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In the VIP room no.1 of the Heavenly Resto-Bar, Lawless and Faker were currently having a meeting with some people; there were ten people in total including the two.

And the two of them where naturally, S.Tigris and Black Hand. And beside two was another pair of players; a man and a woman with a race and class of Blood Elf Master Archer and a Naga Master Oracle. The aura that these two were emitting, was almost the same level as the former two beside them, but it was without a doubt that these two was slightly stronger than the those two for they were releasing an even more dangerous felling.

These two where the current Vice Commander and Commander of the Eternal Hope Adventurer Team. The former was the previous Commander but since entering this game, he chose the to step down from his previous position for he felt that he was not suitable for the role. But even if that was the case, this guy still had some influence on the group; and that was why he was nominated as the Vice Commander position.

He was previous known as the careless Commander as he was someone that always acted with his fists first before having the talk. Nevertheless, he was still able to build his reputation during that time for he never suffered any lost during that time. At the same time, he was also publicly acknowledged as one of the Maverick Gods of that time, the 'Careless Monster: Gino'.

And due to having no pressure from his position and role, he was able to display his real battle prowess now, and become even more famous to be able to rank as one of the talented Maverick Gods of this game.

The female beside him was his previous Vice Commander of that time. And also acted as the Team's strategist of their Adventurer Team. And even if she was being overshadowed by Gino, she was still acknowledged by their team members as she was one of the main reasons why they didn't lose any of their battles before. And although she only had a battle prowess that was comparable with an average Titled Ranker, her real strength was her wits as she was really good at forming an intelligent battle strategy and quick on the spot decisions. And this girl was called the 'Wise Queen: Audrey'.

The lineup of these first four were already more than enough for most of the players to become at awe when they simultaneously appeared in the field. Yet, these four were currently sitting humbly on their seats.

Aside from the legendary dynamic duo of Lawless and Faker, there were also another four players that were currently sitting right across them; and these four had a reputation that was superior to them even if it was slightly inferior to the former two's reputations.

One of them was a female White Elf Master Twilight with a cyan-colored hair while the one sitting on her left was a man with golden strands of hair with a head band covering his forehead. He has a greatsword resting on his left side, indicating that he was a Swordmaster as he was someone that have Human as his race.

On the right side of the female White Elf, sat another woman. And her race was Human with a Bishop as her class. There was also a short scepter resting on her lap. At the same time, there was another man sitting on her right side while checking out his long bow; this guy was a Dark Elf Master Archer.

These four were the invites of Lawless; Sunny, Xychz, Shizio, and Kazuki respectively.

They were not that famous on this game since they were always acting in a low-profile manner, but if they suddenly popped up on somewhere, then even an ordinary folk will be able recognized them for they were some Monster-class players of the \u003cTrue Era\u003e online. They didn't have any kind of individual titled unlike the other players of the same level as them for they were always working in a group, and that was known as the Brutal Team. But that didn't mean that their individual battle prowess was not strong. In fact, they were topnotch players that were comparable to most of the Peak-Titled Rankers and Maverick Gods.

And even if their team was currently in disbanded state, that didn't mean that they also lost their fangs. Some of them even formed some small groups of their previous members just like these four that were currently sitting on the room.

And due to the strength and reputation gap, the nerves of the four sitting right across these four monster-class players were quite in a tensed state. Well, Gino might be a little better since he was quite strong too, but he was still behaving a little cautious because he heard that the members of the Brutal Team were quite had some attitude and temper. What's more, he was not that confident that he could beat these guys in a one on one battle.

And in the middle of that tense atmosphere, Lawless immediately opened his mouth to break the awkward silence. "Alright, alright. Can we break this little icy atmosphere first? How can we start our strategic meeting with this?"

The Dark Elf Master Archer with the name Kazuki suddenly released some chuckles and said laughing. "What are you talking about, God Slayer? Don't talk as if we did something wrong, we didn't even do anything… yet. Hehe…"

Lawless clicked his tongue and said. "Tsk! So, how about you guys stop releasing your auras. These guys are being so tense because of you."

"Haha… Ok, Ok, we are going to stop now. We are just testing them so that we can be sure that they can hold themselves against Immortal. That guy is no ordinary after all," said Kazuki chucklingly.

And after saying that, the intense feeling that S.Tigris and the others that were receiving was suddenly removed, making for the four of them to release a sigh of relief.

At the same time, Lawless couldn't help but shook his head and bitterly smile at that sight. 'These guys are still the same, a battle maniacs. Always trying to provoking others before anything else.'

Then Kazuki opened his mouth once again and said sarcastically. "So~, you guys already have some decent plans, right? We have the 'Wise Queen' and 'War Maestro' here after all."

