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Elliot looked solemnly at the man in front of him together with a cautious look at his face. He couldn't help it because this guy in front of him was a person that not only have some reputation under his belt but also someone that have some set of skills that were real deal.

What's more, the Aura Manifestation at Faker was something the he couldn't ignore, especially since the pressure that he was getting from that Aura Manifestation was getting higher and higher as the time went by. It was as if he was feeling the impending death that was coming after his life.

Elliot shook his a little while smiling bitterly before saying to himself. "Looks like I also need to go all out this time."

Then he also started releasing the Aura Manifestation of his own. And immediately after that, a huge silhouette also appeared behind him before forming a figure of a hooded skeletal human holding a long scepter with both of its hand.

At the same time, this Aura Manifestation was also releasing a bunch of monstrous pressure that dyeing the surroundings with an even darker color. If Faker's Aura Manifestation was the manifestation of death itself, then this one that was coming from Elliot's body was the formation of darkness.

The two of them stood on their spots and refused at moving even for an inch while letting their Aura Manifestation to battle with each other. And after few moments of mental battle, the stronger side started to show itself. The more Elliot's Aura Manifestation battle with the one that Faker had, the more he felt that death was getting near him as the time went by.

Elliot couldn't help himself but to shake his head and smiled bitterly once again before saying. "Looks like even if this guy had gone in haitus in the game for two years, his battle senses are still sharp as ever. And I also feel the even if I have more battle experience than him inside the game now, I can still feel that that gap is getting smaller and smaller every time I see him."

And at this point, Elliot decided to make the first move. He tapped the bottom of his staff on the ground, making for the ground of trembled for a moment before a bunch of undead monsters started crawling out from the ground. And after a few moments, the entire place was now being swam by a lot of these monsters.

Most of these monsters were skeleton monsters and zombies. And without waiting anything more, Elliot ordered them to rush towards Faker.

And at the same time, Faker made his moves. First, his body suddenly turned into a blur for a very brief moment before splitting into five figures that were most likely a copy of himself. And immediately after that, those five Fakers did a couple of quick consecutive steps forward before sprinting into a dash towards Elliot.

Naturally, the undead monsters were going to prevent them from moving forward, but unfortunately for them, these five Fakers were too fast for them to catch up to. What's more, the movements of these monsters were quite slow, so trying to catch the latter group was quite impossible. But even if that was the case, Elliot didn't seem to be in panic. He just calmly stood on his spot as if he was waiting for something.

And a moment later, Elliot tapped his staff on the ground twice in a quick manner before raising that staff in the air. On the next instant, a bunch of bone spikes rose from the ground and formed a circle around him.

Cling! Cling! Cling!

And that was when a bunch of consecutive metallic sounds were created when a group of throwing daggers collided with the bone spikes.

After that, Elliot immediately wave his left hand to blink away from his current spot. And when he materialized few distances away, he quick waved his left hand and send a bunch of dark arrows at the incoming enemies.

Then the five Fakers suddenly started swaying their bodies left and right before turning their bodies into a couple of dashing silhouettes that was rushing towards Elliot.

But that was also the same time when Elliot suddenly curved his lips into a smirking smile before doing a snap with his left-hand thumb and middle finger. Then, on the next instant-…


All of the undead monsters around Faker suddenly exploded simultaneously before swallowing the Fakers whole with a bunch of huge black flames.

But even if that was the case, Elliot was still frowning his brows as he couldn't even see any kind of system report on his battle log. In short, he didn't even deal any kind of damage on Faker!

Then a sudden chill assaulted his spine as he felt an unknown threat coming from his back!

He immediately blinked away from his current location using one of his escaping skills. But the moment he materialized on the next spot, another threatening feeling suddenly came after him. "What!?"

Given that, Elliot was forced to face whatever coming on him head-on. It was because the timing of this attack was too perfect for him to dodge; and using another blink was already too late.

Then he quickly turned his body around and faced it towards the incoming attack while swinging his staff towards that direction. At the same time, he used a bunch of insta-cast buffs to strengthen himself; specially to reinforce his body.


Fortunately, Elliot's staff managed to block the dagger in time, and finally could see Faker once again. But before he was able to catch his breath, Faker immediately swung the dagger on his other hand and targeted Elliot for another time.

Elliot strengthen his arms before flipping the staff on his hands in a counterclockwise motion, and from the looked of it, he was trying to do the same technique to block the incoming attack once again.

