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Being too immerse on his training, Shin forgot almost everything all the way until he was done practicing and familiarizing himself with all of his skill while also experimenting some skill combo in the process.

And that was only when he discovered that he quite had a number of missed calls and unread messages.

He knitted his brows and took a look at the in-game digital clock, and that was when he realized that he already spent a half a day (in-game time) for the practice of his skills. "What the!? I already spend that much of time!? Tsk! I guess I was too immersed at training."

Then he took a look at the messages that he received, most of the messages come from Celine who he had a spar with earlier; most of the missed calls were also came from her. He read the messages one by one and saw that the Celine kept cursing him for not answering the call; she even cursed his family for giving birth to an idi*t son like him.

Shin couldn't help but release some chuckles when read the messages one by one. "Hehe… Looks like this girl had gotten in some trouble because I didn't answer her calls. I guess I need to apologize to her later."

At the same time, the other messages came from Lawless and the others to check on him.

And after wrapping everything that to finalize his training, Shin finally walked out of the room before trying to contact Celine first. And he didn't wait long to connect that call as the person on the other answered the call almost instantly.

And when the call connected, Shin was immediately greeted by a loud yelling from the other side. "What the hell is wrong with you!? Have you gone senile for not answering the f*cking calls? *Blah!* *Blah!* *Blah!* *Blah!* ."

Shin felt like that Celine's mouth suddenly turned into a machine gun as word after words were kept coming out from it. And he waited for a few minutes for the 'gunshots' to finally starting to calm down.

And that was when Shin finally gotten a chance to open his mouth. "Sorry about that, I got too immersed on my training earlier. But now, let's get straight to the point first, as I still have a lot of things that I need to deal on my plate. Are you already with someone that have some authorization the thing that asked me?"

Celine was suddenly thrown with an awkward silence as she realized that she had gone a little overboard. First of all, Shin didn't have a obligation to answer her question. What's more, she was the one that was asking for favor. And realizing that, she suddenly became ashamed.

When Shin realized that the other side turned silent, he couldn't help himself but to frown his eyebrows. Fortunately, before he run out of patience, the other side was able to recover herself in time and said. "Yes, I am currently with my Captain right now. So where should we meet?"

Shin released a heavy breath before saying to her. "Alright, are you still in the Battle Arena? Just let me know the room number and I'll just go in there."

"We are in the same room where we have our sparing match earlier," said Celine almost instantly.

"Alright, I'll be there in a moment," said Shin while nodding his head.

Then he ended the call almost instantly after saying that. And after that he immediately walked towards the room that the scammers' group had rented for their deaths.

It didn't take long for Shin to arrive at the place. And when he entered the room, he immediately saw Celine and Misty Wind waiting for him while sitting in the middle of the battle stage. So, he just directly towards them.

And while he was walking towards them, Misty Wind was carefully observing Shin. And she immediately came up with a conclusion of how strong he was in just that moment. 'Strong, this guy is strong, and I can even fell some immense threat coming from him despite having a lower level than mine.'

At the same time, Shin was also observing Misty Wind when he got closer to them. 'Looks like this girl is as strong as Brother Ravier and Sister Ember in terms of battle prowess.'

And when he finally reached where they were, Shin immediately introduced himself properly offering his right hand for handshake. "Hello, I am Sickarius, a nobody. Nice to meet you."

Misty Wind smirked at him after hearing that simple introduction before nodding her head and introducing herself while taking his hand and shaking it a little. "Hi, I am Misty Wind one of the four Captains of the Secret Society Adventurer Team. It is nice meeting you too."

Shin nodded his head and said. "So, shall we get down to business? Why do you want to have a meeting with those two?"

"A very straightforward person, Huh? But I like that," said Misty Wind as she released some giggles. Then she added immediately after that. "But unfortunately, we can't tell about that since it concerns some personal matters of our Adventurer Team."

Shin knitted his brows and said. "Sorry Miss, but I still need to know about it so that I can set you up a proper meeting with them. If I just say that you just want to meet them, do you think that they will just blindly agree with that kind of reasoning?"

Misty Wind was that aback at Shin's words as he skillfully rebutted hers. Then she suddenly became a little cautious before asking. "You said that you knew them, but how can we sure about that? And how can we guarantee that you can set up a meeting for us?"

The corner of Shin's mouth suddenly twitched after hearing that. 'Is this girl an idi*t or what? If it was in real world then her argument was within reason, but we are currently inside the game.'

Then Shin immediately said. "I am a VIP member of this Battle Arena, is that enough as a proof? What's more, we can always make a contract regarding it if you don't trust me."

