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Few moments before Larc and Demien walked out of the fallen outpost, Shin and the others were currently observing the gates of the corrupted nest from a safe distance while being concealed by the dense vegetation from the forest not far from the fallen outpost.

And while the group where currently looking at the outpost, Simba was currently sitting on a spot not far from the others while sitting on a lotus position and leaning on the tree behind him. His eyes were close while his arms were crossed in front of his chest. He seemed to be resting and relaxing peacefully one that position.

But after a few moments, his nose suddenly twitched before he slowly unfolding his crossed arms and getting up from his sitting position. And when the others saw that, they simultaneously turned their heads at him with some expectant gazes.

And since the others were too awkward to talk to him, Shin was the one that was going to asked what they wanted to know naturally. "So, did they finally make their moves?"

Simba suddenly chuckles when heard that. "They didn't only make their moves, they even abandon their post on this side and walked towards the other end. Aside from some players that were left to scout this side, there are no extra threats that we can have."

Lawless released a little chuckle after hearing what Simba had said. "Heh! Looks like the 'War Maestro' and 'Wise Queen' are doing a decent job on the other side, huh? So, are we going to make our moves now? Standing here and watching those monsters roaming there quite bore me a little."

This time Simba looked at Shin, indicating that he was asking for the latter's opinion. Shin smiled bitterly when he saw that and couldn't help but become a little awkward too. In this group, he was the most inexperienced one in terms of gaming, so it was quite awkward how he is going to respond at that. What's more, the one that was asking for his opinion was the current most powerful on their group.

After a brief moment of thought, Shin said to Simba. "What do you think? I will listen to your suggestion."

Simba nodded his head and said. "Alright, we will proceed according to what we have planned. But I suggest we need to do some little adjustments."

He paused for a moment to take a proper look at the group before continuing. "First, I suggest we divide our team into two groups. The first group will be the ones that are going to deal with the corrupted monsters ahead and advance forward while the second group will be sneaking inside using the teleportation skill of Shin Bro's Elemental Companion."

"And I suggest that the first group will be Hayden, Morgan, Stephanie, God Slayer, and the couple of Winter Demon and Flame Witch. The second group, on the other hand, will be me, Shin Bro, and Death God."

And before Shin managed to raise his concern, Simba immediately added. "Don't worry about the trap that is waiting for us inside, we can deal with it without problem if the we enter as a duo or as individuals."

'Leaving the party?' Shin was knitting his brows as he tried to understand what Simba was planning. Then a sudden idea entered his mind. "Ah! Why I didn't think about that before? D*mn! I am stupid!"

Simba smiled as he knew that Shin had already understood what he what he wanted to say. And with that, he let Shin to take over. "I guess we can do that. Let's go with that plan. But let the first group go first. Then me, brother Faker and Leo will be going to attack inside when enough time had passed."

Then the others looked at him and nodded their heads. They somehow also understand the plan when he put it that way.

Given that, the first group started making their moves and walked towards the outpost gate. The corrupted monsters with the life-rating rank of Chieftain and below, were not much a problem for the group, especially since they had a very strong firepower. And that was why they were able to advance forward without getting much resistance.

But when they arrived at the front gate of the fallen outpost, two huge identical figures suddenly appeared behind the gates, blocking the path of the group.

And without further ado, Lawless and Hayden immediately rushed forward to greet those monsters and took one for the each of them.

And as if being provoke, those corrupted monster lords simultaneously swung both of their fist forward and aim them at incoming two.

Hayden immediately halted his charge when he saw the incoming fist. And immediately after that, he squatted his hips a little to lower his center of gravity before raising his shield in front of him as he planned to block the incoming attack.

At the same time, his body released a golden glow before enfolding his shield with it and reinforcing its defense.

'Knight Skill: (Modified) Bulwark'


A loud explosive sound was created when the fist of the corrupted monster collided with Hayden's shield. But the knight didn't seem to move even for an each.

And on the next moment, the golden glow on Hayden's left hand was suddenly transferred to the sword on his right hand. Then he immediately swung that sword forward and sent a sword wave with then same glow that it was releasing.

'Holy Knight Skill (Tier 2): Judgement Counter'



The golden energy wave was sent straight to the corrupted monsters face, making for it to release a deafening roar that resonated to throughout the place.

But before that monster managed to attack once again, Hayden quickly raised the sword on his right on the air, letting the golden glow that was being released by it to from a huge golden hammer above him. And without further ado, he swung his sword downwards, making for the head of that golden hammer to fall on the head of the corrupted monster.

'Holy Knight Skill (Tier 2): Holy Hammering'


The corrupted monster was slammed on the ground when the huge hammer made with golden energy, landed on the head of the it.

After that, Hayden quickly followed his previous attack with three consecutive slashes at the fallen monster using his sword that have a blue-colored glow this time.

'Self-Created Skill (Personalized): Holy Combo'

Bang! Bang! Bang!

And with all of those attacks, the aggro of the said monster was now secured by Hayden. And that was why the others on the team started throwing their skills on the monster.

Ravier waved his left hand as he controlled the water/ice elemental Mana from the surroundings. A moment later, a bunch of ice spears were materialized around him before he sent them forward with another wave of his left hand, making for those ice spears to pierce through the body of the monster.

