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After the battle Faker, Lawless, and Charlotte and walked towards each other.

Lawless looked at the two and said. "Looks like those guys from the Skyline teamed up with Miracle people just to test the waters before dumping them off after."

Faker nodded his head and agreed. "Yeah, they used Miracle Guild just to test our prowess, and when something goes wrong, they will just run away as soon as possible."

"Are they not afraid of those guys will come back at them before biting them off?" said by Charlotte.

"That is unless they formed another alliance with another guild." Hayden who just came out of the forest suddenly chimed in. Behind him was Stephanie who was walking closely behind him.

Lawless turned his head at them and said. "Oh! You finished the `Hunting Brothers` too?"

"No, those two runaway as soon as they received the notification about Azacel's death," said Morgan who just jumped off from a nearby three.

Lawless nodded his head and said. "Hmm…. Those guys are always been slippery."

"So what's next?" asked by Hayden.

"Before that, we should regroup with Brother Swordsman first," said by Faker.

"Oh! Right! What happen to that chap, Faker," asked Lawless while turning his head to Faker.

Faker formed a mysterious smile and said. "That guy is full of surprises that you will get shocked every time he does one."

"So where is he then?" asked by Lawless.

Faker just shrugged his shoulders and answered. "I left him on the place where be battled with Vega. He should be here now once he is done with digesting all the experienced that he got during the battle."

Now, the others suddenly realized what Faker was implying. They simultaneously turned their head at him before Lawless opened his mouth to ask. "So are you telling us that he defeated a Titled Ranker all by himself!?"

Faker didn't reply at them because the man in question was already walking towards them. Then they all turned their heads at Shin while having an astounded looked at their faces.

Shin, on the other hand, just shrugged his shoulders and said. "I've just got lucky."

The others rolled their eyes at him as if saying. –"Yeah right." – 

Shin ignored them and said. "We should get out of this place as soon as possible. I'm getting a bad feeling if we stayed here even for a little more."

Lawless raised one of his brows before agreeing to Shin. "Alright, let's switch place first."

After that, Shin summoned Hanzo for them to create void gate for them. Then others entered one by one, and they appeared on the next destination that they arranged before.

"Alight, now, those guys are going to rack their brains just to find us for a moment. So we have a lot time to spare," said by Lawless.

"So what's the next plan?" asked Shin while taking a seat below a nearby tree and leaning his back on its trunk.

"We need to assess the satiation for now. I'm sure that those top dogs from different guilds are making their preparations now. First, we need to know who are the allies and foes for a moment," said by Lawless.

Shin knitted his brows and asked. "Allies and foes? What do you mean with that? Are you saying that there are some people that are going to help us?"

Lawless looked at Shin as if his is an idi*t and said. "Naturally! Even if there are still some people that want us dead. There are still some people that want to curry some favor from us."

"Let say that there are a total of four sides on this even. The first ones are us, the so-called 'preys'. The second are the 'hunters', the guys that want to hunt us for the sake of the reward of this event. And the other ones are the 'killers', ones that don't want anything but see us dead. While the other are the 'opportunists', the guys that are waiting to whose side they are going to choose."

"And now, that they gotten the grasp of our strengths, the other sides are going to adjust their plans according to what they saw from our previous battle. And the groups are going to reduce to three."

"Some from the 'hunters' are going to side with the 'killers' since they know that they can't beat us by themselves, while some of the 'opportunists' are going to side with us since they can get some favors from us if they do. We have some Godlike Players on our sides after all. The remainder of the 'hunters' on the other hand will become the 'opportunist' instead."

At this point, Shin interrupted him. "Hey, I'm just asking if we have some allies. Why did need to make things complicated?"

The he added while waving his left hand. "What I want to know is how are we going to identify these so-called allies and contact them?"

Lawless smirks at him and said. "That is for the later. But as a spoiler, I have my own ways of contacting them, so you don't have to worry. What's more, we have some allies from the start. It's just they are waiting for the right time to appear. They are quite a showoff after all."

'Aren't you the one that said that we need to identify the first?' thought Shin on his head while knitting his brows and mutter to himself. 'Sometimes, I really felt that this guy is previously a Guild Leader of some powerful guild instead of a Commander of an adventurer team. If not, then how can he explain that vast connection that he have?'


Just like the group had expected, the enemy ranks became confused at the sudden disappearance of their group. Some of the scouts of different powerfully guilds didn't even know what had happened. All of their spying stones suddenly shutdown on their own for some reason, and the mysterious group suddenly disappeared and run off to somewhere that they don't know.

