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Shin open his eyes and took off the VR Helmet, then he get up on the bed to take a shower before going to his morning exercise.

In the garden, Shin just finish his morning routine when Arthur jump behind him and throw a powerful kick.

When Shin hear the whistling wind, he calmly lean his body forward and throw a kick backwards.


A loud sound is created when Shin's foot come in contact with Arthur's leg. Shin barrow the force from the impact and immediately retract his foot, then he jump upwards doing a back-flip in the air, followed by a powerful downward kick.

'Yin-Yang Arts: Immediate Counter'

When Arthur see Shin's counter, he withdraw his right foot and take a step backward with it. When his foot come in contact with the ground, it created a small spiderweb cracks and breaking sounds. Then Arthur kick his right foot upward with a great force greeting Shin's attack.

'Nine Dragon Arts: Dragon Kick'


The impact result a very loud. Shin is thrown in the air once again while Arthur is send sliding backwards leaving trails behind.

Shin flip his body while he is in the air, then he stretch his arms and adjust his center of gravity causing him to pause high up in the air. After that he regulate his breathing and control the 'Qi' inside his body then he form a fist with his right hand and concentrate all his 'Qi' in it.

When his accumulated 'Qi' reach its peak, it shines with a silver-gray light. After that he kick in the air and dive downwards together with an unstoppable force then he throw a punch on the ground. He looks like a fierce tirger descending from the sky.

'Advance Yin-Yang Arts: White Tiger Decent'

Naturally Arthur is not idle either, when Shin is in the air he lower his body and squat his hips. Then he clench his right hand into a fist and level it to his waist while he put his left hand is on top of it. Arthur guide the 'Qi' inside his body and focus it into his right fist.

Arthur's right fist glows with a bright golden light. Then he put more force on his lower body and jump upwards with a tyrannical force while throwing a powerful punch in he air. He looks like a majestic dragon rising to the sky.

'Advance Dragon Arts: Golden Dragon Rises'


The collision resulted a deafening sound that echoed throughout the garden, it also created a powerful shockwave that resonated in the entire Villa.

Shin ricochet towards the air with a great force. He twists his body multiple times in the air just to lessen the force that he get from the impact.

At the same time Arthur bounced downwards and smash on the ground with the great impact. He bend his hips when his feet touches the ground, so that he can redirect the force he get form the collision, it then created a huge spiderweb cracks on the ground.

The two of them are about to follow up with another attacks when they see a beautiful middle-age lady walking calmly towards the garden. Both of them cancel their skills and calm themselves down.

Shin landed on the ground gently and look at the lady with pale face and anxious eyes. While Arthur already appear beside Shin and kneel on the ground.

The beautiful lady smile at them while saying gently. "The two of you are really troublemakers. Are the two of you really enjoy destroying my garden?"

"Mom! It's not like that!" said Arthur out of instincts.

The beautiful lady raise her brow and look at Shin. When Shin see that look, his entire body shiver and stutteringly said. "U..Auntie, Ac...tually it wa...ass an ac...accident."

*Sigh* The Beautiful lady release an upset sigh before saying. "I don't know what to do, to the two of you. Since you really like to destroy my garden, then I'm going to cut off your allowances for the next two months."

"Mom!!! That was...hmm...hmm" Arthur want to say something but Shin is fast enough to cover his mouth, so that he can't say more complaint.

Madam Springfield cross her arms in front of her while tapping her right foot on the ground before asking. "What? You are not satisfied with what I have said?" she pause for a few seconds before continuing. "Actually there is way for your allowances to be spared."

Shin and Arthur's eyes turned bright when they heard that, then they simultaneously said with an expectant look.

"What is it Mom?"

"How Auntie?"

"Simple, I will be hosting and event this weekend, what I want for you is the work for me this weekend and help me host this event." said Madam Springfield while looking at the two with a fierce look.

"But Mom!!! ..... " Arthur is about to say something but he stops when he hear what his mother said after.

"No buts. That is my condition, it just take it or leave it?" said Madam Springfield before turning around and walk towards the corridor.

Arthur look at Shin and said. "I think we have been played."

