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Child of Destiny 200 Sieging the Fallen Outpost Part 3

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The reinforcements of the Undying Guild suddenly appeared at the fallen outpost's gates before walking out of it with overwhelming confidence. And while walking out, they were also summoning a number of undead monsters along the way. That was why a lot of undead monsters crawling out from the ground as they advance forward.

And without further ado, they immediately order those summons to rush towards the combined forces of S.Tigris group and Eternal Hope Adventurer Team.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

The group became tense when they saw the incoming group of undead monsters. Dealing with the corrupted monsters was already been a huge headache for them, so if these undead monsters that were being controlled by the Master Necromancers were added in the mix, they were really be in trouble.


But before most of those undead monsters managed to reach the 40-meter mark away from the group. A white-colored beam of light suddenly swallowed all of those incoming monsters. And when that white-colored beam subdued, what was revealed in the sight of all of the witnesses was a scorched path that the beam had passed though; there were even no undead monsters present on that path.

The time seemed to pause a little when all of the players present on the scene saw what had happened. Then they turned their heads at the direction where that beam of light came from; and that was when they saw a Blood Elf Master Archer lowering his longbow a little. And naturally, this guy was the 'Careless Monster: Gino'.

His body was currently being enfolded by a brilliant white glow, that looked like some dancing flames.

At the same time, they could also see a male Human Bishop chanting out some prayers not far from Gino. This guy, on the other hand, was Black Hand. And he was currently using one of his unique special supporting skills to enhance Gino's strength. And it was quite obvious that that previous attack earlier was a combined power of the two of them.

And with that sight, the team suddenly became energized once again! It was as if there was an unknown power that was being passed down to their bodies. And that made their morale to suddenly shot upwards with a great margin!

– "We can do this! We have some strong and reliable players on their side too!" – this was the thought that was running on their minds when they saw that.

And immediately after that, the group resumed at battling the corrupted monsters once again. But this time, they were doing it in an aggressive manner.

Meanwhile, on the side of the Undying Guild members, Demien couldn't help but clicked his tongue when he saw what had happened. "Tsk! What a man. That Black Hand is really not someone that you can underestimate. We purposely appeared in confident manner earlier so that we can put some pressure on those guys, yet this guy only did a single move and turned that pressure into their advantage. He even transforms it into something that increases their team's morale."

"Leave that guy to me, I really don't like that guy from the very start after all. Let me take him down so that we finish this quickly. Once that guy falls, this battle will already been decided," said Larc as he entered a stealth mode.


And on the exact moment when Larc moved out from the group, an explosion suddenly assaulted the team's rear!

And when Demien turned his head to take a look at what was it, he saw that his group was being attack by small unit of players. And even if these guys were quite few in numbers, they were still currently in advantage since they were a group of melee players: especially since the Undying Guild members were a group of cloth-armored players.

"Heh! And speaking about the timing, these guys really pick up a perfect moment to attack," muttered Demien to himself while sweeping his sight at their assailants. And after a few moments, he finally found his target. "Alright, let me play with you this time."

S.Tigris and his group finally got the signal that they were waiting for. And that was why they immediately made their moves when they got it.

And their ambush seemed to be successful since they were able to kill a couple on their enemies' rank in the initial class.

"Everything seemed to be going according to our plans. The only thing that I need to be wary of was the Apostle that was hiding in this bunch," muttered S.Tigris to himself as he kill yet another Master Necromancer.

He was about to look for another target when he suddenly felt an immense threat coming from his back. Given that, he immediately swung his greatsword towards his back without further ado as he also turned his body in the process.


The greatsword from S.Tigris hands collided with a huge battle-axe. And with the powerful impact that came from that collision, the TigerKin Master Berserker was forced to take a couple of steps backwards.

And the was when he heard a mocking voice saying. "Looks like you are enjoying your time here, Huh? How about you play with me a little?"

S.Tigris raised his head to take a look at his assailant and saw a two-meter tall hooded figure that was currently holding a double-headed battle axe with his right hand. And from the looked of it, this guy had a very muscular built.

He couldn't help himself but clicked his tongue a little when he felt the overflowing pressure that was coming from this guy's body. "Tsk! Speak of the devil."

A moment later, the figure of the hooded guy which was obviously Demien, suddenly zoomed in front of S.Tigris' eyes while swinging his battle-axe downwards.

S.Tigris quickly responded at his opponent's move and swung his greatsword in an upward diagonal motion. From the looked of it, he was planning to face that attack head-on.


And that was when, S.Tigris came to know how strong his opponent was. This guy in front of him had a strength that greatly surpassed his own. It was because when his greatsword collided with Demien's battle-axe, he was immediately sent sliding backwards.

And he was still regaining his balance when he saw Demien charged at him with an intention of not giving him any kind of breathing time.

"Looks like I am really screwed if I face him alone," mumbled by S.Tigris bitterly to himself while doing his best to regain his balance as soon as possible.

