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Rhaba was staring at Shin with a astounded look at his face, especially when he saw the pair of Black Panther and White Tiger behind the latter. He was also a Martial-Art Practitioner in the Real World so he was also aware of some things regarding Martial-Arts, but this was his first time learning that it was possible for a person to have two types of Aura Manifestation.

What Rhaba didn't know, Shin was only doing this unconsciously. Shin only knew that he was releasing his Aura Manifestation but he was not aware that he was releasing two of them at the same time.

And since Rhaba realized that his situation was going south, he had no choice but to admit that he was in deep trouble this time. Given that, he really needed to reveal all of his cards now; he stopped underestimating Shin and really gone all-out on the get-go.

Rhaba raised the sword on his right hand and started chanting out some necromantic words. On the next instant, different kinds of undeads started crawling out from the ground and charged at Shin without further ado.

'Necromancer Skill: Summon Undead'

At the same time, Shin also made his move. He sprinted forward and planned to clash with the incoming undeads head-on. And when he was few meters away from the leading undead, his body started swaying left and right while also accelerating forward.


And when the undead was almost upon him, he swung the blazing [Yamato] on his right hand in a powerful manner, cutting the undead in half without getting any kind of resistance. And immediately after that, the [Snowstorm Edge] on Shin's left hand suddenly turned in a flash and ripped the life of the other undead that was coming after him on the other side. On the next moment, Shin started slaughtering the undeads with the swords on his hand. 


Then Shin heard Rhaba's roar in the distance, and that was when he suddenly felt that the effects of his 'Swordsman Resolve' skill had been taken off. At the same time, he also saw that the undeads surrounding him become strengthen because of that roar.

'Master Necromancer Skill (Tier 2): Undead's Call'

And before Shin managed to do anything, another roar came out from Rhaba's mouth. And this time, instead of strengthening his summons, the latter directly targeted Shin this time.


'Master Necromancer Skill (Tier 2): Mind Devourer'

Then Shin felt that his head suddenly became dizzy, making him to lose some focus and messing up his control over his 'Eclipse Wielding' Combat Technique.

And the undeads surrounding him grabbed that opportunity to start pouncing at him simultaneously.

"Tsk! F*cking B*st*rd," Shin clicked his tongue when that happened. Then he quickly released the 'Meteor Form' of his 'Mondi's Style' before switching it with 'Conviction Form'. And that was when a warm energy entered his mind, clearing the effects of the enemy's debuffing skill.

And without further ado, Shin started his next move. He flicked his right wrist to switch his grip on the [Yamato] into a reverse-hand grip before thrusting on the ground while croaching down and releasing all of the accumulated power of the Black Sun from the sword.

Then, on the next moment, a 7-meter pillar of black flame rose from the ground and devoured all of the undeads surrounding Shin inside the 5-meter radius range away from him, before turning them into ash.

'Self-Created Skill: Solaris Pillar'


And before the pillar of black flame subdues, a flash of multiple lines of sliver lights were sent out from the middle of the pillar and pierced the bodies of the undeads outside the maximum range of the pillar in all directions.

'Equipment Skill (Weapon: Piercing Thorn): Piercing Strom'

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

And when the pillar of black flame finally started to subdue, Rhaba saw Shin standing in the center of the fading black flames while holding the rapier on his left hand in a horizontal fashion in front of his chest as he accumulates a bunch of sword Qi towards his sword and body.

On the next instant, Shin suddenly turned into a flash of light as he thrust the [Piercing Thorn] forward while dashing towards Rhaba.

'Equipment Skill (Weapon: Piercing Thorn): Sword-Air Penetration'


Rhaba tried to order his undead summons to block Shin's path. Unfortunately, the latter just brushed past them as his rapier pierced through their bodies and severe them into half.

"Tsk!" When Rhaba saw that charge, he couldn't help himself but clicked his tongue. Then he powerfully swung his sword at the incoming opponent.

But at the same time, Shin suddenly canceled his charge midway and leaped up in the air before swinging the blazing [Yamato] forward, sending a crescent sword Qi forward that was made of black flame.

'Extra Skill: (Enhanced) Flame Burst'

That was an unpredictable attack, but Rhaba just smirked after seeing that and opened his mouth devouring the black flame sword Qi. Then he spat a beam of black flame immediately after that.

'Extra Skill: Undead Counter'

Shin didn't know whether to laugh or cry after seeing that. 'You want to play that kind of fire in front of me?'

Then he thrust the [Yamato] forward while trying to feel the Mana composition of the incoming flame. And when he confirmed that it had the same constitution of his power of the Black Sun, he controlled the flame without further ado and let it rotate around his katana like a spinning tornado before subduing it and returning iit into 'Sunlight Wielding'.

Then Shin kicked the air and sent himself falling toward his opponent with a great speed while throwing a downward slash with the [Yamato] during his descent.

'Legacy Skill: Mondi's Jump'


'Extra Skill: Falling Lightblade'



Shin left a trail of black flames behind as he descends towards Rhaba. The latter, on the other hand, change the direction of his previous sword swing towards Shin.


And when Shin's feet landed on the ground, he immediately thrust the [Piercing Thorn] forward without having any second thoughts.

At the same time, Rhaba used his free hand to slap that rapier downwards before swinging his sword towards Shin.

