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Immortal squinted his eyes when he looked at Shin. And even if he couldn't see the expression that latter had made behind that mark, he could still guess what his opponent was currently feeling based on his battle experiences.

And right now, here, facing his new guy, Immortal could feel that his guy in front of him was not afraid at all. Especially that he could still see the eyes of his opponent. That was a sign of courage of some of course. But for Immortal, what he felt with those eyes was ridicule. Yeah, he felt like Shin was ridiculing him with that kind of look with his eyes.

With that, Immortal's face suddenly turned solemn as he stared to looked at Shin with a look that was saying he was ready to kill.

"You dared to mock me? Looks like I am too lenient on you earlier. This time, I will slaughter you and make sure to shatter that confidence of yours," muttered Immortal to himself while getting ready for that battle.

And this time, Immortal didn't plan to wait for Shin to do the initiative for the attack. He was planning to take the first move instead. But his first target this time was not Shin, it was the Phantom Clone instead.

The reason for that was Immortal kept having a bad feeling whenever this clone get near him, the threat that it was currently giving was much more intense than the threat that he was getting from Shin who was the summoner himself.

Even if he hated that look in Shin's eyes, that didn't mean that he lost of the reason on this fight. And even if directly attacking Shin seemed to be much easier, that didn't mean he could kill Shin in an instant. No matter how much he hated it, he still needed to admit that this guy had some skills at the very least. So, he still couldn't let his guard down when planning to take down either one of them.

But even if that was the case, Immortal still prefer to have Shin's main body to become the hidden threat than the Phantom Clone. It was because he was fully aware that clones have higher stats than the main body. What's more, it was quite obvious that this clone was a high-class one, which also mean that it could use most of the skills of its summoner. And if that was really the case, then it could also use the dual domain skills that Shin had casted earlier.

Well, considering all of those, it was natural for Immortal to take down the Phantom Clone first. And Immortal didn't wait for anything any longer, he immediately waved his bone scepter in the air and created a bunch of dark elemental Mana spears in the air. Then on the next wave of his bone scepter, those dark spears where sent flying towards the Phantom Clone.

Naturally, Shin would not let his clone to die just like that. Especially that was also aware that it was the only thing that could help him to stand a chance on this fight.

With that, he immediately controlled his clone to retreat as fast as possible. And since the dark spears were quite fast and seemed to be chasing after the Phantom Clone, Shin was forced to let it dodge with a couple of its escaping skills. Even if the Phantom Clone managed to dodge the first barrage of attacks from Immortal, some of its escaping skills were also burned out in the process.

And naturally, Shin would not be in idle either. He was not going to stand there and do nothing. He rushed towards Immortal fearlessly with a great speed as he tried to get near the latter.

If Shin was able to at least reached to 20-meter mark away from Immortal, he could put the latter at the range of his 'Ruler's Authority' domain skill. Unfortunately, the Lich God would not let it happened. Every time that Shin was able to reached the 25-meter mark, he was going to get assaulted by either a bunch of black spheres or a group of shadow arrows, that was a lot stronger than the one that he experienced earlier. And whenever that happened, he was always forced to halt his charge at that range.

And this process lasted for a couple of minutes which put Shin in the difficult situation once again. During these past minutes, Shin's concentration was starting to fall, which also affected his battle bit by bit. The Phantom Clone's health was already less than 50% of its total health, while the health of Shin's main body was also reaching the 50% mark. What's more, the duration of the 'Mond's Movements' was also coming to an end.

Well, if Shin was being put in this predicament, then Immortal was getting even more frustrated as the time goes by. It was because Shin and the Phantom clones was able to escape from him from time to time, even if the death was always upon them. And whenever Shin and his clone were put in a corner, Shin was able to find a way to break away from that situation from time to time.

And due to that, Immortal felt that he was being humiliated. A Peak-Godlike Player like him couldn't even kill a player that was not even an Official High Ranker. Even if he could only use a limited number of skills on this cloned body of his, his battle prowess should still be on a whole different level than Shin.

And when the things reach this point, Immortal decided to use one of his hidden cards that he wanted to save for the later if ever there was another troublesome guy that might appear later. He smashed the bottom of his bone scepter at the ground beneath him creating a powerful shockwave.

On the next moment, the ground of the hall immediately trembled followed by a bunch of cracks that spread in all of direction. Then a huge undead monster crawled out of the ground. This undead monster looked like a serpent that was made of bone.

'Occultist Skill (Tier 2): Boneward Serpent'

But Shin did a bold decision at the very same moment, he activated the dual domain skills that the Phantom Clone; he simultaneously released the 'Ruler's Authority' and 'Monochrome Field' domain skills of his clone. At same time, he also activated the 'Nephilim's Ascent' of the clone on that exact moment.

