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Meanwhile, on the other side where Simba and Immortal were going to have their battle, everything seemed so calm unlike how it was supposed to be. The two Peak-Class Godlike Players were just standing on their place not even bothering to move even for an inch. Even their Aura Manifestation was not released.

And few more moments of standoff, Immortal started chuckling and said to Simba. "Hehe… Looks like you are quite calm now War God. To think that you are not going to attack me even if I am already standing right in front of you, that was pretty much unlike you."

Simba immediately released a smirking sound while saying. "Heh! Don't take me as a fool Immortal. I may be a quite reckless person but I am not an idi*t. Don't tell me that you really think that I will jump in on your trap aimlessly?"

"Heh! Looks like you change quite a bit too. But are you sure that you are just going to stand and do nothing?" said Immortal chucklingly.

"Well, my actually job was to hold you down while the others are doing their work. So, it is no big deal if I am fighting you or not," said Simba with the same chuckling manner.

Now, Immortal smirked at Simba and said. "Looks like you are a little confident your companions, huh? But I wonder if they are able to stopped my plans in time."

Simba pursed his lips a little when he heard that and said. "With those words, I am now beginning to become curious at what you are doing on this place. Especially when you bring four of your Apostles even if you have some problems on your home turf."

Immortal suddenly started to knit his brows after hearing that and seeing Simba's attitude. He squinted his eyes and asked the latter with a little solemn tone. "What are you scheming now, War God?"

With this, Simba formed a huge grin with his lips before saying. "Well, it is nothing special since all I need is to pin you on a single place and everything will be set in motion."

'Could it be this guy brought someone that are quite impossible for my Apostles to handle? Or is it something else? Well, I can't do these talks to him if that was the case,' thought Immortal to himself before planning to change the flow of things. "If you don't want to start this battle then let me do the pleasure."

After that, Immortal stretched his left arm to the side, summoning his bone-like staff with a large skeleton hand on its top. And immediately after that, he quickly tapped the bottom of his staff on the ground in a powerful manner.

And on the very next moment, the ground slightly trembled followed by the summoning of different undead monsters that were crawling from the ground.

'Grand Necromancer: Call of the Undead'

And just like that before, all of the ordinary summons of Immortal was not ordinary. The weakest summon of them all were weaker versions of Undead Knight and Blaspheme, or other similar undead monsters.

A moment later, the whole place on Immortal side was immediately crowded by a bunch of undead monsters.

Their numbers were quite many, but Simba was still looking at the sight with a calm expression of his face. No… In fact, there was also a slight mocking in it. It was as if he was saying. – "Are you sure that you are going to send just these guys at me? Are you underestimating me a little too much?"

And as if he responding at Simba's thoughts, Immortal tapped his boney-staff on the ground once again while chanting out a single word. "Merge"

On the very next moment, all of the monsters started fusing with each other. The lesser Undead Knights fused together before creating a brand-new Undead Knight that stood for 5 meters tall. The lesser Blasphemes, on the other hand, merged with each other together with to other corpse types of undeads. And a moment later, it became a muscular monster with a slightly taller height than the giant Undead Knight.

'Grand Necromancer Skill: Undead Fusion: Skeleton Giant Knight'

'Grand Necromancer Skill: Undead Fusion: Blaspheme Flesh Golem'

But Immortal was not done yet. It was because he summoned a dark spiral gate on his left side after finishing the previous two. And a moment after that, a knight with a full-body black armor walked out of that gate. This knight also had a longsword sheathed on the left sight of his waist while holding a kite shield on his left hand.

'Occultist Skill (Tier 2): Summon Death Knight'

And on the next moment, Immortal waved his left hand for another time as he summoned a few specks of black lights that were circling around him. And after another wave of the same hand, three of those specks of lights broke away from him and flew on the high-ranking undead monsters that he had summoned before fusing with them. 

Give that, those seemed to be mindless monsters suddenly got some reason and became a little intelligent. What's more, they also seemed to become a much more stronger than they were first summoned.

And when Simba saw the two giant monsters standing behind Immortal and the Death Knight on his left side, he couldn't help himself but have a huge grin with his lips. "Yeah, that is more like it."

