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Child of Destiny 164 Battle of the Shunkai Fores

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Holy City, Shunkai Forest

Few hours before the big special event come to an end.

All of the eyes of the players that were based on the Saint Heaven Kingdom were directed to this place. Even though the spying stones were disabled for some unknown reason, they could still watch the upcoming battle on the online forums through live feed videos that were being sent by some high-level thief-related classes.

And currently what they saw was a matching group of players that have a very strong line-up. All of these guys were the players that they admired. They were the guys that were standing on the peak of the gaming world; the level that they could only dream of reaching.

Bloody Edge, Broken Blade, and Raging Fortress are leading the respective groups as the go deeper in the Shunkai Forest. The army of players behind them was no joke. Each of them was leading an army of Rankers. Even if the Official and High Rankers are only cannon fodders on this fight, their numbers were still enough to make a Super Guild(Below a Powerhouse Guild but comparable in terms strength) to tremble in fear, what's more, the First-Rate Guilds and below. And what's even scarier on this army was the Titled Rankers that were mixed in their ranks. 

This kind of force was already enough to take down a Basic NPC City or force a Powerhouse Guild into submission without raising a fight. But this army was only being used to 'hunt down' a small group of players. And if you added the other group being lead by the Hydra Guild and Blood Carnival, then you could already call it an overkill.

-"Are these Powerhouses crazy? Spending that much manpower just to hunt some group down?"-

-"Aren't these powerful Guilds overreacting too much? They are overestimating their opponents a little too high. Their opponents are only wish-wash legends after all? Those guys are already been left behind by the passage of time."-

-"These Guilds have gone insane. Are their opponents that strong? Those guys are only joining the game after two years of hiatus."-

These are the thoughts that were running in the minds of the players that were watching the live feed video on the online forums.

They didn't know if the big alliance of the Hydra Guild and others were too confident about their strengths for not suppressing this video, or if they were doing it in purpose to misdirect the other side. But whatever the reason, the spectators didn't care about it anymore. All they had to know is that another historical battle event was going to be written on the history of gaming world.


"Tsk! I didn't expect that it will end up like this," said by Bloody Edge while walking in front of the group.

"Who would have expect this surprise? Even if we are already guess that the mysterious group that took down the World Boss Golem was them, we still can't be sure about the City that they are leaving in," said by Broken Blade who was walking alongside him on his right.

Then Raging Fortress suddenly chimed in. "Aren't we aware of their whereabouts now? And I'm sure that you guys from the HeadHunter Guild are already jumping in joy that they are in the Holy City, which is quite a distance on your Forbidden City."

"Heh! Good thing that I'm not as greedy as you businessmen. Trying to compete with the Four Great Powerhouses for the Holy City? That was beyond crazy. If you only gave up with the Holy City and take root at the other Major Cities then you should already been like me," said by Bloody Edge as if he was mocking the two.

Broken Blade smirked at him and said. "Aren't already in motion to kick out one of our competitors now? If we win in this fight, then the Dragon Pavilion will surely be kicked out of the Holy City. And if we managed to get a plot of land on this event-…. Heh! Those guys from the Wing's Alliance and Titan Guild will shut their mouths and walk away silently."

Bloody Edge smirked at him and said. "Don't count your eggs before they hatch, or else the result might disappoint you."

"Heh! Don't tell me that you are afraid now, 'Mad God'? With this kind of army, even those Gods will need to kneel in front of us," sneered by Raging Fortress at Bloody Edge.

"It is better to be careful at all times. A real hunter needs to be patient at all times and can't let his/her guard down until he/she is sure that his target already died," said by Bloody Edge. Then he immediately added after a brief pause. "And those guys have the support of the Dragon Pavilion. What's more, we still need to keep an eye at the birds of the Wing's Alliance and barbarians of the Titan Guild, if ever they decided to join the fight."

Broken Blade smirked at him and said. "Heh! Is that the reason why those three are still hiding up until now?"

Bloody Edge wanted to say something more, but he immediately stopped himself when he felt the commotion behind him. He and the other two turned their heads behind them and saw that their subordinates are looking at the sky front of them. When the three of them turned their heads once again, they couldn't help themselves but to shout out loud their orders.

"All Knight Units, defensive formation!!!"

"All Shamans summon all of your Protective Totems!!! Protect the backline players!!!"

"Snipers and Archers, locate the source of the attack!!!"

What they saw in the sky front of them were massive numbers of fireballs and all of those were raining down at them. What��s more, those fireballs were not your ordinary fireballs, because as those got near at them, they could see that the sizes of those were twice as the size of the therapy balls that were being used in hospitals and yoga exercises.

