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During the time when Shin was battling with Rhaba, Lawless and the others were having a very hard time dealing with the things on their side. Yes things, it was because they were currently being surrounded by undead monsters that have a countless number.

What's more, these undeads are not your average undead monsters that the ordinary players knew. These undead monsters were almost the same as the ones that were on Shin's side. And yes almost, these undead monsters are almost the same because the one that were on this side are much more powerful than the other side.

The most ordinary undead monsters here were as strong as the High-Ranking Undeads that Rhaba had summoned during his first appearance and before battling Shin. What's more, they were also able grow in battle just like the ones that were summoned by the Undead Rising Formation. And to make the matter worst, there are even more powerful monsters than the 'regular' ones.

The 'God Slayer: Lawless' that was known for charging forward in the frontlines, was now being forced into defensive. Not only he needed to be wary of the threat gave by the undead monsters, he also need to concern himself about the safety of his comrades at the backlines.

At the same time, the 'Immovable Mountain: Hayden' lived up for his name at this point. He couldn't properly showcase his real style of battle earlier during the war. It was because he needed to be on the offensive earlier so that he could properly pin down Broken Fortress on place. But this time, he could dedicate himself fully on defending. Given that, he also have some support coming from Lawless so defending the backlines was became a little easier. And with his reliable defending, the pressure that Lawless was getting was also greatly lessened. 

Behind those two were Charlotte who was busy chanting out a spell after spell to blast off all of the undead monsters that were coming after them while bombarding some of the monsters few distances away, and Stephanie who was giving out her best to support Lawless and Hayden with her buffs and heals.

Morgan, on the other hand, was keeping himself busy at helping out Charlotte to ward off the undead monsters that were swarming towards them. His guns were kept flashing in and out from his inventory bag as he kept swapping his guns for every skill that he was using. He was also giving out some supports to their frontline players to lessen their burdens while also being a looked out for some unexpected threat that might caught them off-guard.

Meanwhile, Faker was the one that carrying the greatest burden of them all. Given his astonishing speed, he was the only one that had a chance at getting near Immortal and stopped the necromancer at summoning more undead monsters. So he separated from the group and rushed towards Immortal without having any second thoughts. His figure transformed into a dashing silhouette that seems to be unhindered by the swarm of the undead monsters as he sprinted in the midst of their ranks.

Naturally, Immortal will not let Faker get near him too much so he sent out some undead monsters that had a speed that was almost comparable with Faker's speed to keep him from moving further forward. And even if Charlotte and Morgan giving him some range assistance from time to time, those attacks were seemed to be useless in front of Immortal as he sent some undead monsters with huge bodies to block off the path of their skills when he realized that Faker was able to move forward because of them.

Given all of those, Lawless and the others were seemed to be able to force the battle into a deadlock. But even if that was the case on the surface, the entire group was fully aware that their predicament was in a dire state. And they couldn't let his battle to escalate into a greater degree than this.

Stephanie, Morgan and Charlotte were already running out of Mana because of the prolonged battle. Charlotte might be in a better state than the other two since she had some Combat Techniques and Special Skills that could restore her Mana automatically even if she was currently in battle. But that still didn't mean that her Mana was inexhaustible, especially since that her MP consumption was quite massive because of her continues casting of skills; her MP was also dropping at incredible rate.

Hayden, on the other hand, was starting to feel the accumulation of fatigue from the consecutive intense battles that he had gone through. He still hasn't recovered his peak condition when Immortal suddenly popped up in front them and started yet another life-threatening battle unexpectedly.

Lawless and Faker were in a slightly better condition since both of them seemed to be used to these kinds of long-lasting battles. The only problem was the pressure that they were getting; it suddenly gone up with a great margin since the supports that they were previously receiving was starting to crumble little by little.

They shouldn't on this much disadvantage if only the dynamic couple of 'Winter Demon: Revier' and 'Flame Witch: Ember' were here. But alas, before the battle even started, a pair of Abomination Spirits suddenly appeared out of nowhere and pounced at the couple before disappearing with them to who knows where.

And as the battle progress, the summons of Immortal were getting stronger and stronger, pushing the entire group into their wits' ends.

"This can't continue we need to get out of here fast or else all of us are going to get killed," said Lawless with a solemn voice as he killed yet another undead monster.

"The problem is how are we going to do that. That guy will surely not let us escape. What's more, we can't turn our backs at him because it is the same as asking him to hit us on the back of out heads," replied by Hayden after pushing an undead monster backwards before it was killed by a few shots from Morgan.

Lawless took a deep breath and said. "Leave me and Faker here. We are going all out and hold these filthy monsters back for as long as we can to buy you time for as long as possible for your escape."

Charlotte clicked her tongue and said. "Tsk! Can you hear what you are saying? We can't even beat that guy with our strengths combined yet you want that two of you handle him by yourselves?"

Morgan laughed at she said and replied. "Miss Charlotte, are you listening to Capt'n? He said they are only going to buy us some time, he didn't say that they are going to battle that lunatic to death."

But immediately added after that, "But that is still too risky Capt'n. I guess it is still better if we retreat together."

"Which is pretty much impossible," injected by Hayden as he continued to defend the incoming undead monsters that broke pass Lawless.

"So what do you suggest? Do you perhaps have an even better plan?" asked Lawless.

Morgan hesitated for a moment before saying. "I guess it is better if Capt'n and Brother Faker leave together with Miss Charlotte. You guys are on another league than us, and I'm sure that you are the real targets of Immortal."

"If I'm not mistaken, he is planning to create a Super Undead using your bodies. And if he succeeds at killing you three, that was going to be a huge lost. What's more, you and Brother Faker cannot afford to lose that much level and entered a weakened state for a few weeks, or else you guys are really going to be left in the dust by the others."

