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Child of Destiny 22 Why Am I Always Being Force To Become Someone Else Disciple?

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The battle between the Battle Genius and a Gifted Adept is about to reach its end.

Shin take one step backwards with his right foot, while he twisting his waist in a counterclockwise motion and pulling his right hand fist and shoulder together with it.

Next he control his inner 'Qi' and focus it on his right hand. And when it reach its peak, it cause the gathering 'Qi' to shine with a blinding silver-light that last for at least few seconds before disappearing again without leaving a single trace.


Then suddenly a powerful gust of wind explodes from Shin's right hand resulting for all the air in the vicinity to become violent, and after few moments these gusting winds gather around Shin's right fist and waiting for it to be release like a fierce tiger in the cage.

And after all of that, Shin lower his hips before putting some strength on his legs. And then he jump forwards leaving trails of a gloomy silverly light behind while throwing a twisting straight punch at the girl.

'Simplified Ultimate Yin-Yang Arts: Fist of the Furious White Tiger'

At the same time, while Shin is doing all of that, the princess of the Stuart family powerfully swing her right arm outwards resulting for the Mental Energy around her to revolve even more faster and stronger.

Then she repeated the process with her left arm but in an opposite direction, and it makes the the revolving Mental Energy to be divided into two different parts. The upper part is revolving counterclockwise while the lower part is moving to the other direction.

Then she swing her left hand inwards, dividing the upper portion into two parts, and same goes for the lower portion when she swing her right hand. She repeated the process until the revolving Mental Energies around her transformed into two mini-tornado fused together but spinning in an opposite direction.

After that she raise her right hand in the air causing for the twin-tornado like Mental Energies around her to close the gap above her head, and turning the spinning Mental Energies to be enclose and looks like a revolving lotus.

'Simplified Final Lotus Technique: Great Order of the Blooming Lotus'


The both of them use their strongest skill while betting everything on it. One is attacking while the other is defending.

Both Shin and the princess girl looks different on each other's eyes.

In the girl's perspective, it looks like Shin transform into a white tiger that is pouncing on its prey while opening its mouth and showing its fang.

In the meantime in Shin's eyes, the girl is like a fairy being protected by a gigantic lotus, and it is spinning greatly to prevent her from coming in contact to anything that my harm her.


*Tssst* *Tssst* *Tssst*

A deafening sound is created when Shin's fist come in contact on the girl's revolving Mental Energies. Shin gritted his teeth while pressing his right fist forward trying to force the spinning lotus to collapse.

"Ahhh!!!!" Shin is shouting while taking one step forward and using all of his strength in his body just to push his right arm forward.


Then a very loud explosion is created after that one last push. If not for the isolation barrier set up by Grandmaster Benn, then this explosion is already been heard by the people in the Lake Heart Hotel.

And together with the explosion is a violent gust of wind sending all the dust in all direction and also making the falling leaves to dance in the air.

And when the gusting wind stops and the scattered dusts started to settle down, then the two figures in the middle are starting to be revealed.

The princess girl is still standing straight and raising her right hand in the air, while Shin's right fist is pointed at her face determining the result of this battle.

Shin still manage to stop in the right time, his fist is just few inches from the girl's face, and it only send a gust of wind resulting for the girl's hair-tie to be stripped off from her hair and releasing it from being ponytailed.

Shin retract his hand slowly before looking at her while smilingly said "I've won."

The princess girl close her eyes while putting down her right hand, then she regulates her breathing and ignored Shin.

When Shin see that the girl don't want to reply he shrugged his shoulders before turning around and starting to walk away slowly.

Even though he have exhaust most of his strength from that last attack he still have some reserve for him to get back in the Hotel.

And when Shin is almost a hundred meters away from her, the princess girl opens her eyes and stared at Shin's back before shouting at Shin after some hesitation. "Hey! I am Alice Stuart! And I will be looking at you in the future for the payback of this loss."

Shin didn't put a lot of thoughts on the girl's late reply because he is already too tired to think consider anything else, so he just wave his right hand and answer back without turning his head. "OK! You are welcome anytime! My name is Shin Kinghad."

Alice look at Shin until she can't see him anymore. Then she close her eyes while taking a deep breath before calling out her bodyguard. "Uncle Peter."

