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The battle on the Shunkai Forest suddenly got an unexpected shift during its climax. An army of undead monsters started to appear out of nowhere and started attacking the players that were currently in the middle of the war.

And because of being gotten off-guard, most of the players of the Allied Forces died in the process. What's more, all of players that had been killed by those undead monsters couldn't be resurrected. And to make the matter even worse, all of the bodies of those dead players were being converted into a High-Undead Monster after being killed.

 And due to the sudden appearance of these undead monsters, the chaotic battlefield became even more chaotic. And the current 'war' was forced into a sudden halt since both sides needed to take these troublesome beings first, before anything else. And So both sides started to regroup with their respective allies.

And Powerhouse that took the most of the damage on this unexpected clash was the HeadHunter Guild and its current allied guilds, the Golden Dawn and Credit Republic. The army of undead monsters first appeared on their side after all, so it was natural for them to sustain that kind of damage since they were the first ones that received the initial assault of those monsters.

And as if rubbing some salt on the wound, Bloody Edge, Broken Blade and Raging Fortress fell on their battle against the three chiefs of the Hand of Midas Lifestyle Guild.

The trio of Cruelty, Soulless and Helena, on the other hand, didn't end up good either. Even if they survived fighting against Lawless, Faker, and Charlotte respectively, they still exhausted all of their remaining strengths and aces in battle, so they couldn't help much in battling the army of undead monsters.

In short, their Allied Forces was basically crippled after their battle with Lawless and the others. Given that, they have no other choice but to flee from the battlefield.

Meanwhile, the alliance of Hydra Guild and Blood Carnival was able to survive that predicament with a minimized damage. The moment the army of undead monsters appeared, the members of these two guilds started to make a clever retreat; especially when they heard that three of the Godlike Players of their 'Allies' died in battle.

In the meantime, the people of the Dragon Pavilion were the ones that have the least losses on this war. Even if they were gotten off-guard by the appearance of the army of undead monsters, they were still able to respond at it accordingly; they were trained like soldiers after all. What's more, the members of Hydra Guild made an early retreat so they could focus on their own retreat while defending their rear.

At the same time, Lawless' group and the three chiefs of the Hand of Midas came together and slaughter their way out of the battlefield without getting much resistance. They have 3 Godlike Players on thier side after all; what's more, there are also the 3 chiefs from the trading firm, and they are comparable to the Godlike Players. What's more, they also have the 2 Peak-Titled Rankers that are almost comparable to them.

With them, getting away from the blockade of the undead monsters was not a problem at all. What's more, they were already expecting them to appear from the very start so there was nothing to be surprise about.

The Shadow Raven Corps of the Assassin Union, on the other hand, suddenly disappeared to who knows where. It was as if they didn't participate in the intense battle in the first place.


Somewhere in the Shunkai Forest, Lawless and the others are currently resting after breaking through the blockade of undead monsters.

"So those guys really appeared just like we have expected. And base on what happened earlier, I guess the Guild Leader of Hand of Midas did something for those filthy beings to appear at the rear of the HeadHunter Guild Allied forces." said Lawless while stretching his waist left and right.

Then he turned his head at the three chiefs of the Hand of Midas and added. "Please say my thanks to her. And tell her that I will repay this favor in the future. Maybe I will give her a visit later when we are done with all the things from our side. Well, that is only if she let us to have a visit."

And surprisingly, the one that replied at him was Harmony who was all silent since the moment she arrived on this place. "I will pass it along to her, Commander Tora. And I'm sure that our Guild Leader will be looking forward for your visit. And you might even get a big surprise when you found out about her identity."

'Well, yeah, I'm actually also looking forward to meet this oh-so-great Big Sister of Brother Sickarius,' thought Lawless to himself before replying. "With that, I suddenly become curious about her identity now that you put it way."

Harmony smiled at Lawless and changed the subject. "Well, now that those guilds are no longer hunting you, I guess you guys can already handle yourselves; you are only going to look for the Undying Guild people after all. What's more there is only an hour before this so-called special event come into an end."

Lawless clicked his tongue and said. "Tsk! Can you not address me that way? I'm no longer a commander of an Adventure Team. What's more, I'm going with the name 'Lawless' now."

Then he shrugged his shoulders and immediately added. "Anway, I guess I should say; it is nice cooperating with you. And thanks once again."

Harmony gave Lawless a slight nod before turning her head at the two sulking guys sitting below a tree not far from them. "Hey, you two! We are going now, you better pick *ssess a bit faster so that we can get back at the firm a littler earlier."

Then Black Hammer and Tinker stood up with both having an unwilling expression on their faces. They became like this because of the contract they had signed during the war together with their bet.

