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In one of the rooms inside the Battle Arena of the Calderock Town, Misty Wind was currently having a discussion with Shin while Celine was silently standing and listening on the side of the former.

"So, what was your so-called tip then?" asked Misty Wind with a curious expression on her face.

"Wait! You are too excited about it. First, I need you and her to form a non-disclosure contract with me. You can't let others to learn about what I am about to say to you. And of course, your Commander is an exemption on it, but she also needs to form another non-disclosure contract with you," said Shin as he pointed at Celine with his right-hand index finger while summoning another system contract with his other hand.

Misty Wind clicked her tongue and said. "Tsk! Why are you still wasting time? Just tell us already and stop being so mysterious." But she still couldn't help but became even more curious on what was this so-called tip of Shin, so she also signed another contract with Shin while urging Celine to sign it too.

Shin chuckled and replied. "Don't worry this tip that I am about to tell you is something that I am sure off. And if you really want your Adventurer Team to garrison on this Town, then you should follow my instructions steps by step, got that?"

Then Shin didn't wait for her reply, and stopped beating around the bush before saying. "If you guys want to secure a spot to garrison on this town, there are only few things that you need to meet. First, it is better if you meet with the Town Mayor first… No… you only need to meet him and settle the deal with him, and he will take care of the rest since dealing with the Guild Leader of the Hand of Midas Trading Firm will be going to be tricky for you guys."

Misty Wind knitted her brow and said. "You mean to say, we only need to convince him to garrison on the Town?"

Shin looked at her with a weird face and said. "What else? He is the owner of the town after all. And convincing him is actually quite simple. I heard that he is looking for quite a few blueprints recently."

"Blueprints? What kind of blueprints?" asked Misty Wind as she tried to confirm it.

Shim pretend to think for a moment before saying. "Hmm… I heard he needs some Master Blueprints of some facilities of this town."

When Misty Wind heard the word 'Master' with the word 'Blueprint', she couldn't help herself but to exclaimed. "Wait! Master Blueprints? You mean to say he planning to…"

But before she managed to complete her sentence, Shin immediately said to her while shrugging his shoulders. "I am not sure about what he plans. But that was what he told me the last time we talk with each other."

Then Misty Wind feel on a deep thought as she tried to consider the pros and cons of promoting this town into a City. "Wait, I don't think that the Town Mayor is an ido*t given that he was able to close a deal with the Hand of Midas Guild Leader, but promoting a Town into a City is not an easy matter for he needed to have enough resources for it to happened. What's more, this town is just a Basic Town, so promoting it directly to a Basic City will consume a large sum of resources."

"And another thing, promoting this town is not that optimistic either since the Holy City is not far from here. So, the player population of this City will suffer greatly in the future if he do that."

Shin acted as if he was not aware of his own plans and said while shrugging his shoulders. "How would I know his entire plan? Just ask him about that when you have a meeting with him. And isn't this tip a little bit more useful for you? Now that you have some idea of his plans, you can make your plans to get more bargaining chip when you are having a deal with him."

Misty Wind was taken aback at what Shin had said as she tried to contemplate his words. And after a few moments of silence, she looked at Shin once again and said. "Alright, I get your point and thanks for a very useful tip. I guess the materials that you are asking is quite reasonable now."

Now, Shin was already grinning from ear to ear on his heart after hearing that; his plans were now starting to take some form as he started to put it in motion.

And after some moments, he immediately replied at Misty Wind. "Is that so? Then let me give you a bonus. How much Reputation did your Adventurer Team have?"

Misty Wind looked at Shin with a confused expression on her face and said. "I think we got around 350,000 Reputation points. Why?"

Shin acted as he fell into a deep thought once again. And after few moments of 'thinking', he raised his head for another time to look at Misty Wind and said. "I guess it is better if you guys manage to raise it to 500,000 points before talking of having a meeting with him."

"Eh!? Why? Our Reputation point was already too high compared to the other Adventurer Teams out there," said by Misty Wind with a confused expression on her face.

Shin shrugged his shoulders and lied through his teeth. "Well, like I said, it is just a bonus. It is still up to you guys whether you are going to do it or not. But from what I heard, there are also some guys that wanted to become partners with the Town's Mayor, and there are also some of them that have a little over 400,000 Reputation points. That is why I am asking you to raise yours."

Well, Shin was doing this because before he started the training of his skills earlier, he also tried to take a look at the official online forums of the game to see if he could get some useful information regarding the Secret Society Adventurer Team, since he really felt that the Team's name was quite familiar to him. And sure enough, this Adventurer Team was not something ordinary.

Like what Celine had said earlier, the Secret Society was one of the Top 100 Adventurer Teams of the game. What's more, their standing was a little high; they were in top 49 spot!

Their Adventurer Team was not that big like the other teams that had a huge number of members that was almost comparable to some Guilds. In fact, they were only composed of minimum members of member in total; eighty seven members to be exact.

