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Hayden closed his eyes and accepted his fate to be the first one to fall on this battle, but when the greatsword on Broken Blades hands was few centimeters away from his head, it unexpectedly came into a sudden halt.

And that made the 'North-Star God: Broken Blade' to frown his brows. It is not that he doesn't want to push his greatsword further, the problem is he can't move it at all even if he wanted to. And when he took a look at his sword properly, he then saw a bunch of thread-like strings restraining and preventing it from moving forward.

And then, he tried to put more strength on his arms and channels more Mana on his sword, but the moment he did that, a bunch of kites(small, rhombus-shaped sharp objects that are tied on a string/thread) suddenly shot up from the ground and tried to pierce his body. Broken Blade immediately abandoned the idea of continuing his attack and quickly retreated backwards, tying to distance himself from those kites.

And when he finally got some breathing space, he finally had a time to take a look at the person that intervened at his attack. It was a hooded figure... No... It was a hooded woman with a stunning body. And she is currently spreading her arms outward, retracting her kites and stings that she had sent earlier.

Bad News!

Those were the words that entered Broken Blade when he saw the woman, or when he saw the type of her weapon rather. It was because this kind of unique weapon only stands for a single thing; and it only means that a group of troublesome people arrived at the battlefield and planning to join the ongoing battle.

To most of the players of the game, production type players are only for doing some random errands and creating some auxiliary items. But the members from powerful guilds treat these lifestyle players differently, especially the upper-echelons. For them these lifestyle players are not some guys that you can trifle with. Because aside from having an ability of crafting some auxiliary items that can affect the market, these guys can also have some fearsome battle abilities that are unknown to most of the players.

And there is this certain lifestyle guild that is currently exploring and walking down on this unique path of battling. At the same time, this guild is currently housing some kind of fearsome lifestyle players that possess some abilities that can even rival some peak class experts.

"Hand of Midas Guild, why the heck are these guys from that Trading Firm arrived at a time like this," muttered by Broken Blade to himself while looking cautiously at the hooded woman with threads.

At the same time, Raging Fortress finally noticed that there was something amiss behind him. Then he tried to turn his head behind him to take a look at what had happened, but before he managed to fully turn his head, his peripheral vision managed to catch a glimpse of something that is rapidly approaching him from his front.

Raging Fortress hurriedly turned his head at the direction of that thing and saw that it is a- .... Rocket? Yeah, that's a rocket! He saw a rocket flying straight towards him!

And with that, Raging Fortress immediately raised his round-shield while activating a defensive skill. Then his body was enfolded by a golden light reinforcing his defence.


A powerful explosion was created when that rocket landed at Raging Fortress shield, forcing him to take two steps backward to regain his footing while a cloud of smoke covered his surroundings and blocking all of his view. At the same time, 5% of his HP was ripped off by that explosion.

'That was powerful attack. Where did it come from?' thought Raging Fortress while swinging his shield powerfully to clear the cloud of smoke created by the explosion.

But the moment the cloud of smoke was split into two, Raging Fortress saw a hooded person squatting in front of him with a posture that was similar to baseball player when he is standing inside the batter's box and waiting for the pitcher to throw his pitch. But instead of holding baseball bat, this guy on his front is currently holding a huge war-hammer with both of his hands.

And on the next instant, the hooded person powerfully swung his war-hammer at Raging Fortress with further ado. And because the surprise attack was too sudden, the 'Ruined King God' failed to react in time and was sent flying by that powerful swing!


After throwing the swing, the hooded guy with the war-hammer raised his left hand over his eyes as if covering them from the sunlight as he looked at the direction where he sent Raging Fortress flying.

"Hey! What are you doing? We still have a lot of things that we need to do," said by the another hooded guy that suddenly appeared beside him. And this guy was holding a mechanical briefcase on his left hand.

"I'm, trying to see if I manafe to hit a homerun," replied by the hooded guy with a huge war-hammer without removing his eyes at the direction where he sent Raging Fortress.

"Idi*t! Have you seen a baseball player standing at the batter's box after hitting a homerun? You need to start running after that, or at least walk towards the first base to another," said by the guy with the mechanical briefcase. Then he added after a slight pause. "Don't let the Young Miss see you slacking off or else you'll be a dead meat later."

The guy with the war-hammer clicked his tongue and said. "Tsk! Then how 'bout hav'n a bet with me?"

The other guy looked at him and asked. "What kind of bet? And what is at stake?"

The war-hammer-guy thought for a moment before replying. "Hmm... How 'bout competing with the number of kills? Whoever kills the most, wins. As for the price, how 'bout some kind of rare materials? Something that had a rank of (Superior) Black Mithril and above? And five of them at that?"

The other guys immediately nodded his head and agreed. "Deal! But let's form a contract first."

Then the two of them signed a contract in the middle of the battlefield as if there is no war going on. After that, the two of them took their battle positions.

Then the first to make a move was the guy with a briefcase. He tossed his mechanical briefcase in front of him after opening it. After that, he stretched his right hand forward, grabbing the opened briefcase, and when his hand managed to hold on it, the mechanical briefcase suddenly transformed into a machinegun that had multiple revolving barrels. 

And without further ado, the briefcase-guy pulled the trigger of the machinegun while aiming at the enemies that were coming after them. "Hahaha... Have a taste of my new invention! The Pandora's Box (Second Form): Gantling Gun!"

What followed after that, were consecutive gunshots, matching the revolving barrels of the machinegun. At the same time, a bunch of consecutive Mana bullets flew towards the incoming enemies, and killing some of them in the process.

Dug-dug! Dug! Dug! Dug! Dug!

When the guy with the huge war-hammer saw that, he couldn't help himself but complain. "Hey! That is cheating!"

