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Child of Destiny 169 A Wolf and a Panther

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Shin looked at the undead creatures' information once again to finalize the matchup that he needed.


Monster/Creature Name (Summoned): Blaspheme

Life Rating: Corrupted Undead (High)

Level: 110

Description: This monters is a hulking humanoid that appears to have been stitched together from multiple corpses without proper attention to the proportions, making it appear gangly and malformed. Its skin is yellow and partly translucent, revealing the muscles underneath.


Monster/Creature Name (Summoned): Undead Knight

Life Rating: Corrupted Undead (High)

Level: 110

Description: Undead Knights are the evolved form of skeleton undeads. They have powerful capabilities that are comparable to a Death Knight as they evolved from the combination of different kinds of skeletons warriors. And given that, they have the accumulative battle experiences of the lower skeletons before combining them into one. 


Monster/Creature Name (Summoned): True Ghoul

Life Rating: Corrupted Undead (High)

Level: 110

Description: True Ghouls are ghouls that devoured other corpses to evolve into a new form. By eating others, ghouls absorbed all of the nutrients from what it had eaten. At the same time, they were also able to absorb all the knowledge and experiences from all of the creature that it consumed.


Monster/Creature Name (Summoned): Higher Wraith

Life Rating: Corrupted Undead (High)

Level: 110

Description: A collection of resentful spirits that don't know anything but to destroy everyting. Any physical attacks are ineffective against its body as it have a translucent and incorporeal body. They are also capable of having a very powerful mental attack.


One of Shin's brows curved higher before giving out his orders in a low voice. "Old Man, go take on the Death Knight. Vladimir will be taking the Higher Wraith while Grimrace will be taking on the Undead Knight. You can just leave the Blaspheme and True Ghoul with Whitie and Blackie"

And that was when Rhaba clicked his tongue and said. "You really are someone that is interesting. Let's me accompany you then."

After that, he waved his left hand, ordering his undead creatures to attack. At the same time, Shin's gang started making their moves and charged at the respective enemies that were assigned to them.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Then the two sides finally collide.

Shin and Rhaba, on the other hand, remain standing on their spots without moving even an inch. And after a brief moment of staredown, Rhaba smirked at Shin and said. "It looks like you are quite confident to your summons, Huh? Well, I admit that they are quite a strong summons given that their life ratings are quite high… But…"

Then he paused for a moment to pull the broadsword that was hanging on his back in a slow manner before continuing in an arrogant manner. "I wonder if you are worthy enough to have them."

And that was when Shin felt a very dangerous feeling coming from Rhaba. The threat level that he was getting from this opponent was way greater than the Titled Ranker Vega, who he battled with previously.

Then he started getting his battle stance. He squatted hips a little while taking a single step with his right foot. At the same time, he put his right hand on the hilt of the sheathed [Yamato] while upper part of the sheath itself was being held by his left hand. Then he took a deep breath before looking at Rhaba with a very fierce aura.

And the moment Shin took that sword-drawing stance, the atmosphere around him suddenly changed and made Rhaba to raise his brows further. 'So this guy is also somewhat dangerous, Huh? I wonder how did the boss predict that there is someone going to appear here. And is the boss testing me? Nah! Nevermind about that, let's just take care of this guy first.'

Rhaba planned to wait for Shin to attack him first to test the waters, but when he took a look at Shin, he could already felt that this guy in front of him was no joke. He couldn't read Shin's intention at all; it is as if the latter doesn't have a plan on attacking at all.

'You don't want take the initiative? Then let me have it,' thought Rhaba before taking a single step forward as he plans to attack first. But that was also the time when he felt a sudden threat coming from Shin.

Rhaba immediately stopped his tracks and looked at Shin with astounded gaze. 'This guy!? Don't tell me he is also in that realm?'

Then Rhaba squinted his eyes and looked at Shin carefully. And this time, he could picture the latter as a hunter that is watching his every move very carefully. He seems like a Black Panther that is watching his prey from the dark and patiently waiting for him to make a one wrong move. And every time he makes a move, this Black Panther will respond with a move that is more favourable for it to strike.

Rhaba raised one of his brows and muttered to himself. "So it was just an aura Manifestation inside the game plus Immediate Response talent. Tsk! That almost scare the sh*t out of me. Well, he is still some sort of trouble since it also means that this guy must be a Chosen One in the real world at the very least."

Then he licked his lips before continuing his mumble. "But you are not the only one with that kind of talent."

