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Shin walked out the rundown blacksmith shop with a huge smile under his mask. He stayed for entire two hours on Blacksmith Jude's workshop to wait for his personalized flying daggers.

And during this time, Shin was able to experience the advantages of having some influence; since he was able to collect all of the materials that he needed for these special weapons of his with just a single word.

And while walking on the street of the Town, Shin couldn't help recall what happened on workshop of Blacksmith Jude.


Since Shin had a lot of time to spend, he decided to wait for his items to be ready. And while he was at it, he also did some experiments. Due to Jude being a Master Blacksmith, he tried to see if he could learn a thing or two from him. Given that, Shin watched the Blacksmith work for quite some time while also activating his 'True Sight' skill in the process.

And after few minutes of watching, Shin suddenly became immerse at observing Jude at his blacksmithing. And unknown to him, a series of system notifications were already ringing on his ears. He only discovered about it when Jude was done forging the first set of his special equipments. But before he was able to take a look at it, Jude was already starting to forge another set; so Shin had no extra time because of it and observed the blacksmithing technique of Jude once again.

This process lasted for one whole hour before Jude was able finished all of the sets of the flying daggers and needles. And that was also the time when Shin was able to recover himself and noticed the blinking light at the corner of his eyes; indicating that he received the some system notifications.

And when he opened it to check what those notifications were, Shin was gotten a huge surprise.


System: You used the 'True Sight' skill to closely observed the movements your target with the intention to learn some of your target skills.


System: Your 'All-Rounder' unique title had received some experience by learning some blacksmithing skills.


System: Your 'True Sight' ocular skill resonated your unique 'All-Rounder' title. 


System: Congratulations! You had unlocked one of the hidden abilities of your 'True Sight, 'Learn and copy'.

System: The special ability 'Learn and Copy' was added on the list of abilities of your 'True Sight' ocular skill.

System: Congratulations! You learned some basic blacksmithing techniques using the 'Learn and Copy' ocular skill.


System: The 'Learn and Copy' special ability and your 'All-Rounder' unique title complement each other, making your 2-Class restrictions to be lifted.

System: You can now learn some lifestyle skills without being restricted to your class. But you will not get any kind of bonus stats from those classes.


System: Congratulations! You had met all of the conditions to unlock one of Supremo's Legacy Skills!

System: Congratulations! You have learned a Legacy Ocular Skill 'Duplicator's Eyes'.


Ability Name: Learn and Copy

Details: Use the True Sight skill at someone else's movements to learn some of their techniques.

Mana Cost: 20,000 MP per first activation usage; and 500 more MP per seconds after a minute.

Note: This ability is only applicable to non combat skills such as lifestyle production skills.


Skill Name: Duplicator's Eyes

Skill Rank: Legacy Skills (Special)

Skill Type: Ocular Skill

Historical Note: This is one of the skills that made the Legendary Hero (???) to become one of the top Heroes of the Atlas work. This is also the skill that gave him the title of 'Supremo'.

Details: Activate this skill to copy one of the target's skills.

Maximum Skills that you can learn (Proportional to your Wisdom Stat): 3 Skills

Limits to learn the skill:

-Basic Skills: 500 Wisdom Stats and 100 Spirit Stats

-Rare Skills: 1000 Wisdom Stats and 200 Spirit Stats

-Epic Skills: 2500 Wisdom Stats and 500 Spirit Stats

-Legendary Skills: 5000 Wisdom Stats and 1500 Spirit Stats

-Mythical Skills: 10000 Wisdom Stats and 3000 Spirit Stats

Cooldown time: 5 days after learning a skill

Mana Cost: None

Note 1: This skill can't copy any Special Skills and Class Fighting Style Skills.

Note 2: This skill is currently can't copy any kind of Legacy Skills. (This can be lifted as long as the Rank-Level of this skill is higher or some special conditions are met).

Note 3: Upgrade this skill to its next rank so that you can lower the Wisdom and Spirit restrictions.


Shin was staring blankly on the series of system notifications when he heard Jude called out for him. "Town Mayor, I see that you are quite interested on blacksmithing. Do you want me to teach you a thing or two?"

And when Shin had heard what the blacksmith had said, his eyes suddenly turned bright as he said with an excited tone. "I will be grateful for you if you really are willing to teach me!"

At the same time, he was muttering in his heart. 'Of course, I will love to learn some things from a Master Blacksmith. And who would be so dumb enough to reject this wonderful offer? So I will gladly accept your freebies.'

Then Shin started learning blacksmithing under Master Blacksmith Jude's supervision. That extra lesson lasted only for an hour, but the former was able to learn a lot of things. Jude couldn't help himself but praised Shin's learning ability repeatedly. He was a very fast learner so if you added the 'Learn and Copy' special ability in the mix, things were just became a piece of cake for Shin.

Shin even failed to count how many times did the Master Blacksmith said these phrases: 'What a genius!', 'What a fearsome learning ability.' 'You are absorbing everything like sponge.' Etc...

