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Lawless and the others were able to take down the corrupted lords in a very speedy manner as they were able to defeat those two monster lords in less that fifteen minutes. But even if they were able to defeat those monsters quite fast, they still didn't let their guards down. That was because there were now some more corrupted monsters not far from them with a rank that was the same as the ones the they just tool down.

On the fallen outpost gates stood a group of corrupted lords; ten more monsters of the same level and rank to be exact. And in the middle of these monster lords, stood a hooded guy who was looking at them with a calm gaze.

This guy would naturally be the one that was in the residence of the previous outpost head together with Elliot earlier.

At the same time, Lawless and the others didn't need to make a guess to identify who was this hooded guy since it was quite obvious already.

"Tsk! So, that guy really brought an apostle with him. I wonder what is the number of this apostle. As long as he is not among the first three apostles then it is still fine," muttered Lawless to himself as he took a look at the hooded guy not far from them.

And that was the same moment when Lawless received an update from the guys on the other side; it was from Black Hand to be exact. And when he saw the message, his face suddenly become a little more solemn. 'There are also two apostles on the other side? Then, together with this guy in front of us, there are a total of 3 apostles now! D*mn! That guy brought more than 1 apostle with him? Then what about the situation on their home turf?'

Then a sudden thought entered his mind in the process. "Tsk! Good thing that brother Sickarius put Kazuki and the others on the other side or else they will be in real trouble if he didn't."

And that was when he realized something. "Wait! Don't tell me brother Sickarius even predicted that? Or is it just a coincidence?"

There were still a lot of things that were going on Lawless mind, but the hooded guy in the fallen outpost's gates didn't give him more time for it to be processed as he ordered the corrupted monsters around him to go after them.

And the only good part on it was the guy just ordered only two of the corrupted lords from his side. But that also made Lawless and the others to become a little suspicious. – "Why would this guy just send only two of corrupted monsters on his arsenal if he can actually send all of them at once to end this battle as soon as possible." – 

That was indeed suspicious.

Even Shin who was currently watching on the distance couldn't help but knitted his brows when he saw that. Then he started mumbling to himself. "Huh? Are they planning to waste more time in this battle? Hmm… Or~ is it possible that they are waiting for something and they are just doing this to buy a more of time?"

When Shin think about that, he started to suspect some things. What's more, his instincts were telling him that there was something more that he could see from the surface. And when he reached this point, he suddenly got an urge to rush things up.

Then he turned his head at Faker and Simba who were also currently looking at him. And when he saw that, he nodded his and said. "Let's make our moves as soon as possible then."

But before summoning Hanzo, he asked Faker first. "How strong was your Elemental Companions, brother Faker? Can they take on a corrupted monster with an Overlord Life Rating at the very least?"

"If they are only going to battle that monster alone, then they are more than enough to handle it on themselves," said Faker without even having a slightest bit of doubt. But before Shin even gave his reply, he immediately added. "But is better if I use their special abilities for my class instead of their original fighting body."

Shin was still knitting his brows to contemplate the latter part of what Faker had said when Simba suddenly chimed in. "Don't worry about the corrupted overlord. My pet will take care of it."

"But that will expose your identity. I want to hide it for as long as we can. At least until Immortal make his appearance," said Shin almost immediately.

Simba suddenly formed a grin with his lips before saying. "As I told you, you don't have to worry about that. I never summoned my pet in public so no one knows about it and no one will be able to link it with my identity."

When he heard about that, Shin just shrugged his shoulders before nodding his head while saying. "Alright, let go inside then."

After that, Shin sent a message to Lawless, informing the latter that there were going to go inside now. Then he immediately summoned Hanzo to make a teleportation portal connected inside the fallen outpost for them to get in.

And without further ado, the three of them immediately jumped in the teleportation gate without even having any kind of second thoughts.

Inside the corrupted nest, in the center of the fallen outpost's plaza, a small spatial crack suddenly formed. And after a few more seconds, that spatial crack started to expand wider together with a great speed all the way until it formed a circular void gate with a radius of three meters.

