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Shin was back at the game and appeared in the corner of the City Plaza where he last logged out. And when he appeared on that spot, he was immediately greeted by the bursting players on the plaza. All of them were so busy with their own things. Some were coming in and out of the Teleportation Hall while others are busy selling some of their items after setting up their own stalls, and the remaining ones are busy for shopping or looking for a good item that they could buy.

It was already like this before, but the current players' traffic now was as twice as the one when the Sun-Moon Church released a bunch of quests regarding the extermination of corrupted monster nest around the Holy City. What's more, Shin was able to see the levels of these players using his 'True Sight' skill; their average levels are quite high for it averages around level-91 to Level-95.There were even some players that have a level higher than Level-96.

And with the presence of these players, the player population of the Holy City suddenly became elites among elites while the City became a Rankers' hub itself. 

"What the heck happened when I'm gone? And why the heck this City always transforming into something new every time I come back here?" muttered Shin to himself as he stared at the flow of busy players in front of him.

But immediately after that, Shin brushed off that thought on the back of his head almost instantly. Then he inspect his equipment first to double check if all of them are in good condition before looking at his inventory space to see if he have enough auxiliary supplies in it.

After that, he started walking towards the Heavenly Resto-Bar. That was the place where he and others decided to meet up. And as usual, they were on the VIP room no.1 once again. Shin was actually starting to have some suspicions about this place. He felt that this Resto-Bar belongs to either Lawless and Faker or someone that they knew. Because if it was not, then why did they always get the VIP room no.1. What's more, he also felt that the owner of this place was no someone so simple, especially with the fact that this was the only 'player owned' establishment in the Holy City.

And since the door lock was already set for Shin to enter, he was able to enter the room with ease. And the moment he opened the door, he was immediately greeted by the rowdy atmosphere inside, and the first one that he heard was Lawless who currently have his usual energetic attitude. "Hahaha… That was right! Those guys were scared out of their wits and starting to runaway the moment they saw the army of undead monsters together with the news that three of their Godlike Players."

And when Shin opened the door to enter the room, Lawless and the other guys simultaneously turned their heads at him which made him a little awkward. He smiled meekly and greeted them. "Hello, sorry for the intrusion."

 Lawless laughed out loud and said. "Hahaha… Look who is here. Isn't this the new star of the game?"

Shin knitted his brows while entering the room. Then he said after taking a seat beside Morgan. "What do mean by that?"

Lawless smirked at him and said. "You really don't know? Che! Are you someone lives in the mountains? You name is quite a hit in the forums and the SkyLink."

Shin looked at the Lawless blankly and said. "Sorry but I rarely use the SkyLink. As for the forums, I also read some during my free time but I didn't see such topic about myself."

Ravier clicked his tongue and added. "Tsk! What the heck is wrong with you? If you want to have more accurate gasp on the situation of what's happening in the game, you should read more in the forums. Those things are some common information that you can get online, but they are able to help you most of the time."

Lawless nodded his head and agreed. "Yeah, they are going to be some helpful informations. You can also treat it as some free information center. If you have some grudge against someone you can use some basic information on the forums to learn more about your enemies. For example the HeadHunter Guild, if you have more information about their Godlike Players and other leading figures of theirs, you could be more ready when they come after you with the intention of biting you."

Shin shrugged his shoulder and asked. "So what's with this thing about me being famous?"

Lawless chuckles and said. "Well, well, it is like this, you are being stalk by one of the famous online reporter/commentator/live streamer/blogger. And she even happens to witness your battle against Vega. That guy is not that strong on the ranks of Titled Rankers but he still has some reputation under his belt."

"And with the so-called 'Bunny's Magic' of hers, that battle of yours suddenly become a mind-blowing battle for the viewers, especially for her fans. Given that, you become someone that was super famous. Some players are even planning to give you are title of yours."

The expression on Shin's face suddenly turned weird after hearing that. "Who is that? And Bunny's Magic? What's that?"

This time, Ravier become more irritated at Shin's ignorance and chimed in once again. "Bro, I can say anything about your cluelessness .I don't know how the heck did you lived your youthful life until now. You don't even know anything about most basic informations about the gaming world. What's more, you don't even VJ Miss Bunny? She is one of the most beau-..ti-…ful-…. "

 Ravier's words were slowly cut off the moment he felt a chilling aura being directed at him. And when he turned to the source of it, he couldn't help himself but choke off with some air as he saw Ember looking at him with a cold gaze. Then he immediately added to what he had said earlier. "*Cough! Cough!... What I mean is she is quite a famous figure in the gaming industry for she is one of the best commentators that you can have. Her Bunny Magic was her ability to turned any battle videos into a very thrilling and detailed videos."