"You can't tell?" said Shin while looking at him skeptically, before releasing a frustrated sigh.


"You know this is you fault. If you didn't open your mouth earlier we shouldn't be in this situation. Now we are going to work our asses to death just to host this so called event." added Shin before walking towards the villa.


Lake Heart Hotel is the biggest and most beautiful hotel in the entire Central District. This Hotel is one of the assets of Madam Springfield, and in this place will be the venue of her event.

A 'Black Panther' and a 'Golden Jaguar' arrive at the hotel parking lot, then Shin and Arthur get off those cars respectively.

Shin is wearing a plain black v-neck shirt with a gray pants and black rubber shoes. Meanwhile Arthur is wearing a white t-shirts with a golden embroidery on it, he couple it with a black pants and rubber shoes.

Both of them are here to help their 'Big Sis' for the preparation of the event. Shin sigh a heavily and said to Arthur. "I'm not sure what will be our job this time, I hope I will not be assigned on the kitchen again or else I will die on exhaustion there."

On the other hand Arthur rolled his eyes on him. "At least you have choices to pick on, how about me? I'm pretty sure that I will be assigned on the security once again."

Shin look at him skeptically and said. "Who said to you to be only good on fighting and playing games. Golden Boy?"

Arthur glare at him and said. "Yeah Yeah, you are right Mr. Good at Everything."

While the two of them are bickering as they walk towards the elevator they bump on a friend of theirs.

It is a fifteen year old guy like them. He has a red curly hair and sharp red eyes. He has the same built as Shin and Arthur. His looks is also comparable to the two, it's just that he looks more like a delinquent and troublemaker than the two.

He is 'Leonard Fireheart', a best friend and a classmate of Shin and Arthur. The two of them met 'Leonard' on an alley way on the streets. He is being beaten by a group of thugs. Shin and Arthur help him and beat back the other the thugs.

And starting that time the three of them become friends, Arthur even support Leonard for his studies. While Shin help him to find some sideline jobs for his allowance.

The three of them become a trio that is famous on their entire school, they even become known on other schools.

"Yo, Leo! Are you here to do some sideline job?" greet by Arthur while waving his right hand.

Leonard shot a look at him and replied. "Yeah, your Big Sis offered a high salary this time."

The three of them are about to enter the elevator when they hear a loud scream coming from their backs. They stop their tracks and look behind them, when they can't find the exact location they look at each other before sprinting towards the direction that they heard the sceam.

The three of them run fast like a gusting wind, it is nothing to Shin and Arthur since both of them are Martial-Art Practioners. While Leonard is not left behind either, he grow up on the streets and live in the slums for years, what is more is he have been introduced by Shin and Arthur to some Martial-Art Masters so he know some martial-art skills.

When the three of them arrive at the scene, they saw two teenage girls being drag by a group of men in black suits to a Black Van.

The three of them jump in action without slightest of hesitation. When the men in black see the three of them they pull out their guns out of instincts but Shin and Arthur are too fast for them to lock on to, while Leonard instinctively jump in front of the Van to take cover.

Shin throw a powerful punch to first guy in front of him, sending that guy backwards towards his companions.

Meanwhile Arthur grab the other guy's wrist holding a gun, then he twist it forcefully creating a cracking sound. After that Arthur do a back throw sending the guy on the ground.

At the same time Leonard forcefully pull the front door of the van resulting it to be broken. After that he pull the driver out of the van and beat him up.

The entire event happened too fast to the point that the men in black suits have no time to react. They didn't expect that Shin's group are this fierce and decisive.

When Shin's group is almost finish beating the other group, Shin and Arthur felt a very dangerous feeling coming inside the van. Both of them stop what they are doing and simultaneously look at the van.

"Leo! get away from that van!" said Shin at Leonard while looking solemnly at the van. Leonard move away the van while giving it a cautious look.

The back door of the van opens slowly and a 2 meter bulky man walk out of it calmly. When Shin and Arthur saw the man, both of their faces turned even more solemn.

The bulky man has a baldhead, there is a diagonal scar on his face. He is wearing a fierce look on his face, one look at him and you will know that he is not someone to trifle with.

