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Child of Destiny 165 Collision of the Peaks

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Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Allied force of the HeadHunter Guild, Golden Dawn and Credit Republic started to feel the pressure from the three monsters of the battlefield. Since they didn't have anyone that could hold Lawless down, the so-called God Slayer was able to go on rampage, ripping apart a life after life.

On the other hand, the dynamic couple 'Winter Demon: Ravier' and 'Flame Witch: Amber' were also in the loose on the battlefield. Even if these two are only Titled Rankers just like some of them, the Rankers' army of the Allied Forces couldn't do anything to them. And how are they going to approach these two? One of them had a very strong chilling and slowing skills that could freeze them to death. The other one, on the other hand, had a very powerful firepower that could blast them away before they could even get near the two.

Of course, they also have some Snipers and Archers that could attack from a distance. But that was where another problem rose. It was because the range players are now being harassed by a bunch of 'Fakers'.

Yeah, you read it right; a group of Fakers appeared in the battlefield. Faker summoned his clones before entering the battle earlier, and five at that. Even if he didn't control those clones manually, and let them in the automatic mode, these clones had a battle standard that is as strong as a High Ranker and also had an AI as high as Shin's pets. And given that the stats of each of these clones are equivalent to 150% of Faker's stats, it is not hard to imagine what kind of threat they have.

This skill is one of Faker's Legacy Skills, the 'Phantom of the Abyss'. And even if the cooldown of this skill is quite long for having 2-narural days(In Game Time) cooldown time, it is still a perfect skill that can help them on their current predicament.

"D*mn! Are those three still don't have plan of showing up? We are going to get wipe out at this point before those guys from Hydra Guild and Blood Carnival will reach us," said by Broken Blade as he try to hold himself at Faker's assault.


Ranging Fortress sent Hayden backwards once again before replying. "F*ck! Why are you asking me that? I'm also on the dark about what they are planning to do."

After that, he raised his round-shield to block some magic bullets that were coming towards his head. "What an annoying pest."

Even if Raging Fortress was only fighting a group of three Titled Rankers, the pressure that he was getting was no less than the Broken Blade's side. It was because these three in front have a very good teamwork that really gave him some headache. Battling Hayden was not a problem, but the annoying part was the support that Stephanie was giving. What's more, he also needed to have a looked out for the bullets that were flying towards his head from time to time, and those shots were always messing up his rhythm every time he got the upper-hand of the battle.

Naturally, there were some players that are going after Morgan and Stephanie. But those two are quite clever; every time that there are some opponents trying to harass them, Morgan is always going to repel them using a Gunslinger's Skill called 'Rapid Firing' while using a magical MSG rifle. 

And if there were some players that managed to get pass the blockade of bullets, Stephanie was always using the 'Recall' skill of a Bishop to Hayden before blinking away while Morgan will use the 'Immediate Retreat' Skill for Gunslingers to get away. And that is the time when Hayden will be teleported beside them due to the 'Recall' skill. Then they are going to wait for the recall to be cooldowned before going back to the battle.

Of course, Raging Fortress tried to ditched out these three and ignored them, before giving out some help to Broken Blade, as they tried to suppress Faker. Unfortunately, reality slapped them in the face, for Faker was able to hold the two of them down. And yes, Faker was forced into the defensive during that time, but at least, he was still able to battle the two of them without being in disadvantage.

And because the two of them are being tied by Faker, the trio of Morgan, Hayden and Stephanie were left free to do anything they want. Being helpless on that situation, Raging Fortress was forced to hold the trio once again.

'F*ck! What kind of joke is this? A Godlike Player being toyed by three Titled Rankers? This is such a humiliation for my reputation,' thought Raging Fortress to himself as he is about to use his berserk skill.

But that was also the time when the Godlike Players felt the sudden fluctuation of Mana in the middle of Allied Force's ranks.

-"So they are going to make their moves now?"-

Those were the words that entered in the heads of the leading players.

And the first to react was naturally Lawless. He immediately rushed towards the enemy ranks, running towards the direction of the caster of the skill. "Hahaha… You finally showed yourselves! I thought this is just going to become a boring slaughter."

Naturally, the other side is not going to let Lawless do what he wants. Unfortunately, he is too strong for them to block. No one can stop him from running towards the caster.

And when he reached the ideal distance, Lawless leaped forward while getting ready to throw his right-hand battle axe. And when he got to see the hooded figure; that was busy at chanting out a powerful skill in the middle of the enemies' ranks, he immediately swung his right arm powerfully while throwing his battle-axe at that hooded figure. "I got you, Cruelty!"

'Berserker Skill: (Modified) Death Throw'


That battle-axe flew straight to chanting hooded figure, but the person in question didn't seem to get intimidated and continued to chant out his spell. And when that battle-axe was only few meters away from that hooded figure; another cloaked individual appeared on the path of the flying battle-axe while holding a greatsword on his right hand. Then that new guy quickly swung his sword at the incoming battle-axe, and sent it flying towards Lawless.


