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Night at Lake Heart Hotel

Shin is walking on a garden not far from the Hotel. He is digesting the details of their fight against the Bulky Man. Then after few minutes in deep thought, Shin do some shadowboxing exercises.

Shin is doing it for an hour before he feel a gust of wind being attracted in his body. Shin stop what he is doing and regulate his breathing while absorbing the 'Force of Nature' that is coming to him, then he transform it into his own 'Qi'.


After a few moments, he heard something explode inside his body and after that, more and more 'Force of Nature' come towards Shin.

'Huu~.' Shin exhales a lot of air, then he open his eyes and throw a straight punch in front of him.


Then a loud sound is created. Shin look at his right hand and clench it a few times before saying. "Looks like I have benefited in that fight. Now I have broken through to the late phase of 'Qi Refinement Stage' and can start preparing to form a 'Golden Core', so that I can breakthrough to 'Core Formation Stage'"

Shin do some regulating exercise to get use to his improve strength. Shin manage to adjust himself after two sets of exercise.

He is about to go back to the Hotel, when he felt a presence coming towards his direction. He stop his steps and see a silhouette not far from him.

Shin focus his eyes on the silhouette while walking towards it. Shin froze when got a clear view on who is it.

Shin saw a beautiful lady wearing a pure white martial-art suit. The martial-art suit is perfectly fit on her body, showcasing her perfect figure even from a far.

As the girl get nearer to Shin, and when he get a clear view on her face, His eyes get even more wider. She have silver hair tied on a ponytail showcasing her perfect oval face. Her brows are perfectly arc in a curve matching her clear round eyes with blue colored irises coupled with long eyelashes.

Her sharp nose is matching her pinkish white lips. And the expression on her face is wearing a cold demeanor. The moonlight from the sky is shinning on her from time to time, making the scene even more like a fantasy. She looks like a beautiful Fairy that came from another world.

But Shin is not concerned on any of that, because the girl looks so familiar to him. When the girl is almost 5 meters from Shin, he subconsciously said. "Big Sis."

The girl frown her brows when she heard what Shin have said. She look coldy on Shin while asking. "What did you say?"

Shin snap out in his daze state when he heard the girl's voice. He look at her face while replying. "Ah, sorry about that. I just mistaken you as someone I know."

Shin shook his head and walk towards the Hotel while putting his right hand on his chin and muttering to himself. "What the hell am I thinking? Big Sis Alyssa is already dead 7 years ago. What's more is their temperament are polar opposites plus this girl is few years younger than her, she is at least the same age as me."

As Shin is passing though the girl's side, She heard Shin's muttering. She raise her brows even higher and turn around while calling out Shin. "Hey! What did you say just now?"

Shin stop his steps and look at the girl while frowning his brows. "Didn't I already said that just mistaken you as someone I know?"

The girl didn't buy Shin's reply and said. "That's not what I'm talking about."

"Then what are you talking about?" said Shin with a little annoyance on his face.

"Whose Alyssa are you talking about just now?" said the girl while releasing a cold aura.

Shin got startled at the girl's reply and said while squinting his eyes. "And why are you asking me that?"

The girl got mad because she can't get what she wanted to know, so she she release a powerful mental energy trying to suppress Shin.

Shin is surprise of the girl's action and said to himself. "Mental Energy? This girl is a Mentalist?"


'Mental Energy' is a formless power that comes from a person's mind and originated in ones spirit.

Some people in this world have a powerful mind to control the brainwaves in their heads and transform it into their own weapon. And the energy that created in this is called 'Mental Energy'.

'Mental Energy' have a lot of uses. It can use as an detection ability to sense their surroundings more clearly. It can also be use to create illusions to fools one's senses. And it can even use to attack others mentally and etc.

The people that are adept at using this energy are called a 'Mentalist'.

Unlike a Martial-Art Practioner, a Mentalist is quite rare in this world because to become a Mentalist one not only need to have a very strong will power since birth, they also need to have a talent on controlling it.

But even though it is the case, there are still people that manage to passed down their knowledge regarding it. There are even some that use it as their family inheritance, and become a Clan of 'Mentalists'

There are three types of 'Mentalist', the first are 'Psychic Mentalists'. These 'Mentalists' focuses on mental attacks such as Telekinesis, Illusions, Mental Suppression, Mind Controlling and others.