'Ocean Weaver (Skill Tier 2): Ice Hell Execution'

Ember, on the other hand, created a group of basketball-sized fire balls around her as she tapped her magical staff on the ground. Then she pointed her left-hand index finger at the very same monster that Ravier have targeted before ordering those fire balls to rain down at the body of the called monster.

'Flame Wizard Skill (Tier 2): Rain of Fire'

At the same time, on the same moment of Hayden's initial clash with the monster on his side, Lawless greeted the incoming fist in a very direct way. He tightened his grip on both of his battle-axes before swinging them forward in a powerful manner to face the monster's attack.

'Berserker Skill: (Modified) Heavy Strike'


Both of Lawless' charge and the corrupted monster's fist's advance were immediately halted when the opposing forces collided with each other. And even if Lawless had a smaller sized, he was still able to hold himself on equal grounds with the monster.

After that brief moment of pause, Lawless put a lot of force on both of his arms to push the arm of the corrupted monster backwards. And on the very next moment, he threw his battle-axes at the monster in front of him.

'Bestial Warlord Skill (Tier 2): Hunting Axes'

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Both of the battle-axes flew towards the neck of the corrupted monster and drew a horizontal cut on it when it grazed the monster's neck.

Lawless didn't wait for anything else and just jumped upwards to catch the battle-axed before forcing his body to fall back on the ground once again while swinging both of his battle-axes at the corrupted monster.

'Bestial Warlord Skill (Tier 2): Monstrous Decent'

The head of the monster suddenly bowed down when the battle-axes landed on it. And immediately after that, Lawless tapped his foot on the head of the monster before jumping on the air once again. And when he reached the apex of his jump, he quickly adjusted his center of gravity before forcing his body to fall downwards for another time as he swung his battle-axes downwards.

'Bestial Warlord Skill (Tier 2): Beast King Execution'


And just like what Hayden did on the corrupted monster on his side, Lawless also managed to slam the monster that he was currently dealing on the ground. And that was also the time for Morgan and Stephanie to make their moves.

Morgan took aim with his rifle and pointed it on the monster's head under Lawless feet before pulling its trigger to release the loaded bullet in the barrel of the gun and sending it accurately at the monster's head.

'Gunslinger Skill (Tier 2): Killing Bullet'


Stephanie also made her attack. It was because even if she was only a Bishop; an auxiliary and supportive class, the light elemental Mana that her class could control was still the bane of all of the corrupted monsters and undead beings.

Given that, with the wave of her staff, a sphere of light that had a brilliant white glow, was suddenly formed above her head. And immediately after that, Stephanie wave her left hand and sent it towards the corrupted monster.

'Bishop Skill (Tier 2): Globe of Light'


And without second thoughts, Lawless jumped off from the monster's head to get away from it.


That was when the sphere of light landed on the corrupted monster, making for it to cry in agony.

After that, Lawless quickly charged towards the lying monster on the ground, with having no plan for it to stand once again. "We need to make this quick! So that we can attract more attention from the enemies."


At the same moment when Lawless and the others made their moves, Elliot and the mysterious guy suddenly received a message from their scouts guarding on that side; another team was planning to siege the Corrupted Nest.

"So, they really made their moves at this time," said Elliot as what the newly projected virtual screen that was showing the battle of Lawless and the others.

The other guys thought for a moment before replying. "With this, we can tell that they are really working with the other group. What do you think? Should we send the other corrupted monsters on their side or we let them remain inside the Nest?"

Elliot fallen on a deep thought for quite a few moments before replying. "Hmm… I got a bad feeling if we send monsters inside the nest towards their direction. Death God and that guy with the mass teleportation ability are still not making their appearance so it is quite good for us to wait for a little moment."

But the other guy immediately rebutted. "I understand your concern, but with the speed of these guys, killing those corrupted lord monsters will only take them a few minutes. We can't be too careful at them or else we will pay a heavy price for that. I suggest that we send at least more corrupted lords on their side and observe them a little more before going full force."

"As for the Death God, we can't do anything much about him if he wanted to sneak in alone. That guy is one of the best thieves that you can find inside the game. But then again, he is still alone; he can't do anything against us or the boss with just him alone. As for the other guy, well, he is the weakest link among the group so you don't have to worry about him much."

Unfortunately, Elliot was still not convinced about that and still thinking hardly about the choices that they were going to make.

The other guy, on the other hand, couldn't help himself but clicked his tongue when he saw that. Well, he still couldn't do anything about it if Elliot didn't agree with his plan. This guy was the one the was assigned by their boss to oversee this operation. Aside from their boss, no one could intervene with his decisions.

And after a brief moment of silence, the other guy suddenly suggested. "How about this? I'll go there personally together with some of the corrupted lords. If you still didn't approve that then I am going to think that you are afraid of Death God."

Elliot consider the pros and cons of this suggestion before agreeing with it. "Alright, you go face them with some of the corrupted lords that we currently have. And remember, you need to put them at bay at all cost. Or at least until boss gave some more order."

The other guy shrugged his shoulders before standing up from his seat and walking out the room while waving his right hand at Elliot.


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