The other scouts even search on the entire place that they have calculated, tying to find any traces left behind by Shin and the others, but unfortunately, they couldn't find the group at all. They couldn't even get a single clue where did they run off to.

And that frustrated all of the guilds that have already set their ambush points around the location. Forced with no other choice, all of the powerful guilds involved in the event, passed down an order to expand the area of searching.

They all believed that since this was a special event, the place where the mysterious group can operate should only be limited. All they need to do is to calculate the exact area of movements so that this thing will not happen again.


Somewhere in the depths of the Shunkai Forest, at the same time that the powerful guilds were searching for Shin and others, a group of five hooded players was currently having a meeting.

"How was it? Are everything ready?" said by someone of the group, from the voice of this person, you can tell that the owner is woman.

One of the hooded figures was currently assembling a strange device not far from the other four, and beside that device was another devise that looks like a satellite dish that kept on rotating on different directions. And when this guy heard the woman's voice, he immediately replied without any second thought. "Everything is already set, Guild Leader. The signals for all of the spying stones in the vicinity will be cut down, so they are useless now."

"As for the location of the group, it is still unclear. If my guess is correct, and then, they used a teleportation device or something similar to get on another location that is quite a distance from this one. Meaning, they've just change or expand their area of movements." 

"That is why we can't see them at all despite releasing some of my satellite drones. And that is also the only explanation on how did they managed to escaped without getting discovered by the scouts of the other guilds that were scattered in the entire area."

The hooded woman nodded her head before saying. "Looks like these guys have already planned it beforehand. That was quite clever of them. What's more, we just lend them a helping hand in an unintended way. Now, all the preparations of the 'hunters' are gone in vain, forcing everything to back on square one." 

"And since that was the case then let's wait for the Assassin Union to make their arrangements first, before deciding on what's going to do next."

Then another hooded figure opened her mouth. "Young Miss, a report we just received a report. The HeadHunter Guild is making their move. They dispatched a group of High Rankers with the mixed of some Titled Rankers. And they are being led by Bloody Edge to sneak in the Shunkai Forest."

"They are making their moves now? But that is too early." The former hooded woman, who was addressed as Guild Leader and Young Miss, knitted her brows and asked. "Why is Bloody Edge only the only one moving? Where are the other three; Soulless, Amanda and especially Cruelty?"

The later hooded woman shook her head and replied. "Unfortunately, we didn't get any news regarding the movements of the three. Maybe, they are also sneaking in the Shunkai Forest while disguising themselves as independent players or as some members of the group led by Bloody Edge. They've also used this kind of tactics before."

The Guild Leader-girl fell on a deep thought before saying. "Contact the Assassin Union and tell them to be wary of the group led by Bloody Edge. At least, don't engage until we've got a clear idea about their plans." 

"We are dealing with Amanda and Cruelty this time. One is a cunning b*tch while the other is someone that don't make his moves until he had an absolute confidence about his plans. I'm sure those guys are cooking something fishy, we need to be careful."

Then the Guild Leader-girl turned her head at the other hooded figure, which is looking at them with amused expression while using the bottom of his huge war-hammer to support his chin with his hands under it. "Hey, stop staring at us like that, or else, I'm going dig out those eyes of yours."

The hammer-guy just shrugged his shoulders before turning his head away from them and looked at the last hooded figure. This last hooded person looked like a girl just base on her fingers that she is currently using to play with something in the air.

The movements of her finger were similar to a puppeteer. It was as if she is controlling something in the air. And when this hooded-girl realized the hammer-guy is looking at her, she immediately clenched her hand into a fist. Then a nearby tree suddenly exploded into pieces as if it was squeezed by something.

The corner of the hammer-guy's mouth suddenly twitched when he saw that. Then he released a helpless sigh before muttering to himself. "Why all the beautiful women on my guild are scary amazons."

Then a hand patted the back of the hammer-guy and said. "We can't do anything about it. How about join me with a group date after we are done with this?" This was the same guy who was assembling a device earlier.

The hammer-guy gave him a sidelong glance before saying. "I better decline your wonderful offer. Your taste for girls is quite exotic after all."

The other guy clicked his tongue and said. "Tsk! Your choice, but let me tell you, you are going to get castrated and will turn into a eunuch if you continue pursuing those girls. Just a friendly reminder though."

This time, the face of the hammer-guy turned stiff after hearing that. Then he turned his head at the man beside him with glaring eyes as if he wants to smash the head of this guy into multiple pieces.

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