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Lawless want to take Shin out of this noisy crowd, but before they manage to take a step forward S.Tigris and group is already in front of them and smilingly said. "Hey Brothers, can I have a chat with you? Of course in a quiet place that you want."

Lawless look at him blankly before turning his head to Shin. Shin is looking at S.Tigris with caution under his Mask, then after a few moments of consideration he said. "If you just going to say that you want to be friends with us, then you are just wasting your time. I don't like a 'Two-Face' people like you."

S.Tigris is startled because of what Shin have said, then he reply without removing the smile on his face. "This is the first time that I hear a person call me a Two-Face. I'm a man of my words and quite a straight forward person, so I apologize if I cause you a misunderstanding."

Shin look at his eyes straight and said. "Is that so? Then just state what you want from us."

"Well I think that you want sell some of your things right? I'm here to buy it from you, how is that sound?" said S.Tigris while trying to fight the twitching of his lips.

"OK" said Shin briefly before showing the details of all the loots that he what to sell.

S.Tigris look at the entire list before saying. "That should be a total of 1500 Gold. Is that all that you want to sell? I'd I'm not mistaken you still have some Skill Books in you right?"

'So that is what you want?' said Shin to himself before saying. "I'm only exchanging it with a Skill Books of similar value."

"Is that so? Then just contact me if you have decided to trade it with me. You can also tell me if you have a Skill that you want in mind." said S.Tigris while sending a friend request.

Shin smirks and rejected the friend request while saying. "Aren't you a part of a powerful guild? Then that means you have a lot of eyes in the City. I'm just going to sell my things in this square, so if you what my things you can just find me here."

Then Shin finishes the trade and walk away having Lawless in tow. S.Tigris just stare blankly at Shin's walking figure for a while, before coming back at his senses again.

He turn his head and see Raven trying so hard to hold his laughter. And when Raven see his Captain's face, he failed to contain it any longer and start laughing out loudly. "Hahaha.... Look at that Cap't! You have been rejected before you manage to state what's your real purpose. That was... That was... Hahaha..."

The corner of S.Tigris' mouth twitch when he heard Raven's laughter, then he said while frowning his brows. "Actually I'm more interested on finding a new sparring partner. How about you take that spot."
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"Cough...Cough" Raven chokes when he heard his Captain's words. Then his face turned even more pale white when he see his Captain's face.


Meanwhile Shin is chatting with Lawless in a Bar.

"Hey, you should drink some here. This is not the Real World so you can do, whatever you want in here." said Lawless while giving a mug of beer to Shin.

"Virtual or Real, doesn't matter to me. I just don't like those kind of things. If it gives me a bonus buffs or stats, then maybe." said Shin while rejecting the mug.

Lawless click his tounge before saying. "Tsk, you are a kind of Martial-Art Practioner that I hate the most. You really are boring."

Then suddenly an Elf appear on one of the seats beside Shin and said. "You are still like that Law? Remember if you keep doing that, you will take that habit in the real world."

Shin almost jump out of fright because of the sudden appearance of the Elf. He look at him and said to himself. "How the hell did this guy appear in here. I can't even feel his presence."

Lawless act as if nothing happened and continue to drink. Then after a few moments he look at the Elf and said. "Faker, if you keep doing that habit, you might kill someone because of heart attack."

The Elf named 'Faker' is a Twilight Dark Elf, he looks like a teenager like Shin. He is wearing a black sleeveless long coat with a hood on his head.

Faker is tossing a throwing dagger in the air with his right hand when he heard what Lawless have said. Then suddenly his eyes turn fierce before throwing the dagger at Lawless.

As if Lawless expected it, he move his head sideways avoiding the dagger, then he look at Shin and introduce the his friend. "Bro, this is a sworn brother of mine Faker. We are friends even in Real World."

Lawless pause for a second before looking at Faker and introduce Shin. "Oi, this guy is my new Brother, 'Sickarius'."

Faker look at Shin and said. "Yeah, I know him. He is already a new star in the forums. Killing Gray Fangs in public, not bad for a Newbie. But you should be careful next time you go outside the City, those guy that you provoke are troublesome insane people."

Lawless cut in and said. " Stop wasting you words on him Faker. This guy have no idea who they are. He even rejected S.Tigris invitation."

Faker raise his brows with a questioning look. Shin got irritated because of that look and asked Lawless. "How about you tell me who they are?"

Lawless click his tounge and said. "Tsk, I can't blame you, since you have just join this game three days ago."

"OK, let me start with this. The game world Atlas is divided with a lot of Empires and Kingdoms, which have a lot of resources. And these resources are being contest by a lot of powerhouse Guilds and Organizations."

"Some of those powerhouses even control an entire Empire or Kingdom. These powerhouses are divided in three major groups. The Real World Government, Underworld Organizations, and Virtual World Super Guilds."

"The World Government are the Real World's organization such as Federal Government, Financial Groups, Business Orgs. and Aristocratic Families."

"Their Guilds here are 'Dragon Pavilion', which is a military group. The 'Central Order' of the government. Then the 'Skyline', 'Miracle', and 'Credit Republic' are the financial group and businesses orgs."

"As for Aristocratic families, they are a lot Guilds since it is different guilds for different Aristocratic Family, but the most remarkable are 'Stuart Family', 'Giovanni Family' and 'Cilvana Family'. They are the most influential families in this virtual world. They are the only ones that manage to become a powerhouse in here, well aside from Military Families."

"Next is the Underworld Organizations. The Guilds of these orgs. are very troublesome to deal with."

"They are the 'Hydra Guild' the rival of 'Dragon Pavilion' they are always in war with each other. Then the 'HeadHunter Guild' of the Head Hunter Syndicate of the Real World. And the 'Dark Soul', it is an Adventurer Team that is compose of different kinds of criminals in the Real world."

