hand and moved it towards the path of the blade of the scythe while also turning his body along it. At the same time, he was channeling a bunch of dark elemental Mana on that bone scepter and reinforced its defense.


-78 235

-4 020(Burned Damage)

Immortal had taken some damage from that collision since even if he managed to block the attack earlier, his physical strength was still below Shin after all. What's more, the blade of the scythe managed to grazed his body.

But that brief moment had given him enough time to use another insta-cast teleportation skill to get away from his current spot and put a little more distance between him and Shin.

And when Immortal materialized few distances away from his previous location, he knew that he already had the upper hand on this battle, especially since he could see that Shin was already losing his focus.

Well, Shin was really starting to become distracted at this point of time. He pushed himself to the limit after all. And simultaneously using also two Epic Combat Technique put a great toll on his mind. What's more, he was also controlling his 9 Phantoms, the Phantom Clone and the 12 flying daggers at the same time. So, it was not a surprise for him to be on this state.

Immortal was grinning from ear to ear when he saw that Shin was already struggling to stand up properly. In fact, he was already using the scythe to stay standing on his spot. Immortal was about to say something when the latter suddenly straightened his back and looked at him.

Immortal frowned his eyebrows as he looked at his opponent. And before he could open his mouth, Shin had already beaten him at it. "Oh~ D*mn! You really are hard one to deal with. I wonder how strong your actual strength is."

Immortal had no time for this nonsense, so he had no plan of listening at Shin's blabbering. He planned to end this battle with a single spell. But what come next was something unexpected once again. 

Shin raised his left-hand index finger and pointed it at Immortal while saying. "But this is my win for now. So, I am looking forward at the time that we are going to have a fight on equal grounds."

Then he muttered immediately after. "Death Sentence."

"What!?" when those words left Shin's mouth, Immortal suddenly felt a very dangerous feeling that came out of nowhere. It was as if an impending death was coming after him.

And that was the time when Immortal knew that it was already too late to do anything. What's more, even if he wanted to escape, it was already too late since he couldn't use any of his skills.

"Looks like I fell on yet another plot," muttered Immortal to himself when the things reach at this point.

On the next moment, huge black vortex appeared above him. Then a black fissure on the void suddenly fell on Immortal severing his existence before disappearing together with the black vortex.

Shin stared at the spot where Immortal was previously standing for a few seconds before turning his attention at the bone serpent that was starting to dissipate. Then he took a sigh of relief when he confirmed that they were no more threat present at the vicinity.

He was about to force himself at walking towards the floating broken sword at the center of the hall when he suddenly discovered something. He immediately stopped his tracks and swept his gaze at the floor of the hall and saw that the pentagram was still present. "What the!? I thought killing the operator of this pentagram will stop the operation of this place or at least that person's representative?"

Then he suddenly heard a voice saying. "Oh~! You are talking about it."

And that was the point when Shin felt a sudden gust of surrounding Mana that were rushing towards the direction near the Phantom Clone.

Shin immediately turned his head to look at what was happening. And that was when he saw a black vortex that was getting bigger and bigger at the spot where the bone serpent was dissipating.

Shin was not sure about the identity of the incoming enemy but he was sure with one thing, he couldn't let this person to complete the teleportation and come on this place. And having that in his mind, he immediately controlled the Phantom Clone to disrupt the teleportation gate.

Unfortunately, a bunch of black tentacles suddenly shot out from the vortex and pierced the body of the Phantom Cloned, making its movements to become immobilized.

And on the next moment, a man with black cloak walked out of the vortex while holding a two-meter bone staff with a large skeletal hand on its top. The hood of the cloak was not hanging over the head of the guy as if he wanted Shin to know his identity.

And when Shin saw the guy, knew that he was in a very troublesome matter this time. The identity of this guy was Immortal of course. And this guy was not a clone anymore, Shin was really sure that this guy was the real Immortal for he could get an intense threat from this guy even if he was just standing there. What's more, the threat was almost the same as the one that he got from Simba before.

Shin was fully clear that he didn't stand a slightest bit of chance on this battle since he was already reaching his limit; he couldn't even properly stand now. What's more, the berserk skill that he currently had was almost at the end of its rope. With these, he really knew that he couldn't do anything at this point.

"I admit that you have some ability but unfortunately your strength was still not enough. So, shall we end this? I want to see you suffer a little more but my time is quite limited, so you should be thankful for being lucky." said Immortal while looking at Shin.

Then Immortal turned his head at the direction where the Phantom Clone was currently standing before adding. "But for now, let me kill this annoying pest for the time being."

After that, Immortal tapped his bone staff at the ground once. And on the next instant, another bunch of black tentacles shot out from Immortal's body and pierced the body of the Phantom Clone simultaneously before killing the clone in the process.

After killing the Phantom Clone, Immortal turned his attention at Shin once again before saying. "Now it is your turn."

He paused briefly to think for a moment before continuing. "But since you forced me to come back here, on this place, let me show something really interesting as a reward."

When his was done saying that, Immortal raised his bone staff in the air before chanting out some words in the process. And immediately after that, a massive amount of Mana started gathering above Immortal before transforming into a huge spear that was blazing with black flames on its blade and entire body.

"Look closely. This is the weakest the Self-Created Skill that I have, so take a look at this gap that you need to fill before reaching our place. If you managed to reach this place on the next 8 months, then I am looking forward at your performance at the next Hegemon Cup," said Immortal as if he was sending off Shin on the other side.

Then Immortal swung the bone staff on his right hand and sent the huge blazing black spear at Shin's direction while saying. "I am pretty sure that I can create an excellent undead with that body of yours."

Shin stared at the incoming black spear while smiling bitterly at himself under his mark. "So, it is still not enough in the end. Tsk! Looks like Arthur is right. This game is really not so simple as it seems."

It was not Shin didn't want to dodge with any of his escaping skills that he currently had. The problem was he couldn't do it even if he wanted to. His concentration was already failing him by much. Aside from forcing himself to remain standing on his place, he was also doing his best to endure the pressure that Immortal was giving. And with all of those, he didn't have any extra energy to execute any other skill.

All Shin could do was to close his eyes and accept the current result. "Looks like this was going to be my first lost and defeat."

But he refused to back down even in the face of death. That was why he opened his eyes once again and calmly looked at the incoming black spear as if he was confidently saying that he could be defeated for now, but it might not be the same for the future.


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