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Elliot face suddenly turned weird when heard about what was happening in the outpost's plaza; especially when he discovered that there was a very strong monster pet battling the corrupted overlord on that place in an equal ground.

"What is happening? Is that Faker's pet? But that pet is too strong for it to become his pet. It is understandable if it is his Elemental Companions but a pet? D*mn! I don't can't understand what is going on right now!" said Elliot when he saw the huge crimson lion that was able to hold its grounds against the corrupted overlord.

And his problem didn't just end there, it was because he couldn't even find whoever sneaked inside the fallen outpost. What's more, his headache kept filling up because most of their scouts scattered inside the fallen outpost were killed without them knowing who killed them. They didn't even know how they died until it was already too late.

Naturally, he was going to inform the mysterious guy that was currently fighting Lawless and the others. It was to inform the guy that they needed to change some of their plans. That mysterious guy couldn't afford to extend the time of his battle now, and needed to finish Lawless' group as soon as possible.

But who would had thought that they still messed up this time? It was because Lawless and the others started summoning their pets at the very same moment. And given that, they were able to take down the corrupted lords at an even faster speed than the previous ones. And even if the mysterious guy tried to send all of the remaining corrupted lords on his side, they were no longer not a match for Lawless and the others for their numbers became a little fewer than before.

And that was when the mysterious guy was forced to use his undead monsters to join the battle, but that only managed to make the battle on a deadlock for Lawless used a special technique to strengthen his pet.

And with all of those, Elliot became even more stressed at the current situation. He already had run out of the pieces that he could move now. What's more, he was not even sure about his opponents inside the outpost. He could only guess that it was Faker and the Nameless Swordsman since they were the only ones missing from Lawless' friend.

Elliot fell in deep thought as tried to make some more adjustments regarding their plans. And after some time of thinking, all that he could come up with was to wait for them in front of the residence of the previous outpost's head.

And after some time waiting, Elliot finally saw that there were two hooded individuals that arrived in front of the previous outpost's head's residence.

"Here they are. I guess I need to do some work this time," muttered Elliot to himself as he looked at the incoming hooded guys.

After that, he transformed into a shadow before disappearing from his spot. And a moment later, he reappeared in front of the residence, not far from the two hooded individuals and blocking their path.

He wanted to say something after appearing, but before he even managed to open his mouth, the figure of one of the two hooded guys in front of him suddenly blurred from his sight.

And immediately after that, he felt an immense threat coming out of nowhere. Then the next thing that he knew was his starting to fall on the ground in a lifeless manner. "Huh? What have happened?"


Then he heard a voice saying. "Let's go. This should be the place."

Then the two hooded figures resumed walking towards the residence in front of them. But before they only managed to take a few steps forward when they suddenly stopped walking one again.

It was because they suddenly felt an intense movement of Mana behind them. And when they turned their heads to take a look at it, what they saw was the 'corpse' lying on the ground was currently absorbing a bunch of Mana from the surroundings. And after a few moments that 'corpse' of Elliot suddenly stood up from the ground in slow manner.

The hooded guy that made his attack earlier wanted to do another assault, but he immediately rejected the idea when he felt something unusual. He knitted his brows for a moment before forming a grin with his lips. "Interesting."

A moment later, Elliot turned his head at the two before saying. "D*mn! That was fast. To think that I need to use one of my resurrection just meeting the two of you? I guess I become a little more careless this time. Looks like I can't even let my guard even for a moment."

Then he paused for a moment to focus his attention at the hooded guy that attack him earlier before continuing. "You, I am pretty sure that you are not from their group, so you might be the external support that they managed to get. And that Lion battling the corrupted overlord is yours. I wonder about your identity."

That hooded guy that Elliot was talking with, just shrugged his shoulders and said. "I don't understand why we need to waste our efforts on these useless talks instead of finishing this battle as soon as possible?"

Elliot suddenly started chuckling at those words and said. "Then how about start attacking me once again?"

The hooded guy suddenly smirked at Elliot and said. "Heh, even if I wanted to do it again, it is impossible to do it now, since I am more interested battling your boss now. But don't fret for this guy beside me is more than enough to entertain you," while tapping the shoulder of the other hooded guy beside him.

Elliot's eyebrows were suddenly locked into a frown after hearing that. But before he was able to open his mouth to say something, the hooded guy suddenly continued talking. "What do you think-…?"

