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Saint Heaven Kingdom

On the previously Thirteenth Outpost of the Holy City, which was now currently being called as one biggest of the Corrupted Nest, and the current base of operations of the Undying Guild members.

At the same time, this place was being inhabited by quite a number of some Corrupted Monsters as those monsters where kept coming in and out of the place while others were roaming aimlessly outside the semi-intact walls of the outpost.

And in the core of that outpost, where the previous Outpost Head's residence where located, some people were currently having a meeting on its conference room; three people to be exact. And the auras that these guys were emitting were at least comparable to Lawless and Faker, if not stronger.

"How are the progress of our arrangements?" said by a one of the players. This guy looked like a Fallen Human, with a bunch of weird tattoos on the surface of his skin. He had a slim body with a height of five foot flat. This guy was currently holding a boney scepter with a length of two meters long with his right hand while crossing his arms in front of chest.

And if you looked closely on this guy's eyes, you will notice that they were lacking any kind of white color on it as both of them were pure in pitch-black color; he didn't even have any pupils on his eyes.

"Well the kids are already been prepared for a long time ago and just waiting for our orders to make their moves. Just one word from us, and they will march towards the Holy City at any given time together with the monster horde that we prepared beforehand," said by a man that have a race that was quite similar to an elf as he had a pair of ears that as pointed as the one that an elf had.

This guy had a very pale skin that seemed to be lacking with any kind of blood running through his body; he seemed to be a Dark Elf, his only difference with them was his skin color was pretty much close to corpse-white instead of grey color that the common Dark Elves had. There were also some black smokes that was emitting from his lean body as his build was quite slim and pretty much the same as the previous guy.

At the same time, he was currently catching and tossing a pair daggers with his left hand in an alternate fashion while having both of his crossed legs on top of the table in front of him.

Then a muscular guy with two meters height and currently leaning on the wall with crossed arms, suddenly clicked his tongue and said. "Tsk! What are you talking about? The orders that we got from boss was to wait here and guard the main core of this nest. We can't leave here, or else, we will be in great trouble if someone managed to sneak in and destroy the core during our absence."

This guy, on the other hand, had an appearance that was pretty much similar to a Beastman as he had some black furs on his body. But at the same time, most of his features were also quite different to the common Beastmen that were available to the most of the players of the game; he more like a resemblance of a bear with a hybrid body of a Human.

Then the first guy opened his mouth and said. "Yeah, Demien was right. We can't leave here unless the boss says so."

The second guy, that looked like an elf, clicked his tongue and said. "Come on~, Elliot. We can't stay here forever and rot into a dried corpse. If we want to take over this Kingdom, we should move things in an even faster way. Or else, those guys on the other side will be able to make their preparations."

Then he paused for a moment and said. "What's more, we should be in a hurry. We can't stay here for that long after all. Or else, those dogs from the Central Order will take advantage of our absence and take the ruins for themselves for as fast as they can."

"Heh! Spout some nonsense here, Larc. The others are more than enough to hold those guys up, so you don't have to worry about that. What's more, those guys are unaware of out absence." said by the two-meter muscular guy with the name of Demien.

"Sure, they are unaware of us being here. But what if those Central Order dogs suddenly pulled out their big guns?" rebutted by Larc in a nonchalant manner.

Demien smirked at him and said. "Heh! Are you sure that those guys will send their big guys just because of a mere ruin? I highly doubt that. It is more like they will send some second-rate unit at the very least. Well, that is unless that ruin is not a Grade-S ruin and above."

Then the other guy named Elliot, suddenly chimed in and said. "That should be enough with that topic. What we should be talking about now is the current situation at hand. Tell me about the what our moles had reported."

Larc clicked his tongue and said. "Tsk! Alright, alright. The spies reported some interesting stuffs just recently. The Wing's Alliance is currently having an internal struggle due to their two internal functions clashing with each other. So, the current problem that we need to look out for was the Dragon Pavilion and Titan Guild."

Eliot slapped his forehead and said in a helpless manner. "Come on~, Larc. You know that it is not what I am talking about. What I want to know are the things that the other guys that we are going to deal with."

"Eh!? Not about the big guilds? The other guys are just small fries so we don't need to concern ourselves for them," said by Larc in a nonchalant manner.

Then the temperature inside the room suddenly dropped with a great margin as Elliot was starting to look at Larc with his cold eyes.


Larc suddenly shot up from his leisure position and sat properly on his seat before saying. "Hahaha… Why so cold man~? I was just joking, alright? Ok, From what I get, the guys from S.Tigris group collaborated with the Eternal Hope people. Well, those guys can't ask some help from the Wing's Alliance because of their internal conflict. So, they are pretty much not a big deal."

"How about the other one?" ask by Elliot with a slow and cold tone.

