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Child of Destiny 167 Snakes, Dragons, Demons and Ravens

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The battle of the Shunkai Forest is currently on its peak as the leading figures each groups are starting to appear one by one. And when the legendary figures were starting to clash with one another, the players that were watching through the live stream immediately went crazy!

'God Slayer vs Savage God'

'Death God vs Ruthless God'

'Elemental Goddess vs Bewitching Goddess'

With these kinds of matchups, the spectating players don't know which battle they are going to watch. Even the high-level players with thief-related classes that are scouting the battle, don't even know where to look at. What's more, there are three more matchups that didn't lose to these so-called collisions of Gods.

On the other side of the battlefield, the trio of 'Mad God: Bloody Edge', 'Ruined King God: Raging Fortress', and 'North-Star God: Broken Blade', were being held by some hooded players that had some strange weapons that are uncommon to others. What's more, the fighting capabilities of these three didn't lose much compared to the three Godlike Players that they were battling. In fact, they even had the upper-hand on the battle as they were forcing the Godlike Trio into defensives.

Then a shocking piece of information was leaked on the spectating players, and it didn't take long for it to spread among players watching the battle. These guys with strange weapons are production type of players. What? A lifestyle player battling a combat-type player on equal grounds during battle? No matter how hard they think about it, that information is very hard to believe.

But the evidence was right in front of their eyes when those guys identity were leaked by some unknown powers, as some close-up photos of the battle were leaked in public and showing the identity of the three. Those three lifestyle players were the chiefs of their respective fields of the Hand of Midas Trading Firm!

The players with combat classes started losing their minds after seeing that! The players that have a production class, on the other hand, became excited at the news! They now have a new path that they can take where no one can underestimate them.


Going back to battlefield.

The side of the Allied Forces is starting to feel the pressure coming from the opposing side. Even if they had the quantity, the other side far exceeds them in terms of quality. The Godlike Players of the Allied Forces are being held by the Lawless and the others, so no one can stop Ravier and Ember from slaughtering their members. The trio of Morgan, Stephanie and Hayden, on the other hand, are able to hold themselves despite being out numbered.


And when the morale of the members of the Allied Forces was all-time low and almost reaching the ground, both sides suddenly heard some sounds of heavy footsteps coming from a distance. And when they looked at the source of the sound, they saw a number of black dots on a distance. Then the dots turned into a thin line until it transformed into a thick line that was covering the horizon on the opposite side of the Allied Forces.

Another group is coming!

And when they saw who they are, the Allied Forces become alive once again! Their reinforcements have come! The Hydra Guild had finally arrived and now joining the battle! Then they started attacking the opposing group maniacally once again.

Who are the Hydra Guild? They are the publically known as the number-1 Powerhouse Guild of the game! Their combat prowess should be more powerful than the people of the HeadHunter Guild and the others.

But even if they saw the incoming number of enemies, Lawless and others didn't panicked, for they all knew that since these snakes finally appeared, those guys that are waiting for them are now going to make their moves.


Another rumbling sound resonated on the battlefield. And this time, the sound came from the dense forest on the both sides of the battlefield, and it sounded like a uniform marching of some trained soldier troops.

And before the members of the Hydra Guild managed to regroup with the Allied Forces, a line after line of players suddenly blocked their path. And these guys were being lead by three powerful figures on their front. And the left side of their chest bears an emblem of a winged- dragon with golden colour.

The Dragon Pavilion!

The archrival guild of the Hydra Guild! And now that these two Powerhouse Guilds appeared on a single place at the same time, it is hard to imagine what is going to happen next.

And when the people of the Hydra Guild and the members of the Dragon Pavilion saw each other, the eyes of each side suddenly turned bloodshot while having a battle hunger feeling. And after that brief staredown, both sides started charging at each other maniacally as if they are putting their lives on the line.


Then the two colossal guilds finally collide!

Adder, Cobra, and Python tried to sneak away from the direct battle so that they can join the battle on other side. Unfortunately, Monroe, Miracle Dragon, and Martial Dragon managed to find them with each of their own means, before engaging into an intense fight with one other.


And while the battle between the Hydra Guild and Dragon Pavilion is ongoing, another group of players are sneaking around the battlefield while using the dense forest as cover. And when they managed to avoid the detection range of the Dragon Pavilion and arrive at the other battlefield, these new guys jumped in the battle without further ado.

