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Forced with no other choice, Hanzo couldn't do anything but open the door.

He walked helplessly at the door before placing both of his palms at the door as he tried to feel what was on the other side. And when he made sure that there was not much threat that might harm him from the other side, he strengthened both of his arms before pushing the metal door forward.

Then a metallic creaking sound was created when Hanzo pushed the door. And the moment a little gap was created due the opening of the door, the gusting Mana that were coming from every direction started surging inside the room in a more violent fashion.

At the same time, the guards of the group suddenly gone up high when the saw that, specially Hazno who was in the forefront and pushing the metal door open. But slightly unexpected, nothing came from the other side of the door, no one ambushed them on that moment.

Shin knitted his brows with confusion when saw that nothing happened, but he didn't let his guard down yet, as well as the others. And after making sure that no other threats coming from the other side, he started entering the room together with his team.


And once the entire group entered the room, the door suddenly closed on itself and came smashing with a very loud metallic sound. Fortunately, Shin and the others were not surprised on it, the elemental spirits were not some guys that would get scared just because of it. While Shin, on the other hand, was kind of expecting that.

And the moment that the door was closed, the room were suddenly had gone dark, making it hard for the group to see. But that only lasted for a second because the group immediately activated their own methods to see on the dark.

Shin's eyes suddenly glowed with a blue-colored light as he activated the 'True Sight' skill of his. He didn't use it properly earlier because it was quite useless against the illusion formation before. It was because even if the rank of that formation was quite similar to this skill, it still had a core that was stronger than him that was why it managed to negate the effects of the 'True Sight' skill.

At the same time, Hanzo was calmly scanning the surrounding with his strengthened senses. The pair of Vladimir and Grimrace, on the other hand, didn't even activate any of their skills as they could see in the dark without problem. Especially Grimrace since he was a Shadow Spirit who was a part of the darkness so this kind of place was somewhat like a paradise to him. It was also the case for Whitie as it had a pair eyes that could naturally see in the dark without problem.

And after looking on the surroundings for a moment, Shin and the others discovered that they were inside an enclosed corridor. And when they made sure that there were no threat present on the place, the group started moving forward.

And while they were advancing forward, Shin was still knitting his brows for the place was too silent. 'D*mn! I got a bad feeling about this. This kind of silence is telling me that there is nothing good at the end of this corridor.'

As Shin's senses were telling him about the threats that might came ahead of them, the group finally reached the end of the enclosed corridor. And just like any other else, what was on the other side of it was a huge hall.

But this hall had nothing present of it aside from the huge pentagram that was drawn in the entire floor of hall and the floating broken sword in the middle of it. And it didn't take for an idi*t to guess what was this place for, and the same went for the floating broken sword at the center of the hall.

"This is quite a complicated pentagram that we have here. Looks like the guy that build this is not a simple someone," commented by Hanzo as he took at look at the pentagram that was drawn on the floor.

Shin frowned his eyebrows a little when he heard that. He then turned his head at the Void Spirit and said. "You recognized it? So, do you know how this thing works?"

Hanzo smirked at Shin when he heard that as if he had gotten a stupid question. "What do you think about me, kid? At least I live for a long time already. Well, as for this pentagram, it is something that more powerful than the formation that is set up on the place where I have been imprisoned."

Shin knitted his brows and asked a little more. "And? Do you know how to break it? And a way to retrieve that Relic?"

Hanzo thought for a moment before replying. "This pentagram is quite simple to breach compared to the formation that the Formation that was built on the place that imprisoned me before, and that is to defeat the one operating this place. Aside from that method there is no other way, because even if you manage to destroy the whole place, it will still continue running unless you killed the operator itself."

Hanzo thought for a moment before immediately adding to what he had said. "But there is also some restriction on this, and that is the operator can't get out of this place or at least one of his representative, or else, the formation will crumbled."

Shin was still knitting his brows at this point, it was because if what Hanzo had said was right, then the one that he needed to defeat was most likely Immortal himself given that guy's cunningness. But from what Shin had knew, Immortal was currently battling Simba. He was sure of that since he saw Simba chased after Immortal earlier.

And while Shin and others were scanning the surroundings, they suddenly heard a voice coming above that was saying. "Are you looking for me?" with a little bored tone.

The group immediately halted what they were doing and simultaneously raise their heads above to look at the source of the voice. And there, they saw a hooded guy floating in the air that was also currently looking at them.

And that hooded guy didn't wait for the others to replied at him and said. "Looks like you guys are quite eager to meet me, huh?" while floating down a little.

At this time, Shin become confused the moment he confirmed that he didn't misheard that voice. 'Huh? Why is this guy here?'

And as if he was used to it, the guy floating in the air removed the hooded that was hanging over his head, revealing his identity. And who was he? Strangely enough, this guy was the 'Lich God: Immortal' that was supposedly battling the 'War God: Simba'.

