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Shin hopped a little backwards before kicking the ground behind him and sprinting forward, while disappearing into stealth.

'Equipment Skill (Cloak: Nightwalker's Cloak): Undercover'


And the very same moment, Celine wave her left hand as she summoned a bunch of black spheres around her. But she didn't send them forward and just let them hover around her instead, before slowing spreading them outwards.

'Advance Combat: Silent Casting

'Sorcerer Spell: Dark Ball'

'Advance Combat Technique: Magic Pause'

'Basic Combat Technique: Magic Net'

Well, the distance between her and Shin was still a few dozens of meters away. But during his sprint, Shin was still able to see that Celine was setting a special net of magical defense; and from his estimate, this girl will be able to complete the full net before he was able to reach the 30-meter mark away from her; and when that happened, it was going to become even more harder for him to get near her.

Being clear on what was about to happen, Shin immediately sprinted forward while maintaining his stealth mode. But due to his sudden rush, the air around him suddenly flurry a little, together with some movements of some Mana in the air along his path.

And since Celine was a Mana sensitive class, she was able to sense the flow of fluctuation of Mana on that direction using her special detection skill. Given that, she was able to get an idea about Shin's general direction even though she wasn't able to pinpoint his exact location.

And since she was able to sense that her opponent hastened his charge, Celine also started setting up her magical net in an even faster way.

Naturally, Shin didn't want her to fully set her formation up. Unfortunately for him, most of the dark balls were being positioned on towards his direction and planning to block off his path. But even if that was the case, he didn't back down at the challenge and continue moving forward as if he was having this kind of thoughts. – "Every net has a lot of holes on it. As long as there are some spaces in it, I'm confident that I'm going to able to pass through it." – 

But as if those dark balls were able to read what was in this mind, they started moving closer with each other while maintaining their formation as if they were some kind of trained soldiers in the battlefield.

But there was no backing down now, Shin accelerated his charge, not caring even if his opponent was able to sense his movements through the Mana fluctuation in the air. And before the dark balls got near him, he started swaying his body left and right while doing a strange footwork with his feet. Every time a dark ball was about to hit him, his was either going to lean his body according to the movements of the dark balls to dodge them with a small margin or going to take some sidesteps to the eight major directions to barely avoid them.

'Epic Combat Technique: Mysterious Movements'

But even if Shin was able to dodge all of the dark balls with a little bit of effort, the speed of his charge was still slowed down by them. And naturally, that was more than enough for Celine as she was not in idle either. When she sense the general direction of Shin, she immediately controlled most of her dark balls towards his direction as she planned to back his path.

And when she was successful at slowing Shin down, she did a quick wave with the staff on her right hand as she started controlling the dark balls to circle around the swordsman. And after a moment, the dark balls started to move at Shin's direction in a circular manner, as if they were being pulled by a whirlpool.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

'Advance Combat Technique: Magic Control'

Shin was starting to feel some pressures from the movements of the dark balls. What's more, they were moving faster and faster as the time goes by. And when that happened, he immediately planned to teleport towards Celine. But before he managed to do anything, the latter suddenly wave her left hand as she summoned a purple magic circle in front of her while aiming it towards Shin's direction.

Then Celine placed the palm of her left hand at the back of the magic circle before sending some Mana on it. And on the next instant, a purple beam of light was sent towards Shin's direction as it planned to devour him whole.

'Tsk!' Shin clicked his tongue before hopping backwards to dodge the incoming dark ball that was about to hit him while simultaneously entering the void gate that he just summoned to get away from the path of the purple beam of light that was coming his way.

'Elemental Skills (Void): Void Steps'

Shin appeared ten meters away from his previous location and outside the range of the whirlpool of the dark balls. And the moment his feet landed on the ground, he immediately kicked them downwards to send himself running forward. At the same time, he absorbed some fire elemental Mana from the air along the way before transforming them into the power of the Black Sun and enfolding his body with it.

'Slayer Skills: Sunlight Movement'


At the same time, as Shin's feet touched the ground on his path, a bunch of purple-colored magic circles appeared beneath his feet as he continued at moving forward. Then, some black chains suddenly shot up from those magic circles and rushed towards Shin as they planned to restrict him in place.

'Sorcerer Spell: Chains of Darkness'

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The black chains were successful at coiling around Shin's body. But at the same time, they were fruitless at restricting his movements as they failed to slow his charge, much less locking him in place. That was because the 'Sunlight Movement' skill was able to give Shin some immunity against any kind of restrictive CC-skills.

'A movement skill that have a removing effect of a CC-skill? That was a rare skill to find. But let us see if you can receive some damage on it,' Celine was surprised at what she saw for a moment before tapping the bottom of her staff on the ground to summon a couple of magic circles on the ground beneath her feet.

Then she did another tap on the ground, making those magic circles to shine with a purple light before summoning a pair of black spheres that were made of dark elemental Mana. After that, those two Mana black spheres suddenly shot forward and charge at Shin with a great speed while doing a swirling movement with each other.

'Sorcerer Spell: Twin Shadow'

But Shin just welcomed the two incoming spheres and fearlessly charge through them! Well, the 'Sunlight Movement' also gave him some magical damage immunity after all.