At the same time, Celine was looking at Misty Wind with a confused expression on her eyes. 'Eh!? Why is Captain Misty acting like an amateur?'

And that was when Misty Wind said to Shin with a serious tone. "Alright, let us form a contract then."

Misty Wind was about to summon a system contract when Shin suddenly raised his right hand to stop her and said. "Wait, we can make a contract later. First, I want to know what I will get after I managed to set up a meeting with them and your Adventurer Team."

'Tsk! So, he is also a sharp individual. From the reports that I got, this guy should also be a little amateur in the game just like the Nameless Swordsman, that is why I tried to bait him earlier. But from the looks of it, this guy is also quite good at dealing with business,' thought by Misty Wind as she renewed her look at Shin.

And after a brief moment of silence, she immediately replied. "We are going to owe you a good favor if you managed to do that."

Shin waved his right hand and said. "Nah~. I don't want that kind of promises. What I want is physical things that you can offer me for the favor that I'm going to do." With those words he was trying to figure out what was the base line that the Adventurer Team could offer him.

But from the looked of it, Misty Wind was able to read in between the lines as she raised one of her eyebrows and said. "Is that so? But how about you tell us what you want instead, and we will think if it is reasonable enough. We might even give it to you if we have that in our side."

'So, she was actually baiting me earlier, huh?' said Shin to himself as he smiled bitterly on his heart. Then he said after a brief moment of silence. "Then help me with a quest mine. How does that sound?"

Misty Wind knitted her brows and asked. "What kind of quest is it? And what was the difficulty?"

Shin raised on of his brows and said. "It is just a gathering quest, but the difficulty is a little bit too high."

Both of their faces of Celine and Misty Wind suddenly turned solemn after hearing that, especially when they heard the latter part of what he had said. But before they managed to raise their complaint, Shin immediately added to what he had said. "Don't worry, I am not going to ask you to help me collect all of those. Just a few of them."

Misty Wind thought for a moment and asked. "What are the materials that you need?"

Shin smiled at her and said. "How about you tell me what was your purpose of the meeting first before we continue?"

Then Misty Wind starting to consider the current matter properly. The main purpose of their visit on this Kingdom was to scout some areas that they could migrate into; and they need to do it as soon as possible since the matters on their current Kingdom was going for the worst as there were a lot of new Powerhouses popping out here and there. And to put the matter for the worst, their Adventurer Team was currently being pressured by few of those Powerhouses.

And since their Commander was quite stubborn about the matter at hand, three of the Powerhouse starting to put some bounties on the heads of the members of the Secret Society. And that forced them on their wits' end, leaving them with a single choice, which was also their current best option. And that was to leave their current Kingdom and migrate to another one.

After a few moments of careful thinking, Misty Wind decided to tell their reason to Shin since their situation was not a big secrete either for a lot of players were aware of in the Kingdom that they came from. "Alright, I be honest then. We are scouting this place since our Adventurer Team is planning to migrate to this Kingdom, and we think this Town is a good place for us to be garrisoned into."

Shin nodded his head and said. "Alright, with that, I can assure you that you can have a personal meeting with those two that you want to meet. But convincing them is not my concern anymore. So, should we make a contract now?"

But Misty Wind immediately objected. "Wait! Let me hear what is on your side first. What are the materials that you want?"

"Don't worry I will not ask much. Just 5 pieces of the 'Heart of Abyss' and 5 pieces of 'Lava Cores'," said Shin in a nonchalant manner as if those materials were quite some normal ones.

But contrary to his attitude, the expression of Misty Wind face suddenly turned solemn. "Hey! Are you tricking us? Do you know what kind of materials that you are asking from us?"

Shin nodded his head and said. "Of course, I know what they are. But the thing here is, I am confident that you are going to able meet them in person."

"I got that point, but still! You are only going to set up the meeting so asking for that kind of materials are a little bit too much, no?" rebutted by Misty Wind.

Shin knitted his brows for a moment before saying. "Then how about this? I'll set you a meeting with them together with some tips how can you win the deal?"

Misty Wind raised one of her eyebrows and said and asked in a sarcastic manner. "Heh! And how can we even confirm that your tip is reliable?"

Shin chuckles and said. "If it fails then you can forget about the payment that I am asking. What do you think?"

'Quite confident, Huh? Maybe this guy really knew what he was saying.' Misty Wind's eyebrow raised even higher after hearing that. Then she agreed with Shin's terms to make a contract. "Alright, let us form a contract first, then we hear you out."

Shin grinned inwardly as he formed a contract with her.


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