The hooded guy trailed his words as he turned his head at a certain dark area of the plaza before completing what he was saying with a single word. "Immortal?" or a name rather.

Then Elliot and the other hooded guys simultaneously turned their heads at the spot where the previous guy looking. Then what they saw was another hooded figure that walked out from the shadows on that place.

This hooded figure was chuckling when he walked out of that place while removing his hood to reveal his identity. The body of the second hooded guy suddenly released an intense killing intent when he saw that guy while Elliot suddenly become overjoyed as his eyes turned bright since he knew that he didn't have to deal with the troublesome guy in front of him.

The hooded figure who was obviously the 'Lich God', Immortal, turned his head at the first hooded guy and said. "Hehe… I didn't expect that we will meet here, Simba. What's more, you appeared at the very wrong time for me. Are you here to ruin one of my plans too? Looks like the God of War Temple are really sending some people here. Tsk! I already expected for this to happen, but I never thought that you will arrive here in an earlier time than the time that I have expected."

At this point, Elliot who was listening carefully at his boss suddenly trembled when he heard how the latter had addressed the other hooded guy. 'Simba!? That legendary warrior and mythical fighter? The very same 'War God: Simba?'

Then he turned his head at the direction of that hooded guy and sure enough, his question was quickly answered. He also couldn't help but to broke with cold sweat at the same time. 'D*mn! So that was why I didn't managed to react in time against that guy's attack earlier. Looks like I somehow managed to dodge a deadly bullet this time.'

The first hooded guy on the pair which was Simba, also remove his hood while equipping his lion's head helm. Then he looked at Immortal and said. "Well, let's say that there are some coincidences that have happened here and there. So~… are we going to fight it out right now or are we just going to stand here until those guys outside finish their business? Well, anything is fine with me. How about you chose then?"

Immortal started chuckling when he heard that and said. "Still the same as ever, Huh? The same battle maniac just like before and still very confident with your own strength. Are you sure that you are going to let me decide with that? Then how about we switch places from here? After all, this place is quite small for us. What do you think of finding another place that is more suitable for our battle?"

Simba smirked at him and sneered. "Heh! What to go on a place where you set up your trap, Huh? It is pretty much like you, a cunning walking dead as ever. But I don't mind it actually. I am itching to have some actions in the game these past few days after all. And I wonder if you can show me something a little interesting this time since I heard that you become really strong in this game."

Then Immortal suddenly formed an evil grin with his lips and said. "Then you better follow me if that was the case. But make sure to wash your neck for you might die in my hands this time."

After that, Immortal took a few steps backwards before entering the shadows behind him once again and disappearing on sight of the others.

And before going after Immortal, Simba turned his at the other hooded figure and said. "So~, I will be leaving this guy to you, Death God. Don't worry about the others too much, they can handle their sides without having too much of a problem."

"I am pretty sure that we are going to with this battle. That guy never suffered a lost since the time I knew him after all. What's more, he will not do anything that he is not confident with."

After that, Simba didn't even wait for Faker to reply and just jumped powerfully from his spot before landing at the roof of the building in the direction where Immortal had disappeared. Then he started running towards on a certain direction.

Faker just smiled bitterly when he witnessed all of that to happened. Especially since he knew what Simba really meant on the last words that the latter had said. It was for him to not get too worried about Shin who was successful at sneaking inside the residence. 'If even the War God is confident on brother Sickarius' abilities, then I guess I really don't need to get too worried for him and put a little more fate on him then.'

Then he looked at Elliot who was currently standing not too far him and said. 'What I need to be focusing now was to take care of this guy in front me. And let us see if this guy can hasten re-sharping my in-game battle senses.'

Then an intense pressuring aura was released from Faker's body before turning it into his Aura Manifestation.

Elliot felt a sudden chill from his spine when he saw that. No… to be more precise, he couldn't see it clearly. All that he could see was huge silhouette of a hooded figure holding a large scythe with its two hands and standing behind Faker. But that didn't mean it is unstable, in fact, it was a very stable Aura Manifestation. What made it looked like that was the deep-dark aura that was being released by it and making the surrounding temperature to drop with a great margin. It was as if Death was arriving at the scene.

Elliot released a bitter sigh when he saw that and muttered to himself. "Looks like I really need to be careful at this time or else I'll be in a serious trouble later."


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