"How about you enlighten us with your brilliant plan then?" said Lawless with a slight sarcastic tone.

"I'm planning to detonate a Greater Magic Bomb," said Morgan without a slightest bit of hesitation.

Lawless and the others were frozen in place the moment they heard that, before continuing what they were doing. And when he gotten some breathing place, Lawless started to scold Morgan. "Are f*cking out of your mind? You are planning to be a suicide bomber, seriously? Are you fully aware of the consequences that it might take?"

Morgan smiled bitterly and answered. "Of course, I'm aware. But me losing 5-levels and entering a weaken state for a weak is way better that all of us being killed buy these undead monsters."

"But you need can't move for a whole minute to prepare the bomb before you are able to detonate it," said Hayden.

Then Morgan turned his head at him and said with a cheeky tone. "That is why I'm going to ask you if you are willing to become a hero like me."

Hayden was taken aback at first but he immediately smiled meaningfully and said. "Heh! Not a bad idea actually. And I like idea, but isn't it also means that they need to get out on this place for as far as they can during that minute?"

Then Stephanie suddenly chimed in. "Which is pretty much impossible if I come with them, right?"

Morgan sighed helplessly and didn't reply at her before resuming to fire some shots at the incoming undead monsters.

Lawless was knitting his brows as he listen to what they were saying. He was fully aware of their current predicament, and he also knew that he couldn't do anything to bring all of them outside of it. Naturally, he didn't want to agree to what Morgan was planning, but that was only because of his pride as the captain of this team, and he couldn't be so blind just because of it.

After some moment of silence, Lawless couldn't help himself but grit his teeth and vent all of his frustrations that he was currently feeling to all of the undead monsters in front of him. And at this moment, some of the distant memories that he almost forgot were starting to flash in his head.

'F*ck!' Then Lawless gritted his teeth even further and said. ���Alright let's go with your plan. But let me give you some assistance first."

After saying that, Lawless release a deafening roar. And that roar seemed to be a roar that came from a demonic beast from the Ancient Time.


At the same time when that roar was released, all of the undead monsters in the vicinity were frozen in place for a second. It looked like they afraid of him for a second, but immediately after that, they started rushing towards them once again. But unknown to them, their strengths became a little weaker compared to before.

Naturally, Immortal was able to notice the changes of his undeads. He even frowned his brows a little when saw that. Then he wave his left hand and release a bunch of black smoke that immediately spread on the surroundings before entering the bodies of the undeads, and strengthening them once again.


But that was the same moment when a huge apparition of black tiger appeared in the sky before descending in the middle of the undead monsters. Then....


A powerful explosion was created, killing a large the number of undead monsters. Even if that number was not enough to cripple the undead army, it still gave them enough space to catch their breaths.

Then Lawless give Morgan and the others a sidelong glance and said. "That should be enough breathing space, right?"

Morgan gave him a thumbs-up before immediately putting his guns inside his inventory bag before taking a cube with a size of 3 cubic feet. Then he immediately sat on the ground and started tapping the cube here and there.

Then Lawless nodded his head at the others before rushing towards a certain direction while slaughtering his way out of the battlefield.

"Maybe I should also give you a farewell gift." At the same time, Charlotte raised her sceptre on the air before slamming the bottom of it on the ground powerfully. A moment later, nine types of elemental dragons appeared around them. Then the nine dragons started revolving around the group, and protected them from the undead monsters. Every time an undead monster tried to get near those revolving dragons, they were going to get grind into pieces.

After that, Charlotte wave at them before casting some consecutive blinks as she also tried to get out of the battlefield for as soon as she can.

Faker also started escaping from the battlefield the moment he got Lawless order on the party chat. He split his body into multiple phantoms before rushing and scattering in every direction.

Naturally, Immortal had gotten some idea of what they are planning when he saw Lawless, Faker and Charlotte started leaving the battlefield. "Cutting off an arm to escape your predicament, Huh? This is pretty much unlike you, God Slayer."

"Hmm... So what should do about these guys now?" He turned his head at the three players inside the revolving dragons and started to ponder. It was already too late to try catching up with the three Godlike Players. And it was also hard even for him to hold them in place if the three of them are only focusing on running. He was only exploiting their weakness earlier to put some pressure on them and hold them on this place. And he wanted to capture all of them together after all.

He was pretty confident that the Lawless will not abandon his teammates no matter what happened; that was his principle after all. But alas, it looked like the God Slayer that he knew was pretty much different to the God Slayer of today.

He felt some pity for not be able to create some 'decent' Super Undeads from the bodies of those three that escaped, the same goes for the couple that he sent somewhere; those two are able to kill their respective Abomination Spirit that he sent. But since these three remained here, he might still be able get some 'ok' ones.

The revolving dragons didn't last long; it immediately started to crumble after two or three seconds of enduring. And once that happened, more and more undead monsters started swarming after them. Stephanie immediately cast a holy barrier around them trying to ward off the incoming undead monsters. And after that barrier was broken, Hayden immediately used an AOE defensive skill after an AOE defensive skill as he tried to by some time time for as much as he can; every second counts.

"It is time to end this." muttered by Immortal to himself as he saw the desperate struggle of the three. But before he managed to do something, he suddenly felt an immense threat coming from their direction.

The pupils of his eyes suddenly contracted at the sudden threat that the recieved so he immediately retrieved a Random Teleportation Scroll from his inventory bag before crashing it almost instantly. And after the 5-second casting time, Immortal was immediately sent out of the battlefield.

And a second after that.....



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