"Isn't that somewhat similar to what brother Lawless had said earlier?" said Shin while pointing at Lawless. Then he ignored Ravier's fierce gaze and turned his attention to the Lawless before saying. "Well, I'll take a look at that later. What I'm actually curious about was what exactly happened in the Holy City? Why the heck is players' traffic too high?"

Lawless shrugged his shoulders and said nonchalantly. "Well that was nothing special. Remember our last battle against the Allied Forces of some of the Powerhouses based here in Holy City?"

Shin nodded his head instinctively after hearing that. Then Lawless immediately said after seeing that. "That was it! Because of that so-called 'Mind-blowing Battle' that spread online, a lot of independent players are starting to migrate to this City because this is currently the most rowdy City of the Saint Heaven Kingdom."

"What's more, this City is currently housing the most number of the Powerhouse Guild in the entire Kingdom. Even if some of them are kick out of the competition for the battle for supremacy of this place, there are still four Hegemons battling for that title. And some of those those players are hoping to join those four Power Guilds."

Shin knitted his brows and asked with sight confusion. "Huh? What do you mean by that?"

Lawless chuckles once again and said. "Ah! Hahaha… Sorry, I forgot about your ignorance. Anyway, because of what happened on the Shunkai Forest, the Golden Dawn and Credit Republic suffered a massive lost. And due to that, they were forced to shift places and migrate to other Cities. It is because if they did not do that, the other Powerhouses will shallow them whole."

"What about the Miracle Guild and the Skyline? Didn't those guys initiate an early retreat after their early lost in battle?" asked Shin as he suddenly chimed in.

"Ah! Those guys?" Lawless suddenly formed a mysterious grin with his lips after hearing that. "Heh! They have been kicked out by the people from Wing's Alliance and Titan Guild."

"While we are busy with the things on our side in the Real World, those two 'bystanders' suddenly declared a war against the Skyline and Miracle Guild. And since the latter two are currently recuperating their loses from the previous battle, they couldn't hold the combined forces of those 'birds' and 'muscle-heads'. Given that, they were also forced out of the Holy City."

"Wing's Alliance and Titan Guild; and I am sure that the Dragon Pavilion was the other one, but who was the fourth guild?" asked Shin curiously.

"Who else but the Hydra Guild?" replied Lawless almost immediately.

Shin was still confused and said. "Eh? The Dragon Pavilion didn't manage to kick them out?"

Lawless chuckles once again and sneered. "What do you think those 'snakes' are? They are not publicly recognized as number one Guild for no reason. What's more, they didn't suffer that much lost in the battle on the Shunkai forest since they are quite cleaver enough to passed down a quick retreat order to their members when the noticed that everything are going south. So they still have some quite healthy reserves."

"Can't the Wing's Alliance and Titan Guild teamed up with the Dragon Pavilion to kick them out of this place?" rebutted Shin unconsciously.

Then Lawless immediately answered. "But the Hydra Guild is allied with the Blood Carnival people. And it will be hard to guess who are going to win if those forces really collide. And whoever wins on that battle will still receive some loses; and if they started recuperating those loses, the other guilds will take that time to catch up with them for as soon as possible; some of the new Powers on the game might take that time to overtake them at taking root on this City so it is not worth it take the risk."

Shin was about to say that there was still the Assassin Union, but he immediately disregarded the idea when he remembered what kind of power was the Assassin Union. He didn't know the specifics why those guys had helped them. It might be some trade secrets between Lawless and them, but Shin guessed that Lawless and the others had paid something high for those guys to agree. 

What's more, they also managed to pull so help from his Big Sis. With how familiar he is to his big sister, Shin was quite aware that they paid a large sum of fortune or something with the same value to convince them to join their side. And when Shin's mind started wondering with these assumptions made by him, he suddenly felt indebted to Lawless and others and said to himself. 'I must become stronger more to pay them properly in the future.'

Then his thoughts were brought back to reality when he heard Lawless voice once again. "Alright, that is enough for that topic. That was not our problem after all. What we needed to do now was to plan our next move."

Then the atmosphere inside the room suddenly turned silent as everyone of them are aware that this topic might become a little troublesome based on the events that happened just recently.


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