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Child of Destiny 174 Defeated Part 2 : Ancient God Book

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When Rhaba was killed by Shin, the Undead Rising Formation set up in the vicinity also crumbled almost at the same time. And together with its collapse, all of the undead monsters in the vicinity also started to fall lifelessly on the ground. At the same time, the powerful undeads summoned by Rhaba on the first clash also dropped down in a lifeless manner.

And after their fall, Shin's Reaper's Retainer immediately gathered together around Shin. And once they come together, Vladimir immediately voiced out his complaint. "D*mn it! These filthy beings are quite clever. To think that they are going to set up a Cage Formation that not only can strengthen themselves but also limit our powers? Tsk! If not because of it, I can easily kill that annoyingly noisy Ghost. I'm an amazing and awesome spirit after all."

When Grimrace heard that, he quickly smirked at the Blood Spirit and sneered. "Heh? Amazing and awesome Spirit my *ss. Aren't you just being played by that Ghost earlier?"

Vladimir turned his head at the Shadow Spirit and threw a deadly glare at the later. A moment later, his lips suddenly curved into a grin and said. "Heh! And how about you? I seem to remember that you are being thrown repeatedly buy that iron-clothed skeleton earlier? Are you perhaps become a real Clown~?"

The look on Grimrace face suddenly turned solemn and replied. "That was because my Shadow Element was pretty much uselss against most of the high-ranking undeads."

Vladimir leaned his left ear a little towards Grimrace while putting his left hand at the back of it and said. "Hu~h? Did I just hear it right? Did you just admit that you are useless?"

And immediately after saying that, Vladimir quickly pulled his head backwards because Grimrace threw a swing with his dagger. And when he saw that the former dodged his dagger, the Shadow Spirit looked fiercely at the Blood Spirit and said threateningly. "You really are looking for a fight, Huh? Mosqui~to."

Vladimir flipped his long silver hair with his left hand and said. "As if you stood a chance against an amazing and awesome spirit such as myself?"

After that, the two of them were suddenly engaged into a fight. Shin sighed helplessly when he saw this scene unfold in front of him. All he could do for now was to unsummon them so that he will not have an extra headache. But even if the two Elemental Spirits were reduced to their speck of light form, the two of them still continue attacking each other; Shin can even see that the two little specks of lights collide with each other multiple times.

"What a troublesome Spirits," muttered Shin to himself as he release yet another helpless sigh.

And at this point Hanzo pointed at Shin's back and said to the latter. "What are those two doing??"

Shin turned his sideways and looked over his shoulder to see what Hanzo was pointing at. Then he saw Whitie and Blackie playing with each other. They looked like a pair of cats that were running, rolling and chasing each other.

Shin was about to release another helpless sigh and about to say to ignore them when he noticed that the two tigers were playing something. He turned his body towards them and walked closer towards the two.

And when he got a closer looked at what they were fighting at, Shin immediately rushed towards them and snatch that thing away from them. It was an item that looked like a transparent crystal ball. He already have some idea what was it the moment he saw its appearance. But just to it make sure, he gathered a bunch of Mana on his eyes and activated the 'True Sight' skill to appraise the crystal ball.


Item Name: Mana Crystal (Exhausted)

Item Type: Etc.

Item Rank: Special (???)


An item that was form by the accumulation of purest Mana, but it was currently an empty vessel for it had already exhausted all of the Mana stored on it.

You can sacrifice a hundred of Superior Mana Stones to infuse some Mana on it and restore most of its powers.

When its powers are fully restored, this Mana Crystal can be use with a multiple purposes.

More Details:



Shin clicked his tongue and started mumbling. "Tsk! This must be the thing that that guy used as the core of that annoying Formation earlier."

Then he turned his attention back to the two tigers and asked. "Is this the only thing that he dropped? I mean the only thing that you found?"

Blackie lowered its head a little while shaking it, indicating that it didn't found anything other than that Mana Crystal. Whitie, on the other hand, walked towards the spot where Shin had killed Rhaba and picked a black-colored book on the ground using its mouth before bringing it to Shin.

Shin felt that his heart skipped some beats the moment he saw the black-colored book at Whitie's mouth. 'Could it be?'

Shin immediately walked towards Whitie and took the black-colored book before appraising it to see its details. And sure enough... it was not the same as what he was thinking.

He released a sigh that was mixed with relief and disappointment. A relief because if it was a Skill book that he was thinking then those guys from powerful guilds were really troublesome to deal with, and dissapppoited because if it was really that kind of skill book then should already have a very OP Skill now.

But alas, based on the game mechanics. Legendary and Mythical Skills can only be appeared during the mid-stages of the game, which was when most of the players achieved Level-150 and above.

But even though that was the case, the black-colored book was still something worth to be celebrate as it was also something good and useful.


Item Name: Revelation Book - I

Item Type: Etc.

Item Rank: (???)


A mysterious book that possessed some kind of unfathomable powers that came from the ancient times. 

You can sacrifice some of your life force (Permanent lose of VIT) to awaken some of its powers.