Then he started pulling out the double-headed battle-axe that was hanging on his back. At the same time, he also started releasing his Aura Manifestation at the same time. Then a huge silhouette suddenly appeared behind him before forming a figure of a muscular humanoid creature that was possessing some furs on the surface of its upper bare body and a head that belongs to a Human. And together with appearance of that Aura Manifestation was a burst of bloodlust pressure that was sent in every direction.

Together with that, five specks of lights with different colors, appeared around him and circled around his body.

But Simba didn't immediately move after that and just stood on his spot with no intention of moving. It was the same, he was inviting Immortal to make his move first. 

And as if coordinating with him, Immortal muttered a single word "Go!", ordering his undead monsters to attack the former.

Roar! Roar!


The two giants simultaneously released a pair deafening roars before leaping forward at Simba at the same time. The Death Knight, on the other hand, started sprinting forward.

"Hmm… So~ who among you shall I use first?" muttered Simba as if he was talking to himself. And he suddenly added a moment later. "Alright, you go first, Bear"

And when he muttered that, the brown colored speck of light that was circling around him suddenly broke away from the cycle before transforming to a silhouette of a Beastman that looked like a hybrid of a human and a bear.

He stood behind Simba before turning into an illusionary figure and fusing with the latter's body. And on the next, moment the muscles on Simba's body suddenly increase in size a little in a brief moment before contracting once again.

But during this moment, the pressure that Simba was currently releasing increased by at least three folds.

After that, he held his battle-axe with both of his hands and tightened his grip. Then he twisted his waist in a clockwise direction while focusing a lot of his strength on his battle-axe and arms.

And before the descending undead monsters arrived at him, he quickly re-twisted his waist on the opposite direction while swinging his battle-axe at the same direction in a very powerful diagonal manner.

'Self-Created Skill (Personalized): Circle Swing: Shockwave'



Bang! Bang!

Then a powerful shockwave was sent at the descending undead monsters before repelling them to be sent flying back in the air after they being hit by it.

And this was also the same time, when the Death Knight arrived in front of Simba. But Simba also forced his swing to come into a sudden halt at the very same moment. And before the Death Knight managed to do anything, Simba was already swinging his battle-axe at his front.

'Extra Skill: Beast Cleaver'


And since it was already too late for the Death Knight to dodge, all it could do was to raise its kite-shield on its front as it tried to block the incoming attack.

Unfortunately for it…


It was also sent flying backwards after getting hit by that attack.

And after repelling those three undead monsters, Simba suddenly used the momentum of his last swing to raise his battle axe in the air while accumulating all of his strength on it. Then, on the very next moment started swinging it downwards and slamming it on the ground on another powerful manner.

'Self-Created Skill (Personalized): Earth Splitter'


When the blade of Simba's battle-axe hit the ground, earth was suddenly split and created a fissure that extends on Immortal's direction.

Immortal, on the other hand, calmly tapped the bottom of his staff on the ground once again. Then a bunch of dark energy was suddenly attracted on his front before creating a semitransparent black wall made by those dark energies. 

'Extra Skill: Wall of Shadows'


And that black wall was able to halt the advance of the incoming earth fissure. But at the same time, a cloud of smoke was created when the two sides collided.

Then everything seemed to come back to being calm done once again, after that series of events.

When the cloud of dust started to settle down, Simba was revealed on Immortal's sight once again. And from the looked of it, he didn't even take a single step closer towards the latter.

Then Simba started talking once again. "Heh! Don't try to bait me even for a bit Immortal. I am not going to jump there and get myself caught in your trap. So~ I you don't start fighting me properly then, you are just going to waste a bunch of your time."

Immortal was currently frowning his brows a little as become a little confused a Simba's current attitude. 'What is this guy's plan? He seems to be a little more cautious than his usual style.'

A moment later, he started to become suspicious at the man in front of him before a sudden thought entered his mind. Then he started laughing out loud when he thought about that. "Hahaha… are you sure about this, War God? Do you honestly believe that I am that careless to leave myself open?"

Then he looked at Simba with a mocking gaze. "Too bad for you. Since you already fall on my trap the moment you chase after me."

Simba suddenly squinted his eyes as he looked at Immortal, and that was also when he suddenly realized about something. 'D*mn! I forgot to warn Shin bro about that thing! Tsk! Looks like this is going to become a little more problematic then. I forgot that this guy has that kind of ability."


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