A slim middle-age man wearing a black tuxedo appear behind Alice while bowing at her before asking "You've called second princess?"

Alice look at him before saying. "Uncle, please investigate that guy's background. I want to know everything about him, especially if he have some connection with my Elder Sister."

Peter nodded his head before disappearing ones again.
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Meanwhile Shin is almost at the hotel, but when he is about to reach the entrance gate, a fat old man in an oversized Taoist robe blocked his path.

Shin stopped his steps while looking at the fat old man cautiously because he felt an extreme danger coming from his front, but he can't even sense the old man's presence at all.

The fat old man is the same old man that is watching Alice and Shin's battle earlier, along with Alice bodyguard 'Peter'. He is Grandmaster Benn, and when he saw Shin's reaction after seeing him, he smiled mysteriously while saying. "Be at ease kid, I'm just here to ask you about few things."

Shin didn't reply on what have Grandmaster Benn said, he just stand on his place while looking at the old man.

Grandmaster Benn clicked his tounge before saying. "Tsk, quite a cautious kid Huh? Either way, I just want to know who is your master. Can you tell me?"

Shin stared at Grandmaster Benn for a few seconds before replying after some hesitation. "My bad old man, that old geezer don't want me to tell anyone that I'm his disciple."

"Haha... I thought so. Well actually I also did not expect you to tell me either, but I already have an idea on who is it. I just ask you for me to confirm it." said Grandmaster Benn while laughing, it is as if he already have confirm what he want to know.

"If you don't have anything to add, then I'm going back to my room to have rest." said Shin before walking towards the hotel while cursing in his heart. 'What the hell is wrong with this day? Why can't I have my rest on the usual time?'

Grandmaster Benn watch Shin walked passed him. And when Shin is passing through the entrance gate, Grandmaster Benn open his mouth and said to Shin while fondling his overgrown mustache. "Kid, do you want to be a Mentalist?"

Shin pause his steps and turned his head to the old man with a startled expression on his face. He open and close his mouth but no words come out.

Grandmaster Benn laugh softly when he see Shin's reaction and said. "Haha... Kid don't be so surprise kid. I know that you are already aware that your willpower is monstrously high. And it is going to be at waste if you don't use it properly."

Shin is about to argue but Grandmaster Benn continue on what he are saying. "Even though you can't be a 'Kaleidoscope Mentalist' because it is going to harm your Martial-Art Foundation, you can still become a 'Psychic Mentalist' since it doesn't complicate with your Martial-Art, actually it can even support it."

Shin is stuck in a dilemma when he heard what the fat old man have said. Then he stared blankly at Grandmaster Benn for a few moments before replying. "I'm sorry senior, but didn't think that it is suitable for me to become a Mentalist."

"Tsk, you are going to waste your potential if you don't maximize it. How about become my student?" said Grandmaster Benn out of nowhere.

'What the? Is this old man out of his mind? Asking someone to become his students, even though he already know that I already have a master?' said Shin in his heart while looking at Grandmaster Benn speechlessly.

"Haha, Kid I'm not asking you to become my disciple, what I'm trying to say is to take me as your Teacher and not as your Master." said Grandmaster Benn as if he heard what Shin have said.

Grandmaster Benn didn't wait for Shin to say something and continue. "Even though that Old Monster has a unbelievably strong Martial-Arts and know a thing or two about Mentalism, he still can't teach you better than me."

After saying all of that, Grandmaster Benn point his right index finger to Shin and sending a bluish-white Mental Energy straight at Shin's forehead.

Shin didn't manage to react on the sudden change of development, the bluish-white Mental Energy pierce through his forehead and penetrate his mind.

Then a lot of information about Mentalism enter his mind. Shin become dizzy because of the sudden addition of knowledge, his vision become blurry while his body started to sway left and right.

Shin can't sense what is happening on his surroundings, but he can still hear what Grandmaster Benn is saying.

"Kid, those are the manual for the basic Mentalism. You can start training your Mental Energy once you finish digesting those knowledge."

"And about your master, I'll go visit him when I have some free time."

Grandmaster Benn is already gone when Shin manage to regain himself. He take another look on his surroundings before cursing to himself. "What the F*ck? Why the hell are all the person that want me to become their disciple are always forcing me to take them as my Master."

