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Child of Destiny 156 Qualitative Upgrade Part 6

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Shin is currently organizing the loots that he had got from the group that he had 'slaughtered' earlier, and he can't help but mutter to himself. "D*mn! Those Ranker-guys from the big guilds are sure wealthy. I got 17 pieces of Platinum Equipments and 8 pieces of Platinum Weapons of Level-80 and above, which varies from different classes. And it is just from a single fight."

"No wonder those fearless and strong Dark Players(Players that are always PKing others) prioritize hunting players from powerful guilds. The profits that they can get from killing them are too worth it for the effort that they have spent."

"Tsk! With this, I am starting to have thoughts of becoming a Dark Player that are hunting these guys that are currently 'hunting' us."

Then his attention fell on the single item that had been dropped by Vega. It is a leather belt, yes, a belt. A belt that has some pockets where you can put some throwing daggers on it, or even some other kinds of hidden weapons.


Item Name: [Belt of Tomi]

Item Type: Special Item

Item Rank: Platinum

Details: An item used by the famous assassin Tomi for his hidden weapons. This belt can hold twelve throwing daggers, and four bundles of paralysis needles.


+200 Spirit

+150 Awareness

Extra Skill:

•Eye of the Assassin: every time you throw a throwing weapon, your Awareness Stat will receive a 30% boost while your accuracy will improve by 70%.


When Shin first saw this item, he can't help himself but remember the skills that he got from Grimrace when he had taken the Shadow Spirit as his third Reaper's Retainer.


Skill Name: Telekinesis

Skill Rank: Special

Details: Spend some Mana to control some physical objects at will.

You can also use this skill to hasten the speed of some thrown objects or put more force on them.

Cooldown: NoneTelekinetic maximum range: 45 meters

Mana Consumption: (Affected by Wisdom and Spirit Stat)

•25 Mana/second for small objects.

•50 Mana/second for medium objects.

•100 Mana/second for large objects.

Maximum Objects that you can currently control (Affected by Spirit Stat): 9 small objects

•100 Spirit: 1 physical object (This might vary depending on how large or heavy the object that you want to control.)

Note 1: Can only be used with your weapons and the objects that are not moving.

Note 2: Can't be used against items that were thrown at you by your opponents.


Skill Name: Shadow Mark/Flash

Skill Rank: Special

Details: Put a mark on your weapons, and every time you activate this skill, you can teleport on the spot where your desired marked-weapon is located.

Number of weapons that you can put your mark on: 9 items (Affected by Spirit Stat)

Cast Range: 50 Meters

Mana Consumption: 1000

Cooldown: 20 seconds


Whistle ~♪

"With these, I can have more hidden moves for my other persona. Heh! Now I feel that it is becoming more and more an assassin swordsman." said Shin to himself while looking at the details of the skill.

Then he added after a quick thought. "Maybe I should ask brother Black Hammer to make some flying daggers for me the next time we meet.

"And now, he finally have time to check the system notifications that he got earlier.


System: You have successfully created a Class Fighting Style Skill, rewarding you 200 Fame points.

System: Please name your Skill to be registered.


"Let's call it 'Sunshine Cleaver' since it is the counterpart of my 'Moonlight Splitter'." said Shin.


Self-Created Skill (Combined)

Skill Name: Sunshine Cleaver

Rank: Special (Class Fighting Style)

Details: Gathers power of the Black Sun towards your sheathed sword before pulling it out and swinging it powerfully to send a circular sword wave that will extend up to 5-meters radius away from you, and dealing [2% P.damage • (1/3 AGI)] Damage to all of the enemies that it passed through.

Consumes 200 Stamina

Cooldown: 15 seconds

Note: This skill can only be used when the sword is sheathed.


Shin nodded his head when he saw the details of skill. Then he proceeds looking at the next notifications.


System: You successfully mastered your elemental affinity, resulting for your 'Sensing Circle' to be upgraded into an elemental perception skill.