'Self-Created Skill (Personalized): Infernal Rain'

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The huge fireballs rained down at the allied force of the HeadHunter Guild and the others. Since they were already aware of the incoming attack, the group were able to put up their defence ahead of time. Unfortunately, they have underestimated the fireballs too much, because even if they were able to successfully block the impact of the fireballs, the explosions caused of each of those fireballs are pretty much powerful that able to mess up with their sense of balance.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

And with that, most of the frontline members lost their footing, creating a gap on their defensive line. And because of it, some of players that were standing behind those breaches failed to react in time and die in the process.

"F*ck!" and with that, Raging Fortress was forced to make his move. He jumped upwards and raised his round-shield while focusing a lot of Mana on it. Then the shield shined with a brilliant blue light before creating a huge wall in front of him, shielding everyone behind him.

'Guardian Skill (Tier 2): Advance Shield Wall'

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

With that, all of the remaining fireballs were blocked by the glowing wall. It's not that Raging Fortress doesn't a move earlier. It's just he needs to save his life-saving skill for as much as possible before he faces his opponent. But now that he was forced to use one of his defensive skills, his battle aces at the upcoming one-on-one fight is going to lessen by a single skill.

What's worse, the enemies' assault didn't just end there, because another skill barrage followed after the huge fireballs. And it was a group of spinning long ice-spears this time. If the fireballs earlier had huge sizes and very strong explosive power that can affect their balance even if they were block, then these ice-spears had a fierce penetrative power that can pierce through their defence. 

'Self-Created Skill (Personalized): Glacial Tide'

"Don't hold back! Frontlines stand in a straight-line and use 'Bulwark' this time," said Raging Fortress.

The knight-related classes in the front in immediately formed a line while raising their shield and simultaneously started to cast the Tier-2 Bulwark skill. After that, shields of all the frontline players started releasing a golden glow before connecting with each other. Then a huge golden wall was created in front of them as they try to block the incoming ice-spears.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Then the ice-spears collided at the golden wall before exploding into pieces while leaving a bunch of the cracks of the wall. This time, the impact of the collision was not as strong as the ones that were caused by the fireballs, but the extra-effect immediately sipped on the bodies of the frontline players. Their bodies were starting to show some signs of being frozen. What's more; because the sudden change of the temperature, from being too high to the sudden drop, the extra freezing effect of the ice-spears took a quick acceleration.

"Bishops and Oracles purify the bodies of the frontline players!" commanded by Broken Blade when he saw what was happening.

But before the frontline members managed to catch their breaths, another skill was already coming at them. And this time, it was not a group of things but a single entity. Yes, a single one, but this one had a massive size and a terrifying destructive power. It was because a giant tornado was coming after them.

'Elven Sage Skill (Tier 2): Nature's Wrath'

"What the f*ck are our Snipers and Archers doing? They can't still find the location of the caster?" shouted by Raging Fortress when he saw the tornado.

This is why the magical classes are scary. They will not give you a time to rest when they find an opportunity cast their combo-spells. They are going to bombard you to death as long as they cast a spell. And since this was an ambush, the other side had already been waiting to cast the spell. What's more, this caster that they were facing is someone that they couldn't be trifle with. She was known for her crazy casting speed and Elementalism so letting her to take the first strike was really a huge mistake!

Well, HeadHunter Guild and its allies didn't expect for her to attack them either so you still say that it was not fully their mistake.


And that was when Raging Fortress made his move once again. He was forced to do so because the frontline players couldn't react in time because their movements were being slowed by the freezing effect of the previous attack. And even if some of them were purified by the Bishops and Master Oracles, the number of the recovered frontline players was still not enough to block the incoming tornado.

After blocking the tornado with his version of 'Bulwark' Skill, Raging Fortress looked at his back and said. "Are the Snipers and Archers not done yet on locating her?"

Broken Blade immediately replied at him after. "They already have. And we already send some thief-related classes to harass her."

"And-…." Broken Blade wanted to say something more when he saw a silhouette of a person standing behind Raging Fortress while being covered by the cloud of dust created by the previous clash of the tornado and golden wall. He immediately stopped what he wanted to say and pushed Raging Fortress to the side using his left hand while pulling his greatsword with his other hand. Then he powerfully swung his greatsword at the silhouette.


A battle-axe and a greatsword collided with each other creating a metallic sound together with some sparks that flew in the air.

"Tsk! I thought I can pick off a life for having a not so flashy entrance. But I guess that kind of thing is not for me," said by the person who was holding the battle-axe.

"Yeah, It is no you style at all, 'God Slayer: Tora'," said by Broken Blade while looking at the Master Berserker in front of him.

"Well, I'm not using that name anymore. Call me Lawless this time!" replied by Lawless while putting more strength on his right arm before pushing Broken Blade forward. Then he immediately hopped backwards, dodging a sword-strike from Raging Fortress.

At the same time, the frontline players in the vicinity started charging at Lawless with their 'Charge' skills.

