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Child of Destiny 199 Sieging the Fallen Outpost Part 2

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With Raven at the lead, the thief-related classes followed after him as they climed the wall of the fallen Thirteenth Outpost.

Most of the Master Twilights Elves enfolded their bodies with some Mana before following after Raven; their hands and feet seemed to become somewhat sticky as they were able to climb at the wall like they were some kind of spiders or lizards. Some of the elven thieves were either flew upwards before stabbing their daggers on the wall to take a brief break from time to time, while the others pulled out some hatchet-like daggers before reinforcing them with magic and using it to climb afterwards.

The Specter Master Assassins, on the other hand, suddenly turned into a bunch of shadows and fused with the wall of the outpost before moving upwards with a speed that was a little faster than the elves.

Meanwhile, all of the Beastmen Master Hunters took the same kind of simple approaches. All of them made the claws on their hands and feet to become a little longer before using them to penetrate the wall and climbing upwards together with it on the next moment.

At the same time, when the thief-related classes were making their moves, a Blood Elf Master Archer was also making his own; and this guy was naturally Gino, the 'Careless Monster' and the current Vice Commander of the Eternal Hope Adventurer Team. He jumped into the middle of the team to take a good spot for him to take his aim at the silhouettes on top of the fallen outpost's walls.

A moment later, he looked at the top of the wall while activating his ocular skill. His eyes shined with a golden glow while his pupils turned into one that was similar to what an eagle had.

'Archer Skill: Eagle's Eyes'

Then his eyesight turned even more clearer as he looked on top of the walls. He could now also see the full figures of the players on top of it; and as expected, they were the necromancers of the Undying Guild.

'Tsk! Looks like they really gone serious this time. Aside from these decoys, there are also some hidden guys hiding behind those walls,' thought Gino to himself before muttering on the team chat channel. "There are some hidden guys on top of the walls and waiting for an ambush. Make sure that the guys climbing the walls are aware of it so that they can be ready against it."

Then Black Hand's reply immediately came after that. "Don't worry, I already Instructed Raven at what he is going to do. They can handle it on themselves. Just focus at attracting their attention and take down as many of them as you can, if possible."

'You don't have to worry about that.' After that, Gino's lips suddenly curved into a grin before taking an aim at a target with his bow while pulling its string backwards together with an arrow. Then, he muttered a few elven chants to infuse some Mana on the arrow.

And a moment later, he released the bowstring, making for it to send the arrow flying towards its target with an unimaginable speed.



'Archer Skill: (Modified) Power Shot'

The arrow left a trail of blue light in the air as it traveled towards its designated target. And that target was only able to take a glimpse at the glow of the incoming arrow before his head was pierced by it, killing him in the process.

The others were kind of expecting that attack, but they still failed to react at it when Gino finally made his move.

– "Looks like this is going to be come a little tricky to dodge that kind of attack. His arrows seemed to be as fast as a bullet." – Is what they wanted to say when they saw Gino made another move. But this time it was not a single target skills but an multiple-target skill.

They saw that the next arrow that was released from Gino's bow suddenly split into multiple arrows that left a bunch of trails of light in the air as they flew towards them.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Shoosh!

'Master Archer Skill: (Modified) Seeking Arrows'

"Take cover!" said by a leading Necromancer of the group. And immediately after that, they quickly crouched on the ground and hide behind the walls.

And when they did that, the arrows flew over their heads, making them to have a sigh of relief. But before they even released that sigh, the arrows took a U-turn in the air and curved back towards the hiding Necromancers.

The others where gotten off-guard of the sudden turn of the arrows. As they were also somewhat experts of the game, they already saw some skills of an archer that could be a homing one like this. But those skills were just only a single target skill; or with three targets at most, unlike these ones that were coming at them. These groups of arrows were targeting each one of them. And what's even more scary on that was these arrows had a very accurate targeting.

– "What's with that accuracy? How much control did he have to be able to control these number of arrows?" – These were the thoughts that were running on their minds when most them that have fast reactions casted their defensive skills to defend theirselves. While those that failed to react in time were gotten hit by those incoming arrows.

The only good thing on that was they didn't get a high damage from those arrows. But before they even celebrate that they didn't die just like their previous comrade, they suddenly felt a threatening feeling coming from the sky above them.

'Archer Skill: (Modified) Arrow Shower'

And when turned their heads upwards, what greeted them was a group of arrows raining down from the sky. The ones that were quite slow reacting on this second wave of attack, and knew that they were screwed, suddenly rolled their eyes and thought to themselves. – "Come on~, at least let us take some breathers." –

That was an AOE(Area of Effect) skill!

And since this attack that was raining at them even affected the guys that was supposedly going to ambush the thief-related classes that were coming after them, their formation was thrown in a little mess.

"Kill that b*st*rd! Control your undead monsters and make them focus on attacking that guy. We can't continue this way or else with will be in deep sh*t later," said by one of them that looked like the leader of this bunch.