Then the cloaked individual removed the hood of his cloak and looked at Lawless. "Let me play with for now, 'God Slayer: Tora'."

After that, he squatted his hips a little while focusing some more strength on both of his legs. Then he leaped in the air, towards Lawless' direction, while thrusting his sword diagonally upwards.

'Swordmaster Skill (Tier 2): (Modified) Sword Charge'

Lawless' lips suddenly curved into a grin while catching his battle-axe midair. "Savage God: Soulless, fine by me, you are not a bad opponent either."

Then he kicked the air behind him, sending himself a little upwards in the air. And when he reached the apex of that jump, Lawless immediately force his body to descend on the ground while swinging his right-hand battle-axes at the incoming great sword.

'Bestial Warlord Skill (Tier 2): Barbaric Decent'



Swoosh! Swoosh!

After the two sides collide, Soulless was sent directly to the ground while Lawless was sent flying in the air while doing a multiple flips midair to relive the force that he got from the previous clash.


And when he landed on the ground once again, Lawless immediately rushed towards Soulless like a wild beast that was suddenly released from being caged. The Rankers blocking him unconsciously move away from his path because of the savage aura that he was releasing.

Soulless, on the other hand, looked at Lawless with satisfied grin on his face. Then the atmosphere around him suddenly changed before charging towards the latter in a fearless manner.


Their weapons collided once again, creating a power shockwave that were sent towards all direction. And after that brief pause, the two of them started exchanging blows with their weapons and entered a melee exchange. And every time their weapon clash with each other, a deafening sound and mini-shockwaves were being created.

Bang! Bang! Bang!


At the same time, Faker's clones are trying to interrupt Cruelty's spell. Unfortunately, a group of five powerful ghost soldiers suddenly appeared out of nowhere and blocking them from moving forward. The battle standards and AIs of these ghost soldiers didn't lose at Faker's clones at all. So they were having trouble on moving forward.

And that was the time when Cruelty was about to finish his spell. The clouds on the sky above the battlefield suddenly started to gather around, making the whole place to turn dark.

When the other players saw this phenomenon, they couldn't help themselves but feel pressured. It was because they were fully aware what this situation implies. If casting a spell affects its surroundings, then it could only mean one thing. Cruelty was casting a Tier-3 spell, a large destruction spell.

'Epic Combat Technique: Overclocking' 

(Ability to use a skill that is a Tier higher than the current Tier of the user)

'Grand Aquamancer Skill (Tier 3): Acid Rain'


"As expected of the 'Ruthless God: Cruelty'. Casting a powerful skill from the get-go? Looks like you guys will be sent to your graves now," said by Broken Blade to Faker.

Faker, on the other hand, released a helpless sigh before muttering to himself. "Sigh~, looks like I can't do it better than him. I wonder how he did those kinds of feats."

Broken Blade knitted his brows after hearing Faker's murmurs. But the latter seemed to ignore him and continued to mutter to himself. "It looks like it is time to do my part now."

After that, Broken Blade saw Faker's body to flicker slightly before returning to its normal state. But at the same time, he felt that the threat coming from 'Faker' who was currently battling with him suddenly dropped with a large margin. "Huh? What happened?"


At the same, Amanda, who is currently busy at warding off Faker's clones, suddenly noticed something. One of the clones that she was dealing suddenly flickered before releasing a threatening feeling from its body.

'Legacy Skill: Abyssal Summon: Substitution'

Then that 'clone', who suddenly became Faker, started swinging his body left and right while moving backwards. Then he suddenly leaned his body towards his front before disappearing at Amada's sight.

"Sh*t!" is the only words that came out of Amanda's mouth after seeing that. It was because all of those things happened way too fast for her to react.

Fortunately, Cruelty was almost done chanting his spell. All he needed to do now was to swing his staff downwards to finally cast it. But even if that was the case, Faker didn't stop his tracks and continue dashing towards Cruelty in a fearless manner.

The Ruthless God seemed to smirk at Faker's restless charge; as if he was mocking the latter for his futile efforts. Then he swung his staff downwards as he tried to cast the spell that he had chanted.

But at the same time, Faker's speed suddenly accelerated as he continued to charge forward while thrusting his right-hand dagger towards his front. 

And when Cruelty's staff was halfway through of the swing, Faker's dagger was already few feet away from the former's face.

And that was also the time when Cruelty saw Faker's eyes hiding under his hood. Those eyes were cold and looking calmly at him. It was as if saying –"Try casting that spell and I will take your life."–

Cruelty squinted his eyes and continue to persevere at casting his spell. But as his staff goes lower, the dagger at Faker's right hand is also magnifying at his eyes continuously. And that was when Cruelty hesitated for a moment. And that hesitation determined the winner of this psychological welfare.