Demien was smirking at S.Tigris when he saw the latter struggling to regain his footing. He was about to accelerate forward when he suddenly felt some threat from his right side. And he was forced to immediately halt his charge because of that.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Then three consecutive arrows brushed past in front of his face. And since he barely dodged those arrows, they landed on a random Master Necromancer from Undying Guild's ranks and killing that guy in the process.

And since Demien stopped his charge, S.Tigris could now have enough time to regain his footing.

Demien knitted his brows when that happen. That was why he turned his head at the source of those arrows immediately. And that was when he saw Gino loading yet another arrow at his longbow. "Looks like this is going to become a little tricky now."


Meanwhile, Black Hand released a sigh of relief when he saw that Gino was able to save S.Tigris in time. That was also because everything seemed to going according his plan. "Maybe it was the perfect time for the guys on the other side to make their moves now."

And while Black Hand was currently observing the battlefield, he suddenly felt an intense killing intent bursting out from his back.

"Sh*t!" was the only word that came at his head when that happened. It was because he clearly knew that it was already too late for him to act. Whoever was behind him, he knew that this person was not someone ordinary for he failed to detect this assaulter until this person release his intention. What's more, this guy chose a perfect time to attack.

Black Hand was bracing himself to die when…


A greatsword suddenly blocked the path of dagger that was coming after Black Hand's life. The tip of the dagger collided at the surface of the greatsword, creating an ear-piercing metallic sound together with some sparks that were send in the air.

And whatever it was, Black Hand knew that he just escaped the clutches of death for he was saved by someone. Given that, he immediately raised the staff on his right hand to blinked away from his current position.

And when he got on a safe spot, he finally had a time to look at the direction of the place where he was previously located. That was when he saw who intervene and stopped his assaulter from killing him.


Larc was currently knitting his brows as he looked at the hooded person in front of him. His assassination was perfect. That was why he was very confident that he would succeed at this attempt. But who would had thought that there was someone able to respond at his sudden attack on a very perfect and timely manner?

After that brief moment of pause, Larc immediately hopped backwards and entered stealth before disappearing to everyone's sight as he rushed out the enemies' ranks. He was in the middle of his enemies after all, so getting out of this place was his current priority since he failed at assassinating his target.

But when he was dashing out of the group, the hooded guy with greatsword that blocked him earlier, suddenly came rushing at him.

He thought it was a coincidence first, but when he saw that the hooded guy was coming at him accurately, he knew that this guy could somehow see him using some kind of ocular skill.

Given that, he gave his all at getting out of the enemies' ranks. He used some kind of strange foot technique, making his body to become a blurry figure before splitting into multiple figures that dash out in every direction. And he managed to get out of there with that technique of his.

But at the moment that he turned his head around to look at his back, he was immediately greeted by a blade of a sword that was chopping down at him!

So, he quickly used one of his life saving skill to get out of that current predicament.

'Assassin Necromancer Skill: Swift Shadow'


Larc's body suddenly exploded into a bunch of black smoke when the sword came in contact with his body. But the hooded guy seemed to be quite calm at it as he turned his head at a certain direction. And that was exactly when Larc's body suddenly materialized at the spot that he was currently looking.

"Interesting! Looks like you are not someone from this group. Who are you then? An external helper perhaps?" said Larc while playing with his daggers as he joggled them left and right.

The hooded guy looked at Larc for a moment before stabbing his greatsword on the ground in front of him and putting both his hands on the tip of its hilt. Then he rested his chin at the back of his hands before replying. "Well, I don't have to tell you who am I. But I can tell you that I am someone that is capable of killing you."

"Heh!" Larc suddenly smirked when he heard what this guy had said. He even treated it as something as funny as a joke. Who was he? He was an Apostle of the Undying Guild, and whoever heard about that should be trembling with fear for the reputation that the Apostles had in the gaming world.

Then Larc caught both of his daggers before telling to the hooded guy in front of him. "Then we will see about that. I hope that you are not someone that with all talks but no walks."

After that, he tapped his foot at the ground two times. And a moment later, some armored skeletons from different kind of creatures were starting to crawl out of the ground. And immediately after that, all of those undead monsters started rushing towards the hooded figure with the wave of Larc's hand.

The hooded guy, on the other hand, suddenly pulled his greatsword off the ground before swinging them multiple times on the air in front of him to send a number of sword waves forward.

And when those sword waves passed through the skeleton monsters that were coming after him, all of them were either cut down into multiple pieces or turned into speck of dusts.

Then the hooded guys raised his head and looked at Larc once again before saying. "Let us see what will your boss do when I capture you and surrender your soul to any Righteous Church for interrogation."


Given all of those, the battle that was taking on this place was starting to heat up once again. But unknown to these people on this battlefield, a commotion was currently taking place inside the fallen Thirteenth Outpost.

And because of it, even the duo of Elliot and his current partner were currently having a huge headache because they had noticed it a little too late.


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