The briefcase-guy laughed at him and said. "Hahaha... That is your fault for not putting any restriction on the contract earlier," while putting a Superior Mana Stone on his gutling gun to recharge its power.

The corner of the mouth of the war-hammer-guy suddenly twitched after hearing that. Then he smirked at the other guy and said. "You asked for it!"

Then he twisted the pole of his war-hammer, dethatching its head form the body and making it to fall on the ground with a loud 'Bang!' sound. After that, he took a long chain from his inventory bag before connecting the head of his hammer and its pole with that chain.

Then he looked at the briefcase and sneered. "Now let's see what will happen next."

After that, the war-hammer-guy charged towards the enemy ranks while holding the pole of his hammer on his left land and rotating the chained head of it over his head. Then he threw the chained hammer towards the incoming enemies while laughing out loud. "Hahaha..... Take this new technique of mine! JUSTICE CRASH!!!"

And when the chained hammer landed at the group of enemies few distance on his front, all of those enemies were immediately slaughtered as if that chained hammer was like some kind of trailer truck that is sweeping a group pedestrians on the road.

Then a slaughter began!

The briefcase-guy kept killing the other side's Rankers with his gutling gun like they are some kind of pest being sprayed with an insecticide. The other guy, on the other hand, was like a butcher inside a slaughterhouse as he kept killing a bunch if enemies with his chained hammer while shouting different kinds of skill names every time he threw an attack.


Meanwhile, the trio of Morgan, Stephanie and Hayden, were looking at the scene with blank expression on their faces.

They looked at each other as if asking –"Those guys are our Reinforcements?" –

Then Morgan finally managed to open his mouth after a great difficulty. "I thought our backups are some people from the Assassin Union? But from looks of it, these guys are from Hand of Midas Trading Firm!"

Stephanie nodded her head and added. "Since when did the Captain have some connections with them? More importantly, how did he manage to invite them to lend us a hand?"

Hayden sneered at them and said. "Heh! Why are you thinking about it too much? What's important is with the help of these guys, we now have a good chance of winning."

Then he charged back at the battlefield while shouting at the two. "Let's get back to work!"

Morgan and Stephanie looked at each other before the former shrugged his shoulder and gesturing the latter to take the lead with a gentleman's bow. The Human Bishop giggled at his actions and started jogging towards the battlefield, before Morgan followed after her.


Raging Fortress shook his head after landing few distances away from the main battlefield. And when he looked at the direction of the battle, he saw a pair of hooded people slaughtering the Allied forces' people. At the same time, he saw Broken Blade being pinned in place by another hooded individual that looks like a woman with kites and threads as her weapon.

He stood up from his lying position before drinking a health potion to recover his HP. And while he was at it, Bloody Edge, who run off somewhere earlier, appeared beside him and said. "Tsk! What's with your sorry figure? Got your *ss kicked by someone?"

Raging Fortress threw him a vicious glare at him before sneering. "And what about you? Didn't you go after the Elemental Goddess earlier? How come that you are here while she is now dealing with your Guild's Bewitching Goddess?"

Bloody Edge clicked his tongue and replied. "Tsk! Those lizards from the Dragon Pavilion set a deadly trap there so I have to choice but to leave my subordinates while I'm running back towards here."

Raging Fortress smirked and said. "Heh! Too bad for you then, so what's the plan? We know that those guys are from 'Hand of Midas', so that guy with the chained hammer should be Black Hammer while the guy with the gutling gun would be Tinker. On the other hand, the girl pinning Broken Blade down is Harmony, I think."

Bloody Edge thought for a moment before saying. "Then I'll take on Tinker while you go for Black Hammer."

Then Raging Fortress nodded his head without further ado. After all, he wanted to beat back Black Hammer for sending him flying earlier. Then he immediately charged back on the battlefield without waiting for Bloody Edge's reply. The 'Mad God', on the other hand, just shrugged his shoulder before entering stealth.


On the battlefield, Black Hammer was busy throwing his chained hammer here and there when he felt a malicious presence coming after him. And when he turned his head at the direction of the presence, he saw a Human Guardian charging towards him in a ferocious manner.

The corner of Black Hammer's mouth suddenly curved upwards after seeing that. Then he immediate pulled the chain of his weapon to retract the hammer's head before throwing it powerfully at the incoming Raging Fortress.


Raging Fortress was forced to stop and was pushed backwards after taking the full-blown impact. But since he kind of expecting that, he didn't receive any kind of damage from that blow.

Then the two opponents were now facing each other.

"Well, well, look at who we have here? Isn't this ball-guy that I've sent flying earlier?" said by Black Hammer while looking at Raging Fortress provokingly.

Raging Fortress glared at him before replying with full of hostility. "That sneak attack was a cowardly move. This time I'll make sure to make you eat your words."


In the meantime, Tinker was busy taking a life after life with his gutling gun. And every time his gun runs out of ammo, his hands were turning into a blur for moving so quickly at putting a Superior Mana Stone on its power chamber.

And when he was reloading, Tinker suddenly felt an intense killing intent coming from behind! He quickly rotated his gatling gun and held it in a reverse manner before positioning its barrel diagonally on his back and blocking the incoming strike.


A metallic sound resonated together with some sparks in the air when the barrel of Tinker's gulting-gun collided with a shortsword that was coming after his life. Then Bloody Edge materialized behind Tinker.

Tinker turned his head a little and gave Bloody Edge a sidelong glance before saying. "Attacking while I'm reloading? What a cowardly move.... Do you want to have a taste of my raging bullets?"

Bloody Edge smirked at his words and said in a provoking manner. "Let's see what are faster, your bullets or my blades."

Tinker's lips suddenly curved downwards and said. "What a copycat... I've already heard that line before. At least say something new."


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