Elemental Perception Skill

Skill Name: Sensing Circle (Active/Passive)

Skill Rank: Epic

Details: Focus all your senses to feel your surroundings more clearly.

And with the help of your Elemental Perception, all of the entities inside your Perception Range will not be available to escape your senses.

Current Perception Range: 15-meter radius

Note 1: The higher your 'Awareness' stat and Magic Affinity, the larger your Perception Range.

Note 2: Some special and higher stealth skills might bypass this skill.


System: Congratulations! You have successfully unlocked one of your Racial-Class special abilities, the 'Moonlight Wielding'.


Racial-Class special ability

Ability Name: Moonlight Wielding

Details: Empower your sword with the power of the Silver Moon, making all of your basic damages with that sword to become a Mixed Damage (Physical+Magical).


System: Congratulations! You have successfully created an Epic Rank skill! Please name the skill to be registered


Then Shin said. "Let's make it as simple as it is. 'Full Moon Slash'."


System: Congratulations! Skill had been successfully registered rewarding you an additional 100 Fame Points.


Self-Created Skill (Personalized)

Skill Name: Full Moon SlashSkill Rank: Epic

Details: Gathers the power of the Silver Moon towards your sword before throwing a horizontal slash in front of you, sending a sword wave with 330° arc and extending with a diameter of 10 meters starting to you.

All of the entities that have been sliced through by the sword wave will receive a damage equivalent to 1000% of your Magical Damage.

MP cost: 4000

Cooldown: 30 seconds


System: Congratulations! You have successfully unlocked one of your Racial-Class special abilities, the 'Sunlight Wielding'.


Racial-Class special ability

Ability Name: Sunlight Wielding

Details: Empower your sword with the power of the Black Sun, making all of your basic damages with that sword to become a 'True Damage' (Ignore all of the Physical Defenses of the target enemies).


System: Congratulations! You have successfully created an Epic Rank Skill. Please name your skill to be registered


"Hmm... Let's call this one as 'Solaris Pillar' then." said Shin without putting much thought in it


System: Congratulations! Skill had been successfully registered rewarding you an additional 100 Fame Points.


Self-Created Skill (Personalized)

Skill Name: Solaris Pillar

Skill Rank: Epic

Details: Gathers the power of the Black Sun towards your sword before thrusting it downwards, creating a pillar of black fire with a radius of 5 meters and a height of 7 meters, with you being the center.

All of the entities inside the pillar of fire will receive a damage equivalent to 1000% of your Physical Damage.

MP Cost: 3000

Cooldown: 30 seconds


System: Congratulations! You have successfully created a Combat Technique complementing your Racial-Class Special Ability. Please name your Combat Technique to be registered


"It is supposedly called the 'Yin-Yang Swordsmanship' but I don't want to call it that way. Hmm... Let's just go with the simple and usual name then." muttered Shin before naming the technique. "Let's call it 'Eclipse Wielding'."


System: Congratulations! You have successfully created an Inferior Legendary Combat Technique, the Eclipse Wielding!


Combat Technique

Name: Eclipse Wielding

Rank: Epic (Inferior Legendary)

Details: Enfold the power of the Black Sun and Silver Moon on each of your swords simultaneously to empower your basic attacks.

If you successfully hit your enemy with both of your swords at the same time, it will create a small explosion dealing 200% Chaotic Damage (Mixed Damage+True Damage).

Note 1: This Combat Technique consumes a lot more concentration than the other Combat Techniques.

Note 2: The mysteries of this Combat Technique is still not fully explored yet. You, as the creator, on the other hand, might even know more about it.


System: Congratulations! You have successfully ungraded your Eclipse Cross Skill into Epic Rank.


Self Created Skill (Combined)

Skill Name: Eclipse Cross

Rank: Epic (Inferior Legendary)

Details:Draw the power the Sun and the Moon inside your body before fusing them together and channeling the combined force into your sword.

