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Shin was sent flying by Rhaba and collided with a bunch of tress behind him, after having a few minutes of melee exchange with each other.

Rhaba formed a smirking smile as he looked at the direction where he sent Shin flying before saying with a loud voice. "So much for being a Chosen One, is this all you got?"

Then he saw Shin slowly walking out of the cloud of dust with a sheathed sword on his left hand. And when Rhaba saw that, he suddenly felt that there was something amiss and took a look at his battle log. And that was when he realized that even though sent Shin flying, he didn't deal any kind of damage at the latter.

Rhaba clicked his tongue and started mumbling to himself. "Tsk! What a troublesome guy to deal with. How the heck did he manage to block that attack?"

What Rhaba didn't know, Shin was also the same as him. He was still in state of confusion as he tried to recall what had happen.

Earlier, when he was exchanging blows with Rhaba, his body was getting a hold of the rhythm of the battle and was getting in the zone when the latter suddenly throw a strike at an unpredictable angle, making it hard for him to block, much less to counter.

But during that time, when he was in the state that was immense in battle, his body suddenly moved on its own, or moved according to his battle instincts rather. He move left hand, which was holding the sheath of his sword, upwards and used the sheath to block the incoming attack with a perfect timing.

'Tsk! Ultra Instincts, what a scary ability indeed.' thought Shin to himself after realizing what it was. Then he looked at his opponent once again and muttered to himself. "That black armor around his body is quite troublesome. Not only it enhances his defence, I can also feel that his strength and attack speed increase with it."

He frowned his brows and added. "That doesn't look an ordinary skill or a combat technique either. Hmm... It is not a berserk skill either. I wonder what is it. As for the dark sword it is almost the same as my Moonlight and Sunlight Wielding."

Then pouted his lips a little before mumbling to himself. "Well, maybe this is also a perfect time to test my new techniques. Let's see."

After that, he channelled a bunch of fire elemental Mana on his sheathed sword as he looked at Rhaba who is currently looking at him. And after a brief moment, both of them simultaneously resumed the battle. Rhaba charged at Shin while the latter immediately took his sword-drawing stance.

'Self-Created Skill (Combined): Dark Shadow Cutter'

And midway his run, Rhaba swung his sword powerfully rightwards, sending a pitch-black sword Qi at Shin's direction. At the same time, the latter quickly pulled his sword out from its sheath and swung it rightwards while releasing a crescent sword Qi that was made of black flame to greet the incoming sword Qi of the opposing side.


'Class Fighting Style: Solar Flare'

After throwing that skill, Shin immediately flicked his left wrist and switched his grip at sword-sheath into a forehand grip before transforming it into a semitransparent longsword with double-edge. At the same time, Shin gathers a bunch of water/ice elemental Mana and transformed it into the power of the Silver Moon before enfolding the longsword with it.

'Legacy Skill: Mondi's Style: Meteor Form'

'Racial-Class Special Ability: Moonlight Wielding'

Then he immediately charged forward and chased after the sword wave while thrusting the [Snowstorm Edge] towards his front and enfolding his body with a bunch of sword Qi before putting another batch over it.

'Extra Skill: Sword Rush: Thrusting Dash'

'Basic Combat Technique: Second Drive'

'Extra Skill: Swordsman Resolve'


The moment the two sword Qi collided with each other and created an explosion, Shin was already behind his wave and jumped through the chaotic flame of explosion while maintaining his thrusting posture his dash. He didn't receive any damage because he was being protected by a dual-layer of sword Qi.


-80 240(Mixed Damage)(Slowed)

-4,020(Burned Damage)

-2, 010(Chilling Damage)

Rhaba seemed to be able to anticipate Shin's attack that was why he was swinging his sword vertically. But he still didn't expect for the latter to be this decisive that was why he was gotten off-guard when he received some damage from that attack. His attack, on the other hand, didn't deal any kind of damage on Shin.

What's more, the attack that he received was not something he can't ignore. It was because the damage that he received not only dealt a huge damage despite him having his dark armor, but it also put some negative effects at him. Aside from being slowed, he was also been affected by an alternating burning and chilling damage which is way too unusual to be together.

'F*ck! What kind of attack was that?' cursed Rhaba to himself as he tried to suppress the DoT effects with his dark armor. But alas, it was in effective against the black flame and silver frost.

And with that, Shin and Rhaba brushed past each other as their eyes threw some killing glare with their opponents. After that, both of them simultaneously turned their bodies around before charging with each other once again while swing both of their swords forward in a diagonal manner.

'Extra Skill: Sword Rush: Slicing Dash'

'Extra Skill: Shadow Chop'


Their swords clashed once again and as they maintain that posture for a brief moment while glaring with each other's eyes. Then, the [Yamato] on Shin's right hand suddenly set ablaze with a black flame, making the latter to have a solemn looked on his face. And without further ado, Shin quickly swung the blazing sword at Rhaba in a horizontal manner.

'Racial-Class Special Ability: Sunlight Wielding'

"Tsk!" Rhaba clicked his tongue and immediately held the hilt of his broadsword with both of his hands before putting more strength on them and pushing Shin's left-hand sword to the side. Then he quickly swung his sword at the incoming blazing sword.


Their swords collided!

But something unexpected happened once again. Rhaba's broadsword was deflected in the air, forcing him to take two consecutive steps backward.

And Shin grabbed that opportunity to start his assault. His left arm turned in to a blur as he swung the [Snowstorm Edge] three times. Then he immediately followed it with two consecutive slashes with the [Yamato].