A moment later, there figures suddenly walked out the gate; and these three were naturally the trio of Shin, Faker and Simba.

And the moment the three of them appeared on the plaza, they immediately put their guards up as they surveyed their surroundings. And after confirming that there were no any kind of monsters present in the vicinity, the three of them suddenly knitted their brows as they became a little confused on the current situation.

It was too silent. Everything was too silent to the point that it was too suspicious. But that silence didn't last for long as huge figure slowly stood up not far from the spot where the three were currently standing. And a moment later, that figure turned its head at the three of them and stared at them with a pair of crimson glowing eyes.

Shin and the other two couldn't have a clear view of the figure because they were against the light. All that they could see was a silhouette of a giant monster that was standing with its two feet and ten-feet tall.

And without waiting for anything, that figure suddenly dashed towards the trio while swinging its fist at them.

Meanwhile, the three were not in idle either as they made their own moves. Faker quickly do a couple of sidesteps to get away from the path of the incoming corrupted monster before entering a stealth mode later.

At the same, Shin swiftly moved backwards as he put more distance away from from his current spot while looking cautiously at the incoming monster.

Simba, on the other hand, didn't move even for an inch. He just stood on his place and waited for the fist of the incoming monster to come at him.

A moment later, when the fist of the corrupted overlord was about to reach Simba, the latter calmly raised his left hand in a timely manner and blocking the monster fist with it.


A very loud explosive sound was created when Simba's hand come in contact at the fist of the corrupted overlord; and together with it was a powerful shockwave that were sent in every direction.

Shin was shocked at what he saw. He was already aware that Simba was very strong, but he still didn't expect for him to have this kind of strength! Blocking a powerful punch from a corrupted monster that have an overlord rank and a high level of 125? That was beyond impossible from the current stage of the game! But Simba just did it as if it was nothing. This kind of strength was beyond from the simple 'Strong'! It was truly worthy to be called as Godlike!

– 'D*mn! Leo was already that strong?' – These thoughts was still running inside Shin's head when Simba suddenly pulled the double-headed battle-axe hanging on his back with his right hand, before quickly swinging it at the monster in front of him in a powerful manner. And together with that swing, a powerful energy wave was sent towards the corrupted monster overlord.




The corrupted monster released a painful roar when the energy wave from Simba landed at it. At the same time, that corrupted monster overlord was forced to take a couple of steps backwards because of the powerful impact from that energy wave.

And immediately after that, Simba turned his body around and started to walk away while saying. "I don't have a leisure time to play with you for now so play with my pet instead."

The corrupted monster overlord was still recovering its balance when it heard what Simba had said. And even if it couldn't clearly understand what the latter had said, the monster still felt being provoked because of those words. And so, it forced its body to regain its footing before dashing towards the guy that suddenly turned his back at the monster during the battle.

But before it reached Simba, a huge silhouette suddenly pounced at it, making for the corrupted monster overload to halted its charged and swung its fist at the incoming figure instead.


Another explosive sound was created together with yet another powerful shockwave.

In the distance, Shin was staring dumbfoundedly at the scene with his jaw almost dropping on the ground. What he saw was a huge lion blocking the punch of the corrupted monster with one of its front paws. This lion had crimson furs on its body and dancing flames on its paws and at the end of its tail.

Shin was still recovering at what he had witnessed when Simba walked past him and said. "Let's go, Shin Bro. We still need to rush at the heart of the corrupted nest to destroy its core and retrieve the Sacred Relic of your Church."

All Shin could do at this time was to swallowed a mouthful of saliva before nodding his head absentmindedly to respond at his friend. 'What the heck did I just witnessed? So, this is the strength of a Peak-Godlike Player? And I just gotten a glimpse at the gap between me and them?'

When Shin recovered himself, he couldn't help himself but feel that his blood was starting to get boiling from some unknown excitement. And that was when he suddenly muttered to himself. "So, this is the massive gap that I need to fill to become like them, huh?" as he unconsciously clenched his right while also tightening his grip at the sheathed [Yamato] on his left hand.

Then his lips suddenly curved upwards and added. "Let us bring it on then."


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