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At the same time when Shin and Vega are about to battle.

Lawless and others went to the other side to intercept the players that came along with Vega, who are also a team of 22 Titled Rankers. And their team has a quite balance class composition.

Their range-class players are two Master Archers and two Snipers while their magical class players are a pair of Master Elementalist together with a Wizard. There are two Bishops, one Master Shaman, and a single Master Oracle or their supports.

On the other hand, their frontline members are composed of two Guardians, two Shield Warriors, three Master Berserk, three Swordmasters and one Dual-Blader.

There are 22 players in total if you look at the surface, but Lawless and the others are aware that there are still some Thief-related classes hiding in the dark.

And base on the emblems that they are wearing on the left side of their chest, these players came from different guilds. Some of them are from the Powerhouse Guilds while the others are from First-Rate Guilds.

"Tsk! Looks like these guys decided to team up with each other to prevent others from taking advantage of them when they make their first move." said by Lawless.

"What's the plan? We can just blindly rush towards them right? These guys are quite troublesome given their numbers." said by Hayden while hiding in bushes.

"I'm confident that the two of us can take on their frontline members, but the problem are those range players in the back." said by Lawless while observing the other group.

Then Morgan voice suddenly sounded on the party chat channel. "I'll try my best to get the attention of the players at the backlines, and prevent them from hindering you."

Lawless nodded his head and said in the party chat channel. "We have the advantage since we are the ones that are going to make the first move. Morgan, can snipe one of their priest?"

Morgan immediately replied. "Nah~. Those guys are quite cautious. Those guys are being tightly protected by two of their Swordsmen and the range players."

"What's more, if take a shot, my spot is going to get expose to those guys. Then their Snipers are going to fire back at me, which will put me in disadvantage."

"I'm just a Gunslinger after all, who is better at mid-range battle. Those Snipers, on the other hand, have are longer range than me. But if I take the initiative to attack them, then I can assure you that one or two of their range players will be dead.

"Then Hayden suggested. "How about Miss Charlotte take the first strike just like before, then she will focus on protecting Miss Stephanie from the thief classes."

"Lawless and I, on the other hand, will take their frontlines head-on while being supported by Miss Stephanie. Then Morgan will take advantage of the chaos to kill the off their range players while disguising that you are targeting their supports."

Lawless clicked his tongue and said. "Isn't that the same as brother Swordsman's strategy? Why the heck are you stating his tactics as if it is yours?"

"Isn't this strategy quite effective? Let's just do it and beat the crap out this these people so that we can relax again." said Hayden without refuting Lawless words.

The corner of Lawless' twitched after hearing that and said. "You are quite a thick-skinned, aren't you?"

Then he turned his head at Charlotte and said. "I need trouble you then, Miss Charlotte."

"That's no trouble at all. I can at least inta-kill two or three players from their frontline on this ambush, then I'll leave the rest to you." said Charlotte before stating to chant out some spells while doing some mudras(Hand gestures to cast some spells) with her fingers on her left hand and the scepter on her right hand.

Then, in the next instant, she summon her signature triple casting of fireballs, icicles, and wind blades. But these spells are different from her spells that she can insta-cast because their sizes are a little bigger than the usual ones.

And immediately after that, those spells started to fuse with each other and from into a new spell.

'Epic Combat Technique (Personalized): Elemental Fusion'

Then the spells transformed into a new icicles with three colors. Its pointed tip is quite sharp like the tip of a spear while its color is blue. The middle part of the tri-colored icicle is green while releasing some wind elemental Mana. The tail of these icicles, on the other hand, is color red while releasing some fire backwards.

–"What was that? Some kind of mini-rockets"?– That was the first thought that enters Lawless and Hayden's mind after seeing the newly created spell.

And when Charlotte casted her spells, the thief-related classes of the other side immediately noticed it. Then all of them immediately reported it to their teammates.

But before their frontlines managed to setup their defensive skills, Charlotte immediately send her 'mini-rockets'. "Go!"

Bang! Bang! Bang!

When the 'mini-rockets' started to move, their tail ends release some fire backwards and shot forward with a great speed! It also created some powerful sounds at the same time.

The speeds of those 'mini-rockets' are too fast! Before the frontline members of the other side managed to react, the tip of the icicles are already piercing their bodies before exploding.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

–"Those are really mini-rockets!"– Thought by Lawless and Hayden while the two of them are rushing forward.

And when the two of them are already halfway through their opponents, both of them simultaneously leap forwards before descending with a great force.

'Bestial Warlord Skill (Tier2): Savage Jump'

'Holy Knight Skill (Tier 2): Heroic Leap'

Boom! Boom!

The barrage of the mini-rockets earlier killed three of the frontline members of the opposing side while the others were left with critical health. And when Lawless and Hayden descended upon them, most of them died.

What a successful 'ambush'! The enemies' frontline was now left with a single Swordmaster, one Master Berserk, and one Guardian.

The supports of the opposing group didn't even have enough time to heal their comrades before they died. But what happened already happened, they can't turned time back now. All they need to do is to focus at what is in front of them.

The Human Bishops and the Naga Master Oracle immediately cast some heals thier surviving comrades at front to recover their HPs. The FoxKin Master Shaman, on the other hand, started summoning a totem after totem that are giving some buffs to them.

At the same time, the White Elf and Dark Elf Master Archer took aim at Lawless and Hayden respectively. The same goes for the Human Snipers beside the two elves.