Next is 'Fighting Mentalist'. These 'Mentalist' uses their 'Mental Energies' as a supplement for their physical attack and they can also cleanse their bodies using it, similar to inner 'Qi's of a Martial-Art Practioner.

Last are called 'Kaleidoscope Mentalist'. These 'Mentalists' are a little simple because they are just the combination the two previous 'Mentalists'. Easy to hear but hard to accomplish because they have much harder breakthroughs because their minds need complement their bodies to master both of their Mental and Physical attacks.

Like Martial-Artists, Mentalists also have their own realms. It is the Grandmaster Realm, Ruler's Realm, Venerable Realm and Exalted Realm.

In Grandmaster Realm, a Mentalist needs to cleanse their minds to have a purer Mental Energy. They also form a 'Niwan Palace' inside their consciousness as a center of their mind and act as the storage of their Mental Energy. It is equivalent to a 'Golden Core' of the 'Core Formation Stage' of Foundation Building Realm of Martial-Artist.

They can also use Mental Energy force to attack others from a certain distance.

Next is Ruler's Realm, in this realm a Mentalist can create something out of nothing. It is similar to 'Void Manifestation Stage' of 'Ascension Realm', the only difference is the energy that they using and the way of they are using it.

If in the 'Void Manifestation Stage', a Martial-Artist can create weapons and armors to aid them in battles, then 'Ruler Mentalist' can create multiple things as their projectiles and barriers to block their opponents attacks.

The next realm is Venerable Realm. It is comparable to 'Domain Creation Stage' of 'Ascension Realm' expert, but they have different fighting style.

If 'Domain Creation' Expert have a territory called 'Domain' and large destruction skill called 'Domain Skills', then a 'Venerable Realm' Mentalist have an 'Authority' and 'Formation Spells'.

Unlike the 'Domain' of Martial-Artist, where they can do anything inside it. An 'Authority' of a Mentalist is just an perception range, but inside this perception range nothing can escape their senses.

Mentalists can also use their skills much faster if they activate their 'Authority'. And can also be use to increase thier suppression on their enemies.

Meanwhile 'Formation Spells' have a lot of uses. There are different types of formations such as 'Slaughtering Formations' for attacking, 'Defensive Formations' for guarding, 'Illusion Formations' for fooling one's senses and many others.

Then the last but not the least is the 'Exalted Realm', in this realm a Mentalist is as powerful as a Martial-Artist that reach 'Transcendent Realm'.
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And similar to 'Transcendent Realm', 'Exalted Realm' is the peak of humanity. It is also not been fully explored because breaking through in this realm is much harder than in Martial-Art.

But if it is a 'Kaleidoscope Mentalist' that manage to reach the 'Exalted Realm', then they are slightly stronger that a 'Transcendent Martial-Artist' because their mind and body are perfectly fuse to become one.

In the entire World there are only 7 known Exalted Mentalist and they are also in seclusion to discover more about this realm.


Going back to the Mentalist Girl and Shin. Shin is frowning his brows because of the girl mental suppression.

But contrary on him the girl is shock on Shin's reaction because if it is others they are already on the ground kneeling to her. Well to bad for her Shin has an innately powerful will power.

When the girl realize that a mere mental suppression is not effective to Shin, she start taking her battle stance for her to attack with other means.

The girl take a step forward with her left foot while facing both of her left palms at Shin.Then she raise her left arm almost leveling it on her shoulders while lowering the other in front of her belly.

She take a deep breath and throw a palm strike in the air with her right arm, sending a Mental Energy force towards Shin.


The Mental Energy is quite swift, but Shin calmly enfold his left hand with inner 'Qi' and block the attack by deflecting it using the back of his hand.


The Mental Energy exploded on Shin left side. Then Shin is about to open his mouth to say something but the girl ignore his actions and continue to attack by throwing a consecutive Mental Energy with her palm strikes.





'"F*ck, what the hell is wrong with this woman?" said Shin in his heart when see the girl's actions. Then he cover both of his hands with inner 'Qi' and continue to block the girl's attacks.