Shin quickly pulled the rapier with a chilling aura backwards before Rhaba's hand come in contact with it. And while doing that pulling motion, he was also swinging the blazing katana on his right hand in an upward motion to greet the falling sword of his opponent.


Shin's feet sunk on the ground because of the powerful impact behind that attack, but at the same time, Rhaba's sword was send backwards once again. And that gave Shin a window to strike.

But the moment he tried to throw a stab at Rhaba with the rapier on his left hand, the latter quickly swung his left arm at Shin in a horizontal manner.

But Shin reacted on it accordingly by transforming in to a stick of silver light that passed though Rhaba's body before positioning himself at the back of the latter.

'Slayer Skill: Moonlight Steps'

Shin was about to throw a downward slash when Rhaba spin his body around while swinging his sword at the former. But that was the time when Shin used his second 'Moonlight Steps' to dodge that swing and repositioning himself at Rhaba's back once again.

Then he immediately swung both of his swords at the same time, drawing an X-shaped mark at the back of the giant undead player. And since both of the swords landed at the body of his opponent, a mini-explosion was created due the bonus special effect of the 'Eclipse Wielding' Combat Technique.

And immediate after that, Shin quickly used his third 'Moonlight Steps' to change his location once again, because Rhaba was swinging his sword for another time. And after dodging, Shin swiftly threw another dual-sword slashes at his opponent's back, creating another explosion.

'There are no other witnesses aside from this idi*t, right?' thought Shin to himself while throwing those slashes. And since the situation came at this point, Shin disregarded the restriction that he put at himself. He started using some movement skills from his 'other' identity. 

Due to the huge size of his opponent, Rhaba suddendly became a perfect practicing dummy for Shin to try out some of his experimental battle method.

Moonlight Steps, Phantom Steps, Void Steps, Sword Rush, Sunlight Movement, Shadow Mark, Ghost Evanescent and Mystic Movements.

Shin circle around Rhaba using the cycle of all of those movement skills and combat techniques while throwing some dual-slashes from time to time to create those mini-explosions to grind Rhaba' HP little by little. He even turned on the 'Void Mark' Elemental Skill to maximize the damage that he can deal with.

And together with the bonus stats that he got from dodging, critical strikes and sword attacks; because of the passive skills attached to his equipments, Shin was like a real phantom that was moving around Rhaba. And that made the latter to become even more frustrated. He couldn't even catch a proper glimpse at Shin's movements.

'D*mmit! I want to use the power of this formation against those Godlike Players when they come on this place, but from the looks of it, I don't have any other choice. F*ck! What a humiliation for being toyed by an ordinary Ranker!!!' thought by Rhaba before releasing a power shockwave from his body.

And as if expecting it, Shin immediately moved away from the giant undead player while using some footwork technique. 'Don't tell me this is a part two of what happened earlier.'

After releasing the shockwave, Rhaba immediately thrust his sword on the ground without further ado. And afraid that Shin will interrupt him at that moment, he kept his eyes at Shin's figure; not willing to miss any og his movements. And when the activation process was finally done, Rhaba seemed to have a sigh of relief. 

Then he looked at Shin and said with a confident tone. "I admit that you are strong. But this is where it ends. I will let you experience why we, the necromancers, are being called 'One-man Army'."


After Rhaba shouted those words, an undead after undead started to crawl out from the ground, all the way until all of them fully occupied the entire place. And among those undead monsters are some High-Undeads that have a battle standard that are almost on par with the Undeads that are battling with Shin's summons.

When Shin saw the sheer number of the undead monsters, he couldn't help but muttered to himself. "Tsk! This is really something that can be called an army. He can even invade an ordinary Intermediate Town with this numbers."

When Rhaba saw Shin muttering to himself, he suddenly became pleased with what he had done. 'This guy finally realized his place. But it is too late to back out now.' – is what he wanted to say but he suddenly saw a confident aura coming from Shin before he even express those thoughts.

Shin smiled bitterly under his mask before raising his head. Then he looked at the giant undead player in the middle of the undead army and said. "I might not have this kind of army but I'm confident with the quality of my 'small' unit."

'What's in this guy's mind now?' Rhaba become confused when he saw Shin's confidence. Then he suddenly witnessed something that horrified him to the core.

First, Shin summoned his 'best partners', the Sun and Moon Clones. And after that, the three of them simultaneously summoned a Phantom Clone of their own.

'Equipment Skill (Nephilim's Gemini Mask): Spirit Release'

'Phantom Swordsman Skill: Phantom Apparition' (x3)

A single Shin was already a huge headache, what's more, adding five more of himself? But that didn't just end in there, because after those three Phantom Clones were summoned, all of the 'Shins' suddenly released nine more 'Shins' each.

'Phantom Swordsman Skill: Phantom Dance'

Shin didn't dare to do this before since controlling all of these clones will put a huge burden on his mind even if he had a monstrous willpower. But since he was only dealing a bunch of mindless undeads, he could just put his clones and phantoms in automatic mode while he himself was focusing on controlling his main body's phantoms only.

Then Shin looked at Rhaba once again and said. "I guess this is enough."

And when Rhaba saw the fifty-four 'Shins' in the distance, his pale undead face became even more paler while muttering the words "IMPOSSIBLE!!!"


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