The Human Swordmaster and Human Dual-Blader at the back are about to give some support at their comrades in front, but before they managed to make their moves, the heard a consecutive gunshots coming from a distance from their left.

Bang! Bang!

The two swordsmen move according to their instincts. The first thing that they do is to position theirselves beside their Bishops and Master Shaman. That was a basic strategy on a group fight after all. The enemies are going to attack your supports while you are going to protect them.

Unfortunately, that was not the Morgan's Plan. And before the opposing side managed to do anything, the heads of the two Human Snipers beside the elves suddenly exploded, ripping their lives away.

This is the strongest skill that Morgan currently has, the Tier-2 skill 'Headshot Kill'. This skill can kill an enemy instantly as long as it successfully hit the target's head unprotected. It is a strong skill but also have a lot of restrictions.

This skill has a very long recharging time of 1 hour with a total of four charges. And he can only shot one bullet at most with each of his magic pistols while using this skill, so he needs to wait for one whole minute before he can use his magic pistols again.

But Morgan doesn't seem to be bothered by it; he just put both his magic pistols on his holsters on each side of his waist while jumping to another branch of the tree beside the one that he previously hiding. After that, he took out a sniper rifle from his inventory bag before taking aim at the magical class of the opposing side.

This is one of the class-specific traits of a Gunslinger. They can use any kind of guns as long as they met the requirements for it, but they can only use a single gun on each type; pistols are exceptions since they can be wield at the same time, especially if the Gunslinger learn a dual-wielding style. But unlike the Snipers that have a very long range, Gunslingers have a limited range of shooting.

After taking aim, Morgan immediately pulled the trigger of the rifle without further ado!


Then another head was exploded! And that makes the other side to become wary of this killer. Some of the Thief-related classes of the opposing side suddenly rush towards Morgan's location. Then they started looking for him.

Unfortunately for them, the guy that they are looking for is already on the other place as he is like a nimble monkey that is skillfully jumping from a tree branch to another.

Rata! Tat! Ta! Ta!

Another gunshot sounded, and it came for another spot a few distances away from the group thief-related classes. And this time, it is a sound from a magical MSG (Military Sharpshooter Rifle), another type of magical gun of the game. At the same time, another comrade of the opposing died in the process.

Now, the range players, support players, and the players with magical classes of the opposing side become wary of this unknown player that is snipping them one by one. In fact, they become more wary of him than the two of the guys on their front.

And that is where they made a huge mistake-…


Lawless sent the Swordmaster in front of him with one of his swings while laughing out loud. "Hahaha… I didn't expect for this guy to be in the zone today. Killing those guys in succession to the point that they become more wary of him than us? I wonder what he ate on breakfast."

After that, he swings his right arm powerfully while throwing the battle-axe on his right hand.


The battle-axe flew towards the Human Swordmaster that he sent flying earlier. And the battle-axe is rotating rapidly while flying towards its target.

'Berserker Skill: (Modified) Death Throw'


The Human Guardian that is with the Swordmaster, positioned himself at the path of the incoming battle-axe as he raised his shield in front of him while activating one of his defensive skills. A golden light enfolds the body of the Guarding reinforcing his defensive prowess.

'Guardian Skill (Tier 2): Blessing of Light God'


Unfortunately, he underestimated the flying axe. The moment the battle-axe collided with his shield, the Human Guardian felt that was hit by trailer truck that is running at top speed. At the same time, his 10% of his total HP was ripped by it. What's worse, his is being pushed by the battle-axe while grinding his HP bit by bit.

The Human Guardian gritted his teeth while putting more force on his left arm before pushing the rotating battle-axe as he activate an offensive skill. "Haah!!!"

'Guardian Skill (Tier 2): Shield Counter'


The Human Guardian managed to push his shield forward before sending the battle-axe to fly towards the air. But before he managed to release a sigh a relief, he discovered that the Berserker standing few distance in front of him earlier suddenly disappeared.

His body suddenly turned stiff when he saw that. He turned his head left and right to look for Lawless, but he couldn't find even a single trace left behind by the Berserker.

Then he heard the voice of the Swordmaster that saved earlier. "Above you!!!"

The Human Guardian immediately raised his head to look above him and saw Lawless who is currently in the process of catching his battle-axe.

And the moment Lawless hand managed to get a firm grip at the handle of his battle-axe, his body suddenly turned heavy as he forced himself to fall on the ground. Then he suddenly accelerated downwards, descending towards the Human Guardian while swinging his both of his battle-axes downwards.

'Bestial Warlord (Tier 2): Beast King Execution'


The Human Guardian only managed to raise his shield in time, but he failed to block both of Lawless' battle-axes. And that sealed off his fate!


The entire battle continued of few more minutes before Lawless and the others manage to kill their so-called 'hunters'. There are some players with thief-related class, that manage to escaped in time before their entire group was wiped out.

And before Lawless and the others managed to take their rest, they suddenly saw a group of 5 players walking leisurely towards them.

Lawless squint his eyes to get a clear look at their incoming opponents. And when he saw who are them, his face suddenly turned solemn before saying. "What a cowardly move. Exhausting us before appearing in front of us arrogantly? You are the type of the guys that I hate the most."

The leading guy of other group, who is a WolfKin Master Berserker, smirks at Lawless and said with a mocking tone. "Heh! There is no such thing as being fair during wars. Everything is allowed as long as you get the result that you want."

'It looks like this one is going to become a troublesome matter.' Thought Lawless before saying to the others. "Get ready to battle. This one is going to be bloody."


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