No, I it was more accurate to say that it was his last words for his vision suddenly turned darker and darker the moment he was done saying those words. And the last thing that he saw was a black leather boots in front of his eyes as his body fell lifelessly on the ground. He also heard a voice saying. – "Looks like there is no need for the backup plan. That guy, Gino, had already done enough to distract them. He even made their formation to become a little mess, Hehe..." – 

Raven looked at the 'mess' that Gino had made at the edge of the wall while waiting for the 'Arrow Shower' to come into an end. He didn't get affected of the skill because his positioning was somewhat safe for it was on the very edge of the area of the skill.

And after a few moments, the shower of arrows finally stopped pouring down, making the Necromancers to regain their footings a little. That was also the moment when silhouettes after silhouettes jumped on top of the wall.

And without further ado, Raven immediately gave out his order while charging towards the enemies. "Alright boys! It is time to party! Take down these filthy peasants!"

Given that, the Undying Guild members were still not fully recovered themselves when another mess came after them.


Meanwhile, the trio of Elliot, Larc and Demien, were currently looking at the sudden turn of events with a little solemnness on their faces.

"D*mn those idi*ts! They can't even execute a simple order that we had given them?" said Larc as he slam his right hand on the table.

"That was not it. We just didn't expect that Gino was able to attack that way. Looks like giving that Commander position to Audrey really lift up some of his burdens and make him a little freer. Now, he can display much more of his strength," said Elliot.

"So, should we order the second unit to come out now so that we can salvage the situation a little?" asked Demien while knitting his brows.

But Elliot immediately rejected the idea and pointed at a spot on the battlefield while saying. "We can't yet. S.Tigis and some of his team suddenly disappeared in the battlefield."

"So, what's the plan now?" asked Demien once again.

Then an unexpected voice suddenly chimed in on their conversation and answered Demien's questions. "How about you and Larc go there and join the battle?"

The three was taken aback at the sudden voice, and that was why they immediately turned their heads at its source. And that was when they saw another guy present on the room.

And after seeing him, the three suddenly burst out with different reactions.

"Huh? What are you doing here?" said Demien with full of confusion.

"What the? That almost scare the sh*t out of me!" said Larc while putting his right hand at his chest.

"So, you really did come," said Elliot with a calm and compose manner as if he was expecting the arrival of this new guy.

The new guy waved his left hand and said. "Alright, enough with the chit-chat. What I have said is an order from the boss so move now and don't delay any longer. You can leave this place to me and Elliot."

When Larc and Demien heard that it was an order from their boss, they immediate stood up from their seats without second thoughts and started walking towards the door to get out of the room.

But before they even got through the doorway, the new guy suddenly remembered something and said a little more. "Oh! Before I forgot. The boss also said that you can take the Second and Third units along with you and leave the guarding of the other sides to the Corrupted Lords."

Then he added again after a brief pause. "And another thing, he also said that you can ignore the guys above the wall and just focus on attacking on the ground. You understand what he wants, right?"

"Oh~! He wanted to take advantage of the time when their thieves are busy dealing with the pawns on top of the wall, and destroy on guys on the ground as soon as possible, Huh? Alright, I get it," said Larc without looking back while waving his left arm in the air.


After few moments, Black Hand's face suddenly turned solemn. It was because he saw a bunch of hooded figures coming out from the gates of the fallen outpost. There was no need to guess who they were, as he was fully aware of their identities.

The problem here was on how confident his opponents. It was as if they had no plan of hiding their intentions. And the reason for it? Simple. They were confident that they were not going to lose on this battle. And Black Hand could even see their overflowing of confidence from afar.

And before those new group arrived at the battlefield, Black Hand's head was already starting to work in a faster rate. 'What was it? Is it because they have someone that is strong enough to handle the current situation? Who is it then? Immortal? No, that guy can wipe us all alone if he wanted to, so there was no point for these guys to come here if he was present on their ranks. Meaning, he is still not making any moves.'

'Then who was it? An apostle? Yeah, that must be it. There is an apostle hiding on the ranks on these incoming guys for them to have that kind of confidence. S.Tigris will be in trouble if he jump in with himself together with some of our subordinates.'

While thinking about that, Black Hand's sight suddenly landed to Gino who was currently busy snipping out the Necromancers on top of the wall one by one. Then a sudden thought came inside his head. So, he said to himself. 'Yeah that may work. S.Tigris can't handle an Apostle if he was alone, but if he can get some help from a distance, especially with this guy, they can handle him/her.'

Given those, Black Hand started giving out some commands on the party chat channel. "Tigris, wait for a moment, you can't jump in on the incoming guys. That may be a trap to catch you. Wait for my signal before you do your moves."

Then S.Tigris replied with a simple word of "OK". He trusted this guy's judgement after all. What's more, he also got a very bad feeling about him jumping in the ranks of these incoming enemies. It was as if his instincts were telling him that he can't attack them at all. Or else, he would be dead for sure.


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