It was not because they lost against each other, but it was because they lost to Harmony on that bet. They were not aware that she joined the bet, and for some unknown godf*cking reason, they also don't know how the f*ck did she suddenly joined the bet without them knowing.

And as if putting some salt on their wounds, she even got more kills than the two of them combined! They couldn't comprehend how the hell did she accomplished that. But they couldn't do anything about it since the war had already been ended. So the both of them could only sigh helplessly and accept it as reality.

And once the three chiefs separated from the group, Lawless finally turned his head at Faker and asked. "So can you now contact your elemental companion? Or the connection was still lost?"

Faker was focusing on contacting one of his elemental spirits when Lawless called him, and after some moment of failure, he sighed helplessly and said. "He is still not responding, maybe there are really some mishaps on their side. And since I am too far from him, that elemental spirit of mine will not be able to transform even into his combat form."

When Lawless pushed Shin on the teleportation gate earlier, Faker asked one of his elemental spirits to follow the later on the other side so that it can report back to him if something unexpected happened.

But the moment Hanzo closed the teleportation gate, his connection with his elemental companion was suddenly cut off by some unknown reason. And when they tried to locate Shin's whereabouts using their virtual maps, they couldn't find him at all! It was as if he suddenly disappeared on who knows where.

"Tsk! If only I know that this will happen, then I shouldn't have let him to go on his own. If my gut feeling is correct then this is also one of those guys plans." Lawless clicked his tongue after realizing their current situation.

"But you shouldn't be worried about that guy too much. If he really had got some trouble on the other side, he should be still fine since our quest is still active," said Faker after some thought.

"Then we should start looking for him now," said Lawless while nodding his head.

The others also started getting ready after hearing that. But when they were about to get moving, the entire team suddenly heard a laughing voice saying...

"What's with the rush? How about you guys stay here and accompany me for a little more time?"

The bodies of the entire group suddenly turned tense when they heard the voice. Then they suddenly became on high alert and looked at the source of voice. And that was when they saw a hooded figure walking towards them.

And on the next moment, the hooded person removed his hood without further ado, revealing his pale face and black hair, together with a pair of wolf's ears. From the looks of it, he was not afraid of revealing his identity at all.

And when the group got a looked at him, their faces suddenly turned solemn, for this guy in front of them was one of the strongest Godlike Player that they could meet. What's more, he was always standing at the opposing function of most of the players of the game.

The so-called king of necromancers, 'Lich God: Immortal'.

Immortal looked at the tensed group with satisfied expression on his face and said. "It has been a while, Commander Tora and Vice Commander Yami, I hope that you still remember me."

Then he turned his head at Charlotte and said with a cheeky grin on his lips. "And of course, it is the same to you, Miss Charlotte."

The faces of the three that had been called turned even more solemn after hearing his greetings. It was because they were aware what was this guy implying behind those words.

For Lawless and Faker's cases, both of them knew that they couldn't face this guy yet. If it was before; two years ago, then any one of them can fight this guy with an equal footing. But alas, the current problem was not it being the case. The two of them entered a two year hiatus on the game so it was not surprising for some of the other powerful Godlike Players to widen the gap between them while the others below them might even overtake them a little. What's more, this guy in front of them belongs to the former group.

Charlotte, on the other hand, had a different case. It was because she is currently being hunted by this guy... No... To be more precise, her elemental spirits were his main targets; this guys was after for Raijin and Fūjin.

She battled with Immortal before she came to Holy City. It was because Immortal was trying to convert the 'Storm Brothers' into a pair of Abomination Spirit. Fortunately, Charlotte was happened to be passing by during that time and prevented that to happen.

But her battle against this guy was a total nightmare. If not for him being in weakened state at that time, because of being interrupted during his ritual, then she already had suffered a total defeat on that battle.

And now that this guy was standing in front of them while showcasing the 10 level gaps on their current character levels, the three famous Godlike players suddenly got a massive pressure. A single level was already huge on their current levels, what's more, having ten.

And even if they have more players on their side, they still couldn't treat it as an advantage since this guy in front of them had a title that have a meaning of being the same as one and many.

Then Immortal continued talking to them. "What's with those tense faces? Am I that scary? Well, you don't have to worry too much about that. As long as you guys comply with what I wanted to say, then I can let you all of you off the hook in a single piece. How's that sound?"

Lawless and Faker looked at each other for a moment before the former opened his mouth. "And who do you think you are to demand something from us? If you want us to submit to you, then show us want you've got."

Then the others started taking their positions behind him.

Immortal couldn't help but click his tongue after seeing their actions and said. "So still want to choose the hard way, Huh?"

Then he paused for a moment to gently tap the bottom of his bone-like staff with a large skeleton hand as its head, on the ground. On the next instant, a large number of undead monsters started crawling out from the ground while he was saying. "Then you have left me with no other choice."


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