Unfortunately, the skills didn't seem to stock up with the domain skills the he had activated earlier. But Shin did another bold move, he abandoned all of the buffs and domain skills that were active by switching up the [Apocalypse Set] with the [Dawn and Dusk Equipment Set]. And in the spit second before the drawbacks of the double berserk kicks in, he quickly activated another berserk skill of the new set by combining the [Dawn Blade] and [Dusk Blade] into one and transforming it into a reaper's scythe.

'Dawn and Dusk Equipment Set Skill: The Dusk and Dawn: Reaper's State'

This new form gave Shin a triple increase with his stats and 200% bonus movement speed. But he was not done yet, because on the very next moment after it, he activated another buff skill the boosted his movement speed further!

'Equipment Skill (Dawn Trousers: Leg Armor): Speed of Light'

After that, Shin quickly charged forward with a speed that almost surpassed the speed of sound. He was planning to get near Immortal as soon as possible to either land a single blow or at least touched any part of his opponent's body.

It was for him to use one of the special skills that this current equipment set had.


Death Sentence(Active): When you are in Reaper's State, you have the right to take someone else life.

Range: 100 meters away from you.

Kill Order: 2 times(Sure Kill Single Target Skill)

Cooldown to recharge: 1 week

Note 1: Can only use on a player.

Note 2: The enemies that become victim of this skill will enter a weakened state for one Natural Week when they re-spawned.


This might be a very OP(Overpowered) skill. But Shin also discovered that this skill had a quite troublesome flaw, which was its hidden restriction. And that was he needed to either land a hit on his opponent even for a bit (to take some blood) or touch his opponent's body even for a brief moment.

If he was able to achieve even a single one of these, then Immortal would surely die as long as he was inside the 100-meter range. But again, that was easier to said than done. Since the start of the battle, Shin only able to get near Immortal once; and it never happened again.

And now, even if Shin had his current speed, Immortal seemed to be anticipated his threat. That was why, he immediately positioned the bone serpent at Shin's path the moment it was summon, blocking Shin and halting his charge. And with that, Shin was forced to battle the bone serpent.

Meanwhile, the Phantom Clone took that chance to attack. But this time, it didn't charge forward. Instead, the clone tightened its grip on both of its sword while accumulating a blood-colored Mana on them. Then it swung its swords on its front while releasing those accumulated Blood Mana and sending a bunch of crescent sword wave in crimson color.

'Elemental Skill (Blood): (Phantom Clone) Blood Rampage'

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Immortal raise one of his eyebrows when he witnessed what was happening. The threat level that he was getting from these two were now on an even ground. But now that his bone serpent was making Shin a little busy with it, he could now start focusing on eliminating the Phantom Clone.

First, he blocked the barrage of crimson crescent sword wave that was coming after him. And he did that with a simple gesture of waving his hand forward to create a curtain of dark elemental Mana.

'Extra Skill: Darkness Curtain'

Strangely enough, the collision of the two powers didn't even create a single sound. All of the sword waves were silently sucked by the darkness curtain without having much of a resistance.

And when Immortal made sure that other side was done casting the skill, he waved his free hand once again, making the 'Darkness Curtain' turned into a black sphere that was sucked by Immortal's left hand immediately after.

Then Immortal opened his left hand and faced his palm at the Phantom Clone. On the next instant, a bunch of blood-colored crescent sword waves were sent at the clone with much more power and faster speed than the sword waves that it sent earlier.

'Extra Skill: Reflection of Darkness'

Swoosh! Shoosh! Shoosh!

But the Phantom Clone was not going to wait for demise either. The katana on its right hand suddenly set ablaze with black-colored flames before transferring some of it towards the longsword on its other hand. Then both of the arms of the clone suddenly turned into a blur as it quickly thew a bunch of slashes on his front and sending a barrage of sword waves towards the waves at him.

'Weapon Skill (Phantom Clone): Nephilim's Flame'

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Even if the sword waves that came from Immortal was quite stronger, the number of the sword waves that the Phantom Clone had sent was still greater due to its high attack speed. Given that, the contest of this power was still on equal grounds.

At the point of time, Immortal was now planning to cast a one strong spell that could end this battle. But that problem was he couldn't find a good chance to cast it properly for he didn't expect that the speed of these two will reach this level.

If he was in his real body then it was not a big problem. He could any skill he wanted in a faster level, unfortunately he was not. What's more, he was also currently dealing with Simba with his main body so his concentration will be at risk if he started to chant a strong spell in the middle of the battle.

And while Immortal was having that kind of thoughts, Shin gave him another surprise that might gave him an additional trouble.


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