Shin's blacksmithing skills already reached the Intermediate Rank when he was done at taking some 'classes' under the Master Blacksmith Jude. Even if he still couldn't create some high ranking weapons and equipments, this rank was still enough for him to repair all of his equipments on his own as long as he had a portable anvil, blacksmithing hammer and some repairing materials for the said equipment and weapon.

And even if this way of repairing items was way slower that the other blacksmiths in the city, this way of repairing was still way more convenient than the former. It was because he could repair all of his equipments and weapons on anywhere he wanted. What's more, he also didn't have to do the back and forth travels from a City to his desired training spot.

And given all of those, Shin didn't have to spend some repairing fees starting today onward. No… Maybe not only that, he might even become a real 'All-Rounder' after this day. It was because of the extra system notification that he got after taking the blacksmithing class.


System: Congratulations! Your blacksmithing skills reached the Intermediate Rank.

Note 1: But due to your special case. You will not be able to get some bonus from this promotion.

Note 2: However, if you are able to learn two more sets of lifestyle production skills, you might be able to unlock more of the mysteries of your 'All-Rounder' unique title.


Going back to the present, Shin couldn't help himself but clicked his tongue after taking another look at this system notification. "Tsk! Looks like I still need to wait for a few more hours before I can get a chance to test my skills on the Battle Arena, Huh?"

"Anyway, where should I learn some more lifestyle production skills? Hmm… Based on the reports that I got from Ribbit, there are no other natives (Other term for NPC) in this town that managed to reach the Master Rank aside from Jude. No… There are even no other native that reached an Advance Rank."

"Tsk! I can't learn some decent techniques if I asked them to teach me so I have no other choice but to ask some guidance from the people of the Hand of Midas Trading Firm. Tsk! But that was also a problem; I need some decent compensation to offer to them so that they could give up some of their precious time."

Then Shin was stuck on dilemma as he didn't know what he could offer to the Masters of the Hand of Midas Trading Firm. Those guys didn't lack anything after all. "D*mn! It is hard to move the feelings of those guys unless I have some decent equipments that can pick their interest."

Left with no other choice, Shin was forced to get back to his original plan; and that was to test some of his new battle skills. The new skills of his 'original' identity I mean.

At the same time, Shin put the [Belt of Tomi] that he got when his beaten Vega on the Shunkai Forest. After that, he put the twelve throwing/flying daggers on its slots together with the four bundles of steel needles at the pockets of the back side of the belt.

And while he was at it, Shin checked the stats of the daggers and needles once again.


Item Name: [Spiritual Executioners]

Item Type: Hidden Weapon – Throwing/Flying Daggers

Item Rank: Platinum

Details: A set of Flying Daggers made by Master Blacksmith Jude. These Daggers are specially made for player 'Sickarius' to complement his telekinetic and shadow skills.


+250 Spirit

+500 Wisdom

+200 AGI

Extra Skills:

1. Air Reinforcement (Passive): Makes the flight speed of the flying daggers by 20%.

2. Shadow Reinforcement (Passive): It enfolds the daggers with a shadow magic to hide their presence from your enemies.

3. Recall (Active): The owner of these daggers can summon all of the daggers back him as long as they are inside the 100-meter radius range from the owner.

Extra effect: All of the enemies that these daggers had been passed through during the recall, will received 200% (Mixed Damage)

Cooldown: 10 seconds

4. Resonance (Passive): The more daggers the owner had use when attacking, the more damage can the daggers can dealt.

-3 Daggers Resonance: +100% (Mixed Damage)

-6 Daggers Resonance: +200% (Mixed Damage)

-9 Daggers Resonance: +300% (Mixed Damage)

-12 Daggers Resonance: +400% (Mixed Damage)

Note: This Items is bound to player Sickarius


Item Name: [Silent Killers]

Item Type: Hidden Weapon – Paralysis Needles

Item Rank: Platinum

Details: Sets of paralysis needles made by Master Blacksmith Jude and they were specially made for player 'Sickarius' to compliment his telekinetic skills.

Note: Each set of paralysis Needle have 12 Needles in it.


+250 Spirit

+250 Wisdom

+100 AGI

Extra Skills:

1. Air Reinforcement (Passive): Makes the flight speed of the flying daggers by 20%.

2. Paralysis Bite (Passive): Every time a needle strikes the body of your enemies, there is a 5% change for them to get paralyzed for 1 second.

3. Recall (Active): The owner of these daggers can summon all of the daggers back him as long as they are inside the 100-meter radius range from the owner.

4. Death Paralysis (Passive): If an enemy was hit by the needles on the critical parts of their body, they will receive a +200%(True Damage) with a 50% chance of being paralyzed.

Note: If the Enemy was already been affected by the paralyzing effect when they were hit by this skill, the damage that they will get will be equivalent to 500% True Damage.


Note: This Item is bound to player 'Sickarius'.


After checking the Stats of those items, Shin started walking towards the Battle Arena. And from the looks of it, he was quite excited to test new skills on this place. Based on the things that he heard from the players on the street, there were a lot of strong players looking for a random duel battles on the Battle Arena; and that was also one of the after-effects of the recent incident on the Shunkai Forest.

"Alright, let us see if can use these guys as a grinding stone for my swords" muttered Shin to himself as walk towards the Battle Arena.


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