And when he saw that, Shin became even more confused when he confirmed that this guy was Immortal. He was sure that this guy was really Immortal because his 'True Sight' skill was confirming it for him. This ocular skill was in Epic Rank and was able to see through any kind off disguise as long as the skill that the other side were using was at least the same rank as him. And since he was confident that there were no Legendary Skill released on the current stage of the game, he was sure that this guy was really Immortal.

And given that, the expression on Shin's face suddenly became even more solemn as he looked at the guy floating above them. It was because he knew that this situation was going to become a very troublesome matter.

Immortal couldn't see the expression of Shin due to the mask that was currently wearing, but that didn't mean he couldn't feel it. And he couldn't help but formed a satisfied smile with his lips when he felt that his opponent starting to feel some 'fear' from him. 'Yeah, this was it. Tremble in fear.'

And when he saw that Shin and the others were getting ready for the battle, Immortal suddenly smirked at them and said. "Heh! Don't try doing something funny. These guys might be effective against some dumb monsters in the field using these original body combat form of theirs, but they are quite useless against someone like me."

After saying that, Immortal made a snap with his right-hand thumb and index finger while chanting out a couple of words. "Go back to where you belong."

And the thing that came after that was something that rendered Shin speechless. A very powerful pressure came out from Immortal's body and made the Elemental Spirits that Shin had summoned to unable to move their bodies. And on the very next instant, the trio of Hanzo, Vladimir, and Grimrace were forced to released their original fighting body and returned on their speck of lights form that were circling around Shin's body.

Shin was staring blankly at the scene as he couldn't believe what had happened. Yeah, he heard from Faker before that some players have a skill that could force-cancel the summoning of his Elemental Spirits, but he didn't expect it to be on such degree.

Then Immortal finally floated done from the air while saying. "Alight, now that we don't have any nuisance anymore, I guess we can now start our battle? I was hoping that you are someone that was worthy for the War God's trust. But base on your current reaction and the fact that you don't even know how to properly utilized you Elemental Companions, I am quite disappointed on you. Or maybe I just set my standards a little too high on you?"

Given that Immortal was currently standing in front of him, Shin tried to contact Simba for him to know what really happened on the other side. But unfortunately for him, all kinds of communications were being blocked by this place so he couldn't contact the other side and the same for the others.

And with all of these, Shin suddenly felt a little helpless. And since he couldn't do anything about it, all he could do was to face this predicament head-on. 'Tsk! Now, this is really something that can be call a total disaster. Looks like this time, I need to go all out from the very start, or else I will really be dead for sure.'

But while having those kinds of thoughts, Shin suddenly felt something that was quite unusual. Immortal was not making any kind of preparation to attack him or at least defend himself. From what he knew, this guy should be a Necromancer so he should be summoning a bunch of undeads at this point of time.

'Is this guy underestimating me too much or he is just confident that he could summon his undead monsters in time before I manage to reach him?' this thought of Shin was quite within the reason since this guy in front of him was someone that was standing at the peak of being a player that had a Necromancer Class.

But that was also were another unusual thing came in his mind. If this guy Immortal was that strong, then why he was still wasting some time talking to Shin? He could end him in an instant after all; similar to what Simba had did to Elliot earlier. What's more, there was no need for him to force-cancel the summoning of Shin's Elemental Companions.

This suspicion become real when he remembered and noticed something. From what he had read and watched on the forums before, this guy should have some Elemental Companions on him too. And there were also some rumors that all of them were Abomination Spirits.

But when Shin took a closer look at Immortal, he couldn't see any kind of specks of light that was circling around Immortal. 'Huh? Where are they? Did he hide them somewhere or-…?"

Shin was trailing his thoughts when he came at this point. And that was when the caught a glimpse of his clones standing beside him at the corner of his eyes. And when that happened a sudden thought came inside his head. 'Eh!? Could it be? But Is that even possible? And I am correct then this guy may have some stats that are a little stronger that the original body unless this guy's strength was weakened for the advance settings. Should I gamble it?'

And while having those quick trails of thoughts, Shin realized something once again. 'Wait! If this guy was just a clone, then that means Immortal was currently controlling this main body together this clone simultaneously. I doubt that it is an AI since Clone's AI can only have high battle standards and not conscience no matter how high is it.'

And after running all of those thoughts, Shin finally come in to a decision. 'If that was the case then it is worth the gamble. I am pretty confident that Leo can put more pressure on Immortal to focus controlling his main body. So, I really need to do this in a fast-paced manner to put a little more pressure and force him to focus on either side of the battle, or at least force him to make a slip on his concentration.'

Given all of those, Shin started making preparations for the incoming battle.


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