'The Death God: Yami, he is not afraid of death for he is the manifestation of death itself. Now, I personally experienced the meaning of this phrase that they used to describe him.' Cruelty smiled bitterly before forcefully cancelling his spell and blink away from his current location for as fast as he can.

"If only I didn't hesitate that time, then this battle should already had a winner," muttered Cruelty to himself in a regretful tone while landing on the ground few meters away from his previous location.

"Well, that was it. What's done is done, I can't change that no matter what I do. What I need to do now is to focus on what's in front of me." Then he immediately recovered himself from being downhearted before looking at Faker, who is currently chasing after him.

He quickly lifted his staff in the air and creates a bunch water-arrow around him before waving that staff downwards and sending all of those arrows at Faker's direction.

'Elementalist Skill: (Modified) Water Arrow'

Swoosh! Swoosh!

When Faker saw the incoming arrows, he started swaying his body left and right while continuing at moving forward. Then his body seemed to turn illusionary as he run straight through the blockade of water-arrows without being hindered.

'Advance Combat Technique: Spectral Steps'

Then all of the water-arrows seemed to pass through Faker's body as he continue running towards the Naga Master Aquamancer. Cruelty, on the other hand, started blinking away while throwing a bunch of spells at the so-called 'Death God' who is chasing after him and wants to take his life.


Meanwhile, Amanda, who saw all of that happened, couldn't help herself but admire Faker's courage. That kind of metal fortitude was truly admirable, if Faker was the one that hesitated for a moment, then the outcome of this battle was already been determined. What's more, Faker charged in without hesitation as if he knew that Cruelty will choose to avoid him, even if the latter had the upper-hand on the battle.

Amanda was about to give Cruelty a helping hand when she felt another powerful presence not far from her. She turned her head and looked at the direction where the presence was coming from, and saw a hooded figure wearing a white mantle slowly walking towards her. She knitted her brows and muttered to herself. "Huh? I thought Bloody Edge went after this girl? How come she is here now?"

"Tsk! Never mind, I'll just take care of her by myseft then." After that, Amanda waved her left hand and told her Ghost Soldiers; who were dealing with Faker's clones earlier, to gather around her.

Then she pointed her staff at the white-hooded figure, ordering them to charge at the latter. At the same time, she waved her left hand to summon a totem after totem with a great casting-speed. And with that, the Ghost Soldiers' body suddenly increased in size, making them to have a bulky body. Then they started charging at their opponent with an insane speed.

'Class Fighting Style: Ghost Assault'

'Advance Combat Technique: Ghost Enhancement'

'Advance Combat Technique: Ghost Empowerment'

The white-hooded figure, who is precisely Charlotte, lifts her staff a little in the air before lightly hitting the ground with the bottom of it. On the next instant, four kinds of elemental dragons appeared and circled around her; they are fire, water, wind and earth dragons.

'Epic Combat Technique: Quadruple Elementalism'

'Class Fighting Style: Dancing Elemental Dragons'

After that, she pointed the index finger of her left hand at the incoming ghost soldiers, making the elemental dragons to charge forward and entangle with the oversized soldiers.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

And because of the intense clash of the opposing sides, the players in the vicinity were forced to move away from the two ladies. What's more, they also have a problem of their own. Faker's clones were at loose once again because Amanda is now fully occupied at dealing with Charlotte.


In the meantime, Broken Blade was able to kill the clone in front of him after a brief clash. And with that, he became free at whatever he wants to do. And the first thing that he did was to go after the trio of Morgan, Stephanie and Hayden.

"D*mn! Here goes nothing! Time to run!" shouted Morgan while firing shots after shots to the two incoming Godlike Players and helping Hayden to move away from the two. At the same time, he is moving backwards with Stephanie as the latter is giving out some supports.

"Heh! Time to end this," sneered by Raging Fortress at them and raised his shield in front of him before charging forward with a great speed. At the same time, Broken Blade is running closely behind him.

'Knight Skill: Shield Charge'


Bang! Bang! Bang!

And with that charge, Raging Fortress managed to overtake Hayden, who is currently running away. Then he smirked at latter as he brushed past the latter while blocking all of Morgan's shots.

And that was the time when Broken Blade caught up at them and swung his greatsword at Hayen.

"D*mn it!" cursed Morgan as he tried his best to hinder Broken Blade. Unfortunately, Raging Fortress is skilfully blocking all of his shots. Stephanie was not in the better potion either; it was because her sight was being blocked by their opponent.

"Heh! Looks like I'm the first one to fall, Huh?" muttered Hayden to himself while accepting his fate.

But what happened on the next moment is something that no one would have expect.


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