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The Bulky Man's face become even more solemn when he see the changes of the two auras, He just stand there and look at Shin and Arthur with caution.

When Arthur see the Bulky Man's action he smirks and mock him. "What's wrong gorilla guy? Scared of two little ants? If you are just going to stand there, then let us do the pleasure."

When The Bulky Man heard that he brace himself for Arthur's action, but too bad for him the one that made the first move is Shin.

Shin splints towards the Bulky Man leaving an trail of silver light behind, then he throw a powerful palm strike.

'Advance Yin-Yang Arts: Thousand Pound Palm'

The Bulky Man got startled of Shin speed but he still manage to calmly respond. He bend his body and tighten its muscles, then he focus his inner 'Qi' in it making it even more tougher. After a split second of delay his muscles turn into a metallic black color.

'Qi Reinforcement Arts: Iron Body'


When Shin's palm come in contact with the Bulky man's body it created a loud sound. Shin frown his brows because the sensation that he felt is not something comfortable, he felt like he hit a thick metal pole.

The Bulky man smirks when he see Shin's reaction, then he lift his right arm and swing it downwards with a powerful force.

Shin move the Bulky Man's left side when he see that attack. The Bulky Man's right hand chase after Shin as if it want to squash him into a pulp.

But at this time Arthur is the one that supported Shin. He arrive at the Bulky Man right side and throw his fist with an unstoppable force.

'Advance Military Arts: Shotgun Fist'


Arthur's fist land at the Bulky Man's right side ribs, but the result is not as optimistic as he have expected. The impact only made the Bulky Man trembled a little and pause for a second.

But that slight pause is enough for Shin to react completely on the Bulky Man's attack. He flipped to the side barely dodging the smash.

'Tsk Qi Reinforcement Skill really are troublesome.' said Shin and Arthur to themselves. The they look at each other and make another move.

'This guy body is tough, let's us try to hit it with multiple attacks.' said Shin to himself before guiding the 'Qi' inside his body and dividing it to both of his hands. His hands glow with a dense silver light and throw multiple palm strikes to the bulky man.

'Flowing Water Arts: Myriad Transformation Palms'

*Swoosh* *Swoosh*

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

At the same time Arthur lower his hands and level it to his waist, then he clench it into a fist and focus his inner 'Qi' on it. When both of it release a golden light, he throw a powerful conservative punches.

'Advance Military Arts: Destructive Machine-Gun Fist'

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The combine attacks of Shin and Arthur are like a Hurricane that can slaughter anything that on its path, but unfortunately for them the Bulky Man is like a steady mountain in the middle of a storm. Both of their attacks are like needles being thrown on a metal wall.

The Bulky man look at the both of them and smirks. "Heh, is that all you got? Then let me show you that having a talent is not enough."

The Bulky man catch one of Arthur's fist, then he pull Arthur towards him while throwing a punch on this other hand.

Arthur is gotten of guard because of the sudden turn of events, he grit his teeth and raise his other hand while bracing himself for the incoming attack.

Naturally Shin try to salvage the situation, but unfortunately for him, the defense of the bulky man is very tough, so he have no choice but to face the attack head-on.
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"D*mn it! When I get back I will make sure to pester that Old Geezer to teach me a simplified version of 'Absolute Yin Attacks'." said Shin to himself before standing in front of Arthur blocking the path of the bulky man's fist.

Shin brace himself while regulating his breathing, he move his arms in a circular motion. Both in counterclockwise direction, the right is inward while the left is outward.

Shin's action looks so slow, in fact the Bulky Man can even see Shin's movement, it is as if the time is frozen and Shin is the only one that is capable of moving.

'Advance Yin-Yang Arts: Circular Guidance'



Shin deflected the Bulky Man's attack using the back of his left hand. A powerful gust of wind that accompanied the punch is exploded on Shin's left side creating a deafening sound that resonated in the entire parking lot. The entire process seems so long but it actually only happened in seconds.

At this time Arthur collided on Shin's back. Shin is gotten off balance because of the collision. The Bulky Man is enraged because of his repeated failure, so how can he not grab this opportunity that is presented in front of him.

The Bulky Man immediately send a powerful forward kick in front of Shin.



Shin and Arthur is send backwards when they are hit by the Bulky Man's powerful kick. Then the two of them are collide on the wall.

*Cough* *Cough*


Arthur coughs heavily because of his collision on the wall, meanwhile Shin spit some blood while wiping the residual on the corner of his mouth, after all the take the full blown attack of that kick

"*Cough*, What the hell do you think you are doing? I could have handle that if you didn't interfere. " said Arthur to Shin while removing some dust on on his shirt.

Shin look at the the Bulky Man while clenching his chest, then he reply to Arthur without looking at him. "Tsk, if that is how you say thank you then you are always welcome."

The Bulky Man smirks at the two before saying. "Heh, so much for being a Chosen One. If that's all you've got then you will not survive in this world."

Arthur look at Shin and said with some suspicion. "That gorilla's defense is too abnormal for a 'Qi Reinforcement Skill', it's like there is something wrong with his body."

Shin nods his head and agree with him. "Yeah, I thought it's just my imagination, but the more I hit him the more I get convince about it."

"If only I know some armor penetrating martial skill, then I can beat this guy easily." added Shin after some tapping on his chest.

Then suddenly an idea appears on Shin's head 'Armor penetrating Skill? Aren't that guy know some?'