The bulky man smirks and said. "Three little guys at early phase of 'Qi Refinement' stage trying to become a hero saving a lady? Aren't you a little too full of yourselves?"

Arthur frown his brows and rebut with his words. "Tsk, I thought it is some powerhouse, I didn't expect that it is just an old man that is stuck at 'Core Formation' satge."

The corner of the mouth of the bulky man twitch when he heard what Arthur have said. "Quite a sharp tounge you got there, Huh? Are you not afraid of getting beaten up because of it?"
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"Heh, afraid of who? You? Let me tell you, I see old monsters at home as daily basis." replied Arthur while smirking at the bulky man.

"Is that so? Then let me see if you can handle me then." said the bulky man before sprinting towards Arthur while throwing a heavy punch in tow.

'Fast?' said Arthur to himself before crossing his arms in front of him.


Arthur's arms is thrown in the air because of the powerful impact. The bulky man smirks when he see it, then he clench his other hand to follow up with another punch.


The punch is too fast for Arthur to react but he didn't panic because he knows that he is not alone. When the bulky man fist is about to hit Arthur's face, Shin already made his move.


Shin kick the bulky man wrist redirecting it upwards. The bulky man is gotten off guard because of Shin's interference.

Naturally, Arthur grab that opportunity. He take a large step forward and sending a powerful elbow attack towards the bulky man stomach.

'Military Arts: Meteor Impact'

Even though the bulky man is gotten off guard, he still manage to regain himself since he have a higher cultivation than Arthur and Shin. His right hand turned black as if it transformed into a dark metal.

'Advance Martial-art: Iron Hand'


Arthur's elbow is been catch by the bulky man large hand. The bulky man is about to toss Arthur, but Shin interfere once again.

Shin jump from Arthur's back while twisting his body in the air, then he spins it with a great acceleration gaining a great momentum. He focus his inner 'Qi' on his right foot before targeting the bulky man's face with it.

'Advance Yin-Yang Arts: Centrifugal Strike'

The process look so long take but it only happened in a short period of time, so the bulky man have no choice but to release Arthur and block Shin's attack with his Iron hand.


The collision send the bulky man sliding backwards because the power that Shin put on his attack exceeds his expectation.

Shin landed on the ground gently and look at the bulky man fiercely while giving instruction to Leonard. "Leo, leave this gorilla to us and secure the ladies."

Leonard nodded his head and sprints towards the van. When the bulky man see that, he tried to stop Leonard but Shin and Arthur is faster, they appeared in front of the bulky man blocking his path.

The bulky man got annoyed because of the stubbornness of the Duo. "You two are really hardheaded, aren't you? Let me show you how strong a 'Core Formation expert is."

The bulky man release his internal 'Qi' and covers it on his entire body. His 'Qi' looks heavy with a deep blue color showcasing it's denseness. Then the bulky man walk towards the Duo in a slow manner but leaving heavy trails behind.

The look on Shin and Arthur's faces turned even more serious but remained calm. The two look at each other before releasing their own inner 'Qi's and enfold themselves with it.

Arthur's inner 'Qi' is golden yellow while Shin's is silver gray in color. But the brightness of their 'Qi's and its colors are lighter than the bulky man's inner 'Qi', indicating that their inner 'Qi' are not as dense as the him.

"Heh, two little ants trying to block an elephant?" the bulky man smirks when he see Shin and Arthur's actions.

"My Grandpa is always telling me to use my whole strength when facing any opponent, so I'll be showing you all of my powers." said Arthur while looking straight at bulky man's eyes. Then his eyes turned into vertical slits indicating the activation of his peak class talent the 'Foresight' talent.

On the other hand Shin regulates his breathing and enters the 'Deep Meditation' state. He didn't need to activate his peak class talent 'Immediate Response' because it is like a passive skill that always turned on.

Both auras of Shin and Arthur suddenly change because of it. Then the bulky man stops his steps when he feel the changes in the aura of the Duo. Then he muttered to himself with a solemn tone. "Chosen Ones."


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