A cloud of smoke was created by the explosion when Shin and the black sphere collide with each other. And after a brief moment, Shin jumped out of that smoke cloud! And with that, the distance between Shin and Celine was shortened with only 20-meters left.

And without further ado, Shin used the momentum of his previous dash to continue charging forward while turning the remnants of the power of the Black Sun into a bunch sword Qi that he covered on entire his body. Then he accelerated his charge towards Celine while thrusting his right-hand saber forward.

'Basic Combat Technique: Second Drive'

'Extra Skill: Sword Rush: Thrusting Dash'


'Eh!? So that skill was really a three-way special skill!?' Celine was surprise one again at Shin's movement skill, but that was still not enough to affect her concentration. So, she just calmly waved her staff to blink away from her previous location to put more distance between herself and her opponent.

At the same time, she also waved her left hand to send a bunch of black spheres that looks like a smaller version of the previous ones. But the speed and power of these black spheres were obviously stronger than the two that she sent earlier.

'Master Sorcerer Spell (Tier 2): Dark Storm'

Shin immediately canceled his charge when he saw the incoming black spheres. Then the [Dusk Blade] on his left hand was suddenly set ablaze with black flame before he swung it forward and send a blazing crescent sword wave made with black flame, that devoured the black spheres. And immediately after that, he resumed at dashing forward once again while swinging the [Dawn Blade] on his left hand.

'Advance Combat Technique: Triple Drive'

'Extra Skill: (Enhanced) Flame Burst'



'Epic Combat Technique: Quadruple Drive'

'Extra Skill: Sword Rush: Slicing Dash'


Of course, the 'Flame Burst' skill of Shin should be a little weaker against Celine's 'Dark Strom' since it was a battle between a Rare Tier 1 Skill and a Basic Tier 2 Spells. Even if their strengths and powers were almost comparable with each other, Tier 2 spells or skill will always be in advantage. But this version of 'Flame Burst' skill was stronger than the common ones since it was enhanced by the special type of Mana, the Power of the Black Sun.

And after the collision of powers, another cloud of smoke was created. And that was the time, Celine realized that she made a huge mistake; her view on her opponent was blocked by the cloud of smoke! Or it could also be not counted as her mistake; it was just she didn't expect that Shin will move flawlessly like that! He effortlessly chained a series of actions that were perfectly timed and executed altogether.

The last thing that Celine saw was Shin charging forward while swinging the saber on his left hand before the explosion from the collision of their powers devoured his body. But Shin didn't charge out of the cloud of smoke after that; like what was supposed to happen. What's more, Celine didn't get any notification saying that the latter received some kind of damage from her skills, so she immediately become suspicious of it and planning to blink away from her current spot.

Well unfortunately for her, it was already too late. Shin was already materialized at her back as he come out form her shadow.

'Equipment Skill (Cloak: Nightwalker's Cloak): Shadow Travel'

Celine's body suddenly became tense as all of the cells on her body were screaming of danger because of the intense threat that Shin was giving. But well, she was not your ordinary player as she was also some kind of a veteran player in terms of PvP. And so, her body move according to her instincts as she raised her staff in the air, while sending a strong air shockwave in all direction.

'Extra Skill: Air Wave'


Shin was about to swing his sabers at that time when he was suddenly blown away by the strong shockwave of air that came from Celine's body. But how can he let himself sent flying backwards that easy? First, he rode the shockwave for a little to create some space between him and his opponent before doing a quick back-roll in the air.

And before he managed to complete his flip, Shin suddenly kicked the air behind him to send himself towards Celine while simultaneously swinging his left-hand saber at the back of his opponent.


'Legacy Skill: Mondi's Jump'


'Basic Combat Technique: Second Drive'

'Extra Skill: Falling Lightblade'


-100 180

-4 020(Burning Damage)


And due to her being hit by that downward slash, Celine was knocked down on the ground. But also because of the powerful force behind that attack, her body bounced off the ground and let her to float in the air for a moment.

And on the very same time, Shin's feet also landed on the ground. After that, he quickly turned his body around while simultaneously swinging his right-hand saber three times at Celine who was currently floating in the air. The force behind each of the succeeding slash was stronger than the previous one.

'Self-Created Skill (Personalized): Triple Slash'

-80 400

-4 020(Burning Damage)

-160 800

-4 020(Burning Damage)

-241 200

-4 020(Burning Damage)

Celine was gotten off-guard at that sudden turn of events. She really didn't expect that Shin was able to do this kind of aerial maneuvers, much less in that kind of high-speed series of movements. She couldn't help but smile bitterly to herself at this point of time.

She kept telling herself not to underestimate this current opponent of hers but it looks like her overconfidence still ended up biting her as she end up dying in a quick manner and was immediately sent out of the battle stage, indicating that she had lost this round of battle.

Well, that was not much of her mistake since most the things that she knew about Shin was pretty much outdated as he already improved a lot since his battle against himself. What's more, he also learned a bunch of things from the Godlike Players on Lawless group so his improvements were not that small.

And with all of that, the round one of their battle was suddenly ended just like that.


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