After that, the pupils of his eyes suddenly change in color; their colors become ocean-blue. At the same time, the atmosphere around him also changed. He suddenly transformed into a wild scavenger wolf from Shin's perspective.

Then it was Shin's turn to be surprise and thought to himself. 'So I finally found an opponent that has a decent talent inside the game, Huh? Let's see how big the gap between our in-game experiences then.'

First, both sides started trying to suppress each other using their Aura while maintaining their battle stances. But at the same time, you can also notice some minimal movements of their muscles from time to time if you look at them carefully.

And you can also see a figure of a hulky wolf and a black panther battling with each other if you take a looked at their image battle.

And after a few mental exchanges, the wolf suddenly made a mistake, giving the panther a good move to strike. And that was also the time when Shin made his move!

He kicked the ground powerfully, sending him forward and striding towards Rhaba. And when the latter saw the former's actions, he immediately swung the broadsword on his right hand downwards as he plans to chop Shin into two.

'Self-Created Skill (Personalized): Severing Blade'

The timing of Rhaba's strike was too perfect timed, but before the edge of his broadsword touched Shin, the latter suddenly leaned his body towards his front, giving him more space to move a little futher forward while also making his body to be almost parallel to the ground.

And immediately after that, Shin swiftly pulled the [Yamato] out from its sheath before swinging it diagonally at Rhaba in a lower-left to upper-right direction.

'Class-Fighting Style (Personalized): Quick Draw'

Rhaba's sword strike might be perfectly timed, but the threat that was coming from Shin's sword draw was not a laughing matter either, especially if you put its attacking speed into consideration.

At this point of time, time seems to slow down from Rhaba's perspective. He can clearly see the entire courses of his and Shin's actions. His broadsword is almost upon Shin, but the same goes for the katana that is travelling with a great speed. And given those, it didn't take long for him to grudge the situation; both of their swords will land on each other's body at the same.

And that only leaves a single question. –"Whose skill is stronger?"–

Well, the answer was quite obvious for Rhaba. He could already guess that Shin's skill was a Class Fighting Style so he knew that this incoming skill could deal a deadly damage without a doubt.

And with all of those information, Rhaba was forced to cancel his skill and used a movement skill to retreat.

His body suddenly turned into a mist, making the katana of his opponent to pass though his body before spreading outwards and trying to enfold Shin's body.

'Dark Swordsman Skill: Dark Mist Substitution'

'Basic Combat Technique: Second Drive'

'Necromancer Skill: (Modified) Shadow Mist'

Then Shin's body suddenly release a silver glow before turning into an imaginary figure. After that, he suddenly dash forward and transformed into a stick of silver light as he charged through the shadow mist.

'Slayer Skill: Moonlight Steps'


And the moment Shin got out of the shadow mist, he saw Rhaba facing him sideways while pointing his left-hand palm at him and holding his broadsword horizontally in front of his chest while also pointing the tip of that sword at his direction.

On the next instant, that sword suddenly released a shadowy glow due to the accumulation of dark energy. Then Rhaba charged forward while thrusting the broadsword towards his front.

'Class Fighting Style: Shadow Kill'


Shin did a quick calculation in his head when he saw that and realized that Rhaba's sword will pierce through his body the moment his body materialized once again. 'Is it just a coincidence or the timing of this guy's attacks is really that good?'

Given that, Shin immediately executed a skill during his illusionary form. He control the fire elemental from his surroundings before gathering it towards his sword and transforming it into the power of the Black Sun.

'Basic Combat Technique: Second Drive'

'Racial-Class Special Ability: Sunlight Wielding' 

Then he powerfully swung the [Yamato] towards his front to greet the other side's broadsword as his body started to materialize at the same time.

'Extra Skill: Destructive Slash'



And explosion was created when both of their swords collided with each other, sending a powerful shockwave on all directions.

At the same time, Rhaba was gotten off-guard with that collision. He had anticipated for Shin to respond on his attack, that was why he purposely used a Class Fighting Style this time to overpower him. But who would have expected that the latter's attack was this strong. His powerful advance was forcefully halted by that simple skill from Shin.

'It looks like I still underestimating this guys, Huh? I guess, I should start getting a little serious now before it is too late,' thought Rhaba to himself before urging his broadsword forward and forcing Shin to move backwards.


After that, he immediately hopped backwards trying to gain some distance away from Shin. But the moment he did that, the latter quickly kicked the ground with his left foot, sending himself striding forward while throwing a horizontal slash towards Rhaba.