Shin look at Leonard's side and see that he already have successfully save the two ladies. Then he look at Arthur and said. "Hey, let's hold this guy up and wait for Leo to catch up. And let us change roles too, I'll take him on while you support me."

Without waiting for Arthur's reply, Shin directly sprints to the Bulky Man with a great speed. The Bulky Man smirks at Shin and throw a straight punch to greet him, but before his fist reach his opponent, Shin suddenly change his direction midway.

Shin move at the Bulky Man's right side and immediately jump forward sending a flying kick to his opponent.

His left leg is covered with a silver light living some white traces behind. The Bulky Man calmly raise his other hand to block and catch Shins foot.

But too bad for the Bulky Man, Shin changes his direction once again before his foot touches the Bulky Man's hand.

Shin keep changing his direction left and right while throwing some attack in the process, he looks like a young tiger circling around his prey.

'Flowing Water Art: Shifting Movement'

The Bulky man got annoyed because of Shin's swiftness, what's more is Arthur is not idle either. Arthur is throwing some random powerful punches from time to time.

The Bulky Man raise his brows and said to himself. "Trying to worn me out? Do you really believe that a battle of attrition is enough." He smirks and about to use another skill, when he felt a immense threat coming from above him.

The Bulky man raise his head and see Leonard is falling from the ceiling with an unstoppable momentum. Leonard's right fist is enfold with a crimson red glow and smash is downwards.

'Street Fighting Style: Explosive Smash'

The Bulky Man smirks once again and raise both of his arms and cross it above his head while saying to himself. "These kids really are stubborn. Do you honestly believe that adding another ant will change anything?"

That is what the Bulky Man want to said before realizing his mistake. As if Shin and Arthur is waiting for that mistake, they simultaneously make their move.

Shin take a step back while lowering his hips, then he twist his body and put all his strength on his legs and focus his inner 'Qi' in it. After that he jump forward while spinning his body with a great speed.

'Flowing Water Arts: Flying Lotus Attack'

At the same time Arthur take a step forward while lowering his center of gravity. He clench his right hand into a fist while putting it in front of his chest and concentrate his 'Qi' in it. Then he strides towards the Bulky Man and throw a powerful rotating punch.

'Advance Military Arts: Meteor Shotgun'

When the Bulky Man see that actions his of opponents, he brace himself and take a deep breath. And by inhaling a huge amount of air, the body of the Bulky Man become even more larger and his muscles increase in size.

'Qi Reinforcement Arts: Iron Fortress'



The Bulky Man looks confident on his defense, but the expression on his face changes when his arms come in contact with Leonard's attack.

The Bulky Man felt that his internal organs are shaken because of that intense attack, but what makes it even worst is the attacks of Shin and Arthur came after simultaneously. It hit the either side of his ribs.

If in the first attack makes his innards shaken, then follow up attacks destroy his internal organs.


The Bulky Man cough out a lot of blood and kneel on the ground. The 'Qi' reinforcement skill on his body is take off because of the attacks that he have taken.

And what comes after that do not need to be narrated. It's just that the Bulky Man is beaten black and blue by the Trio.


Shin just have taken a shower in one of the hotel rooms. He sit on the sofa and lean his back on it. Then the door of the room suddenly opens.

Arthur and Leonard come in and directly sit opposite on Shin. Shin look at them and asked. "How is it?"

"From the interrogation of your Big Sis, those guys spilled all what they know, but it is not that optimistic. They are hired by an influential figure to kidnapped those two girls, as for the reason, they also don't know." said Leonard while putting his feet on top of the table.

Arthur also click his tounge to show his dissatisfaction. "Tsk, they don't even know who is their employer. Even that useless gorilla don't know anything."

Shin fall in a deep thought and ask after few seconds. "Then what Big Sis say about that?"

Both Arthur and Leonard trembled when they hear what Shin have said. Then Arthur look at him and said. "Do you even need to ask? With Big Sis personality, I'm pretty sure that she will get in the bottom of this."

Leonard look at the two left and right before saying to himself. "What an overprotective Big Sister, her little brothers are just gotten hit a few times and she is ready to hunt an entire organization down because of it."

"I better be careful next time I have provoke these two or else I'll suffer the same fate as that gorilla guy." promise Leonard in his heart while recalling the fate that the Bulky Man suffered when Shiella discovered that Shin and Arthur is hurt by the gorilla guy. He couldn't help but shivered and broke out with cold sweat.


At the same time a beautiful woman is sitting on a chair inside the head office of Lake Heart Hotel. She had a long blonde hair hanging on her back, the color of her round eyes are golden.

She is Shiella Springfield, she is currently thinking about the incident in the parking lot of the Lake Heart Hotel. Then suddenly the door of the office opens and a beautiful middle age lady entered the room.

The middle age lady is wearing a professional office outfit showcasing her sexy and perfectly shaped body. But anyone that will think something bad about this lady will suffer an ill fate, because the aura that is being release by her is quite terrifyingly cold. It is as if she is like a wild beasts observing her prey in the dark.

She is Shiella's secretary and official bodyguard 'Anna Bennington'. Anna bowed in front of Shiella before saying. "Young Miss, we have just discovered that those guys have some connection with the 'Shadow Lane' underworld organization. Should we demand them for their explanation."

"Should we? Of course we should! I don't care if they are a part of 'Dark Syndicated'. I'll make sure they will regret crossing paths with me. Especially that is my little brothers are involved." said Shiella while releasing a scary aura and muttering to her heart. "I'm the only one that have the right to beat up those little guys."


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