'Self-Created Skill: Triple Slash'

-40 400(Mixed Damage)

-60 200(Mixed Damage)

-80 300(Mixed Damage)

-12 060(Accumulated Burning Damage)

-6 030(Accumulated Chilling Damage)

'Slayer Skill: Solar Cut'

-120, 600(True Damage)

-4 020(Burning Damage)

-201 000(True Damage)

-4 020(Burning Damage)

Rhaba looked at Shin with astounded gaze as he saw his HP fell with a great margin because of those attacks. The first strike was a powerful attack that forced him to take two steps backward and what followed after it was a swift sword slashes that even his 'ocular talent' couldn't caught. Then another consecutive sword cuts that ripped a large margin of his HP.

'Who the f*ck is this guy? Why the f*ck is my ocular talent can't respond on his attacks?...' those were the thoughts that Rhaba had a the moment. But that didn't just end there; it was because he saw the next movements made by Shin, and he was moving even faster this time.

The longsword on his left hand suddenly transformed into a straight sword with a narrow blade and sharp edges. Then he quickly thrust it forward while targeting Rhaba's chest.

'Legacy Skill: Mondi's Style: Conviction Form'

'Extra Skill: Heart Seeker'


The expression on Rhaba's face suddenly turned stiff after seeing the speed of that stab. Even his ocular talent was telling him that he couldn't do anything to block this attack, much less dodge it if he didn't go all-out. Forced with no choice, Rhaba activated this berserk skill to raise all of his stats. "Hah!!!"

Rhaba tried to block the incoming with the surface of his broadsword for as fast as he could but he too bad for him, Shin seemed to anticipate that and flicked his wrist a little, making the blade of the [Piercing Thorn] to suddenly curved and narrowly dodged the blade of his opponent's sword before piercing through Rhaba's chest and stunning him for a second.


-200 150(Mixed Damage)

-81 050(Bonus Damage)

-4 020(Burning Damage)

-2 010(Chilling Damage)

At this point of time, Rhaba started to panicked a little. That damages that he just received was no joke. And to make this matter worse, Shin quickly pulled his left arm backwards together with the [Piercing Thorn]. And without further ado, his left arm suddenly flash forward as Shin swiftly stabbed that rapier once again with a six-consecutive stab.

'Extra Skill: Multiple Stab'

Sha! Sha! Sha!

-40 249(Mixed Damage)

-40 551(Mixed Damage)

-40 345(Mixed Damage)

Sha! Sha! Sha!

-40 149(Mixed Damage)

-41 004(Mixed Damage)

-40 235(Mixed Damage)

-24, 120(Accumulated Burning Damage)

-12, 060(Accumulated Chilling Damge)

"F*ck!" Rhaba's face suddenly turned pale after that series of attacks. And as if Shin was not satisfied yet, he immediately swung the blazing [Yamato] forward, planning to cut his opponent's body into two.

Rhaba suddenly became enraged after seeing that. Then he shouted out loud while releasing a powerful shockwave from his body. "Stop underestimating me!!! You F*cking B*st*rd!!!"


Shin was sent flying backwards by that powerful shockwave. And during his flight, he did some flips in the air to lessen the burden that he got.


And when his feet landed on the land once again, he immediately raised his head to take a look at Rhaba who is currently having a massive change.

His black armor, which covering him body previously, was now blazing furiously with a shadowy flame and gathering towards his broadsword before turning it into a sword with pitch-black blade that have four-meter length. At the same time, the tattoo-like runes on his body were now spreading on his entire body.

A moment later, Rhaba's also changed. From being undead, he now became a five-meter tall undead monster; a combination of a zombie and a ghoul. And the pitch-black sword that he was holding earlier looked like a longsword with his current size.

And after his transformation, the aura surrounding him also changed. He is now really similar to a monster than a normal player.

Rhaba turned his head at Shin's direction before saying. "You Godd*mn b*st*rd son of a b*tch! You should rejoice for you are able to push me this far for I will let you experience what is a real terror later."

"Heh!" Shin released a smirking sound after hearing that, as if he felt that those words are too funny. Then he stood straight and lowered his arms on each of his side while letting his swords to point on the ground. After that, he alternately twisted his neck a little to left and right, creating some cracking sounds.

Then he looked at Rhaba with a calm gaze and said. "I hope you can back those words up since I also want to find someone that can become a suitable grindstone to sharpen my swords." while releasing the 'Conviction Form' of the 'Mondi's Style' and changed it into 'Meteor Form', switching the rapier on his left hand into a longsword.

And once Shin said those words out, the blades of both of his swords suddenly released a pair of opposing glows; the [Yamato] on his right hand was suddenly set ablaze by a raging black flame while the [Snowstorm Edge] on his left hand suddenly released a chilling glow in silver color.

Then the atmosphere around Shin suddenly changed once again. And this change shocked Rhaba to the core. "What the hell is this guy?"

Rhaba said that because from his perspective, he can see that the Aura Manifestation behind Shin also changed. No… It didn't change to be more precise. Instead, it suddenly became strengthen.

It was because instead of having a single Aura Manifestation, Shin had two. Yes, two. On his right stood a haughty black panther that was looking at Rhaba with a deadly glare. His left side, on the other hand, was where a majestic white tiger stood and was currently throwing a dignified look at his opponent.

And that was the point of time, when Rhaba realized that the youth standing few meters in front of him was not someone that can easily trifle with.


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