'And always been insecure with others that are weaker than them yet have their own Ranker's Titles,' added Lawless in his heart silently before replying. "We already formulated the basic plan, but still need to finalize some things since we can't be careless. Sieging the Corrupted Nest is not going to be easy after all."

Then Kazuki suddenly chimed in. "Our main concern is still the Undying Guild members and Immortal himself. It is just that simple. So, just live that guy to us, while these guys with their adventurer teams, will deal with the rest."

The corner of Lawless mouth suddenly twitched after hearing that. 'Is this guy doing it in purpose? Should I beat him first to take some sense out of him? Tsk! These guys from that team was really hard to tame. I wonder how did that guy managed to tame them perfectly.'

Lawless release another helpless sigh and said. "Come on, Kazuki. We are not going to play here like how you guys usually did in the past. This time, Immortal is really a very bad news for us, so we need to be very careful to our moves. What's more, we also need to look out for some external factors."

Kazuki clicked his tongue and said. "I am quite disappointed here, God Slayer. When the two of us talked with each other, you are very clear that we only agreed since you guarantied our survival even if we fail. Yet, when we came here, you are saying that we are going to dive in our enemy's base with just these people?"

Then he pointed at S.Tigris and Gino first before saying. "These two may able to help us in battle since they have some decent strengths and…"

He trailed his words a little before giving both Black Hand and Audrey a quick glance each before saying. "Even if these other two have a good brain in their heads, they are still a little too lacking in some certain areas. You should also know how cunning that b*st*rd Immortal is. The smarter his opponent is, the more you dance on his palms."

Then he raised both of his arms in the air as he saw that the four in front of him was now glaring at him, before saying. "Don't take too much offence on it. I am just stating the truth."

Lawless did a facepalm and said helplessly. "So, what do you suggest then?"

Kazuki clicked his tongue and said. "Tsk! If only we have someone that can hold Immortal alone then we shouldn't be on this kind of trouble."

"We don't have much time to look for someone that is on that caliber," said Lawless while smiling bitterly.

Kazuki nodded his head and said. "Yeah, and if only you and Faker are currently in your peak form just like in the past, then we shouldn't be on this kind of problem in the first place."

Lawless suddenly squinted his eyes after hearing that and asked coldly. "Did you say that in purpose?"

Kazuki grinned at him and said. "So, what if I am?��

At this point, Faker who had his eyes closed earlier, was now currently looking at Kazuki with his cold eyes. And that was the same moment when Xychz who was also not concerning himself before, opened his eyes and stretched his left hand to hold the hilt of the greatsword beside him, while the two girls in between the two men were also getting ready for what about to come.

At the same time, the temperature of the room suddenly dropped with a great margin, making the other four on the opposite of the previous members of the Brutal Team, to become tensed once again.

S.Tigris and Gino even took a quick glance with each other while sharing the same thoughts on their minds. – "I know that the temper and attitude of these guys from the Brutal Team were quite troublesome and unpredictable, but I didn't expect that it will reach this extent." – 

And when that situation was about to reach an even more troublesome matter, the door of the room suddenly opened, followed by Shin's entrance with his 'Nameless Swordsman' identity.

Shin was taken aback by the atmosphere of the room when he entered; he was immediately bathed with the tensed ambiance of the room.

At the same time, the six 'culprits' why was the mood of the room was like this, simultaneously turned their heads at Shin, making him even more uncomfortable since all of their intents were now being directed at him.

Fortunately, Shin's willpower was quite monstrous, so these things have a little effect on him. But the corner of his mouth still twitched after seeing and feeling that. 'What the!? What happened here for this room to have this kind of atmosphere?'

Then he just nodded his head at them since he was unclear on what had happened. After that, he entered the room with a calm manner, taking everyone in surprise. Including Faker and Lawless of course.

– "Eh!? Who is this guy? He was able to withstand that kind of pressure?" – 

– "I didn't expect that brother Sickarius had that kind of willpower." – 

– "Isn't this guy the Nameless Swordsman? So, he is really someone that is not so simple." – 

Then what happened next shocked them even more.

After entering the room, Shin suddenly turned his head at the outside of the door before inviting someone to enter the room. "Leo, come one in. Looks like they are already starting."

The other guys inside the room simultaneously turned their heads at the door once again and saw a player wearing a helm that was made from a lion's head, entered the room.

And when they saw the new guy, all of them suddenly gasped their breaths while having the same thoughts in their minds. – "What the heck is this guy doing here?" – 

Then Leonard swept his gaze in the room, to take a look that the ones that were present inside; and that gaze almost gave everyone a heart attack as they felt that their hearts skipped some beats when his gaze swept passed them. After that, he grinned under his lion's helm and greeted them. "Looks like it is quite lively in here. Mind I join you a little?"


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