Lawless clicked his tongue and muttered to himself. "Tsk! New players these days are really starting to get too full of themselves. Then let me show you that there are some people that you can't blindly charge on."

Then Lawless raised his right leg while focusing all of his strength on it. And when some of the frontline players were upon him, he immediately stomp his foot on the ground, creating a small crater on it. And a second after that, a powerful shockwave was sent outwards while Lawless being the center. Then that caused everyone to stop their track for either being push backwards or lifting upwards. At the same time, their HPs dropped by 20% of its total. What a powerful skill.

'Extra Skill: (Modified) Stamp'

And that didn't just end there; Lawless immediately spread his arms outward after that stomp. After that, he swung them horizontally on his front as if he is going to hug something in the air, then he released both of his battle-axes in the end and letting them to fly in circular manner around him.

And immediately after that, powerful gust of winds were sucked from all of directions before creating a mini-twister around Lawless that suddenly transformed into a huge cyclone; that was able to pull everyone around him.

'Self-Created Skill (Personalized): Cyclone Axe'

Swoosh! Swoosh!

And lot of frontline players were grinded by Lawless just like that.

"Tsk! So this is the strength of the legendary 'God Slayer', Huh?" muttered by Broken Blade while trusting his greatsword on the ground while holding on it tightly so that he couldn't be sucked buy the cyclone.

"Bloody Edge went after Charlotte together with his hunting group so let us make our moves now," said by Raging Fortress as he readied himself for charging forward anytime.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

And that was when Raging Fortress heard some gunshots from a distance. "Cheep Tricks!"

The he swiftly raised his round-shield on his left hand blocking the incoming magic bullets.

Cling! Cling! Cling!

And after blocking, Raging Fortress wanted do a charge skill, unfortunately, he felt that he had been hit by something after the bullets landed on his shield. Then he was pushed backwards and lost his balance. 

"Huh? What was it?" Raging Fortress is still confused what hit him when he saw dashing silhouette from his right-eye peripheral vision. He didn't about anything and immediate use a life-saving skill. Then a golden light enfolded his body, trying to protect him from harm.

'Guardian Skill (Tier 2): Blessings of the God'


Then a round-shield collided at Raging Fortress and stopped its charge; and from the looked of it, he didn't receive any kind of damage.

"Tsk! I guess catching a Godlike Player off-guard with my strength is still impossible," said by the person behind the round-shield.

Raging Fortress knitted his brows before saying in annoyed tone. "You dared to come at me with that cheep tricks? Then let me show what I am capable of."

Then he pushed Hayden backwards before swinging his longsword on the latter in a powerful manner.

Hayden skilfully did a sidestep towards his right, dodging the sword-strike. Then he immediately swung his sword at Raging Fortress after. But while he was doing those actions, the trajectory of Raging Fortress' sword suddenly change and headed at Hayden's neck.

Hayden failed to react in time at the sudden counterattack because of his posture. Fortunately, a golden embryo covered his body and protected him from being hit directly by that sword-strike.


Hayden was sent flying backwards by that attack but he didn't receive and kind of damage. And that made Raging Fortress to frown his brows, so he turned his head at a distance and saw a Bishop chanting out some prayers.

"Let me deal with her," is what Broken Blade wants to say, but he immediately swallowed back his words when a rushing silhouette came after him. He quickly held his greatsword in front of his chest in a horizontal manner, trying to block the incoming strike.


Broken Blade took two steps backwards after defending the attack. 'What a strong attack for an agility-base class player.' He thought while looking at Faker on his front.

"Just leave the priest to the others and hold that guy down. Don't let him go in rampage just like the 'God Slayer'," shouted by Raging Fortress before rushing towards Hayden.


And that is when he heard a commotion few distance on his back. He immediately stopped his tracks and turned his head to take a look what was happening. Then what he saw was a pair of player bombarding their backlines!

The first one was a male Naga Master Aquamancer that was swinging his staff non-stop as he cast an aqua spell after another while laughing out loud. "Hahaha…. Captain, why didn't you inform me that there is such a feast here? Now, let me join the battle! The 'Winter Demon' of the 'Dark Hero' Adventurer Team is asking for a permission to enter the battlefield!"

The other one was female White Elf Mater Elementalist. And this girl killing rate didn't lose to the Aquamancer at all. Every wave of her left hand and the staff on her right hand, a bunch of fire spells were being send to the Rankers of her opposing group. "Can you shut your mouth, Ravier? What you are doing is embarrassing. And our Adventurer Team is already been disband long ago, you idiot."

If the previous guy was the 'Winter Demon' then this girl was 'Flame Witch'; for they are the famous duo that was comparable to very strong Godlike Players of the game, when they joined forces with each other.

And with all of those, the historical battle of the Shunkai Forest had finally started.

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