Note 1: Unlock the Entry Level Ancient Powers to learn more about this item.

Note 2:

Sacrifices for Ancient Powers

100 VIT: Entry Level

250 VIT: Intermediate Level 

500: Advance Level

1000: Master Level


Note 3: This item will certainly drop when the possessor died. And once it dropped the Sacrifices will be return to back to the beginning.

Note 4: This item can't be traded



"This this sure is something. Sacrificing that much of VIT? That was a lot... No... that is going to be a massive decrease on your HP and Defence if I do sacrifice," muttered Shin to himself after reading the details of the black-colored book. Then he immediately added after that. "I wonder if it is worth it. Hmm... My VIT is a little over 4000, should I give it a try?"

But before he managed to do it, Hanzo immediately appeared beside him and said with a solemn tone. "Idi*t! Do you this thing is just some kind of toy? This is something that came from the Ancient Times, and if I am not wrong then this thing is one of the books that containing the powers of some Ancient Gods."

"And if you release even a bit of its powers the current existing Gods will feel its presence. And if that happen, most of the other races living on the world will hunt you down. What's more, the current you can't control even if a little bit of its powers."

"You should wait until you reach Tier 3 before unlocking some of its powers or else you are just going to be hunted by those insecure Gods."

'So you are telling me that this is a trap? Or is it really the so-called Mythical Skills?' thought Shin in his head before saying to the Void Spirit. "And why the heck did they want this book? And the books that are similar to this one."

Hanzo smirked at Shin and said. "Heh! During that time, the current Gods are just some kind of random beings that you can find anywhere who feared the Ancient Gods. But for some unknown reason, the Ancient Gods suddenly wage war with each other and almost wiping their existence."

"And because of that war, almost all of the Ancient Gods died during their battles while their remains were scattered all around the world. Some of the luckiest existence during that time managed to find some of the Ancient Gods' remains, and tried to absorb their ancient powers. Those who failed died in the process while those who succeed become new Gods themselves."

Then Shin suddenly chimed in and said. "Let me guess, those guys that succeed at becoming the new Gods are the current Gods that we have, right?"

Hanzo nodded his head and said. "Yes and No."

Shin knitted brows as he gotten confused. Hanzo laugh at him and said. "Hahaha... Do you honestly believe that the current Gods are just the new Gods? Like what I said earlier, it is just most of the Ancient Gods fell but that doesn't mean all of them died."

"Given that, some of the new Gods still feared the Ancient Gods. Especially that they survived that Great Ancient Era War. So the newly ascended Gods grouped together and made a proposal to the surviving Ancient Gods."

Hanzo pause a little as he hesitated for a moment and continued. "In short, they bootlicked the feet of those Ancient Gods to make their *ssess a little more comfortable. They can't beat those Ancient Gods after all."

Shin was about to ask who are the Ancient and New Gods of the current time, but before he managed to open his mouth and Hanzo beat him into it with another topic. "As for those Ancient Books just like the one that you are holding... They are the ones that were left behind by some powerful individuals that tried to absorb the Ancient God's powers and failed but somehow managed to survive."

Hanzo paused for another time to think for a moment before adding. "And if I'm not wrong, each of those ancient powerful individuals separated the powers of each Ancient God remnant that they found into different volumes of a single book. After that, they scattered it all around the world so that the greedy beings couldn't find them. Especially the greedy Gods that wanted to get their hands on those Ancient powers."

At this point of time, Shin received an unexpected system notification.


System: Quest has been initiated!

System: You have learned some part of the Ancient History and got some clues about the Ancient Fallen Gods and their powers.


Quest Name: The Ancient Powers

Quest Type: Hidden, Gathering, Special, and Investigative Quest

Quest Difficulty: (???)

Quest Details:

The Ancient Era was too distant and too mysterious for the people of the current Era. A lot of powerful individuals tried to uncover is mysteries but none of them fully succeed. Even the so-called Ancient Beings were just some individuals that were born after the end of the real Ancient Era.

And somehow, you encounter an Ancient Void Spirit that lived at the late-stages of that Era. And he even became one of your Reaper's Retainers. But still, even if he was from the Ancient Era, that doesn't mean he knew everything about that time.

At the same time, you also found one of the Ancient books that possess some powers of one of the Ancient Gods during that time.

Quest Condition:

Investigate more about the Ancient Era and uncorver more of its truths to learn more about the powers of the Ancient Book that you currently possess. 

Quest Progress(0%):

Quest Reward:

· The true powers of the Ancient God Book in your hands

Quest Penalty: (When you somehow lost your Ancient God Book)

· -10 Levels

· Weakened State for 2 Natural Weeks(In-game Time)


Shin suddenly formed a satisfied smile with his lips after reading the first part of Quest Information. But the moment he saw the last part of it, he couldn't help but cursed out loud. "F*ck! Are you telling me that I couldn't even die for a single time now?"

Shin wanted to say something more, but before he managed to open his mouth, he received yet another system notification. And it was clear that it was some kind of bad news based on the message that got from the system. "What the f*ck happened this time?"


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