Then swiftly threw two consecutive slashes in front of you sending a powerful cross-shaped Sword 'Qi' forward and dealing 2000% Mixed Damage(Physical+Magical) on all the enemies that it passes through and extending for 10 meters.

At the end of the Skill, the cross sword wave will explode, dealing 1000% Chaotic Damage (Mixed Damage+True Damage) to all of the enemies inside the explosion with a 5-meter radius.

MP cost: 10,000

Cooldown: 2 mins.



"That was a lot of notifications, Huh? Well, that was all I guess?" muttered Shin after reading the final system notification.

Then he turned his attention to his virtual map to look for Lawless and the others' locations.

"Huh!? They are still not done on their side yet? Are their opponents on that side that strong?" muttered Shin to himself while knitting his brows.

Then he added while being in deep thought. "Should I go there?.... Nah. If those guys can't handle their enemies there, then I will just burden them if I go there."

"I just got lucky earlier since that Twilight-guy underestimate me too much. If he fought seriously from the start, then I am going to be the one that had been killed."

And after some time of careful thinking, Shin finally come up with a decision. "There will be no problem if I just watch from a distance, right? And watching a battle of Peak Class Experts up close is going to be beneficial for me after all."

"What's more, brother Lawless didn't warn me at going there. So their situation there might be still manageable."

After that, Shin dash at the direction where the other battle is happening.


And after Shin left the area, a beautiful female Dark Elf suddenly walked out from the bushes behind the tree few meters away from the previous battlefield. And from the looks of her equipments, this female Dark Elf is a Twilight with a Tier-2 class.

If Faker was here, then he is going to become surprised because there is a person that managed to slip from his detection range!

This Dark Elf Master Twilight is 'Miss Bunny', a famous figure in the gaming world. In some sense, she can be called as one of the paparazzi of the game.

Miss Bunny is already been here since Shin fought with the group of 25 Rankers. Actually, she had recovered everything since the start of that battle.

How can she not take part in this event? When she got the news, she immediately rash to this place to take some shots. This a perfect material for her next video on her channel after all!

Of course, she did her best not to get discovered by the others since she is aware that this place is going to get chaotic as more time passes.

And even though she doesn't have any kind of battle capabilities, she is still confident with her hiding skills. In fact, most of her skills are for concealment enhancement so there not many players that can find her if she focuses on hiding. And the proof for that is she even managed to bypass Faker's detection range.

At first, she only wants to take some shots of the battles of some Peak Class Experts, but she didn't expect that she will bump into the rising star that she had been keeping her eye on.

What's more, this battle video that she just has gotten is going to become a sensational one! A well-known Titled Ranker fell on the hands of a player that just joined the game for only less than a month? And this guy is pretty much weaker than him. This is going to become a big news no matter how Miss Bunny looks at it.

What's more, she also received a news that this so-called 'Nameless Swordsman' had gotten into a fight with another rising star of the Saint Heaven Kingdom!

The famous guy who had beaten a group of three very strong Potential Titled Rankers all by himself. And he is also the very same guy who had initiated the two new consecutive System Updates, 'Sickarius'.

The 'Nameless Swordsman' against the 'Famed Swordsman', this is one of the topics that are currently in hot plate on the online forums. One is famous for butting heads with some Powerhouse Guilds while the other one is someone that the Powerhouses want to recruit.

"Looks like I need to find some time to look for this Sickarius-guy too. I can feel that I'm going to get more fan base if I managed to get more of his battle videos." muttered Miss bunny to herself while looking at the direction where Shin had run into.

Then she added with a cheerful mood after. "But for before that, let's get more materials for as much as I can. This is a rare opportunity that will only happen once in a blue moon. And I got lucky, I might even get some battles of the Powerhouse Guilds."

After that, Miss Bunny entered a stealth mode and followed after Shin.


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