"Ugh!" Larc suddenly become dejected and said. "Come on~. How do you expect me to know about the plans of the other one? I am pretty sure that it is the group of God Slayer and Death God, other than that, I don't have any kind of information regarding there backups, much less about their own plans."

Then he added immediately when he felt that the temperature of the room dropped even more. "Come on~! Don't tell me, that we can plant a mole in their group? That was pretty much impossible, alright? Those guys who are on his side now are the most loyal peeps under him."

Elliot raised on of his eyebrows and said. "I know about that. What I am asking is if those two sides are collaborating with each other."

Larc clicked his tongue and said. "Tsk! Don't expect me to know about it since the moles don't reporting anything about it either. Alright, you win, I agree with you now. Let's wait for a little more and decide our next move when that time comes," while raising both of his hands in the air.

"Tsk!" Elliot suddenly became annoyed when he realized he couldn't get any kind of information that he wanted. Then said after a few moments. "Alright, but I guess it is better we adjust our plans a little this time. Let's make our arrangements as if we are going to deal with those three groups together."

Then Demien who was a little silent earlier, suddenly chimed in. "And just don't forget that the group on the God Slayer's side will likely have some reinforcements too. They are aware that the boss is present after all."

"Eh!? Now that you said it. Where is the boss? We shouldn't be on this troublesome thinking if he was here. He can just give us some orders and we will just follow it," said Larc when he realized about it.

Elliot just shrugged his shoulders and said. "I don't know. All he said was 'You can make the preparation on yourselves'. Hmm… Yes… that was his exact words if I remember it correctly."

Larc clicked his tongue and said. "We can't do anything about it then."


Meanwhile, on the throne room of the Royal Palace of the Holy City, 'King Cassius' was currently sitting on 'his' throne while having a deep frown with his eyebrows. From the looks of it, he was currently having a deep and troubled thoughts with that kind of expression on his face.

A moment later, the shadow behind the throne suddenly flickered. Then a hooded figure walked out from it. And immediately after walking out from it, that hooded figure suddenly said. "Ku ku ku ku… Looks like this King of ours is quite in trouble. Want me to give you a helping hand?"

The frown on the King's eyebrows were gone even more deeper when that hooded figure suddenly appeared. Then he replied with a displeased tone. "Why are you still here? Didn't you already leave? Or are you really itching to have a fight with me?"

The hooded figure suddenly clicked his tongue and said. "Tsk! You Teamed up with that guy yet you are rejecting my offer? Aren't you being a little bias here? Me and that guy are pretty much the same. What's more, we are both Messengers at the same time."

The 'King' smirked at what he had heard and sneered at the hooded figure. "What are you talking about? You two are very different. That guy only takes what he wants to take, nothing more, nothing less. You, on the other hand, is completely different. You want to take it all for as much as you can. So, don't expect me to trust a scheming guy just like you."

"Tsk! What a cold-hearted person. Aren't we on the same side? We have the same enemies, right?" said the hooded figure. Then he quickly added after a brief pause. "Do you honestly believe that you guys are more than enough to handle the incoming storm? Ke ke ke ke…"

The 'King' squinted his eyes and said with a suspicious tone. "What are you planning this time? I have warn you already. Do not get involve in this, or else, I will make sure that you will regret it for I will surely hunt you down."

"Uwu~! I am trebling with fear now. Should I piss my pants too?" said by the hooded guy in a sarcastic tone. And a moment after that, he laughed evilly and said. "Ku ku ku ku… Well, if you are really sure about that, then forget my helping hand offer. But let me warn you first, there are some sightings of a few troublesome people on this territory of yours. So, you better be careful if you really want to survive. Or at least hasten your progress as fast as possible before it was too late."

"What do you mean by that?" asked the 'King' while frowning his brows even further.

"Ke ke ke ke… You are calling yourself a 'King' and sitting comfortably on that throne, yet you don't know who are the guys that are freely coming in and out on your City? So much for being a 'King~' Ke ke ke ke…," said by the hooded man.

The 'King' squinted his eyes even more and said. "How about you tell it to me directly and stop beating around the bush?"

"Ke ke ke ke… Alright, as a sign of my sincerity I will tell you about it. Aside from those little guys that you are currently giving you some little troubles, few of the Churches from the Righteous Council send some real problematic people. Ku ku ku ku..." said by the hooded guy.

"Stop beating around the bush is what I said," said by the 'King' with annoyed tone.

"Tsk! Alright. Well, they are the 'God of War Temple', the 'Church of Light' and the 'Supreme Temple'," said by the hooded guy.

The face of the 'King' suddenly turned weird when he heard those Righteous Churches. But the hooded figure just ignored him this time and entered the shadow once again while leaving some words behind. "That is why I told you to be careful. You will be in deep sh*t if they found you. Ku ku ku ku…"

And with that, the 'King' was left alone in the throne room once again while having a deep troubled thoughts.


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