These guys are wearing a black cloak with an eye-catching symbol on its back. It was a symbol of three drops of blood forming a triangular formation while being connected by a perfect circle.

The Blood Carnival!

These guys are the lunatics of the game! They are a guild of Dark Players that have nothing in mind but to rob others or mess with other players.

Ravier knitted his brows when he noticed the arrival of this group. And from that, he knew that they got some trouble. He turned his head at Ember and said. "Let's regroup with Morgan and the other two first. Those guys will be in trouble if these lunatic managed to reach them."

Ember nodded her head before planning to move toward Morgan and the other's direction together with Ravier. But before they managed to make their moves, a group of cloaked individuals blocked their path.

And in front of the group stood a Fallen Human Master Sorcerer holding a black sceptre with a pair folded wings acting as its head, this guy didn't hang the hood of his cloak over his head so Ravier and Ember can see his details.

"Blood Demon: Yorick. Tsk! Looks like the lesson that our Captain gave you is not enough, Huh?" said by Ravier while looking at the Fallen Human mockingly.

Yorick just chuckles at his word and give his reply. "Winter Demon, Oh Winter Demon. We came from the same generation of players yet you are still the stuck at being a Titled Ranker? You had been left dust, my old friend."

"Heh, I've been in hiatus for almost two years just like Capt., but we are standing were we left off. But how about you? Two years have passed yet you are still not recognized as an official Godlike Player? Then I guess you are still on that level either," sneered by Ravier while secretly casting a spell with his left hand.

"Sharp tongue as always, Huh?" said by Yorick before waving his left hand and letting his subordinates to target Ember. "Let me deal with this guy, you can get the girl. This guy is more troublesome than her after all."

Ravier smirked at him and said. "Learned your lessons for not underestimating me, Huh? And since you asked for it, I'll let you experience a new skill of mine."

Then Ember suddenly chimed and said with a calm voice. "Keep on ignoring me, and you are going to be a dead meat after this war."

Then Ravier suddenly felt a chill on his spine after hearing that so he smiled stiffly and said without removing his eyes at Yorick. "Of course, I'm not ignoring you. You can let me deal with these guys, you go help Morgan and the others. You don't have to do the troublesome part, you can just leave it to me. I don't want to tire you after all."

Then Ember nodded her head and immediately blinked away leaving Ravier behind together with Yorick and his group. And before the latter group managed to do anything to prevent Ember from going, Ravier already created a snapping sound with his left-hand thumb and middle finger.

Then the water/ice elemental Mana of the surrounding suddenly turned dense, making the temperature inside the 20-meter radius to drop sharply, while Ravier being the center.

At the same time, a bunch of frozen ramparts suddenly materialized out of nowhere, surrounding Ravier and Yorick's group. And if you looked at them in a bird's-eye view, then you could tell that those frozen ramparts are forming an eight trigram symbol.

'Self-Created Skill: Frost Rampart Formation' 

Ravier grin at Yorick and said. "I read this skill somewhere and decided to recreate it since it is cool. And let me test its effects to you since you are so dumb enough to let me cast it."

Yorick frowned his brows and said with a dissatisfied tone. "Do you think you can hold us on your own?"

Ravier's mouth suddenly curved into a grin after hearing that. "You know, I'm taking back what I had said earlier. You are still underestimating me after all. Do you honestly believe that you are the only one that can improve after these past two years?"

After that, the aura the Revier unexpectedly made a sudden change. Then he waved his left arm creating a bunch of frost arrows around him before swinging the sceptre forward, sending those frost arrows towards Yorick and the others.

'Aquamancer Skill: (Modified) Frost Arrows'

Yorick immediately wave his sceptre upwards and created a wall made of dark energy, blocking the path of the Frost Arrows. 

"Aren't you underestimating me too much Winter Demon?" is what Yorick wants to say, unfortunately, each of the Frost Arrows sent by Ravier suddenly make a rapid spin in the air before drilling though the wall made of dark energy and piercing the bodies of Yorick's subordinates.

'Advance Combat Technique: Elemental Control: Drill'

Then Yorick heard Ravier's voice saying. "That should be my line, Blood Demon."

Then he added on his head after. 'Do you think those Frozen Ramparts are only for decoration?'