But at the same time, Faker suddenly stopped his swing midway of his movements before doing another strange foot technique. Then his figure blurred from Elliot's perspective once again before appearing behind the necromancer.

Elliot's face suddenly got a grimace expression when that happen. 'D*mn! He is too fast and can do the stop and go actions. I think I can't do this the old way, and since that was the case, let's do it in a fast way basis then.'

Then he immediately activated his berserk skill without further ado. He powerfully stomped his right foot on the ground while making his muscles to strengthen a little. And quickly after that, the tattoos on his skin suddenly started to spread on his entire body all the way that they covered all of his skin with them.


On the next moment, a sudden powerful shockwave exploded from his body and was sent in all of the directions while also sending Faker flying backwards for being gotten a little off-guard.

And while his was thrown in the air, Faker did a multiple consecutive flips midair to lessen the burden of his muscles that came from the impact before landing on the ground in a very gentle manner; it was as if his body was a piece of some feather.

The moment his feet touched the ground, he suddenly jumped forward once again and sprinted towards his opponent without having any kind of second thoughts. He didn't even care if Elliot activated his berserk skill or not. All that was running on his mind was to end this battle as soon as possible.

And that was the time when Elliot turned his body around. And he immediately frowned his eyebrows when he saw that Faker was charging at him without activating his own berserk skill. 'Is this guy underestimating me a little too much? Do you think you can deal with me with just like that?'

As if being provoke, Elliot quickly slammed the bottom of his staff on the ground in a very powerful manner. Then another bunch of undead monsters started crawling out of the ground almost instantly.

And this time, the number of these newly summoned monsters were quite few compared to the skeleton and zombies that he had summoned earlier. But the strengths of this bunch possessed were obviously a lot stronger from the previous ones for all of them were either lesser Undead Knights or weaken Blaspheme.

But even if that was the case, Faker didn't even show any signs of stopping. In fact, he even accelerated his dash while also doing a couple of zigzag movements during the process, he even left a bunch of afterimages behind during his movements.

And at the same time, Elliot failed to follow Faker's movements clearly so he just ordered his summons to charge towards the latter while leaving a few of them behind to protect him.

But unknown to him, the three black specks of lights that were circling around Faker suddenly released a flash of crimson light at a very brief moment before fusing with some of his items. One of them fused with his right-hand dagger, the other fused with his cloak, and the last one went fusing with his boots.

And on the very next moment, Faker speed suddenly skyrocketed with a great margin, and transformed into a dashing silhouette that suddenly accelerated forward while leaving a trail of black light behind.


And during his dash, Faker was also swinging the dagger on his right hand forward. Then all of the undead monsters that he had brushed past to, were suddenly came into a sudden halt with their movements. But that didn't just end there, because on that very same moment, Faker was still continuing his charge and swing at Elliot who was gotten off-guard once again.

And the thing that came after that was somewhat unexpected, Elliot's head was severed from his body and was killed in the process.

Yes… A one hit combo indeed. But even if that was the case. Faker was still frowning his eyebrows. It was because even if he got a notification that he killed Elliot, the undead monsters that the later had summoned were still present in the vicinity and still surrounding Faker.

And that was when, Faker heard a laughing voice saying. "Looks like this is my second death of the day. I didn't expect that I will use my resurrections on here and two times at that. This really surprised me."

Faker turned his head at the source of the voice and saw that the headless corpse of Elliot was currently crouching on the ground and picking up its head. And after that, it reattached its severed head once again.

A moment after that, Elliot was gone back to being alive once again. Then he turned his head at Faker and said. "Should I say, 'As expected to the Death God'? You really are someone that can't be deal with some simple tricks."

Then Faker's head suddenly became solemn when he witnessed all of that. 'Is this guy some kind of cockroach?'

What's more, Faker could also feel that this guy in front of his somehow retained the buffs and straightening powers that he got from the berserk skill that he had used earlier. And the most troublesome at that was Elliot seemed to be not in his berserk state right now since the tattoos on his body were gone back to normal.

And while Faker was having that kind of expression, Elliot suddenly formed an evil grin with his lips before saying with a playful tone. "So~ should we start another round of battle?"

'Nevermind then. If I can kill this guy once, all I have to do was to kill him repeatedly all the way until he can't use that resurrection skill anymore,' thought Faker to himself while getting ready for another battle.

And given all of those, an even more intense battle was about to come.


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