Rhaba formed a smirking smile and moved backward in a swift motion using his personalized footwork.

'Advance Combat Technique: Swift Retreat'

But something unexpected happened once again. The burning [Yamato] on Shin's hand suddenly released its black flame and transformed into a crescent-shaped blazing sword Qi that chased after Rhaba.

Since his fight against Vega, Shin can now freely control the water/ice and fire elemental Mana from his surroundings. And given that, he can also absorb in an even faster way, what's more, releasing it no matter when he wanted to.

'Extra Skill: (Enhanced) Flame Burst'

Rhaba was gotten off-guard once again and cursed to himself. 'Tsk! I really can't let my guard down against this guy.'

Then he quickly held his broadsword vertically in front of him while curving his body to hide behind it. At the same time, a bunch of the dark elemental Mana gathered towards his sword turning its blade to have a pitch-black color.

'Dark Swordsman Skill: Dark Blade Guard'


The 'Flame Burst' came in contact with Rhaba's broadsword creating another explosion that enfolded him with black flames from all directions. Fortunately, the dark energy coming from his sword transformed into a black sphere that protected him and warded off the black flames that are trying to reach his body.

After that, Rhaba immediately kicked the ground, letting himself to leap backwards before doing a back-flip in the air. But at the same time, he saw Shin also leaped forward while turning his body in the air.

And when Rhaba's feet landed on the ground, Shin suddenly kicked the air behind him and sent himself towards the former. At the same time, he threw a downward slaash with the blazing [Yamato], planning to severe his opponent into two.

'Legacy Skill: Mondi's Jump'


'Basic Combat Technique: Second Drive'

'Extra Skill: (Enhanced) Falling Lightblade'



Rhaba gritted his teeth and held his broadsword with both of his hands before holding it horizontally above his head, planning to block the falling katana enfolded with flame. At the same time, his sword absorbed yet another bunch of dark energy to reinforce its blade.

'Extra Skill: Enduring Blade'

'Necromancer Skill: Shadow Enhancement'



The collision of their swords created yet another explosion of power that released yet another shockwave. At the same time, Rhaba's feet sunk on the ground because of the powerful impact, and they created some spider-web cracks that extend in all directions. Fortunately, he didn't receive any kind of damage from that attack since he managed to block it properly.

Then Rhaba put more strength on both of his arms before urging them to swing his broadsword powerfully, and forcing Shin to retreat. "Ahh!!!"

Shin, on the other hand, absorbed the force from his opponent's swing before doing a quick flip in the air while skilfully sheathing his sword midair and channelling a bunch of water/ice elemental Mana on it.

And when his body was facing on Rhaba's direction once again, the accumulated Mana on his sheathed sword already transformed into the power of the Silver Moon. And that was also the time when Shin quickly pulled out the [Yamato] for the second time and swiftly swung it rightwards to send a chilling silver crescent sword Qi forward, before his feet even landed on the ground.


'Class Fighting Style: Lunar Flash'


Rhaba gritted his teeth once again and shouted. "You really treat me as an ordinary dog if I didn't bare my fangs, Huh? Then let me show you my true might!!!"

Then a bunch of dark elemental Mana gathered towards his sword at a visible rate. On the next instant, he swung the broadsword powerfully towards his front, releasing the accumulated dark energies and sending a pitch-black sword Qi forward to clash with Shin's silver-colored sword Qi.


Then Rhaba immediately charges forward without thinking about anything. At the same time, a bunch of dark elemental Mana gathered towards his body, turning him into a man with full-body pitch-black armor.

'Self-Created Skill (Combined): Dark Swordsman Enhancement'

Then he charged through the explosion without having any second thoughts. And when he got passed it, he immediately sprinted towards Shin, who is currently sheathing his sword for another time.

Shin, other the other hand, hopped a little backwards while gauging the distance between him and his opponent. And when he saw Rhaba sprinted towards him without further ado, he also charged towards his opponent while transforming himself into stick of silver light as he unsheathe his sword once again and clash it towards his enemy.


'Class Fighting Style: Moonlight Splitter'

And for another time, Rhaba's broadsword transformed into a pitch-black sword once again before he swung it downwards in a powerful manner. 

'Class Fighting Style: Dark Severing'


Shin's advance was halted when the [Yamato] clashed with his opponent's broadsword. Then their eyes met for a moment before their arms turned into a blur as they swung their swords multiple times, transforming them into a bunch of sword silhouettes.

And that was when the scavenger wolf and a black panther clash with each other.


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