Meanwhile, the trio of Morgan, Stephanie and Hayden are currently having trouble at dealing with their opponents. It was because the people from Blood Carnival joined in the mix of their opponents.

And while they were in an intense battle, they heard a laughing voice saying. "Looks like you guys are in desperate struggle. Do you want me to help you end your sufferings?"

Morgan and the other two turned their heads at the source of the voice and saw a WolfKin Master Berserker holding two-meter long spear that looks like made from a bone of some unknown beast. And when the former three managed to indentify the identity of this guy, the expression on their faces suddenly turned solemn since they knew that they will be screwed this time.

"Blood Spear: Murong, looks like we bumped into a troublesome guy. Any suggestion about how can we get out of this predicament?" said Morgan in joking tone while looking at Murong cautiously.

Hayden clicked his tongue and said. "Tsk! isn't this supposedly the time when you are going to say the line 'Don't worry my dear, I will protect you no matter what'? Now, I know why Sister Stephanie is still not going out with you. You have no sense of romance inside your body at all."

Stephanie, on the other hand, didn't say anything but her face turned rosy, even her ears were bright red in color. In fact, she is currently staring on her feet to hide her embarrassment.

The corner of Murong's mouth suddenly twitched after hearing that. 'These three dare to underestimate my presence?'

He was about to make his move when a hooded girl landed gently in between his group and Morgan's trio. Then the hooded girl raised her head and looked at Murong before saying. "Looks like I'm not late."

And without further ado, the hooded girl smashed the bottom of her sceptre on the ground powerfully, enough for it to create a small crater on it. Then, on the next instant, a gusting wind was released from the girl's body and was sent wild in all directions, and making her cloak and clothes to dance madly with the wind.


After that, the air around the girl seemed to tremble with a mini explosion as she started releasing a furious flame from her body while having a very dangerous aura. The flames enfolding her body dance along the gusting wind that she was releasing as she looked at Murong in a dignified manner. "I'm quite in a bad mood now so let's end this quickly."

'Self-Created Skill: Combustion Empowerment'

Murong's eyes suddenly turned sharp after seeing that before mumbling on himself while knitting his brows. "I thought the Winter Demon and the Flame Witch took a two year hiatus after the \u003cTrue Era\u003e incident, then why did this girl seem to become even stronger than her previous strength?"

After that, Murong immediately made his move. He knew that he couldn't let Ember to cast her spell. He raised his spear forward and charged towards the latter in a ferocious manner matching with his great speed.

'Berserker Skill: (Modified) Berserker Charge'

But unfortunately, Murong underestimated Ember a little too much. It was because the moment he took a few steps forward, he was immediately greeted by a bunch of fireballs that struck his body consecutively.

At first, Murong ignored those fireballs that were striking his body, but as he continue moving forward, the accumulation of the heat caused by the fireballs are staring to pile up, making it hard for him to continue moving forward. Moreover, the more steps he took, the stronger the fireball struck his body.

And with that, Murong was forced to halt his charge and immediately move backwards the recover himself. At the same time, some of the Blood Carnival's healers started recovering his HP back to full.

Then Murong looked at Ember cautiously and said. "It is a surprise that the both of you also improved this much despite not entering the game for two years."

Ember smirked at him and said. "Is that so? Then how about I tell you that this is our real strengths? And we are only able to display it properly in this game?"

Murong shook his head and said. "Too bad, even if you are strong, you are still from a small group with few people. So you guys are destined to lose and devoured by colossal powers."

Then he waved his left hand, ordering his subordinates to scatter and circle around to attack the other three behind Ember. And without further ado, the Blood Carnival people started making their moves.

Ember raised her head a little and smiled mysteriously before saying. "I wonder about that."

And the next moment, silhouettes after silhouettes suddenly dashed out of the forest and clashed with the members of the Blood Carnival.

These new guys are wearing pitch-black cloaks to cover their bodies just like the other guys in the battlefield. But when Blood Carnival people saw these new arrivals, they started being wary of this group. It was because they saw the design of golden feathers embroidered on the surface of the black cloaks of the opposing group.

The Shadow Raven Corps of the Assassin Union!

Even the expression on Murong's face became solemn when he saw these new guys. 'Looks like there are some additional troubles, Huh?'

And without waiting for the other side to recover themselves, the cold-hearted killers of the Assassin Union started attacking the crazy lunatics of the Blood Carnival. Then another collision of colossuses was started.


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