"No, it is not forcing, it is more like they are imparting their skills to me without asking for my opinion." Shin release a helpless sigh before going back to the hotel.


The next morning, Shin wake up on the usual time. He take a shower before going outside the hotel to have his routine of morning exercises.

When Shin got back to the hotel lobby, he bumped into Arthur who also just finished his own training routine. Then Arthur walks towards Shin when he saw him.

"Oi! where did go last night? I didn't see you even until midnight." ask Arthur as he get near Shin.

Shin look at him for a moment before replying while walking towards the elevator. "I just went outside to breath some fresh air and digest our battle against that Gorilla Guy."

"Is that so? Tsk, I thought you are with a girl last night." said Arthur while walking along with Shin.

Shin pause his steps when he heard what Arthur have said, then he started walking again after a brief moment.

Even if that brief pause is almost unnoticeable, Arthur still manage to fell that with his sharp senses. He look at Shin with wide eyes while saying. "What? You really are with girl last night? Since when did you got a girlfriend?"

Shin stopped walking and explained, trying to defend himself. "No no, It is not like what you are thinking. It's just that I just bumped into her in the garden not far from here and.."

Shin didn't manage to finish what he are saying when Arthur picked up some keywords and burst out a barrage questions. "What? You manage to hook with a girl, even if you only just bumped into her? What are you, some kind of pickup artist? I thought you were just shut-in?..."

Shin facepalmed when he saw Arthur's reaction. Then he turn around and started to walk away, not bothering to clarify the misunderstanding.

"It is useless to explain anything to this guy when he is acting like this." said Shin while sighing helplessly.

Arthur chase after Shin when he saw his brother is walking away from him. And when he manage to catch up, he started to bombered Shin with another set of questions.


Meanwhile a beautiful girl is doing her morning practice on the garden of a Villa not far from the Lake Heart Hotel. She is wearing a bluish-white martial-art suit while her silver hair is tied on a ponytail.

If Shin is here he will recognize this girl, because she is the same girl that he have spar with last night. She is the second princess of the Stuart Family, Alice Stuart.

When Alice is done with her training, a slim middle-aged man in a tuxedo walks towards her and bowed at her.

Alice look at him and asked. "Uncle Peter, what did you discover about that guy?"

Peter hesitate for a moment before saying. "I'm sorry second princess, I didn't manage to discovered that much about that kid's background. All that I found out are only basic informations, because most of his information are highly classified and is under in the highest security system."

Alice knitted her brows when she heard that, then she asked doubtfully. "We can't even penetrate it with our Family authority?"

Peter smiled helplessly before replying. "But the one that sealed his information is the Springfield Family they have the same level of authority as us."

Alice is surprised at first before asking Peter with a confused look. "What is his relationship with the Springfield Family?"

"From what I have investigated, he is the adapted son of the Springfield Household. Actually it is not a secret either it is just that 'that kid' is quite low profiled character that is why not many are aware of that. Most of the people will only think that he is just a best friend of the young master of the Springfield Family." said Perter while handling a thin file of papers before continuing.

"Those are all the datas that I've got, they are only the most common informations like school background and what he are doing after."

"As for his life before being adopted or where he came from are tightly protected by the security system."

Alice is frowning while scanning the data file that Peter brought. She got a little frustrated when she realized that the thing that she wanted to know is not there.

She look at Peter with a questioning face before asking. "Then did you find out if he have some connection with Big Sis?"

"I'm not sure either, but if we look at the angle of the Springfield Family sealing off about his background before being adopted and the possibility of him knowing the first princess. Then we assume that he is also been a victim of that Organization or he maybe one of Organization people before." replied Peter after some careful analysis.

Alice put down data file on the stone table before falling in a deep thought. When Peter see that he open his mouth to say some suggestion. "Second Princess, there is actually a way for you to know about his background in an easy way."

Alice look at Peter with a 'How?' expression written on her face.

"It is little simple second princess. Aren't you quite close with the Young Miss of the Flying Dragon Corporation? You can just directly ask her about him." said Peter.

Alice come to realization when he heard that. "Ah! That is right, Big Sis Shiella is also from the Springfield Family. I've almost forgot about that because it has been awhile since I've meet her!"

After that she walk towards the Villa after asking Peter to prepare the car that she will be using.


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