Well, the numbers of members were actually not that important on the rankings of the Adventurer Teams. Quality was had more influence in the rankings than the quantity. Moreover, most the Adventurer Teams ranked on the top of the ladder had a very few number of members but most of their members were all renowned individuals.

And the Secret Society was one of the Adventurer Teams that belongs on the elite expert groups. All of their members were at least High Rankers or talented Potential Rankers. Furthermore, the leading figures of this Adventurer Team were some sort of Monsters.

The four Captains of their group were either a Peak-Titled Rankers or a well-known Maverick Rankers while their two Vice Commanders were Maverick Gods. And the Commander of this Team was a renowned Godlike Player that was ranked in the All-Gamers' Ranking List.

Given all of these, Shin didn't have any reason not to rope them on his side. What's more, they were a perfect fit for the partnered team that he was currently looking for his plans. The only question was the 'loyalty' of the team. Well, good thing for Shin, he didn't have to worry about that since he happened to know the Commander of the Adventurer Team as that person was one of his acquaintances on the Real World; and that was why the name of the team was too familiar to him.

But he didn't want to take advantage of it for now as it will blew out his cover if he did. That was why he wanted to get them through this deal.

Actually, he also wanted to invite them to the current quest that he were currently doing together with Lawless and the others since they were more than enough to pass the so-called 'decent group' in Lawless' standards. But that was going to become a little bit of problem since he would be in the disadvantage in this current deal if he did that.

That was why Shin waited patiently for Misty Wind to reply.

And he didn't wait that long since Misty Wind immediately gave her reply. "Alright, I understand. But I will talk to my Commander about that."

'Heh! If it was her, then it will impossible for her to refuse this kind of information. I am even sure that she will do her best to meet all of these requirements as soon as possible,' thought Shin to himself before saying the Misty wind. "Alright, then just contact me when you guys are already done with all of your preparations so that I can also set up your meeting with him for as soon as possible."

Then he added after a brief moment of pause. "So, is there anything else that want to hear?"

Misty Wind shook her head and said. "Nothing else, I guess. What you just told us was more than enough for our current deal. Thank you."

Shin shrugged his shoulders and said in a nonchalant manner. "Well, I am only doing this for my own benefits too. You can bring me the materials that I need, right?"

Misty Wind nodded her head and said. "Yeah, that shouldn't be a problem. We might take a little bit of time to collect them, but we could really afford to get those things."

Then Shin nodded his head and said. "That's good then. So, I will be going now. I still need some things that I needed to do."

After that he turned his body around before walking towards the door that lead to the outside of the room while waving his right hand at the two.

Misty Wind and Celine waited for Shin to walk out of the room before Celine voiced out her doubts. "Captain Misty, isn't that guy a little bit suspicious? He knows too much for being just a VIP member of this Battle Arena. I have a feeling that he is just tricking us; and for all I know, he might even be the Town's Mayor in disguise. And why did you accept those demands?"

Misty Wind laughed bitterly after hearing that and said. "Well, we couldn't do anything about that even if he is the Town Mayor or not since we really don't have any evidence to support our claims. What is important now was we already managed to establish some connections with him."

"And I only accepted his offer earlier because we don't have much choice given our current situation. What's more, we are quite in a rush this time as we need to finish these things as soon as possible. Or else, the things on our Kingdom will escalate into a higher degree and it will result to our demise. Given that, we don't have much time to be picky either. And this place is already a good spot for us to start anew."

But Celine was still not convinced and said. "But this place is only for a short time basis. We can't stay here for a long time. What's more, the Holy City is quite near here. We lost a bit too much on this deal."

Misty Wind released some giggles as she heard that. Then she hit Celine's forehead with a flick of her right-hand index finger and said. "Foolish girl! You are still too green for this kind of dealings. Do you think that the Town's Mayor and the Guild Leader of the Hand of Midas Trading Firm are such a fool? Of course, they are aware about that. Yet, they are still planning to promote the Town into a City. Do you know why?"

Celine cover her forehead with both of her hands and shook her head. Then Misty Wind smiled at her and said. "That is because they are confident on the prospects of this Town when it got promoted into a City. And that is mostly because they are able to find a way to be not affected by the Holy City. And there is only a single reason that; it is most likely because they have a Town Relocation Order on their hands."

"Eh!?" Now, Celine could now get a glimpse on the whole plan and muttered to herself. "So that was it."

"So, you understand it now? If our Adventurer Team manage to take root at this place, it will give us more benefits than the things that we will sacrifice for this deal," said Misty Wind.

Celine then nodded her head as confirmation. And when Misty Wind saw that, she smiled and patted the former's head and said. "Alright, so for now, we need to get back at our base as soon as possible to report everything to our Commander so that we can immediately start the preparations that we need for our migration."


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