A series of explosion ring on both of Shin's side when blocking the attack. Shin frown his brow and said to himself. "This girl is using range attacks that means she is a 'Psychic Mentalist'. If I manage to get near her then I can suppress her since 'Psychic Mentalist' are weak in melee combat."

That is what Shin want to say but before he make a his move, the girl suddenly sprints towards him and manage to reach him in just blink of a eye. Then she enfold her right hand with her Mental Energy and throw a powerful palm strike towards his chest.

Shin is gotten off guard because of the sudden development. Then he take a deep breath and his body instinctively move to cross his arms in front of his chest while bracing himself for the impact.


Shin is send sliding backwards because of the attack. He exhales heavily while looking the girl cautiously. "A 'Kaleidescope Mentalist'? This girl is really not simple, looks like I better need to take this on more serious manner."

What Shin didn't know is the girl is actually surprise with his reaction speed. "What? He manage to block that attack? Even if it is just an ordinary strike, the speed and power that I put in that strike is not something that anyone in 'Qi Refinement Stage' can react, especially in that kind situation.

"Just who is this guy and how did he just do that." she said to herself while looking at Shin coldly.

The beautiful girl look at Shin and asked. "Who are you?"

Shin frown his brows and said to himself. "What the is wrong with this lady? Did she just hit her head somewhere or is she suffering a Princess Syndrome?"

When the girl see that Shin didn't reply, she asked once again. "Are you deaf? I am asking you, what is your name?"

'Did this girl think that she is the ruler of this world? Why the hell is she keep asking questions?' Shin got annoyed because the girl's attitude and reply frustratedly. "How about introducing yourself before asking other's."

'This guy don't know who I am? Is he some kind of bumpkin that came from the mountains?' said the girl to herself while looking at Shin blankly for a second before going back with her cold look and replied. "You don't know who am I? But are you qualified enough to know my name?"

'This girl really like to ask questions. Don't tell me she don't know how to have a conversation normally.' said Shin to himself before replying. "If that is the case, then I have no reason to tell you my name."

After that Shin turn around and starting to walk away. When the girl see that Shin have no intention of staying, she frown and yell at Shin. "Hey, I'm not done with you! I didn't said that you can go away already."

Shin ignore her and continue his steps. The girl got frustrated when she saw that Shin is ignoring her. She release her Mental Energy and enfold it to herself, then she sprints towards Shin while throwing some Mental Energy attacks.

This time Shin didn't turn his head, he just tilt his head sideways or step on his left or right to dodge the Mental Energy attacks without looking.

When the girl get near on Shin's back she send a powerful palm strike and use a Mentalist Melee Skill.

'Formless Lotus Arts: Flying Feather'

Before the girl's palm strike manage to reach Shin, he use a movement skill. The soles of his feet glow with silver light and dodge the attack by changing his direction quickly.

'Flowing Water Arts: Shifting Movement'

Shin suddenly disappeared on girl's view resulting for her to hit nothing but thin air. The girl immediately turn around and look at Shin that is now behind her.

"Aren't you underestimating me too much? Showing off your skill without looking at your opponent? Looks like you are confident on yourself." said the girl while rotating the Mental Energy that she is releasing around her.

Shin shruggle his shoulders not minding the girls provocation. When the girl sees Shin's action and said to herself. "Looks like I need to take this guy more seriously, to teach him some lesson."

Then suddenly the girl's pupils turned rhombus while the aura that she is releasing become fierce. And as if the Mental Energy around her understand it's user, it rotate even faster and transform into a formless power that is ready to obey her commands.

The look on Shin's face become solemn because of the sudden change. He look at the girl cautiously while saying to himself. "Is that an ocular skill? No, it is more like an activation of a peak class talent."

"A peak class ocular talent? I wonder what talent is it. Is it similar to Arthur's 'Foresight'?" said Shin to himself while releasing his inner 'Qi' and wrap it on his entire body. Then he regulates his breathing to enters Deep Meditation.

Shin entire body is covered with a silver-gray light while releasing a silent but deadly aura.

The girl is startled at first when she see Shin's changes, then after a few seconds she formed a satisfied smile while saying in her heart. "Eh? Looks like I bumped in to an interesting fellow. I guess I don't need to do my evening exercise today, since it is rare to find a suitable sparring partner with my talent. And what's more is the same age as me."


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