"Then the last but not the least is the Super Guilds. They are the Guilds that have survive a lot of virtual online games. They have a compete specialize training method for online gamers."

"Their Guilds are 'Wing's Alliance', 'Titan Guild', 'Seven Seas', 'Undying Guild', and 'Supreme Magus'."

"Those are all the major powerhouses that you should aware of. All of them have a very strong players that are leading them."

"Well there are still a lot of powerful Guilds but those that I have mentioned are the ones that you should put on your mush not provoke list."

Lawless pauses for a second before remembering something. "Ah! There are also others groups. Like the 'Blood Carnival' they are a famous Dark Guild, they are a huge headache for all of the players on the field. They always ambush others training outside, sometimes they also interrupting other's quest.

"Then next is the 'Assassin Union', they are the hired killers inside the game. They practically kill anyone for you as long as you can pay the certain price."

"And the 'Hand of Midas' it is the biggest and the most successful Lifestyle Guild. They practically have everything you want. Wherever you go in the Atlas World you can see a branch of the 'Hand of Midas' Trading Firm, even all of the other powerhouses in the game don't want to provoke the Firm because the financial resources of their guild will be at risk if they do."

"'Hand of Midas' have no battle powers, but they control the entire market of the Atlas World because almost all of the best lifestyle players are in their guild, such as The best Blacksmith 'Dark Hammer', the number one Alchemist 'Adept Hands', the most skillful Engineer 'Tinker' and there are many others."

"They can also affect the war between other Guilds if they manipulate the market prices of certain items."

Shin nodded his head after Lawless, he fall on deep thought trying to memorize all the names of the powerhouses.

Then after some moment Shin look again at Lawless and ask another question. "Then how are the players of the game categorized."

Lawless laugh and reply. "Haha... That was a good question. Actually it's a bit simple. The players are categorize in 4 ranks."

"First are Newbie Players, they are the people that have just join the game. Most of their levels are below Level 50."

"Second are Veteran Players, they are the ones that played a lot of other games before «Destiny's Fate», so they are quite familiar about the information and fighting styles of the games. Their level varies from Level 50 to Level 70."

"Next are the Elite Players, these players are the cream of the crop. They not only know about the game but also very good at battles. All of them also passed the Class Promotion Trials for 'Tier 2' classes. While most of them owns a 'Self-Created Skill'. Their Levels are practically above Level 75."

At this point Shin frown his brows and interrupt Lawless. "Level 75? I thought a player can advance to Tier 2 at Level 50?"

Lawless stop for a moment before continuing. "Ah! About that? Actually that is only applicable to Swordsman related Class."

Lawless didn't wait for Shin to ask why and continue what he are saying. "That is because of a certain man. The Sword God 'Zero', he manage to clear a 'World Conquest Quest' that gives a privilege to Swordsman related Classes to take a Class Promotion at Level 50."

"Then going back to the topic, the next category is the Rankers. If the Elites are the cream of the crop then Rankers are the 1% of those Elites. Aside from being promoted to a Tier 2 Class, they also have their own Fighting Combat Techniques."

"As for what is a combat techniques, we better asked a real Ranker, after all our friend here is a Ranker himself, right Faker?"

Faker take a side eye glance before opening his mouth. "Combat Techniques looks like a Self-Created Skill but not a Skill himself."

Shin and Lawless stare at Faker blankly indicating that they didn't understand what Faker have said.

When Faker see their faces he sigh and explain more. "OK, it is like this. Self-Created Skills have their own corresponding cooldowns, but Combat Techniques don't have that. You can use them anytime you want, but it takes a lot of toll on your mental energy so you can't use them continuously."

"They also have the same ranking system as our Skills." Faker stop talking after that and continue tossing his throwing dagger at the air.

Then Lawless look at Shin with a 'Got it' face before opening his mouth again. "See that? That means this brother of mine have the same kind of skill, amazing isn't it?"

Shin roll is eyes before asking another question. "Yeah Yeah, now tell me about that so called God 'Zero' or something."

When Lawless hear that he excitedly open his mouth as if he really enjoy talks about this topic. "Oh! Zero? he is a 'Godlike' player."

"Godlike Players are the Players that stand at the peak of this game. They are the best of the best, their battle abilities surpass our human knowledge."

"The masses give the titles that correspond on their abilities. Like Sword God 'Zero' he is the peak of swordsmanship, there practically no one can beat him using a sword, No to be exact he never suffer a defeat. There are others that challenged him but no one manage to defeat him that is why he is the number one player that is standing at the peak of Godlike Player Ranking List. And there's actually a rumor saying that he got 'Sword Saint' special class.

"There is also the Dragon God 'Siegfried', even though he is not the best MT(Main Tank) of all time, he is still manage fight 'Zero' on equal footing. And that fight become a classic battle that everyone remembers. If I'm not mistaken he revealed his Class in public and it is called the 'Dragon Knight'., He also have a real Dragon as his pet and acting as his mount."

"And there are also a lot of others such as the Lich God 'Immortal', Frost Goddess 'Snow White', War God 'Simba', Kiting Goddess 'Irene' and many more if you want the whole list then go and look at it in the forums."

"Some of them are Solo Players but most of them are part of a guild for example, 'Hydra Guild' have 9 Godlike Players that is why they are recognize as the number one guild. But the 'Dragon Pavilion' is not far either because they have 7, from what I have remember they also tried to invite 'Siegfried' but he rejected the invitation repeatedly. He wants to stay as a lone wolf jut like 'Zero'."

They have chatted for an hour before Shin logout the game because of the Server Maintenance and Scheduled CheckUp.


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